Captain Tim Holland was angry, annoyed and at odds with things. His cruise ship had docked in port at Southampton two days late from the last cruise due to engine trouble. And then the Chief Engineer had fallen down a gangway and broken his leg, just as the ship was docking. That meant that he had to remain to oversee the shore engineers who were to effect repairs and as the next cruise had been cancelled, there were now four weeks to wait until the next one, instead of four days.

Other captains would normally have been able to cry off such a role, but his Company knew that he had a keen interest in engineering matters and had studied ship design and engineering in his shore leaves, so really he had no alternative but to stay. On the other hand he had nothing to do on shore and nothing much else to do on board, but keep sober, unlike many other senior officers he had known.

To cap it all there was a heat wave. It was July and unusually hot, but the air conditioning normally kept the ship and cabins cool. Now there was no air conditioning as it had all been shut off. There was only emergency lighting too. His own quarters below the bridge were spacious and because of all the open portholes relatively cool with a slight breeze passing through. He also had emergency water for his quarters, a condition he had insisted on.

The repairs had started and were going well. The onshore engineering guys had been all day in the engine room and the only consolation with the intense heat had been the sight of a couple of the younger ones getting more and more of their kit off to keep cool.

He had also inspected the main cabins and passenger decks to see their condition. After all, it was his ship and through the Chief Engineer, the Purser and the Chief Steward he was responsible for everything. He could do what he liked. After noting some minor repairs needed, he decided to have a look at the crew's quarters. He never went there normally as they were under the purview of the Chief Steward, but he was curious to see the condition of the decks and the cabins, and to inspect for any overlooked repairs. He knew it would annoy the Company if he reported additional maintenance requirements and that was the mood he was in.

On approaching the crew's quarters he passed the crew's gym. He often used it, when he wasn't on the bridge, sleeping or entertaining passengers. Sometimes he used it to avoid the entertaining, but that was his job, and some of the passengers were actually interesting. Not all though. On the last cruise there had been a woman on his dining table who kept on saying that he should marry, a handsome man like he was going to waste, and kept affecting surprise that no one had taken on the role of wife. Captain Holland had had to take her husband aside to tell them he had once been married, for ten years, but that his wife had been killed by a falling tree on her car whilst she had been on her way to meet him some ten years earlier, and he should tell his wife.

It didn't work. At the next meal the wife said how sorry she was to hear he was a widower, but then said the same thing in relation to him remarrying, in full hearing of the rest of the table. He hated discussing his private life in public and was becoming quite angry. However, at that moment the woman must have received a hefty kick from her husband, as she immediately shut up. She never mentioned the subject again.

Captain Holland had another reason for not discussing his private life. As he had realized he was gay later than he should, his marriage to his beautiful wife had been a mistake he had made at 21, through, he realized, family pressure, and because he hadn't really then known what the hell he was. The marriage had more or less worked because he was at sea for most of the time. But if he had been at home he would not have been able to keep up the sexual side of things. As it was, she had been a good friend and was a beautiful woman. He had been truly upset when she died, but her death had let him off the hook.

Since then and during his career he had had a number of liaisons – one with an eighteen year old cadet, which he had been somewhat ashamed of. The cadet had not passed his examinations, and had later left the service. Then on another ship there had been one of his married officers, a relationship that had gravitated more into a drinking companion and a friend, who had as much to hide as he had done when his wife was alive. Recently there had been no one; just a few fantasies. He was genuinely too busy.

Captain Holland knew he was handsome. He was dark haired with a neatly shaved close beard and moustache. He was 42, tall and as fit as a fiddle, with his naval cap on, people said he looked like the archetypical captain. No beer belly for him. Instead, through using the crew's gym, he had kept his abs in excellent condition, his arms were so beautifully developed he wore his short sleeve shirts with a little too much pride, and his legs hadn't atrophied by underuse, thanks to the running machines. Sometimes he ran round the deck, but passengers kept stopping him for a chat; another reason for not using the passenger gym, which all officers were entitled to use.

It was in the crew's gym too, that he could eye up the crew. Just eye candy, he admitted, as he couldn't do anything. He knew that there was a rumour about him, as his officer friend had imparted, but providing indiscreet proof was another matter, and probably still a sackable offence. There had been one or two, well three, guys he liked noticing. One was tall, slim, fit and black. He had seen him in the gym showers stripped naked; muscular and very nice. Then there was a ginger haired young fellow with a nice smile and hung like a donkey. The boy had smiled at him, but the Captain had hardly dared reciprocate. Then there was a dark blond haired young man (he preferred the word boy as it was more exciting) with a broad, developed chest with beautiful pecs, and a backside to match. He had never seen him in the showers, but hoped he might. He was his favourite.

He toured one deck. All the crew had departed and it was eerily silent. It was also incredibly hot and quite dark as the emergency lighting was inadequate. He descended another deck and opened a few cabin doors, shining his torch around. The crew really had small quarters. Six bunks in a cabin size that passengers would only accept two in. As he passed up the alleyway further forward he thought he heard the sound of music being played – probably from a radio. He found a light shining from under a door, and knocked on and opened the door. Another six berth cabin, but on one of the bunks lay a crewman in a white vest and underpants holding a magazine. Holland had the distinct impression the young man had been playing with himself. Certainly there was a large lump under the crotch of his underpants. Holland quickly turned away, pretending to inspect the cabin, and when he turned back he was sure he had been correct, as the lump had been rearranged.

The crewman jumped to his feet once he realised it was the Captain. 'I am sorry sir; I didn't know anyone would come round the cabins.' Holland wondered with amusement exactly what the young man was apologising for. Then he realised with a shock that it was his dark blond haired crewman. The shadows of the dim lighting had prevented him noticing right away. The boy looked stunning, his legs were muscular and strong and the chest under the singlet just as he had noticed. He was about two inches shorter than the captain, say five foot eleven.

'What are you doing here?' asked Holland. 'I'm one of the skeleton cabin-cleaning crew,' replied the boy. 'The others have gone ashore this evening for a drink, but I didn't want to join them. I'm saving up, you see, and in addition I think the lads may go off somewhere for the night.' Holland in turn felt a little embarrassed. 'I'm sorry for disturbing your break; you must find it a little lonely here by yourself.' 'I was just going off to the galley for a bite to eat,' replied the blond boy. Holland thought the bulge in his underpants belied that. 'But it isn't just lonely, it's really creepy. Every time I go to the washroom the doors creak. I can't get out of there fast enough.' The Captain laughed. 'Yes, he said, even in port the ship has a slight motion, and doors do tend to creak on their hinges. I can understand.'

Holland turned to go. Then had a thought – a rather rash one he believed, but what the hell.

'I'm just going back up aloft to have my evening meal. It is always served at seven. You are alone, and I will be eating alone. Why don't you join me? Then you can tell me, in private, about conditions here and how you enjoy your job.' It was quite apparent from the stunned look on the boy's open, good looking face that he was quite shaken. I suppose, thought Holland, it is a bit of an odd invitation. 'On the other hand, he added, quickly....' 'No, no, said the boy, 'I should like that very much. 'Well,' said Holland, 'clean yourself up (wincing at his words as this implied a criticism he had not meant) or alternatively as water is badly supplied to you in port, you can use the shower in my quarters. There is hot and cold running water there.'

The boy was even more astonished. 'Yes, sir, of course, sir. What should I wear?' 'Just a singlet and shorts or trousers are fine. It's too hot.' The Captain needed a shower himself, as he was close to melting. 'And bring some night attire. I can put you up in my spare bunk, in case we get a little tipsy.' He smiled. 'And we wouldn't want you falling down stairs like the Chief Engineer, would we? Shall we say in half an hour?' He turned and left, but not before noticing with private pleasure the astonished look on the boy's face.

Chapter 2

Once in his quarters the Captain quickly showered and changed. White shorts over white underpants – standard issue, and a short sleeved white shirt and white socks, in brown sandals. He went to the living room where there were two double sofas facing each other over a coffee table. It was a clever arrangement because although all were screwed down to the deck, the two sofas opened up over the coffee table to form a double bed. It hadn't been much used.

Soon he heard a tap at the door. He opened it to find the boy in a clean pair of crew's trousers and a clean singlet. 'Have you showered?' he said. The boy replied in the negative, so the captain took him down the alleyway to his small bathroom, gave him a towel and left him to it. The boy reappeared soon after with damp hair but a nice clean smell. He looked awkwardly around. 'Just put your things over there' said the Captain. 'What would you like to drink?' 'I don't drink much,' said the boy, 'but a beer would be fine.' 'Just what I'm having,' said the Captain, opening the fridge. There was a silence as the boy watched the captain pour the two beers into glasses. He accepted one, and as he did so the Captain saw that the young man's hand was shaking a little. The boy was nervous, he thought. Quite understandable.

Holland decided to try to put him at ease. 'Take a seat,' he said, indicating one of the sofas. 'I don't even know your name. Mine is Tim Holland. What is yours? 'Tell me about yourself,' he said. 'What exactly do you do on board?' Holland guessed he was a steward, but wanted to hear from the boy himself. 'Well,' said the young man, 'my name is Pete Lansford, and I was brought up in Plymouth. I saw a lot of ships from the window of our house, and always wanted to do something on board a ship. This is it. I worked as a kid in some hotels, and eventually when I left school, found work in a Plymouth hotel for a couple of years. Then I heard of stewards on ships, applied to this Company and with my hotel experience was accepted and went through their shore training scheme. I've only been working at sea here for six months.'

Holland nodded. He himself had only been appointed to this command six months previously. Whilst the boy had been talking, Holland had had a reason for appraising the boy for the first time without feeling self conscious. He was more than good looking, and his drying hair was becoming wavy and looked very attractive. His chest in his tight white singlet was as impressive as he had observed and he just wanted to feel the muscles. The boy's loose trousers hid his legs. 'How old are you?' he asked. '22, going on 23,' he replied. The Captain reflected for a moment on the boy being exactly twenty years his junior, whilst the boy shuffled himself on the sofa. He liked the boy, who seemed more intelligent than his job required. He was becoming drawn to him physically, and wondered if the boy was gay. He had to admit to himself that he really fancied him.

He noticed the boy had finished his beer. It was still very hot even up on the bridge. 'Would you like another beer?' he asked. The boy replied in the affirmative, and Holland went to get two more. When he returned he was sure the boy had arranged his trousers a little closely around his crotch. There was certainly some sort of profile, whereas before the trousers had hung loosely. As he poured the drinks Holland began to have doubts about the wisdom of what he was doing. However, it was too late to stop.

Before anything else happened, there was a knock on the door and the Captain's steward came in, bearing a tray with food. The Captain checked his watch. It was exactly seven. He had a reputation for strictness and efficiency, for which he was admired, but it was also tempered with fairness, good humour and calmness under pressure. Some saw him as taciturn, but he felt too much displayed emotion would risk giving away his secret.

Holland indicated the table and the boy joined him. They ate the cold collation in more or less silence; cold meat and salad with some bread. The Captain poured a coffee for himself and the boy, and afterwards they retired to the sofas. The Captain popped into the bathroom for a moment; beer always affected him quickly, and then returned to the main cabin.

Instead of sitting opposite the boy, he found himself sitting down next to him. He hadn't meant to do this, but had done it inadvertently. The boy looked surprised but pleased. Holland noticed that the trousers had been arranged in his absence even more closely. He became quite nervous with anticipation. He hoped it didn't show.

He thought of something to say. 'You mentioned you were saving for something by being here' he said. The boy nodded, somewhat sheepishly, but said nothing. 'Well?' said Holland. Pete decided he had better explain. 'You will think this strange,' he said, 'but I want to go to art school, and decided to earn as much as possible to pay for it. You see, I have always liked drawing, and my teachers at school said I should follow it up. I also want to paint. I like paintings, especially old ones.' The boy stopped, a little flushed and embarrassed. The Captain couldn't help putting his hand on his shoulder – an act he intended as encouragement. 'No, I understand perfectly,' he said, nodding and smiling. The boy relaxed. When my wife died she left me the house – her family house. It is quite old, and has a significant number of paintings. I often look at them, though I don't know much about them.' The boy lost all his embarrassment and the Captain too felt more animated and less tense. 'When she died some members of her family tried to retrieve them, but I had inherited them as she had wished in her will.'

'I'm sorry to hear of her death,' said the boy. The Captain, now trusting the boy fully, explained what had happened to her, adding that he had remained a widower, before stopping short of explaining he was gay, though he suspected the boy was fully aware of it. He felt that the boy and he had something in common, and felt the boy's enthusiasm for his subject and his hopes for the future were well placed. He admired him for it, and he said so. All this time the boy and he had moved a little closer, and the Captain received the distinct impression it was deliberate on the boy's part, and the boy really like him. He also couldn't keep his hand off the boy's shoulder. Was it safe to go further?

He changed the subject. Swallowing hard, he looked at the boy's flushed face, and his eyes drifted to his chest. Without much thought he reached out and touched the boy's chest. 'You have kept yourself really fit,' he said, 'and these are really firm and do you proud.' He took his hand away, but the boy knew he had lingered just a little too long over his pecs. To the Captain's amazement and relief, the boy leant over and kissed him. He reciprocated. Within a minute he was groping the boy everywhere – his chest, his back, his neck, his hair, his legs and his crotch - especially his crotch. The boy was doing the same, placing himself slightly on top of the captain on the sofa, with one hand on the front of the captain's shorts.

'Come through to the bedroom,' he breathed, detaching himself. The boy had an erection, as had he, and his flies were partly undone. He locked the door to the main cabin, and propelled the boy down the alleyway past the bathroom and opened the door to the bedroom. The boy threw himself on the bed, his erection prominent in his pants, and looked around expectantly. The Captain threw himself on top of the boy, one minute kissing him on his mouth, his face, and his neck, the next pulling at his trousers. He got up and pulled them off. The boy was left in his white underpants and singlet and socks.

The Captain thought the young man was the most desirable guy he had ever been with. He was perfect. He caressed his chest, but kneaded his crotch even more. The boy reciprocated by pulling at the Captain's shorts, which he eventually undid and reached inside. His eyes grew wider and he said 'Holy Hell,' looking down. He pulled the Captain's cock from under his underpants, and looked in amazement at the uncut, eight inch thick monster that he found. 'I'm going to fuck you with that,' the Captain smiled. 'I should fucking hope so,' said the boy, quickly removing his singlet, making to take off his underpants. The Captain stopped him. 'Your underpants are mine to remove when I'm good and ready,' he said. The boy smiled, sliding up the bed, naked except for his underpants and his socks.

The Captain gasped at the boy's beautiful bare chest. He stood back hardly able to take his eyes off the boy, as he removed his own shirt and his shoes and socks. He stood there in his underpants, his cock pointing out of the top, just admiring what he was about to fuck. The boy noticed the Captain's handsome appearance, his fit chest, his abs and arms with both desire and anticipation. The Captain turned the boy over on his stomach. The boy's arse looked as beautiful and as prominent as he remembered. It was firm and inviting, and he threw himself on top of the boy, rubbing himself against his back and his arse, whilst kissing his neck in wild abandon. He completely let himself go, turning the boy this way and that whilst he examined every inch, intermittently rubbing the boy's cock through his underpants and sucking at it occasionally through his pants. He took off the boys socks.

The moment had come for him to take off the boy's underpants. He hauled the boy towards him on the bed, and lifted his legs over his shoulders. He noticed the boy's downward glance of desire at his own cock still poking out of his pants, and then he proceeded to slowly remove the boy's underpants. He saw a beautiful uncut cock, some six or seven inches in length, and below it a pair of heavy hung balls, above a hole, not too hairy, which he was going to fuck. He slipped the boy's pants off and parted his legs wider. He leant down and kissed the boy full on the mouth whilst massaging first his cock, then his balls, and finally reaching round to his arse and his arsehole. The boy winced with pleasure and excitement. He felt the same.

He kissed the boy's cock, sucked his balls, and all round his arsehole, with the boy's legs splayed back. Once more he turned the boy over. His arse was prominent and white against the rest of his tanned skin, and he massaged the mounds of muscle and flesh hungrily. He parted the cheeks to look at the boy's hole again, which seemed to be so inviting he knew he couldn't wait much longer.

'Take off my underpants,' he ordered. The boy turned round and stripped the Captain. He stroked the Captain's cock, his balls and felt round to his arse. He obviously was overwhelmed with the beauty of it all. Now they were both stark naked - sweaty and naked, about to have sex with each other and to fuck until they came.

The Captain reached over and took some lubricant out of a bedside drawer. He also took a condom. He wanted to be safe, and it prolonged the ecstasy. He again turned the boy over and made him crouch head down, knees down and backside up, so he could examine it. He loved its white mounds, its strong muscular presence and the way it flared out from the boy's slim waist into the most desirable arse he had ever seen.

With alacrity he kissed it, sucked on it even, and quickly put lube on the hole and on his own covered cock before inserting it part way into the boys' hole. The boy gasped, but kept his eyes closed as he lay face down on the bed. The Captain slowly slid completely inside him. He then pushed the boy flat on the bed whilst he put his weight on him, and fucked him slowly at first and then with quicker thrusts. He ignored the boy's gasps, his expletives, his desire to 'fuck me more, fuck me more.' He just fucked on in and out, occasionally raising himself up to see his cock sliding in and out of the boy's beautiful backside, falling down on the boy again to screw him mercilessly until he felt the telltale signs he was going to come. He whipped his cock out, turned the boy over and positioned himself over his chest and face. His condom off, he quickly rubbed himself for a few more times, and then, removing his hand, he squirted spurt after spurt of cum over the boy's chest, his neck, his face, his hair and his mouth. He squirted juice about eight times, and the boy opened his mouth to receive some. He was in for a surprise. He got not only some of the Captain's juice, but his whole cock rammed in his mouth, whilst it squirted the last spurts down his throat. The boy nearly gagged, but accepted his cock, sucking and licking it as the final drips emerged.

The captain lay down and wanked the boy off. Slowly and with measured pace at first, then faster and faster, with the boy bucking a little as his orgasm approached. At length and with eyes closed in ecstasy he let fly with five or six squirts of his own, one hitting the Captain in the face, and others on his hairy chest and an arm. The Captain licked the boy's cock, sucking out the last drops, whilst the boy moaned quietly.

The Captain got up, got a towel and wiped down the boy and himself. Fortunately nothing had gone on the bed sheets that couldn't be wiped off.

They lay down together, stark naked in the heat, the Captain with his hand on the boy's arse, the boy with a hand round the Captain's neck. They kissed and fell asleep.

They were awakened by raps on the main cabin door. 'My steward,' said the Captain, wrapping a towel around his waist and hastening along the alleyway. He opened the door, just managing in time to throw the boy's bag down the alleyway. The steward took away all the dishes they had used and confirmed he would serve breakfast as usual at 7 a m. 'Good,' thought the Captain. It was only 10 p m, and he looked forward to more with the boy.

He returned to the bedroom with a couple more beers, and found the boy back in his underpants, but otherwise waiting for him. 'Are you thinking of leaving?' he asked? 'No,' replied Pete,' with a smile. 'You said you liked taking them off, so you can do it again.' With that he leant back and the Captain noticed the boy's erection under the underpants. He realized he too was getting hard under his towel. Having put the beers down, he took off his towel and lay down beside the boy, kissing him.

He moved closer to the boy, kissing not just his mouth but his chest, underpants and thighs more and more passionately. He again put the boy's legs around his neck, and slowly felt around and under his underpants over and over again. 'I love your shape, your body and your skin, he said. 'I love your cock, your arse, your arsehole, your willingness to let me fuck you.' 'Go right ahead, just get on with it,' laughed the boy. The captain stripped the boy naked, and again fucked his arse with all the energy and passion he had pent up inside him. This time the boy was on his back, and the Captain leant over him to kiss him, whilst rampantly fucking him. The boy was bent double, his legs wide apart, when the Captain came, this time inside him. The boy wanked himself off immediately afterwards, with the Captain still in him. When the Captain pulled away, Peter gaped at the condom, which looked half full of semen. 'Christ,' he said. 'I' m glad you didn't empty that milk bottle inside me.' They both laughed as they made themselves comfortable on the bed, the Captain insisting the boy put on his underpants. He did the same.

'I'm clearly not your first,' he said. 'No way,' said Peter, 'but I haven't been with many guys. I had a friend for a couple of years, but we broke up. It was difficult, because we both lived at home and couldn't have the freedom we needed.' 'Who was your first?' he said. Pete laughed. 'When I started my hotel job, I went into one of the rooms thinking the occupant had left, to clean it. A guy stepped out of the bathroom stark naked, looking fantastic. It turned out he was a footballer. I was flabbergasted at how beautiful he looked and just kept staring. The guy locked the door, came over to me and, well, felt me up, stripped me and fucked me. It was pure heaven.' The Captain laughed. 'What a good intro,' he said.

'Who was yours?' Peter asked. 'The Captain hesitated, and then told him not of the young cadet, but of one of his fellow officers on a previous command. The boy nodded. 'It must be difficult for you in your position.' They both then kissed again, and the Captain rolled on top of the boy. He became very affectionate, kissing and stroking the boy. This was the closest he had ever come to perfection in sex although he liked Pete too. He realized with horror what he had been missing all these years, despite his activities. Never had he felt like this.

'Look,' said the Captain, 'all the engine room work I have to oversee will be over in a couple of days. I know this seems, well, early and inappropriate, but would you like to come to my house with me for a week or so? I won't be able to see you over the next few days. I'll leave you a letter in the rack, signed Jack – is that alright?'

'Wow,' said Pete wide-eyed. 'Why not? I do have to go home, but I have another three weeks, and can't stay there long now my brother has my room I have to sleep on the floor!' 'That's done, then,' said the Captain. 'I'll make the arrangements and leave you a letter with the details.' With that, he kissed the boy again, pulled up a sheet and covered them both up to sleep.

Chapter 3

He met the boy by one of the customs houses away from the ship on the Friday afternoon, just after lunch. The boy threw his things in and, looking round, kissed the Captain quickly. 'Gosh, I've missed you.' 'And I you,' responded the Captain. He drove off in his hire car – a BMW convertible and saw how impressed Pete was. He couldn't resist taking a glance at the boy's shorts. They outlined his bulge beautifully.

They drove into Southampton and parked outside a building in a small side-street. He took Pete inside, explaining that they were both going to be tested at this gay drop-in centre. Pete put up no objection, and an hour later they emerged, both with a clean bill of health. It was what the Captain expected, but nonetheless was a relief. He could now fuck without a condom. It took the boy only a few minutes to utter, 'Holy Hell, does that mean I'll have all that spunk up inside my arse?' 'Undoubtedly, yes,' the Captain laughed.

They drove into the Hampshire countryside, through a charming village and then up a side street for a mile or so. He then turned into a drive, and after a couple of hundred yards arrived in front of a large mansion. The boy's face had to be seen to be believed. 'You live here?' he questioned, gaping at the house and garden. It looks very old. 'Yes,' replied the Captain. 'It was my wife's and she left it all to me. It is Georgian. My housekeeper lives in the wing on the right. She knows all about me; she has a gay son herself who lives in London. The wing on the left has a small swimming pool, and a gym as well as a conservatory. In the summer I spend a lot of my time there.'

The housekeeper emerged and welcomed the Captain, not batting an eyelid at the sight of Pete, who she welcomed profusely. 'All is as you expect, Captain, and there is some food in the kitchen for you for tonight.' With that she turned back to go into her home.

Pete and the Captain entered the house, and the boy looked with amazement at the paintings on the walls in all the rooms radiating off the hall. 'These are stunning,' he said. 'Let's put our stuff in the bedroom,' the Captain suggested, leading the way up the stairs and into one of the principal rooms. Pete exclaimed how beautiful it was, with all the old antique furniture and the view over the front garden. He found the en suite bathroom, and, after using it, emerged to see the Captain on the bed, lying back, with a smile on his face. He also, noted the boy, had a large bulge under his shorts.

The boy laughed and took off his shoes and socks. He dropped his trousers, coming across to the Captain in his underpants and singlet. He threw himself on the Captain, and they rolled on the bed in a passionate embrace, kissing, groping, feeling, the boy all the while trying to strip the Captain.

The Captain stripped to his underpants, and lay the boy down on his back, kneeling over him. 'I'm going to fuck you again, with your singlet on. I want to see how naked you look with it rolled up under your arms once your underpants are off and I am fucking you.' 'You have an underwear fetish, don't you,' said the boy. 'I guess I do. I think it was because all the boys at school wore white underpants and vests and were largely unobtainable.' 'Largely? Pete questioned. 'Well, yes, there was the odd wank, I suppose,' the Captain grinned.

He proceeded to kiss Pete passionately on his neck, his mouth, his face and his chest, lifting the singlet to suck on his nipples. He then felt the boy's underpants, turning him over and over in the bed, and pulling at the boy's cock. Eventually, he took off the underpants, and fucked the boy on his back, legs in the air, with a condom free cock, faster and faster. He had to get his lust satisfied after the empty nights since their first meeting, when he had lain in his bedroom, dreaming of the boy's body.

He fucked hard and long, once turning the boy to fuck his arse from the rear, turning him back to let the boy bring himself off when he came. They both came in unison, and both shot more than ever. When the Captain pulled himself out he lifted the boy's legs, and watched his arse dribble spunk down onto the towel he had placed there. It was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. The boy was covered in his own spunk, leaking the Captain's, whose cock was still erect, wanting even more. They laid down together, kissing and fondling each other.

'I never want this to end,' said the Captain. 'You are just fantastic.' 'Well,' said Pete, 'can't we go and eat, I'm famished.' They showered and descended to the kitchen and ate, this time accompanied by one of the fine wines from the cellar. Then they fucked again.

The End

This story has a happy ending. For the next week the two fucked all over the house, on the stairs, in the sitting room, by the swimming-pool, even behind the hedges in the garden. They did it with their underpants on, through the fly, fully clothed or stark naked. The Captain brought Pete off in his swimming trunks, in the showers and, of course, in his underpants. Pete even screwed the Captain a couple of times, but admitted he preferred looking up at the Captain's handsome face whilst being fucked. Neither ever seemed to be tiring of the other.

The Captain sent the boy back to Plymouth to visit his family but above all to collect samples of his best art work. He took him to the University Art College in town, who accepted him then and there for October. The Captain would help fund his education. 'I've got more than enough money,' he said.

Pete resigned. He had to do one more cruise first, but was then free to start studying.. The Captain resigned, after getting a position as Master of the main Yacht Marina. He had to serve out three months, and Pete stayed in town whilst studying, coming back to the house at weekends. Eventually he learned to drive, and drove home for weekends or whenever he felt he wanted to make love, which was often.

They both lived on in Hampshire, visiting London, where Pete had his first exhibition. It was a success.




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