Paramedic was something that I had chosen either out of boredom or in a search of purpose. I’ll never really know. My life had been in a huge over haul. Freshly divorced after ten years of torment, all I knew was that I was ready for my life to change. So, it made sense to change my career path along with everything else. I had been a police officer for the last seven years, and though I was nervous about looking into a scene from a different perspective, I was excited about my life meaning something once again.

My ex-wife had moved on quite quickly as the whore she was. She had cheated so many times, and so many times I had looked the other way. But when she chose to cheat on me with my best friend, the line had to be drawn. As for me, however, love and dating and casual sex had very skewed meanings. I’d date this girl and that. When things got too serious, I’d give her the boot after getting what I wanted.

And on one fateful night, stinking drunk, I staggered into a gay bar and decided to raise my game. At 6’1”, 180 pounds of tanned muscle with my half-Latino looks that granted me my dark hair and fierce eyes, I knew I’d find some guy that’d suck my dick. And I did. But as I leaned against the wet brick behind the bar as my newest conquest serviced me, a part of me had awakened that I didn’t know existed. I was enjoying it…I loved watching this sexy, hairy beast go to town on my meat…and I wanted more. Much more.

In the months to come, I started dating guys as well. And as I went to bed with men, I realized that I was bisexual…and the freedom that this revelation entailed would be more than just sex…it would allow me to love again.

So, as I settled in to the last semester of medic, I took note of the tall man across the room. I had seen him around but we never were in the same class. His voice was booming, and the presence he commanded was more than alluring. We were so similar in mannerisms. I had heard that Tom was a former Marine. His 6’5” frame was enormous. At about 260 pounds, it was obvious he was a lifter…possibly wanting to be a body builder. However, I may never know for sure. He stayed on his side of the room commanding his group…I stayed on my side commanding mine.

We had very little to do with each other for the first month unless in was sparring over care directive differences or medical debates in class. He always stuck his ground…and I held mine. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that arguing with him was what began my secret obsession. He was so intelligent, convincing, and sexy.

The following month, as my group decided to step outside for a smoke while on a break, to my surprise--as I regaled my crowd with my latest sexual experience involving a guy and his girlfriend--I was surprised to see him saunter over to our crowd. He was crossing territorial lines…but I didn’t mind. As he got closer, I saw those piercing blue eyes up close, the chiseled jaw line, his cunning smile. Yeah, I’d fuck him every single day and twice on Sunday.

“Morning, guys…Shawn,” he offered as he nodded my direction.

“Same to you, buddy,” I replied. “Ready for the PALS test?”

“Oh, fuck yeah.” I exclaimed.

“ I’m sure you are…but, I’m taking you down today, sir.” He sneered.

For the last few weeks, we’d battled it out to lead the class in grades. He’d toppled me a couple of times, yet I’d kept hold of my throne all the while. “Do your best,” I said through chuckling. As the group began to flick cigarette butts into the ground and walk back to class, Tom stood still staring me down. I didn’t budge. “I’ll see you guys in there in just a sec,” I called out to the crew.

“So…I hear you were a cop,” Tom stated in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Yeah, 7 years on the force. I hear you were a Marine.” I returned.

“Once a Marine, always a Marine…a sniper, actually,” he corrected.

“Of course, of course,” I resigned to him. He continued to attempt to stare me down. “You know, I know this works for everyone else…but, it doesn’t with me. You don’t intimidate me, dude.”

“Good…and you don’t intimidate me. So, let’s call it a stalemate and be friends,” he chuckled. “We are going to be “paragods”…might as well be buds.” He reached his hand out for mind. And as I shook his hand, the immediate electric connection was evident to me. As he turned to walk back to class, I followed and noticed his perfect muscular ass in his 511 pants. Yes, immediately electric.


Over the next few weeks, Tom and I began building on our friendship and getting to know each other. We talked about our lives, the girls we had fucked, guns, his service and mine. We decided that since everyone else in the class was an idiot we were destined to work together on a truck.

However, one day I noticed a ring suddenly appear on his left hand. So, as we ate lunch, I coolly asked, “What’s the ring about, dude?”

“Oh, this?” He held up his left hand. “I got a girl pregnant, so I had to get married.”

“Had to? That doesn’t make sense.” I stated.

“Well, we’ve dated on and off for a while. She’s hot. Can’t complain there. She’s a nurse. But I figure it’s the best choice so the child will get my benefits, ya know?”

“Yeah, I get it.” We sat quietly for a few minutes. Tom had also taken role as my wingman, and I was his. Together, we were guaranteed to get laid when we went to bars or clubs. “Guess I gotta find another wingman though.”

“Nah, never. I have to live vicariously through you now.” Tom laughed. “Besides, I have to keep you on the side in case Melissa doesn’t work out.” He punched me in the arm and we continued our meal in silence…and I never knew exactly what that meant.


Tom and Melissa would work out. They’d welcome a healthy baby boy, and as Matthew’s godfather, I was still a huge part of Tom’s life. We’d have “Guy’s Night” as often as possible; however, I was essentially at the mercy of their schedule. But when we had the chance, drinking and partying was on the docket. As time passed, our friendship began to lose all boundaries.

 One night after a string of bars and a club, we returned to my place as we usually did to eat and sober up before Tom went home. It was a fantastic night, so we made our way out to the deck that overlooked the river. As we nursed our whiskeys, Tom decided to out-right ask,  “Are you bi?”

“Yeah, caught on to that, huh?” I smiled.

“Well, I’ve watched you bang a chick, but I’ve never seen you even hit on a guy. But something told me that you liked both. I was just wondering. Not like I care.” He took a long swig from his bottle of Jack. “But, why didn’t you tell me? Why hide it?”

“I don’t hide it. Everybody knows pretty much. Even my ex-wife. But we’re wingmen…didn’t wanna throw off our game.” I took a sip Crown. “If it bothers you that I wasn’t all up front then I am sorry. Don’t read too much into it.”

“Nah, dude. But as your wingman, we can hunt for both guys and girls if you want. Just say the word.” He flexed his 24 inch biceps. “I think we can attract them.” He grinned at me. “So, aside from me, what’s your dream guy?”

“Shut the fuck up, dude!” I laughed as I shoved him making his drunken frame tip back frantically. “I don’t know. When I see a guy I like…that’s when I know.”

“Well, I’ll keep my eye open for you…but, I can’t guarantee he will ever be as hot as me.” He stood up and stretched looking out at the river and began to strip his clothes. I’d seen him naked plenty but never this close. And as my eyes gazed over his bulging muscles, the sensual line of his back, the crease in between his shoulder blades, the trail of hair from his navel to his crotch, his granite like ass, the USMC tats, his thick cock and smooth balls…I was rock hard and knew how badly I’d love to fuck him.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s go for a swim.”

I began to get undressed as he disappeared into the dark water. We swam for what seemed like hours talking about everything as we always had. As morning began to approach, we ventured back out to dry land and sat on the wood deck behind my house.

“Well, I better get home, dude. Melissa is gonna fucking freak as it is.” He stood up with his clothes in hand. I stood up, grabbing my underwear, so I could walk him out. In a flash, he picked me up in a bear hug, our wet naked skin in full contact. “We gotta get some weight on you,” he said as he sat me down. With a smack on my ass, he traipsed into the house to get dressed and head out.  I stood there stunned.



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