My friends were worried about me. Unfortunately, they were worried about me sitting across from me in my living room, both leaning forward intently, staring at me as if I was about to keel over in a death rattle of loneliness. And I wasn't. Really. Sean and Cliff held hands, as usual, and leveled twin expressions of concern at me. 'Gene,' Sean said softly. 'You do nothing but work, you haven't dated in ages, you never take a vacation, you're looking pale and sickly. How long will this continue?' I opened my mouth and shut it again as Cliff started in. He had the same things to say, but said them with his own personality, which meant he called me an 'fucking, work-a-holic masochist' a few times, as well as some other choice and obscene phrases. They were quite a pair, and had been for 17 years, which meant that when they spoke, smart people listened. Sean fished an envelope out of his jacket and handed it to me. 'We give you the Caribbean. Go find out what the Caribbean will give you.'

Two weeks later I stood with my hands in my pockets staring out at the black water under the black sky, listening to the night tropical sounds and breathing the night tropical air. I had a mild buzz from the pretty but deadly fruit drink the brown-skinned hunk had served me with a wink. I recognized that odd feeling in my body as relaxation. Uncoiled muscles. Blank thoughts. I tried to think about my office, but all I could come up with was how much I hated the carpet. My cock got hard, and I had no idea why. I took my numbed brain, my relaxed muscles and my hard cock for a stroll down the beach.

I don't know how long I walked and really didn't care. I felt as if I was floating along, and decided that when I couldn't walk anymore, I'd just lay down in the sand and go to sleep. I followed the shoreline, I think, until I stumbled upon the most beautiful cove in all Creation. There was just enough moonlight to look at it and be awed. I stared down at the water in complete disbelief. 'Phosphors,' said a voice from behind me. 'Glowing in the dark. Amazing, isn't it?' I nodded, unable to speak. The voice chuckled. 'And,' he continued, 'the salt content of the water is so high, the buoyancy is incredible.' I managed to tear my eyes away from the glowing water and locate the sound of the voice. He stood close to me, eyes fastened on the water. Large, deep eyes. High cheekbones. Unfashionably long, dark hair. Muscular body. Hard cock thrusting out the front of his bathing suit. He looked down at himself and smiled. 'Always happens to me here,' he said comfortably. He stripped off his suit and freed his long, thick cock. I couldn't stop staring at it. Finally, I looked up to meet his eyes and mumbled an apology. He smiled, took my face in his gentle hands and kissed me. 'I've never been here before,' he whispered. 'You gave me the hardon.'

We were naked in the water, wrapped in each other's arms, floating in that magic sea. Our tongues danced together and our hands slid over each other. It was like a dream, floating in that glowing water. The arousal was intense, but our movements were deliberately slow. Finally, I helped him float on his back, his erect cock standing up from his body. He looked like an artist's depiction of a water god, the beautiful body surrounded by the glowing water, his arms moving lazily, a smile playing across his lips. I lowered my mouth almost reverently to his cock, and licked around the head. I savored his salty taste, my tongue sliding all over him, then finally closing my lips around him and taking him deep in my mouth. He made soft, helpless sounds that seemed to echo across the water. I turned as my mouth worked, sliding his body through the water. He tried to speak several times, each time incoherently. I knew what he was trying to say to me, so I continued my slow and intense pleasuring of his throbbing cock. I slid him closer to shore, knelt and balanced his back on my knee. He was losing control, the sensations too intense for him to bear much longer. I slid my tight lips up and down his shaft, one hand gently massaging his balls. He made one sharp gasp before his cock pumped cum into my mouth. Hot and salty. I swallowed all I could, greedily continuing to suck until he moaned with discomfort. I pulled him half out of the water, and lay next to him staring up at the sky.

'Gene,' he said, his voice cracking. 'Yes, Michael?' I responded comfortably. He rolled to me and put his head on my shoulder. There would be plenty of time to ask him why he cried. Right now, all I needed to do was hold him. He looked up at me, and I suddenly realized his eyes were green. His lips trembled as he smiled. I nodded and kissed his mouth gently. 'You're my first,' he said with quiet dignity. I smiled at him reassuringly. He slid his mouth down my body, took a deep breath and closed his lips around the head of my cock. He examined me with his fingertips as his mouth slid up and down, gradually tightening around me and taking me deeper. I propped my head up on one arm so that I could watch him and stroked his hair with my other hand. He savored me for a long time, with slow, luxurious movements and a thoughtful expression on his face. I felt it change the overwhelming hunger he'd kept too long contained. His mouth moved faster, his lips tighter, his tongue swirling up the shaft and over the head. His hand followed his mouth, the tight fingers gripped around me, pumping me hard. The other hand massaged my balls, the fingers occasionally straying down to probe the crack of my ass. He grunted, deep in his throat, sounds of pleasure and need. I was dimly aware that his eyes flew open, wide and astonished, as I came in his mouth. He sucked and swallowed, long past the point of comfort for me. I had to squeeze his shoulder to make him let go.

We wandered back to the hotel, arms around each other, in a dreamy state. The magic of the cove stayed with us, pulling us into our own world. We talked, quietly but continuously, until we were together in my shower, washing the salt and sweat from our bodies. I liked the way his eyes glowed at me as he realized he was hungry. It was the same look in his eyes when he adjusted the radio to throb out an old blues tune. Everything excited him. When he looked at me, I realized that I excited him, and in many ways. He pulled me into his arms, moving his naked body against me, sighing softly. I slid my hands down to his firm ass and cupped his cheeks. I could feel his cock stiffen. He lowered his mouth to my neck and nibbled gently, then slid his tongue up to my ear. His breath was warm. I felt him hesitate, then he whispered 'will you take my ass?' I had to clear my throat twice before I could speak. 'Yes,' I said, my voice quivering. 'I want you that way so much.' As his cockhead slid against my stomach I felt his precum ooze.

I laid him on the bed on his back, and got a tube of lubricant. I discreetly put it aside for a while, then laid next to him, kissing him and holding him. His lungs labored to drag in air and his eyes were wide. 'Relax,' I murmured, kissing his chest. 'Relax.' I moved my mouth and hands over him until I felt him start to uncoil, then slid my mouth over his hip to his thigh. I slid a pillow under his hips and pushed his knees up. His ass was beautiful, firm and tight, with a pale golden slash left by his bathing suit. I lowered my mouth and kissed his cheek gently. He made a small 'oh!' sound and pulled his knees up tighter. I kissed him all over, gradually changing to little nibbling licks that made him moan. He caught his breath every time I got near his crack, so I gently teased him, coming close then moving away. I had to keep reaching up to remove his hands from his cock. He was swollen and purple, the precum just pouring from the tip. Finally, I slid my tongue up his crack. He gasped, arching his back and trembling. I slid my tongue up and down, easing it between his cheeks, until I could feel it dragging back and forth over his hole. Michael began to twitch helplessly. I grinned against his ass, then took my thumbs and separated his cheeks. I admired the tight, pink pucker, then flicked it with my tongue. His body spasmed. I flicked again, and again all his muscles reacted. I kept it up until he calmed, lost in the pleasure, then thrust my tongue in hard. He reacted with shock, and his cock erupted in a volcano of cum. I continued to tongue-fuck his ass as he howled and sent long, white spurts into the air. He raised his head and stared at me, mouth working silently, then let his head drop back to the pillow. He was sound asleep in seconds. I crawled up next to him, kissed him tenderly and drifted to sleep listening to him breathe.

When I awoke I was staring into bright green eyes alight with anticipation. I grinned at him, flipped him over and smacked his bottom lightly. 'Mine,' I said firmly. He wiggled. 'Yes,' he breathed. 'Oh, please, yes.' I pulled on his hips until he was on his hands and knees, then pressed his shoulders down. 'Get your little tail into the air,' I demanded, laughing. He not only got it in the air, I swear he was wagging it. I lubricated my index finger, spread his cheeks with the other hand, and rubbed his hole. He made 'oh, oh, oh!' sounds, his body trembling. I slid the fingertip in gently and he suddenly went silent. 'Wow,' he said finally. 'Indeed,' I murmured, and worked my finger all the way in. He thrust back at me, moaning. I finger fucked him as he humped at me, then slid in a second finger. He gasped but didn't miss a beat of his hip thrusts. By now, my own cock was swollen and purple and leaking. I aimed the tube at it and squeezed, then grabbed it, pumped it a few times and rubbed it between his cheeks. 'Shit!' he yelped as I popped the head into him. I let him calm down, then slowly slid my cock into his incredibly tight ass. He gripped like a tiny round fist, and the pleasure was almost painful. I closed my eyes, held on to his hips and began to pump. He was immobile for a few strokes, then he found the rhythm and moved with me, shoving his ass back to meet me as I thrust forward. I went hard and deep and he loved it. The soft sound of my cock slipping into his ass was drowned out by his voice. 'Fuck me!' he yelled. 'Oh, shit, fuck me good!' I slammed my hips against him, feeling my balls ram into his. He lowered his head further and humped like a madman. I tightened my ass muscles and held on, trying to make it last for him. Finally, no power on earth could stop me from cumming, and I did, my body held still and rigid, my throbbing cock flooding his ass. The wet heat of my cum sent him over the edge, and he howled out his pleasure, pouring cum on the sheets then collapsing forward, dragging me with him. I eased my cock out reluctantly, and held him. He told me with his quiet dignity how incredible it was. Then I held him and he told me a lot of other things.

Later, when we had moved temporarily to idle chatter, I asked him what made him come to the Caribbean. He smiled and said he'd been so depressed his friends had given him the trip as a gift. All I could do was lay there and laugh.


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