I was born when my parents were both only fourteen. My mothers family raised me and when my mom moved out when I was seven, she took me with her. She was only twenty-one.

All I ever heard from her about my dad was negative. She litterally hated him and had only kept me for the welfare money. I had found my birth certificate with my dad's name on it. With the help of the parents of my best friend, I had managed to get his address. I began writing him using my friends address for him to write back. If my mom had known, she probably have killed me.

When I was fifteen she had met a guy that litterally hated kids and told her she had to 'get rid' of me. Unknown to me, mom had dad's address and she wrote it down, shoved it in my pocket, gave me fifty dollars for meals and put me on a bus to go to him. She had written a letter to him saying that she was giving up all parental rights and that I was now his responsibility.

I arrived in town and after getting directions, I began walking. In my letters to my dad, I had sent him pictures of me so he would know me if we ever met. I was now glad I had. After about three hours, I reached his house. It was a small home but well kept and maintained. From his letters back to me, I knew that he had never married and lived alone. Here I was only fifteen about to meet my twenty-nine year old father.

I knocked on the door and waited. After a minute, I knocked again and heard a deep voice say, 'I'm coming.'

When he opened the door and looked at me quizically I simply said, 'Hi, dad.'


'Yea,' I replied.

He reached out and grabbed me in a bear hug and began crying hevily. When he finally began to compose himself, he took me in and asked what I was doing there. I told him the whole story and gave him the letter from mom. He read it and smiled, saying, 'Son, this is the best news you could have brought me. Maybe she doesn't want you but I sure as fuck do.'

We sat and talked for the rest of the afternoon, with him fussing at me for not calling him when I arrived.

'Well, from your reaction, I doubt if you could have driven safely.'

'You have a good point,' he replied.

He continued to smile and said he needed to make a few phone calls. He called his boss and told him the situation and that he needed a few days off to get things settled. Then he called his lawyer and set up a meeting for the next morning.

Within no time his lawyer had filed papers with the courts and mom's rights were disolved and dad was given full custody. I was enrolled in school and we were getting along great.

One night as we ate dinner, dad said to me, 'Luke, I just want you to know that if there is anything you want to talk to me about, you can. I will not make judgement but we'll discuss it like adults. It doesn't matter if it's drugs, sex, girls, or whatever, I'm here.'

'Thanks, dad.'

I began to notice that on occasion he'd get a call on his cell phone and he'd go to his bedroom or outside to talk. I wondered if it was a girlfriend.

We became close and went everywhere together on weekends. It was like dad thought I might disappear if I wasn't with him.

He was production manager for a large manufacturing company. by the time I was sixteen, almost seventeen, he would get calls and tell me that he had to go to the plant due to a problem and he'd be gone two to three hours.

He had bought me a car and one Friday afternoon I was shooting hoops with some friends when dad called. He said that ome of his friends were going on an overnight camping trip and had invited him to go and asked if I minded. I said no, and asked if I could go also.

'Not this time. It's just a bunch of men getting together for some drinking and a poker game and there won't be any other young people your age there.'

I said for him to have fun and he said that if I wanted to I could invite a friend over for the night. 'But no partying,' he added.

I invited Brad, my best buddy from school, over and he said great but it would have to be after his date with Lucy. I said fine, knowing that she had to be in by eleven.

Well, about seven, Brad called and said that he was on his way over with Lucy and that she was game for some fun. I said to come on over.

When they arrived, I found that he had talked her into a three way with both of us fucking her. When we got down to the nitty gritty of it she wanted to know if we had any condoms. Brad and I just looked at each other. We didn't.

'Think your old man might have some around?' Brad asked.

'I'll check.'

I went to dad's room and began my search. When I opened the drawer to the night stand next to his bed, I found a box of a dozen, unopened, and another box with nine in it, plus a large tube of lube. 'Damn, dad's more active than I thought,' I said to myself. I grabbed two condoms and returned to the living room. We fucked Lucy like we would never get pussy again. I couldn't figure out why, but seeing Brad naked turned me on more than seeing Lucy naked.

The weekend 'campouts' came about every two weeks. Dad always had an excuse why I couldn't go. Then one saturday I was over at Brads and dad called and said that there was problems at the plant and he'd be gone a few hours. I said no problem and that I'd see him at home later. I was now eighteen and could well take care of myself.

It was late and close to sundown. As I headed home and was approaching Main Street, I saw dad's car go past. I wondered where he was going since the plant was in the opposite direction. I decided to follow.

Keeping my distance, I followed him to his boss's house. He pulled into the drive and hurried to the door, which was set way back from the front of the house. When the door opened, I saw his boss let him in and before the door closed, the hugged. I sat in total shock. I decided to get nosy and see what I could see. I didn't want to believe what I was thinking.

I eased into the yard and casually walked past dad's car to the back of the house. I found a window on the back side where the blinds were partially open. I peeked in and saw dad and his boss kissing and undressing each other. When both were naked, I froze when I saw my dad squat down and begin sucking his boss's cock. Soon, his boss was sucking him. My own cock quickly stiffened as I watched. My dad was gay. I couldn't believe it. I didn't care but it totally surprised me. I watched as his boss got behind him and began kissing and licking hos ass. Soon, his boss was shoving his cock up dad's ass. I don't know when it happened but I suddenly realized that I had my own cock out and was stroking it. I watched dad get fucked and soon shot my load into the flower bed. I heard dad saying how 'fucking good' it felt.

I quickly got myself back together and returned to my car and headed home. Dad came in later and acted as if everythjing was normal. It was for him but I had a thousand questions, but said nothing.

On Wednesday evening he got a call, and as usual went to his bedroom to talk. When he returned, I couldn't hold back.

'Was that Mr. Sims?'


'Did he want you to go over again?'

'What are you talking about?' he asked. I could see that I had caught him totally off guard.

'Well, last Saturday, you went over there instead of the plant. I just wondered if he wanted you to come over again. You two seemed to have a lot of fun.'

His face went totally white. I thought he was going to faint.

'Okay, Luke, what are you talking about?' he finally managed to say.

'Dad, how long have you been gay?'


'Look, I don't care. I don't think any less of you. I love you but I just want you to be honest with me.'

'What makes you think I'm gay?' he asked.

I told him about Saturday evening and how I came to follow him and what I'd seen.

'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed. 'Luke, I'm so sorry. I know I shuld have told you but I just didn't know how. Please forgive me.'

'Dad, I forgive you for not telling me, but there is nothing else to forgive you for. Like I said, I don't care if you're gay. So what? But I do wish you had told me up front.'

'Okay, it's out in the open now. I know you have questions so fire away. I'll answer anything you ask honestly.'

'How long have you been gay?'

'Since I was twenty-five, seven years.'

'How did it start?'

Dad said that Mr. Sims had taken him on a business trip with him and that they were sharing a room. They both had quite a bit to drink and when they got back to the room, one thing led to another and Mr. Sims had sucked him off. Dad said how he had enjoyed it and felt he should return the favor which he did. He said that to his surprise, he had enjoyed sucking a cock, and he continued doing it. He said that after a few months he and Mr. Sims started fucking each other.

'Do you enjoy male sex?'

'Yes, very much. To be honest, I find it more satisfying than sex with a woman.'

'Is that what the so called 'campouts' are? A bunch of guys getting together for sex?'


'How many?'

'As few as three or four and as many as eight to ten.'

'Damn, I bet that's wild to watch,' I said.

'It does get kind of wild.'

'Dad, look, no more sneaking around. If you get a call, you can take it in front of me. Invite them over here if you want. What's the difference of you having a guy over for sex instead of a woman?'

'That wouldn't bother you?'

'It might, but I'd do what I did when I saw you and Mr. Sims. I'd take matters in hand.'

Dad began laughing. 'And I was so scared of what you might think.' He hugged me close and kissed my cheek.

'Dad, What's it like getting sucked by a guy?'

'Son, there is a saying. 'A man can suck a man better than a woman can because he knows what feels good.' That statement is so true. It feels great.'

'What's it like sucking a guy?'

'Well, that's harder to explain. It's erotic. There is something about the feel of a man's cock in your mouth. It's partly knowing that your giving the guy pleasure. The climax is knowing that you suceeded. As for the cum, well, it's a cross between salty and sweet. To be honest, I love the taste, but not all guys do.'

'Dad, if it gives you pleasure go for it full steam ahead. I just want you to be happy. You no longer have to hide it from me. Like I said, feel frree to invite them over. I'd like to meet some of your friends.'

'Damn, Luke I love you.'

The subject was dropped but dad started taking calls in front of me and even inviting some over to the house. They were stunned to find me there and even more shocked when dad would take them to his bedroom.

I became more and more curious about dad's lifestyle. After a few months, I decided to see what it was like.

He had gone to bed and we both slept nude.

When I heard him snoring deeply I eased into his room and over to his bed. He was on top of the covers and on his back, his long soft cock laying down over his large nut sack. I sat next to him and slowly lifted his cock. I leaned closer and licked the tip. I heard him moan softly. I knew that if I started sucking him he'd wake up but I didn't care. His cock was slowly and steadily stiffening. I leaned closer and took it into my mouth. It quickly becme rock hard.

As I began sucking up and down on dad's cock, he moaned more. Suddenly he said 'What the fuck are you doing?'

I kept sucking, wanting to go all the way.

'Oh, shit, Luke, that feels so good.'

I smiled and continued on my quest. Soon he warned me he was about to cum. I kept going. Suddenly he spasmed and his cock exploded into my mouth and down my throat. iquickly began swallowing. I was my dad's son. I liked the taste.

When it was over he asked what made me do it.

'I was curious. I wanted to try it and see what it was like.'


'Dad, I liked it.'



'Well, can your old man show you how you just made him feel?'

'Sure,' I said and lay on the bed next to dad. He got between my legs and began sucking my hard cock. I was floating on the clouds and soon fed dad my load. he eagerly accepted it and swallowed, the surprised me with a lip to lip kiss, offering me his tongue. I accepted and we kissed for severa seconds. I curled up next to him and we both went to sleep.

over the next few days, I convinced dad I wanted to experience it all. WE sucked, I fucked dad and he took my cherry and I loved it. He taught me to rim and what it was like to be rimmed. We did it all.

The following Friday he got a call. There was another 'campout' but it was going to be a two night affair. They asked if he could make it. He looked at me and smiled as he said 'Yea, a two night campout sounds great. Mind if I bring a guest?'

They must have said no problem because dad said that we'd see them in a few hours.

We dressed in just sandals, shorts and tee shirt. WE grabbed some condoms and lube and headed out. Dad said that everyone would be naked and would stay that way the entire time.

We arrived and everyone was shocked when dad introduced me saying, 'Guys, I'd like you to meet my son, Luke.'

I was really broken in that weekend. I have no idea how many times I sucked cock and swallowed cum or how many cocks were up my ass, but I loved every minute of it. There was even a couple of guys there that would drink our piss whenever any of us need to go.

Dad and I returned and now live in the nude and have sex daily. We both bring guys home. Sometime we share with the other and sometimes we don't.

But regardless, I love my dad more than anyone will ever know and I know that he feels the same about me.



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