Who would ever have thought that we would become lovers? I was the other "woman" in your life. You are used to Miguel having mistresses, but they were only passing fancies. I was different: I frightened you. You saw, in me, a younger version of yourself. 

When Miguel spoke of you, I saw his deep love for you. He admired your grace and poise. He loved you for your kindness and understanding. He felt you were his greatest treasure. That you could accept the conditions his wealth and social status demanded always amazed him. I hadn't met you, yet I grew to love you, too!

And, although you feared me, and what I might become, you grew to love me, too. I would have liked to hear what tales Miguel told of me, why he loves me.

We grew to be lovers, then more than lovers. We became close friends. I treasure our time together. I miss you terribly when you have to go back.


Silve and I were lounging around after a morning of mutual pleasure. I was massaging her back. 

"How do you keep yourself so fit and young looking?" I asked. "One would hardly believe you're in your 60s!"

Silve had a firm dancer's body. She was lithe and limber. Occasionally, arthritis would slow her down, and I would massage away the pain. I also loved the feel of her soft skin.

"Golf, tennis, and Yoga", she replied. "Although, I cheat at golf and tennis when I play Miguel. I wear short outfits and no panties, bending over frequently. Poor Miguel! He loses, but he wins in the bedroom later! You should take up both! He would love Iosing to you!" She laughed. "What do you do to keep in shape?"

"I swim, jog, and occasionally walk to work. I also love hiking", I replied.

Silve looked thoughtful but didn't share her thoughts.


Summer rolled around and I was through with classes. Silve suggested we travel somewhere for a short vacation. Jackie gave me a week off and told me to have fun. She kissed me and swatted my bottom, telling me to go on. Silve told me to pack for cooler weather and outdoor fun. She also had me pack some nicer clothes for dining out.

Early Saturday morning, we loaded up in a jeep she had rented. The top was down. She wore a thin sundress, scarf, and sunglasses. I wore a light long sleeve top and very short cut offs. She had rented a cabin in the mountains about 4 hours away. Mama Rosa packed groceries and a picnic basket. 

The drive was pleasant and we found a secluded spot for lunch. I was up for more than lunch, but she laughed and said later. We enjoyed the scenery and the pleasant weather. We turned onto a dirt road and drove a short distance to a gated driveway. I locked the gate behind us. We made a couple of turns and found our cabin. 

The "cabin" was a nice lodge. It had a large front room with a fireplace, with a "bearskin" rug nearby.  The back had a deep porch that overlooked a nice meadow and stream. No other cabins were in sight. The porch also had a hot tub. Silve turned everything on for later.  We unloaded and unpacked. The master bedroom opened up onto the back porch. 

Silve removed her dress and walked outside. "Come on! Let's take a walk!" She laughed, spinning around and showing off her beautiful body. 

I stripped and soon we were running through the meadow. We played a while enjoying the warm sun on our bodies. 

"I'll race you back!" She said, dashing off towards the cabin, laughing as she ran. I followed behind, far enough to watch and enjoy the view of her bottom as she ran. 

I caught her on the porch and drew her to me for a kiss. We kissed passionately a few minutes before I started to move lower with my mouth. 

"I need a shower, first!" She laughed, pushing me away. 

I pulled her back. "You taste fine to me." I proceeded to kiss and lick the sweat from her body. I took one breast in my mouth and sucked. I pulled a nipple with me teeth. I licked her sweaty body down to her navel and tongued it as if I were eating her pussy. I kissed my way to the hollows of her hips. She pushed my head lower, encouraging me to eat her. 

As I knelt before her, she grabbed a rafter above her, lifting her body, and threw her legs around my head. I cupped her bottom and drove my tongue into her pussy. I licked and nibbled her clit. I could hear her moans of pleasure. I pulled her dripping pussy closer, savoring her pungeant smell. She started coming and squeezed my head with her legs.

When she finished coming, she untangled herself and pushed me onto my back. My cock was at full attention. She lowered herself into me, taking me deep into her warm, wet pussy. She wiggled and rocked on me, squeezing my breasts tightly. Whenever I neared orgasm, she would stop until she was sure I wouldn't come. She let go my breasts and had me play with hers. Silve leaned over and brushed my mouth with her nipples, not lingering long enough to me to grab one with my teeth. 

When she started coming again, she pushed a nipple into my mouth, encouraging me to bite it. Her pussy contractions soon had me coming. She milked my cock until I was drained.

She rolled off me and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth. I could taste my cum as it flowed into my mouth. She ground her hips against me.

"You wanted my sweaty body. I hope you like it! I hope you like my sweaty ass: you're going to be eating it a while!"

She rolled over and presented her bottom to me. 


After supper, it turned cool, so we built a fire in the fireplace.  We turned off all the lights and basked in the glow from the fire. A glass of wine was warming me.

Silve lay on the rug. She looked sooo beautiful in the warm firelight. As she lay facing the fire, I admired the curves of her bottom. The swell of her hips enticed me. I could feel my cock stiffening. She turned to face me, smiling, licking her lips seductively. I knelt beside her. She pulled me to the rug. We lay intertwined, kissing deeply, caressing each other’s naked bodies. 

"Tonight, you may fuck me to your heart's content. I may even let you fuck my ass! However, the rest of the days you will spend pleasuring me as I see fit," she said. "This will be the last time I will see you for a while. I need to attend to business at home."

We kissed and sucked breasts and nipples till I was ready to eat her again. I slipped my arms under her thighs around to grab the tops. I buried my face in her moist pussy. We hadn't showered yet, so she smelled and tasted stronger. I slowly licked her, occasionally sticking my tongue as deep as I could get it inside her. It didn't take long for her to cum. 

While she was coming, I quickly entered her. Silve's orgasms usually lasted several minutes. I loved feeling her contractions milking my cock. I held her close, gripping her bottom and pulled her into me. She pulled my face close and tongue fucked my mouth. I could feel her hips grinding under me. She started coming again and her pussy milked my cock through another orgasm. I emptied inside her and continued kissing her. 

We shifted into position so we could suck each other clean. She continued sucking until I was hard again. She then lay face down, reaching behind her to spread her cheeks, offering me her ass hole. I kicked her ass several minutes lightly lubricating her. I placed the head of my cock against her tight hole and slowly worked it in. She moaned slightly and told me to fuck her hard. She was so tight I had to pull out and oil my cock before trying again. 

I was able to enter, but she was still very tight! I was finally able to get all the way in. I started fucking slowly, but she begged me to fuck hard and fast! My hips ground against her soft round bottom. I used my legs to spread hers wide. I reached around to cup her breasts. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ears.

"You feel soooo good! I really like the feel of fucking you from behind!" I whispered in her ear. "I really want to take my time and enjoy this!"

"Then take your time. Only I want it hard and fast before you finish!"

I suspected this might be the last time I would fuck her for a long while. I would pull out and just slid the head in her tight ass. The sphincter would caress the head bringing me close to coming with each stroke.

"Please! FUCK ME HARDER!" She screamed! "I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME NOW!"

I picked up the pace and rammed as deep into her ass as I could. My balls were slapping against her pussy. I was pinning her to the rug. I could hear her moaning with pleasure. I managed to fuck her about twenty minutes and the shoved my cock as deep as it would go, emptying into her. I lay on top of her for a few minutes before moving down to eat my cum from her dripping asshole.

We were tired and about to head to bed when she said she wanted to sleep by the fire. I snuggled against her back and wrapped the rug around us. Soon we were both asleep.


I got up the early the next morning and drank coffee on the porch. I had a blanket wrapped around me. Deer were grazing in the meadow. Silve came out naked. It was too chilly to do that. I opened the blanket allowing her to snuggle against my naked body. She fell asleep next to me. 

She woke about an hour later and started fondling my cock. She put her mouth to a nipple and sucked lightly. She sucked a while then looked up.

"Good morning,"" she said, smiling, then returned to sucking my nipple. She stroked me until I came in her hand. She licked off some of my cum and offered the rest to me. 

We ate breakfast and sat in the couch to drink our coffee.

"When was the last time Miguel fucked you?" She asked. 

"It's been several weeks", I replied.

"Same here. I've been here so much I'm beginning to think he may have found another mistress. I've enjoyed my time with you, but I need to be attending to affairs back home."

"I really miss his cock in my ass," I said.

Silve looked at me and said, "Not for long!"


Silve left and came back wearing one of Miguel's shirts. While his shirts barely covered her bottom, this one seemed even shorter! It left the lower half of her bottom exposed! She noticed my lustful gaze and smiled, handing me one of the packages she had. Inside were several of Miguel's older shirts. I tried one on and noticed it only covered about half my bottom.

"I had some of his old shirts tailored like this. I think he will like these!" Silve remarked.

"If I look half as sexy as you, he might have a stroke trying to fuck me!" I replied.

"I certainly like what I see!"

She opened the second box and came out with a riding crop. "Think you can handle a little of this?" she purred. "I see an ass that could stand a little whipping. And, as you often say, 'never let a fine piece of ass go to waste'"!

I turned around and let her get a good look. I felt the crop caressing the bottom of my cheeks. I raised the shirt enough to expose all my bottom. She caressed my bottom with the crop a couple of moments, then I felt the first swat. It stung just enough to make me flinch. I moaned to encourage her. I soon felt a swat on the other cheek.

Silve alternated caressing and swatting each cheek. The swats stung, but I was getting aroused. I could tell she was getting aroused, too! Her face was flushed. The swats started getting a little harder! They hurt more, but I moaned louder, encouraging her further. My bottom was probably bright red when she finally stopped. We went into the bedroom where I could look into the mirror and see the marks. Her breathing was faster as she caressed my tender ass.

Silve had me get on all fours with my face on floor. She put on a latex glove and started applying lubricant to my ass hole. She slowly worked one finger, then two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, and finally, her entire hand into my ass! She was fucking me slowly with her hand! I could feel her fold her fingers, making a fist. She slowly worked her fist and arm deeper into me until she reached the back of my ass.

Silve slowly pulled her fist out until she was just barley stretching my asshole open. She then pushed all the way back in again. She picked up the pace until she was ramming her fist deep inside me with every stroke. I hadn't felt this filled since Miguel last fucked me! I grunted in pain with each stroke, but it also felt wonderful!

"Do you like it, baby?" Silve purred. "Does it hurt? Want me to stop? Well, too bad! I'm just getting started!"

"Pleeeeease!" I cried! "Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!" I begged!

She fucked me long and deep, driving her fist in until I flinched. Still, she fucked me hard!

"I can't hear you! Don't you want this?" She laughed!

Silve fucked me nearly an hour before she slowed down. She unfolded her fist and started massaging my wall. I soon shot a load of cum against my belly. She folded into a fist again and started fucking me hard again. A few minutes later she unfolded and massaged me again! And, again, I shot a load onto my belly. In came the fist, once more! And a few minutes later, she massaged me until I came again. This time she kept massaging me until I came a final time

She removed her glove and commanded me to stay. Out came the riding crop again.

"You are such a nasty girl!" Swat! "What a little slut!" Swat! "Dirty little whore!" Swat!

"Yes, ma'am!" Swat! "I'm sooo bad!" Swat!

On this went for another half hour before she stopped and fell down by my side, drawing me into a deep kiss.

Looking into my eyes, she smiled, and said, "I really enjoyed that!"

"Me, too! I don't think I've ever come like that, before! When can we do this, again?"

"Soon, but let's clean up and eat replied. Silve declared. "I could eat a horse!"

"I could eat you!" I replied.


After lunch, we sat in the hot tub, soothing our sore places. We grabbed a blanket and went out to sun in the meadow. We kissed and fondle each other a while. Late in the afternoon, Silve went in to take a nap. Rosa had packed some steaks. I built up the fire and grilled steaks and potatoes over the open flames. Silve came out while I was fixing a salad. Even with her hair missed, she was till sexy, especially wearing only a long sweater. 

We ate and sat outside watching the sunset. We looked at the stars a while before Silve drew me back to the fire. She stripped and kneeled before the fire. She poured a little chocolate syrup over her ass hole.

"Ready for dessert?" She asked.

I spent the hours till bedtime eating her fine ass. We slept curled up in the rug.


The next morning I woke to a draft and a hard swat to my bottom. The next two days were a repeat of the previous day. My sore ass made the ride home very uncomfortable, but I'm already looking towards the next sessions.



Angie K


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