I'm Drew Wilson, a twenty-five year old gay construction worker. I've been gay since my senior year of high school when I accidentally walked in on four members of the schools football team having sex in the showers at school.

To assure my silence, I was forced to undress and suck each of their cocks and swallow their loads. I had never done anything with another male before but by the time I was released, I had also been fucked by all four of them.

When it was all over, I found that, surprisingly, I had enjoyed it all and wanted more. I began meeting them regularly all of us sucking and fucking each other wildly.

After graduation, I wasn't in the mood for college, so I began work with a local construction company and worked my way up to a supervisory position.

When I started, I realized quickly that I needed to build myself up. I soon joined a local gym and began working out a minimum of three times a week. Not only did I enjoy the workouts, but i also enjoyed seeing all the hot cock that was on view in the showers and steam room.

I met some nice hot guys there but unfortunately all were straight as an arrow. Oh, there were a couple that worked out that played and we'd manages some hot oral play on the upper benches of the steam room.

Then, Matt Davis joined the gym. The first day I saw him my heart raced wildly. Matt was around the same age as me, but stood close to six-four and was already muscular. His chest, stomach, ass, arms and legs were covered with a thick coating of dark brown hair, which turned me on.

I quickly befriended him and showed him around. As time passed, we became friends, but never discussed our personal lives. All I knew was that he didn't wear a wedding ring, but it wouldn't have mattered if he had.

We'd frequently shower and change together and his cock was awesome, hanging a good seven inches soft over two large round orbs.

One day after showering, and while we dressed he asked if I had plans and if not would I like to grab a beer with him.

"Well, I was going to stop by the car dealership up the road and check out a new truck. Mine is beginning to act up a little."

"You talking about the Dodge dealership?"

"Yea, why?"

"I work there. I'm a new car salesman, and I'd love to sell you a new truck. I work tomorrow from nine to five. Why not stop by then and I'll show you what Ive got."

Making a joke of it, I casually said, "Hell, I've already seen what you got, but you can show me a new truck."

He smiled and said, "yes, I guess you have, smart-ass. I guess a new truck is the next thing to show you."

"Great. I'll be in about ten. Now, how about that beer?"

We went to a small bar up the street and had a couple beers and talked. There, he said he had only been in town a few weeks and really hadn't met anyone yet. I found that he was single and 'playing the field' as he put it. I said I was doing the same. When he ask what type work I did and I said I did construction, he smiled and said "No wonder you're built like a brick shit house."

I laughed and said,"Well, I've never been compared to a shit house before."

"There you go, being a smart-ass again. You know what I meant. I like your sense of humor."

As we left, he surprised me as we got to our cars by giving me a quick 'buddy hug'. "See you tomorrow," he said.

I arrived at the dealership shortly after ten. As I got out of my old truck, an overweight bald older salesman came rushing over to me asking if he could help me with a new vehicle.

"I'm here to see Matt Davis," I said.

"Oh," he replied. "I think he's busy right now. I'll be glad to help you."

"Thanks, but I'll wait for Matt," I replied.

Without saying a word he huffed up and walked away. I went to the sales floor and began looking around. A receptionist asked if I needed assistance and I told her I was waiting for Matt.

"One moment sir."

Immediately, she got on the intercom and said, "Matt Davis, you have a customer on the sales floor."

"He should be with you shortly," she said to me.

I thanked here and a moment later Matt arrived and greeted me. I told him about the other salesman getting pissed because I wouldn't let him help me and he laughed.

"That's normal for him. None of the other salesmen like him. He's constantly trying to steal customers from other salesmen."

AS we headed out the door, he said, "Come on, I'll show you what I got."

I looked at him and smiled.

Realizing what he had said, he smiled and added, "I know, I know. Don't you say a word."

We walked to the truck lot as I told him what I wanted on my truck. We started looking around and I noticed that there were numerous rows of trucks.

"Let's start in back and work our way forward," I said, having a sinister plan in mind.

We did and as we walked along the back row, I'd check out the trucks, pausing and reading the stickers on the window.

At about the fourth or fifth truck, I casually eased closer to Matt, and as I did, I let my right hand dangle at my side. I eased closer so that my hand would casually brush against his crotch, waiting for his reaction.

As I brushed against him he didn't back away. After about the third time, I could tell he was getting boned. However, he never did pull away. I decided not to push my luck, at least not just yet.

I eventually found three trucks that interested me. He had my truck appraised and back in his cubicle in the office, he gave me the total for each one.

"Let me think it over and see what financing I can get from the bank."

"Sure," he said. "When you do, come back and we'll run it through our people and see if we can get a better interest or lower payments for you."

"Sounds good," I replied. "I'll try to get a few hours off the first of the week and go to my bank. I'll be in touch."

"Great," he said and as he walked me to my truck, he said, "You going to the gym today?"

"Nah, probably not until Monday."

"Same here, but I think I'm going to start going later. They close at eleven so I'll probably not go until abut nine when it's a lot less crowded."

"That's no a bad idea. I'll probably do the same," I replied. His smile told me that he was hoping that I'd do the same.

"See you Monday night about nine then," he said.

"Sure thing," I told him and as we shook hands, I noticed he held my hand slightly longer than normal.

I returned home, fairly sure that he he 'played' in some fashion. Exactly what he was into, I wasn't sure.

That night, I went to a local gay bar on the outskirts of town that was frequented by mainly the blue collar type guys, mainly other construction workers, bikers and ranch hands.

I ran into one of the guys that worked on my crew and we were surprised to see each other there. We talked and admitted that neither of us suspected that the other was gay. He said he as with someone that night but that in the future he'd like to get to know me better. That that he meant that he'd like to go to bed with me. I said I definitely would like that also. He was in his late twenties or very early thirties and hot as hell.

I circulated around the bar and eventually took a stool at the bar. The stool next to me was empty and shortly after sitting down I heard a voice ask, "Is this stool taken?"

Turning, I saw a tall slim muscular stud in a cowboy hat and open shirt standing there. He had a thin short neat beard and mustache and a snow white smile.

"It is now," I said smiling.

"Names Greg," he said as he sat down.

"Drew," I replied.

We talked and i found that he worked on a ranch about an hour and a half out of town.

"Long drive home," I said.

"Well, I only get to town twice a month so I come in on Saturday and get a motel room ans go back on Sunday afternoon. It's good to get away from work for the night."

"I'm sure it is."

As we talked, he casually moved his stool closer to mine.

"You ever go to any of the bars in town," I asked.

"Fuck no. The cops are constantly going into them in plain clothes and making arrest when they see anything not acceptable. This one is outside the city limits and they can't come here and she county sheriff leaves it alone."

"I didn't know that about the bars in town," I said.

"Oh, yea. I was in one of them one night and the cops arrested guys for gropping and even kissing. They called it 'public lewdness'."

"Fuck that shit," I said. "I'm glad to find that out."

"I know the owner here and he really doesn't care what goes on as long as no one complains. that's why he's always so busy."

After a moment he placed his hand on my thigh. As he began rubbing it I smiled and said, "Umm, that feels good."

"I'm glad and i can do it all over you if you want me to."

"That would be nice," I replied.

He leaned ward me and we kissed, instantly exchanging tongues. After the kiss, he said, "Shall we go to my room?"

"Lead the way," I said.

We left and drove a mile or so to a small motel, parking in front of his room. Once inside, he pulled me to him and again tongue kissed me as he began unbuttoning my shirt. I began removing his and soon we were both nude. Once in bed, he was a wild man, deepthroating my cock and drilling my hole hard and deep with his long hard tongue.

During my visit, we sucked each other one at a time. As promised, he gave me a full body massage, before getting me hard again and sitting on my cock. Slowly, we rotated so that he was on his back and his legs pulled up. Looking into my eyes we kissed again before he said, "Fuck me hard and deep. The rougher the better."

I did as he wished and soon filed his ass with my load. "Fucking fantastic," he said.

He then fucked me and afterward he pulled out he went down and eat his load from my ass.

I asked if any others on the ranch knew about him or if any played.

"Only one guys knows. The others are pretty much homophobic. The one guy that knows plays also. We do have sex occasionally when we can get off alone, and that is usually when we go out together to check the fence lines."

"I see now why you come to town when you can," I said.

"You got it and I damn sure hope I see you again. You fucked my ass better than anyone has in a very long time."

"Don't worry, you'll see me again."

I spent the night and the next morning we had a hot sixty-nine upon awakening. But before I left, he insisted that I fuck him again.

On Monday, I arrived at the gym right at nine and as I was walking in I heard a horn blow. It was Matt. I waited for him and we went in together.

As we changed, he asked if I had been to the bank.

"I'm going tomorrow," I said.

"Great. Come see me as soon as you can."

"I will," I said, not telling him that I had arranged to be off all day.

We had our work out and when we headed to the locker room he said, "Care to join me in the steam room before showering?"

"Sure," I said.

Most guys going to the steam room went in nude with just a towel around their waist. We did the same.

We entered and found two older gentlemen sitting on the bottom bench. Matt went straight to the top bench and as he sat down he removed his towel and lay it across his lap then leaned back against the wall. I followed and did the same, sitting about three foot away from him.

The steam was so thick that it was impossible to see the two guys on the bottom bench. We sat in silence and I glanced at Matt. He had his head back against the wall and his eyes closed. I glanced at his lap and saw it begin to tent up. I knew he was getting an erection.

Seconds later, he picked up his towel and wiped his face. Glancing over, I saw his cock fully hard, and pointing toward the ceiling. When he lowered his towel, he didn't cover himself. He sat the towel next to him.

'Is he wanting me to make a pass at him?'I wondered.

My own cock was hard and I lifted mine and wiped my face, making sure that I could see if he looked over at my hard erect cock. He did,and casually reached down and scratched his big balls.

After a while,he said that he had had enough and we left. Both our cocks were still over half hard as we left the steam room and headed for the showers. No one else was around.

As we showered, he said, casually, "Sorry about the boner, but I see it happened to you also."

"Yea, it did but I don't see where it is such a big deal. It happens to all of us at some time."

"For sure," he replied.

Nothing else was said about it. We dressed and as we left, he said, "Give me a call after you talk to them at the bank."

"Will do," I said not saying that I'd be seeing him. I had something else in mind when I saw him.

I went to the bank nd got the figures then headed for the dealership. He was on the sales floor when I arrived and quickly came toward me.

"I wasn't expecting to see you today," he said.

"I decided to take the day off."

"Great. Have you decided which truck you want?"

"Kind of but I'd like to see them again."

"Let's go," he said.

We went to each one and I intentionally saved the one farthest to the back for last.

As we walked around it, I paused behind the back of it. he came up and I again eased closer and let my hand brush against hos crotch. His cock began to stiffen and as it did, I casually looked around. No one was in sight.

I eased my hand up to his zipper and slowly pulled it down. I heard him moan softly. I reached in and managed to extract his fully hard cock. Slowly, I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock. As I did, he softly said, "Oh fuck yea!" and lay one hand on my head.

I sucked hungrily and soon brought him to a climax, taking his huge load into my mouth before swallowing. I then stood and saw the smile on his face as his hand reached for my zipper.

Soon,my cock was out and deep in his throat. I was so turned on that it didn't take me long to climax and feed him my seed. He eagerly took it all and swallowed.

As I put up my deflating cock away he said, "Drew, I've wanted to do that since the day we met at the gym."

"So have I," I said. "Now, let go finalize the deal."

We went in and took care of the paper work. I was told that I could pick up the truck around five that afternoon.

I looked at him and asked, "Can you show me where the restroom is?"

"Sure," he said. He led the way and said, "Last door on the left."

I went in and waited. A moment later he came in and I quickly tongue kissed him before anyone else could come in.

"After I pick up my truck, I'd love it if you could come over afer you get off work."

"I can. I get off at seven tonight."


We left one at a time and once in public view we shook hands.

I picked up my new truck at five and told Matt I'd see him later.

Shortly after seven Matt arrived and we immediately kissed passionately before stripping and going to bed. he left close to midnight after we had fucked each other and had a sixty-nine.

We got together twice more that week and he spent the weekend with me. The following week, we were together twice.

On the second visit that week I asked if he liked three ways. He quickly said yes and asked what I had in mind. I told him about Greg. He as excited and i told him we'd go to the bar together and see if Greg was into three ways.

We went to the bar and had been there about thirty minutes when I saw Greg enter. I knew him from his big black cowboy hat. I pointed him out to Matt who gasped.

"What a fucking stud. I sure hope he's interested."

Greg made his way to the bar and ordered a beer. As he took a sip he noticed me and smiled.

As he walked up I reached up and pulled his face to me and tongue kissed him before saying, "I told you I'd see you again."

"And what a greeting," he replied.

"Greg, I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine. This is Matt. Matt meet Greg."

They shook hands and I could see in Greg's face that since Matt was with me we wouldn't be getting together.

"Greg, we'd like to ask you something."

"What would that be?" he said flatly.

"Well, how would you like a three way tonight. Anything goes."

A sudden smile came across Greg's face. "Fuck, I'd love it. When can we get started?"

"As soon as you finish your beer," I said.

"Fuck the damn beer. Let's go. I'm in room 109."

We left the bar and went to Greg's room. After entering, Greg took Matt in his arms and said, "Now for a proper hello." With that, he tongue kissed Matt passionately.

Soon we were all nude and in bed. with Greg alternating sucking our cocks. After a moment he said, "I want to get fucked. I want you both up my ass at the same time."

"Holy shit!" Matt exclaimed. "I've aways wanted to double fuck a guy."

Greg had Matt lay on the bed and after he had, Greg sat on Matt's large cock. After a moment, he leaned forward, almost laying on Matt's chest, and told me to shove my cock in with Matt's.

I did and as I slid into his ass he moaned loudly saying, "Damn that hurts but it's a good hurt. Fuck this bitch's ass!"

We each began working our cocks in his hole. It was awesome feeling my cock rub against Matt's as we fucked Greg. Before long Matt said he was close and I said i was also.

"Fuck yea, studs, shoot together. Fill me hole up."

Matt and I climaxed only a second apart as Greg said how wonderful it was. "It's been a couple years since I've been double fucked. I had forgotten how awesome it was."

After we pulled out, I let Matt have the pleasure of sucking Greg off and eating his delicious load. That night, Greg fucked both of us, sucked us, we sucked him, fucked him one after the other and did a lot of kissing.

Greg later excused himself to go piss and while he was gone, I asked Matt if he would like to get together like this every other weekend when Greg was in town.

"Hell yes. It would be awesome."

When Greg returned, I smiled and asked, "Have you enjoyed tonight?"

"Oh, hell yes. It's the best night I've had in years."

"Well, would you like to have this kind of night every time you're in town?"

"Are you serious? Hell, I'd love it."

"Well, then it's settled. Every other weekend, the three of us will get together, but not here."

"Where then?" Greg asked.

"Is it necessary to meet at the bar?"

"No. I'll meet anywhere," Greg replied.

"Good. I'll give you my address and whatever time you get into town you can come straight to my place. It will give us more time for our fun."

"Fucking awesome. This is unbelievable. Fuck, I love you two guys."

After that night, Matt and I had sex two to three time a week and all weekend. On Greg's weekend in town, he'd get to my place around noon and he and I would have sex until Matt got off work. If Matt wasn't working that Saturday, he'd be there waiting on Greg with me.

About four months later, Matt asked me to be his lover. I quickly said yes and we agreed that each as free to have sex one-on-one with other but we'd never be apart overnight.

The next time Greg came to town, we told him that we were lovers. He congratulated us and asked, "Does this mean that our weekends together are coming to an end?"

"Definitely not," I said. "You are an important part of our lives now. Hell, you are basically our lover also."

Greg loved that idea and continued to visit. we totally looked forward to his weekends with us.

As for the stud I worked with, he and I had began staying at the job site after all the other left and had ho wild sex in the office. That started about a week after I saw him at the bar. After a while, he started following me home for sex. After Matt and I became lovers, if Matt was home, he'd join in.

Matt and I still laugh about how we first met and how reluctant we were to let the other know what we wanted. Life has never been better.




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