Chapter 1 - Prologue

It arrived by stealth. Sand cascaded off its head and body as it climbed effortlessly out of the ground and gazed around the camp with obsidian eyes. Seemingly made of the sand itself, the same pale gold glistening in the moonlight. Pausing for a moment it sniffed the air before striding silently over to the nearest tent and entered.

A scream pierced the silence waking the camp. In an instant cries of alarm rang in all directions as soldiers hurriedly dressed searching for the source of the scream. The intruder ignored the cacophony as it dragged the struggling victim into the ground beneath the tent.

The following morning, as the sun rose above the horizon and the tents were dismantled, the soldiers discovered the body of their missing comrade. Stunned they stood mute in a circle staring at the half-buried hand with its fingers curled like talons. Frantically they scooped the sand away from the hand revealing more of the contorted body as they did so. Once it had been unearthed they realised the true horror of their comrade's death. Less than twenty four hours ago the young man had been as fit and strong as the rest of them, now he was nothing more than a skeleton with desiccated flesh hanging from the bones in shreds.

Several sank to their knees praying to God for his soul while others quickly buried the body again desperate to flee before whatever had done this returned to claim another victim. Little did they know that less than a metre below their feet it lay for the moment satiated sensing their every move. It listened to their alien language neither understanding nor caring about their frightened conversations going on above. As the soldiers decamped and set off for Murzuq it swam through the sand following at a discrete distance waiting for night to fall again.

Twenty miles from Murzuq the sand gave way to barren rock boosting the soldiers' confidence knowing they were nearly home and away from the cursed dunes. With increased optimism they marched along well-worn paths paying little attention to the time of day and joked about their plans for when they got home to their families.

At the edge of the sand dunes, just below the surface, it waited for the sun to set. Finally sensing the temperature drop it erupted from the ground sending up clouds of dust into the air as it sprinted after its quarry following their tracks with ease. Spooked by the malevolently red moon hanging low in the sky and increasing darkness, the soldiers upped their pace to a fast jog, for home was now less than a mile away.

They never made it.

Their bodies were found the following morning. Each one ripped apart, broken and as dry as the desert itself. Word spread like wildfire through the town of Murzuq and surrounding villages, the Hajar Shaytaan had returned.

Chapter 2 - Cairo, March 1892

I awoke to the sounds of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayers. Sighing I buried my head under my pillow to block out the sound of his wailing cries. It was early, too early for my liking and already noisy. Why had my parents dragged me to this hot and alien city? I had loved Cambridge and its university where I had been studying politics and history. But father had been promoted and then posted to the Cairo Embassy, naturally mother had to follow and so did I apparently. I argued my case to stay behind but they were resolute, I had become too Bohemian in their opinion and felt that coming with them I would leave that lifestyle behind.

Hah! Little do they suspect that my inclinations have only grown stronger since arriving in Egypt, money talks here, even more so than at home. It's surprising what I can get for just a few pence or the promise of patronage by a member of Her Majesty's Government.

It's been ten years since we (Great Britain, not my family that is) bailed out the Egyptian Government and effectively took control of the country in the process. My father says it's another jewel in our empire's crown. If you ask me it's yet another shameful example of our nation's greed for power and wealth. Not that anyone does of course. I'm just the spoilt child of the ambassador, that's what the embassy staff say behind my back. Do I care? Well yes I do actually but coming here wasn't my choice so I'm going to enjoy myself as much as I can.

Anyway I'm digressing, it was the beginning of yet another sweltering day and I still hadn't got used to the temperature. The locals said it was cool and that I should wait until summer, it really gets hot then. I'm going to melt I just know it!

Uncovering my head I rolled onto my back and watched the dust motes dancing in the sunlight filtering through the sunscreen in the window. I felt a connection to those miniscule particles, like me they moved because of invisible forces applied to them with no option to resist. Well not yet at least, but soon I promised myself soon I will be the master of my own destiny.

My train of thought was disturbed by the gentle snoring of the young man sleeping soundly next to me. I looked over with affection at Ahmed, 23 and the son of our chauffeur. He looked so angelic with his long lashes and kissable lips but that was just a disguise. Last night he had been insatiable, not letting me rest until he had sown his seed deep into my backside several times.

I clenched at the memory of our union, my arse ached from all the attention it had received. But it was worth it, one in the eye for mother's prudery and another for father's snobbery. I can imagine their horror if they ever found out their son had not only slept with another man but that other man was what they termed a 'colonial servant'. Now lying on my side with my head supported by one hand I caressed his smooth naked chest with the other. Stirring he pulled the sheet that has been partially covering us further up and snuggled deeper into his pillow. My hand slid lower tracing the fine line of black hairs down his stomach to his crotch and his cock I knew so intimately. It grew rapidly under my gentle massaging until once more it was hard and pulsing.

"Morning" he sighed sleepily.

I loved his rich and heavily accented voice, it added to his exoticness, and then he looked at me revealing what had seduced me in the first place. Large brown eyes, so warm and trusting despite the hardship and poverty they had known in their short life. He pulled me towards him and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I could still faintly taste my essence on his lips from when he had sucked me off in the early hours but it didn't put me off from returning his kiss.

Desire flared again, this time however it remained unsated because I could hear the distinctive clacking of shoes on the stone staircase made by our elderly housekeeper. Ahmed and I froze for a moment then with a grin he leapt out of bed exposing his slender naked brown body to my gaze. In one smooth move he grabbed his gallebaya and slipped it over his head before disappearing into the adjoining servant's quarter. He dashed back grabbing his pillow and blew a kiss towards me before closing the door behind him. Quickly I dragged my pillow into the middle of the bed and assumed a slumbering position with my eyes firmly closed.

Seconds later there was a loud knock on the door and without waiting for a response Hilda, the housekeeper strode in announcing that breakfast would be served in fifteen minutes. I pretended that I'd just woken up acting sleepy but she was too busy looking around the room to notice. She scowled when she found nothing out of place in my room. I knew she suspected that I was up to something because she was always trying to catch me out. I had to be on my guard but it'd become a game for me. It relieved the boredom especially as I knew she disapproved of the company I kept and if the truth was told, me too.

As I ate my breakfast mother and father took it in turns to question me about my plans for the coming week while they were away. I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing much before asking where they're going. Big mistake! Father glared at me while mother just shook her head in disappointment. She explained in a slightly patronising voice that they would travelling to Tripoli for a governmental meeting along with the French and American ambassadors. I vaguely remembered her mentioning this to me the other day and felt embarrassed by my lack of attention. My only excuse was that I have been distracted by Ahmed of late.

I did the decent thing and apologised to both of them promising that I would give serious thought to what I would do with my time while they are gone. This appeared to hit the right note because mother smiled encouragingly at me and even father seemed mollified by my apology. I spent the rest of the morning formulating a plan that would both satisfy my parents' expectations and allow my fun to continue uninterrupted.

During afternoon tea I put forward my proposal to them. I told them that I would like to join them on their visit to Tripoli and spend a day or two of quality time with them. Then I planned to go on a tour of the country's historical sites to further my knowledge of antiquities. I had their undivided attention for this was the first time I had been proactive and thinking about my future since arriving in Egypt. They reacted positively until I mentioned the fact that I would be taking Ahmed with me to act as interpreter. They point blank refused and told me that there were more qualified and experienced translators available. I was ready for them as I had been expecting this reaction so digging my heels in I emphasized how embarrassing and bad form it would be to leave him behind. He was after all the son of our chauffer who would be coming with us and besides he was good company for me.

Mother relented admitting that that I had a point, father said nothing and just sat there scowling at me. We both knew that with her on my side the game was over, I had won the argument. I allowed myself just the smallest of smiles and thanked them for agreeing to my request.

It wasn't until much later that I had the opportunity to tell Ahmed about my plans. Sitting in the garden, under the starry sky, close enough for our shoulders to touch we shared a cigarette passing it back and forth between puffs. I hesitated for a moment before in almost a whisper I asked him to join him on my adventure. He looked sideways at me with an inscrutable expression then looked away and blew a plume of smoke into the night air. I was about to ask him what he was thinking when he turned towards me and grinned. With a chuckle he admitted that he was grateful for the invitation and looked forward to travelling first class with me. But then he went all serious on me and said that we would have to be careful when travelling around Tripolitania's interior. It's a dangerous place with lawless areas ruled by robbers and local militia.

In my naivety I assured him that everything would be fine as we'd be hiring armed escorts and besides we'd have the finest camels to outrun any bad guys. This at least returned the smile to his face. He glanced down at my crutch and then up at my open bedroom window. His meaning was clear.

Chapter 3 - Tripoli April 1892

This city was just as hot and dusty as Cairo I decided as I obediently followed my parents down the gang plank from the steam ship. I congratulated myself on the performance I had given them over the last few days on board the ship. Everyone, both crew and passengers alike, believed me to be a dutiful and well-mannered young man. Unfortunately this meant that I had little contact with Ahmed apart from a couple of few hurried kisses when alone for a moment or two.

But that will change I promised him. Once we leave the city behind and go exploring we will be together all the time and become the lovers that we want to be. He smiled in response to my promises but I could see doubt in his eyes or is it sadness? I for one had no doubts, I always got what I want one way or another.

On the dockside we waited patiently for our luggage to be unloaded while all around us it was total bedlam as the local porters and sellers clammered for our business. Not for the first time, as I watched the chaos before me did I wonder if my scheme was such a bright idea after all.

I jumped when a voice whispered into my ear "I've missed you". I was tempted to look round at the owner of the voice but the smell of garlic and the distinctive voice instantly identified him as being Ahmed. I could see my mother watching me so I made a show of studying the porters loading our luggage onto carts while through gritted teeth I told him that I've missed him too and how badly I needed his cock up me. He chuckled before joining his father who was overseeing our car being hoisted off the ship.

I didn't get a chance to speak to Ahmed again until later that evening. He was standing outside our hotel smoking a cigarette casually watching the passers-by, which was what I had come to do (and to get a break from the parents). He turned his head at the sound of my approach and his face lit up in recognition. I could feel my pulse race and my cock swell in reaction. I'd never felt this way about anyone before not even at university, okay I'd had sex with plenty of guys but it'd never been more than that. With Ahmed it was different he's all I could think about. When we were apart it almost hurt, if you know what I mean and when we were together I felt complete like I'd found my missing half.

We stood so close that I could feel his body heat, smoking our cigarettes in silence and exhaling in unison. Eventually he flicked the stub into the road before turning to me and quite casually told me to follow him before disappearing into the hotel foyer. I dropped my cigarette, stamped it out and then raced after him. I caught him up on the stair case and asked where he was going, he grinned at me before whispering that he's going to give me what I want. Now I grinned too and my cock grew harder with each step I climbed.

As we reached his room I looked round for any witnesses, thankfully there were none, so I quickly followed him inside. The room was basic to say the least, with just a bed and wash basin for furniture. I was shocked by the contrast with the opulently decorated and furnished room I had been given. He noticed my expression and told me this was better than most hotels where there often wasn't even a wash basin and he had to share the room with other servants. At least it meant we had privacy to do what we liked.

We wasted no time and hurriedly undressed. Ahmed wearing only his kaftan and gallebaya was the first to be naked and sat on the bed watching with amusement as I struggled out of my jacket, shirt, trousers, pants, socks and shoes. Laughing he asked how could I bear to wear such things. I shrugged my shoulders as I folded the clothes up neatly, out of habit more than enthusiasm and told him that's what was expected of me. Patting the bed beside him he told me that before we set off on our adventure I would need to get used to his style of clothing. Sitting next to him I let my hand stray up his thigh until they reached his balls, caressing them gently I asked why. With an exaggerated sigh he told me that I would need to blend in with the locals if I didn't want to attract trouble. As a British gentleman I would be an obvious target for criminals.

Feeling suitably chastened I nodded my understanding before returning my attention to the task in hand, his cock. It's a nice handful, not too big and not too small. It fits perfectly in my mouth and up my bum, which is the preferred destination for him. For some reason he got a kick out of fucking a white guy, especially one so well connected. I didn't mind, I liked the being on the receiving end and I had to admit that he was a good fuck. He must have been in need because he wasted no time in pushing me backwards onto the bed and rolled me onto my front, no foreplay this time!

Obediently I spread my legs and looked over my shoulder as he positioned himself between them. He had an intense expression on his face as he crouched down and spat saliva onto my exposed hole with more landing in his hand before being smeared all around his head and shaft. This wasn't my preferred lubricant but there was little else available and it was better than nothing. With practised ease he climbed on top of me and as he let his body weight gently wind me he pushed his cock against my hole. I relaxed as best as possible enjoying the sensation of him nibbling the nape of my neck before with an extra thrust his cock forced its way past my ring and up into my rectum.

I cried out in response to the abrupt intrusion and pain but was immediately muffled by his hand covering my mouth and him urging me to be quiet. The pain quickly subsided as he thrust in and out of me slowly at first but soon became energetic and more forceful. Both of us were so wrapped up in the moment that we failed to hear the door being opened and quietly shut again. It was only when our names were called out that we realised that we were not alone and to my alarm caught in mid-fuck. Instinctively I looked towards the source of the voice and recognised the owner as being Ibrahim, our chauffeur and Ahmed's father.

To my surprise, far from being angry or disgusted, he stood with arms folded and a sly grin on his face. Then he spoke rapidly in Arabic to his son. It was quite surreal lying there with a cock up my arse while my lover and his father had what sounded like a normal conversation. Ibrahim gestured for Ahmed to continue, which he did with renewed vigour perhaps because we now had an audience and he wanted to impress his father. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load up me and with a satisfied grunt he pulled out. I made to climb off the bed only to find Ahmed was holding me down by the shoulders.

Confused I asked him what was going on but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than I realised what was about to happen. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Ibrahim undressing to reveal a body almost identical to Ahmed's, but heavier and a little hairier. He was busy stroking himself to erection revealing a cock of decent proportions, perhaps a little bigger than his son but not by much. With Ahmed still holding me down it didn't take him long to push his cock inside me. Despite the unusual situation I enjoyed myself immensely, too much in fact, for as the tempo of fucking increased I spontaneously came without having touched my cock once. The friction between me and the bed must have been enough to send me over the edge or perhaps it was the expert way in which Ibrahim had been hitting all the right spots with his thrusts.

Eventually I received a second load of jism up my not so tight backside and it was with some relief that I was allowed to climb off the bed. I stood watching the two men chatting casually to each other as they washed themselves using the basin. I began to suspect that this is not the first time the two of them had shared a guy's hole. After they had finished I washed myself and voiced my suspicions. I was surprised to learn that this had been a first for both of them and that neither had known about the each other's liking of man to man sex. I guess this made sense as sexuality was not a subject often spoken about at home let alone here. The sexual interlude between me and Ahmed was clearly over for Ibrahim started discussing our plans for the adventure inland and what needed to be arranged. Although it had been my idea the practicalities went over my head so after a few minutes, having got dressed, I gave Ahmed a kiss and bid them both goodnight.

I held my breath as I crept out of the servants' quarters and made my way back to my room. For once I was wary, if I had been caught I wouldn't have been to offer a plausible explanation. Thankfully I didn't pass a single soul and with a sigh of relief locked the door behind me. Later lying in bed I stared up at the ceiling I replayed the scene in Ahmed's room over and over again in my head. It had been a massive turn on being fucked by both my lover and his father, but what did it say about our relationship? I never did come to a conclusion because I found the idea so arousing that I had to resort to relieving my throbbing erection by hand. Then for good measure I licked my hand clean imagining that it was Ahmed doing it.

Chapter 4 - On the road to Al-Aziziyah

A mixture of fear and elation filled me as I gazed back at the sight of Tripoli receding into the distance amid clouds of dust kicked up by our car. I held on for dear life as we bounced and jolted our way along the rough road towards Al-Aziziyah where our camels and retinue awaited our arrival. I turned my attention to the other three occupants of the car. Ahmed sat beside me looking relaxed even though he was being bounced around just as much as me. Ibrahim was in the driving seat attempting to avoid the worst of the potholes while Haris, our escort and translator with his ever present shotgun surveyed the landscape around us with an inscrutable expression on his face.

As we travelled further into the wilderness we passed increasingly fewer inhabitants and those we did openly stared at us as if they had never seen a car before. On reflection they probably hadn't because at home in England only the wealthy and privileged owned a car, in Egypt they were even rarer. We had been travelling for an hour or so before I began to relax, we were now beyond all civilisation and it was easy to believe that the only people in the world were the four of us. More importantly me and Ahmed alone at last away from the prying eyes of my family and staff.

He must have read my mind because I felt a hand on my leg, his of course, feeling me beneath the kaftan I was now wearing. It felt strange wearing what to me seemed like an overgrown nightshirt but it did have its advantages over my normal attire. For one thing it was cooler, much cooler than the restrictive clothes I was accustomed to wearing. Air was now free to circulate all around my body as was Ahmed's hand as I soon discovered. Putting a finger to his lips in the universal signal for silence he leant over, lifted the hem of my kaftan up to my waist with his spare hand exposing my genitals in the process. His big brown eyes held me captive as he gently massaged my balls before stroking my cock to erection. The risk of being caught in the act was a massive turn on and within what felt like seconds my cock was rigid and throbbing madly. Ahmed wasted no time, he lowered his head onto my lap and took my cock in his mouth in one smooth practised move.

Oh my god! I cried silently in my head for the blow job was exquisite. I savoured every lap of his tongue and caress of his lips as his mouth slid up and down my shaft, I didn't need to thrust my hips for the jolting of the car did it for me. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the moment. It wasn't long before I felt the inevitable climax building but Ahmed was ahead of me and stopped his head bobbing until the urge to shoot had subsided. Only then did he start sucking my cock again, again and again he did this until I could hold back no longer. With an unintentional cry I exploded sending pulse after pulse of jism shooting into his mouth and down his throat. Greedily he sucked me dry only letting me slip from his mouth once I had gone soft and no more jism was to be had. I felt him pull my kaftan down, only then did I open my eyes again and looked straight into the eyes of Haris staring back at me intently. He must have heard my cry and looked round thinking I was in trouble, which I was now by the look on his face.

I glanced over in alarm at Ahmed but as ever he seemed relaxed and just shrugged his shoulders. Haris turned and faced the front again talking rapidly in Arabic to Ibrahim, who replied in the same casual manner that Ahmed used with me. I had no idea what they were talking about but from their body language I guessed things couldn't have been as bad as I had initially feared. So I was a little confused when the car slowed and stopped without any warning from Ibrahim. We were in the middle of nowhere, not a single sign of human activity to be seen anywhere except for us parked in the middle of the rough track.

Haris rose from his seat and turned to face me aiming his shotgun at my chest. In his heavy accent he told me to get out of the car and with my hands on my head walk round to the front. Terrified I did as I was told and stood there shaking all over with a mouth too dry to speak. I looked at Haris and then Ibrahim for a clue about their intentions, but nothing, their faces were inscrutable. Then I saw Ahmed stand up and climb out of the car to join me in front of the car. My heart skipped a beat for it was then I knew that he truly loved me, he was prepared to join me in whatever my fate was to be. With a hiss of irritation Haris told him to get back in the car but Ahmed refused with a sharp shake of his head.

The next command from Haris surprised us both. He told us to remove our Kaftans and throw them to Ibrahim. We just looked at one another uncertain on how to respond but the sharp click of the shotgun's trigger helped make up our minds. Hurriedly we pulled our kaftans off over our heads and threw them into the car as instructed. Despite the heat of the day I stood in my undershirt and sandals shivering from the fear I felt, from his expression Ahmed was none too happy either. With just a trace of a smile Haris nodded in my direction and told me to remove my undershirt too. This time I didn't hesitate, I quickly removed it and threw it into the car leaving me stark naked and feeling vulnerable before his gaze. Haris nodded in Ahmed's direction and seconds later Ahmed was as naked as me.

Haris climbed out of the car followed by Ibrahim and both walked round to the rear of the car where our luggage was stowed. From where I stood I couldn't see what they were doing but I could hear a dirty laughter coming from both men. A few minutes later they reappeared both stark naked (except for sandals), Haris still held his shotgun while Ibrahim carried a small bottle of what looked like oil. I couldn't help but notice that each man was fully aroused as their erections bobbed with every step they took. With a wave of his shotgun we were led off the rough track and out into barren rock strewn desert until the car was no longer in sight. Only then did we stop walking and Haris's intentions became clear.

Ahmed and I were told to kneel down facing them with hands behind our backs, which we did with just a quick glance at each other. Immediately Ibrahim stood in front of me with his cock head pressing against my lips while Haris did the same with Ahmed. There was no mistaking what was required so in almost perfect unison we opened our mouths and allowed the cocks to be thrust inside. This was not the clean romantic sex that I was used to, far from it, the way the cock was forced into my mouth and down my throat was brutal. He continued to pushing it inside me until my nose was pressed into his wiry pubes and my chin against his balls. I gagged at the intrusion and tears welled up in my eyes as my stomach heaved. But worst of all his cock stank of stale sweat and piss. I tried to pull away but his vice-like hands held my head in position as he thrust in and out of my mouth grunting with each move. On and on he banged away at me until with a final thrust his body shuddered and sent his jism shooting down my throat. He was still oozing his salty fluid as he withdrew from me and wiped his cock across my face and lips with a triumphant grin.

Allowed to stand up again we watched the same ending happen to Ahmed before he too was released from his position. If I had thought our ordeal was over I was sorely mistaken for within what seemed only a couple of minutes both men were stroking themselves to erection again. After leading us over to a low outcrop of rock we were pushed roughly forwards and then told to spread our legs. Half leaning half sprawled against the sun heated rocks I looked over my shoulder and watched the two men pouring some oily fluid all over each other's cocks and hands before turning their attention to us. Before long oil trickled down my crack and as it reached my anus a thick stubby finger smeared it all around and then inside me.

Now I'm no virgin but this finger was thick rough and spared me no mercy, I felt every inch of it push up inside me spreading the oil further. I glanced over at Ahmed as he cried out in response to Haris inserting his finger up Ahmed's virgin anal tract. Rearing up he looked over at me with shock and pain written all over his face. If he thought a finger was bad wait until he gets impaled on Haris's cock I thought to myself as Ibrahim's finger continued to explore my own rectum. After a while I grew accustomed to the intrusion and started to push backwards inviting more of his finger inside. With a dark chuckle he recognised my acceptance and before I knew it his finger had been withdrawn only to be replaced by his cock. Not for the first time I felt his shaft slide smoothly up inside me until he was fully inserted with his hips pressing into my cheeks.

For a moment I was transported back to the hotel where he had last fucked me but I was soon brought back to the here and now by Ahmed's stifled groans. I looked over just in time to see Haris's shaft disappearing between my lover's cheeks. With his head resting on his arms, he faced me with eyes closed grimacing from time to time as he accommodated more and more of the impaling cock up his backside. I couldn't help but be aroused by the situation. It was wilder than the sordid dreams I'd had at university where I'd fantasized over my classmates and my lecturers. Who wouldn't be? Stark bollock naked with three other equally naked men in the middle of nowhere under a scorching hot sun and being fucked stupid. Slowly the tempo of the fucking increased until Ibrahim was slamming into me with all his might drawing a grunt from me with each thrust. I loved it! I felt every movement of his cock as he tried to cram more of himself into me, I swear my hole was being stretched ever wider.

On and on he pounded away at my hole, it was now so stretched and battered that I had lost all sensation and control of it. I only realised that he had cum when I heard him cry out and collapse on top of me, knocking the wind out of my lungs as he did so. Haris had already shot his load up Ahmed and both men were standing close by watching us with undisguised lust in their eyes. Ahmed had recovered from his pounding and perhaps to prove that he was still a real man was the keenest to be the next one to fuck me after his father had pulled out of me. No sooner had he done so than Ahmed plunged his cock straight up me drawing a cry of shock from me. But having been stretched already by Ibrahim the discomfort was only momentary and soon became as pleasurable as the previous fuck.

Unfortunately this fuck didn't last as long as the previous one, I suspect due to Ahmed's pent up needs and before I knew it he climaxed sending his jism deep into me joining his father's already there. As he pulled out of me I made to stand up only for Haris to tell me to climb up onto the rock and squat down facing away from him. Reluctantly I did so wondering why he wanted me to do this. I soon found out. Watching him over my shoulder I saw him pour more of the oil onto his hand before he smeared it all over my crack and then pushed a finger up my tired and aching hole. One finger slipped in easily and so did the second as he began to finger fuck me, the slut in me took over and I began to bounce up and down on his fingers. Shortly a third finger joined the other two, this time I had more difficulty accommodating them and slowed my movements while I tried to relax my tight anal ring. The other two sat either side of me on the rock offering me words of encouragement while they watched intently the action going on behind me.

Pausing for a moment I returned my attention to the vista before me, nothing but miles of empty barren desert until the mountains in the distance. The sun beat down fiercely on my naked back drawing sweat from every pore and pooling until it trickled down my body in rivulets. I don't know if it was the intense heat or the three fingers thrusting and swirling in and out of my hole that made me feel feint. My head swam and vision blurred, just before I passed out I could have sworn that I heard my name being whispered on the breeze.

I don't know how long I had been unconscious for when I came round I was dressed again in my kaftan and sitting in the back of the car snuggled into Ahmed's shoulder. He had a concerned expression on his face which only lifted when he realised that I was back in the land of the living. Smiling he hugged me and explained how they'd been caught out my sudden black out for it had happened without warning. One moment I'd been energetically bouncing up and down on Haris's fingers and the next I was out cold dead unresponsive to everything. I hugged him back and admitted that it too had caught me by surprise as had my name being called because I thought we had been alone.

Ahmed just looked at me blankly before shaking his head and telling me that the only person calling my name had been Haris as he tried to revive me. Perhaps the voice had just been a figment of my imagination as my brain overheated under the fierce sun. I decided to change the subject and asked how long it would take us to arrive at our destination, Al-Aziziyah. Apparently two more hours of being thrown around and then we'd be there, thank goodness.

Chapter 5 - The art of riding camels and men

It was a long two hours before we reached our destination and although Al-Aziziyah was only a small village it felt like a metropolis after hours of being in the wilderness. The sound of our car brought children running towards us from all directions followed more leisurely by curious adults. Haris jumped out of his seat and strode over to a guy he must have known for he embraced him heartily and spoke animatedly with a big smile on his face. It was only when Haris gestured for us to join him did we climb out of the car and stand next to him waiting to be introduced.

The guy turned out to be Qadir, the son of the village elder and the one who'd organised the armed guards and porters for us. They'd be joining us on the next step of our adventure. I wouldn't have said that he was a handsome man, striking perhaps but handsome, no. But there was something about the man which sent shivers up my spine, in a good way that is. He exuded masculinity and confidence that comes with social standing as well as physical presence. He was a big man, only a little taller than me but looked twice as heavy as me from what I could see. As I was introduced to him he shook my hand and openly appraised me from head to foot. I blushed bright red for I felt that he was undressing me with his eyes. Noticing my reaction he smirked but said nothing as the introductions continued with Ahmed and Ibrahim.

While Haris and Qadir talked business seemingly oblivious to the noisy rabble of children swarming all around us I felt at a loose end and bored. With Ahmed for company we drifted away from the crowd and explored the narrow streets lined with white washed buildings and walls enclosing palm shaded gardens. Bone dry dust rose in little eddies stirred up by our footsteps and flowing kaftans before settling out again as we passed by. I sighed with contentment, despite the obvious poverty in this village, right here and now I felt at peace. Just me and my lover without a care in the world. Ahmed must have had similar feelings because with a quick glance around he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. With a conspiratorial smile he kissed me gently on the lips and whispered 'I love you' before taking a step backwards and releasing my hand as he did so. Unfortunately our perfect moment didn't last for long for within twenty minutes we'd explored most of the village and come full circle back to where we had begun.

We arrived just as our luggage was being carried out of the car and into a small shack across the square. It was almost time to say goodbye to Ibrahim for he was keen to make the long journey back to Tripoli. He was hoping to arrive before morning as my father would need him the following day. I didn't envy him for he'd be exhausted from all the driving but there'd be no allowances made for him, that's my caring father for you. It was an emotional farewell with Ahmed and Ibrahim giving each other many hugs and kisses, with tears in his eyes Ibrahim hugged me and told me to look after his son. No pressure then! Even my eyes stung as I waved him off and continued to do so until the car had disappeared from view.

With the car gone it felt like the nineteenth century had ceased to exist and I'd been transported back in time a hundred years. Not for the first time my confidence waivered and I wondered if I had been foolhardy setting out on this adventure. I was now totally dependent on my lover and Haris, a man of dubious morals given the interlude he'd instigated on the journey here. Mentally I shrugged my shoulders, I was committed now and all too soon it would be over and I would be back in the strait jacket of British civility. Haris must have noticed my pensiveness for he gave an encouraging smile before assuring me that everything would be fine because I was in good hands and all my needs would be met. Qadir who had joined us smiled equally reassuring as he placed an arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear that judging by what Haris had told him he would enjoy taking care of mine and Ahmed's needs. Once again I blushed bright red as I realised what he was saying but this only served to encourage him. His hand slipped from my shoulder and slid discretely down to my bum which he felt at his leisure before giving it a firm pinch.

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