Back before the interstate arrived and turned Lake Willson into just another suburb there was only a few family owned hunting cabins dotted in its remote wooded bays and our neighbors owned one of them. So every spring a car was packed with rifles and booze and all of us Suburban-hunters would head out for our distant waterfront wilderness. That is, every spring except this one.

For us Watlins Road was never anything more than a winding dirt track and as the brand new '56 Buick jumped and weaved, bucked and wallowed it's way along it's ruts and potholes far too fast a great plume of dust rose-up behind it. Slowing at the turn into Old Harbor Way the dust cloud caught us up encasing the massive two-tone duck-egg blue and white car in rich brown earth.

At the parking lot next to the little jetty was an unmanned State Forest Service booth. The two of us signed our cabin's ledger just below where our party of seven had signed-in last season. Both of us felt the disappointment each other was thinking.

"Well, we better get this car unpacked... and then cleaned. Dan said after running his index finger across the rear window. "Go see 'bout the jolly."

By the time I had launched the small boat we used to get from the jetty to the cabin and got back to the car park all our gear was neatly stacked atop a nearby picnic table and despite the March nip still hanging in the afternoon air, Dan was stripped to his white Jockey-shorts.

"Come-on," he said handing me a metal bucket, "give me a hand to get Paul's car clean."

I started to strip as Dan walked off toward the shore. I was soon running after him dressed only in my old boxers. Embarrassingly, the ones with the hole ripped just under my left ass-cheek.

The trip up the lake takes a couple of hours and since we had left home late that morning it was beginning to get dark as we pulled the boat onto the stone beach in front of the cabin. It was far too late to start any cleaning, so we just opened up the place and spent the first chilly spring night outdoors drinking beer and then bourbon laced black coffee bundled-up in front of what seemed like a small forest fire on the waterfront rocks.

Five days later I had slowly, painfully, stumbled across the cabin's main room and mindlessly slipping through the far door fell face first onto my bed utterly exhausted. Since well before dawn - three days ago - we had been trekking across the hills following the trail of some Elk and now as the dusk chill set in I was determined never to leave this bed again! By the time I did roll over it was pitch black, I fumbled in my pocket for some matches.

In the yellow light of the hissing paraffin lamp I undressed, it was the first time I had been naked in well over three days. At two thirty-five in the morning I had just spent the last nine and a half hours lying in my sweat soaked and blood stained clothes. To put it as nicely as possible; I fuckn' stank so much even I couldn't stand it! So my clothes went into the bear-box by the window and I went running butt-naked for the shower hut across the small and chilly paved yard.

The fire in the stove may have been embers, but the main room was still warm enough to sit on the sofa wrapped in only a towel and read an annual from 1947. I was engrossed in an article about the impossibility of any future armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula when an only recently familiar slow but rhythmic knocking sound started coming from the direction of Dan's bedroom.

Gently chuckling to myself I tried to ignore it, but the curiosity of a barely dressed young guy got the better of me. I crept to the door and on hearing the low grunts and sighs I was surprised that my dick began to harden. Involuntarily, I reached for the doorknob.

"Please, why don't you come all the way in," Dan said sarcastically from the blackness.

"Shit - sorry." Hurriedly turning I retreated back into the dimly lit main room with a feeling of embarrassment and increasing fear.

"Hey, hey!..." Dan's voice echoed out of the darkness. "...You know you're not suposed to just barge into this room."

I reached the sofa before turning to face him, I needed to hide my tented towel, but my already ridged dick only got even harder when I saw Dan. His thirty-eight year old hairy muscular nakedness framed in the bedroom doorway was lit by just low lamplight and the flickering of a dying fire. His large erection curved upwards toward his hair-hidden navel.

"What the hell did you think you were doing, you little shit!"

As he took his usual long strides toward me his rock hard cock swung side-to-side from it's base.

I retreated further - heading toward the front door.

Dan lunged to my left and blocked my way. He had grabbed my towel as he flew past and now we were both exposed! In silence we looked at each other. His body towered over me. Taller, wider, older Dan's large hands rested on his trim naked hips, his tight round ass reflected in the glass doors behind him. The dark hair that thinned only slightly as it flowed from his muscled chest over his rippled abdomen just exploded again around his thick penis and heavy balls before continuing to thin-out again down over his bulky thighs.

I was nothing at all like this but then Dan liked what he was seeing too. Little droplets of clear fluid started dripping from his upwardly curved cock rhythmically falling to the wooden floor.

"Can I kiss you?" He asked after silent seconds that seemed like minutes.

"SHIT NO!" I screamed, fumbling, backing away. "Christ, how the hell are you a fuckn' pansy assed pillow biter?"

As he followed me back across the room you could just make out the big red one tattoo under the dark hair covering his large square left pectoral muscle.

"I'm... I'm... ."

It was the first time I'd ever seen Dan stumble for words - instantly he looked sad. His usual ridged military poise had slumped, he was almost crying. His long ballsacks began to stretch and sag as his cock rapidly softened.

Now I came closer to him. Like so many a time before this I wrapped my arms about him; but now, in the bare nakedness between us, I felt his hardness returning. His muscled body raised up again. Looking into his strong angular face, his awkward asking smile, his heavy grey pleading eyes what else could I do but?

"Yes, kiss me." I whispered.

It would hardly be the first time Dan's lips had touched me, but it sure as hell felt like it was!

In the window the curve of his hairy ass tightened as he bent down to meet my lips. It was nothing more than a timid friendly peck, but I think even in the mid nineteen-fifties I knew I wanted so much more than just that from him.

"I'm gonna touch your dick." Dan whispered in my ear before he kissed my neck.

Dan's broad hand covered my genitals, he held my much younger hardness against me. Then as he moved his fingers back and forth my thin pubic hairs got caught in his wedding ring. I was wincing each time he plucked me, but Dan's mouth just curled into a smile as this time he passionately kissed my lips.

He let his whole large body slowly lower toward the polished wooden floor.

Kneeling before me Dan still had to bend over to taste me. Again I watched our reflections as if I was seeing some other nineteen year-old getting his first homosexual blow-job.

"You taste just as sweet as I always thought you would," Dan said as he jerked my stiff pole between loud and infinitely enjoyable wet sucks.

Now people seem to think that all sex was only invented in nineteen sixty-nine, however, well before then Dan certainly knew how to hold-off a young gay-virgin guy's orgasm. Apparently he had spent most of that Korean war with as many and varied dicks down his throat as he could get his hands on! And some of those mystic Oriental ones must have taught him a thing or two.

"Did you hear that?" I asked hurriedly placing my hands in Dan's tightly curled black hair while trying to peer through the darkened windows.

"You're not going to stop me that easily," Dan mumbled around my stiff cock.

With my hard-on held deep in his throat Dan's out stretched tongue caressed my tight bald scrotum. In that window I watched his huge hands parting my buttocks, I felt his thumb push against my closed hole. He rubbed it, he stroked it. Even in the mid-fifties I knew that's where queer guys shoved it; but all I could feel was all these efforts only closing me up even tighter!

My knees were shaking as I raised my hands to my face. The hot breath from Dan's nose bathed the root of my cock. I felt like I was yelling but only a few whimpering sounds had actually escaped me. Then, now, at the very instant of my orgasm Dan's thumb rammed through my clamped ring! This time I did yell - loudly!

Dan adored the feeling of a pulsing young prick in the back of his mouth as I unloaded my fresh spunk directly down his neck. I liked the rolling feeling of his tight throat around the upper part of my shaft as he tried not to swallow - and the waving contractions I felt around the painfully invading digit up my ass had delighted me too.

"What a magnificent boy you are," Dan said as he milked the last of my sperm from my shrinking tool before lapping up each small blob that oozed out after it twitched. "I love that you let me do that to you." He licked the beaded sweat off my belly and kissed my navel.

Like a cork from a Champagne bottle Dan's thumb made a resounding 'pop' as he pulled it from me and then when he stood he started to suck on it!

"Ya taste damn good from both sides kid." he said walking across the main room.

Astonishingly quickly my beast began to stir, Dan had left behind a spreading patch of clear oil slowly soaking into the unstained floorboards between my feet. His hard cock was so tightly filled that great pulsing purple veins distended from it's surface and it glistened in a shiny wet coating that clung to it and the mass of matted black hairs surrounding it.

Sitting on the old slip-covered sofa I asked if Dan wanted me to taste his still weeping and wonderfully sweet smelling sticky pole.

"That would be nice," he replied as I bent myself across his lap. "But, but...," he said holding my head above his dick's large red helmet by the hair, "what I'd really like to do is... ."

"Yes?" I eventually asked, breaking the awkwardly long pause in his sentence.

"You see, the thing is... well,,, I'd like to hurt you," he whispered slowly, "will you let me make you scream out in pain rather than in pleasure..?"

The heavy hemp ropes that over the past hours had variously bound me, strapped me tightly to the table and strung me up from the convenient set of metal rings hanging from the ceiling of the larger bunkroom finally lay discarded beside Dan's bed. In the distant light of the pre-dawn leaking through the row of uncovered windows the twisted pink marks they had left criss-crossed my thin body. Little rose-red bumps of flesh formed in circular patterns right across my pale skin marked the very many points where clothespins had not so long ago caused me so much pain; and Dan so much more pleasure!

My butt and legs still stung from the multiple and barely endured whippings. I coughed twice and then swallowed, my throat was still dry and raw from those past hours spent almost constantly gagged and screaming.

As my variously stretched-out, bound, pulled-away, constricted and harshly abused genitals lay limp, hanging and slightly swollen in the open they were only marginally soothed by the cool early morning air and there on the short table beside the bed, lined up like the trophies they had become, were the soda, beer and bourbon bottles that had been first forced and then stingingly emptied so very deep inside of me.

Even lying on that large soft bed entwined with Dan's warm nakedness It was imposable to get much relief after so many hours of sustained utter bliss filled agony. I felt myself smiling!

"Oh, you're so, so damn pretty. All red and sore and beautiful."

Dan spoke quietly as he wiped his ample wads of cold cum from across my welted and bruised skin before his fingers eased it all into my waiting open mouth. His cool cream soothing my throat.

"I can't tell you how very, very long I've been dreaming of doing all of this to you...,"

He had paused while gently circling the physical evidence of his emotional affection for me with the tips of his strong fingers; he looked so extremely proud of what he had done.

"...Yet I still have quite a few other ideas I'd like to try out too - what do you say we start all over again tonite?"

"Why do we have to wait for the dark?" I asked grinning.

"Fucking shit kid, I love you so much." He said after kissing me on the lips.

"I love you too dad," I replied.

February 2011


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