The Business Trip

by Drake Gamer

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This is a story between a father and son’s experience on a week-long business trip.  This is pure fiction.  There is mention of sexual innuendo and sexual acts between father and son.  This will be a series, but it will be written over time.

I hope you enjoy the story Part 3.

(Characters in the story are all above the age of 18.)

I was laying there frozen.  Thank god dad forgot his key, otherwise he would have walked in on a very embarrassing scene.

At the sound of the second knock and call out from dad, haphazardly, I quickly threw the shirt to the side of the bed blocking the sight from the doorway.  I quickly fixed myself up, pushing my hardon down my right pant leg.  If he were to take an extra long look there was no way he couldn’t see it

“Coming, dad” I called back, with a little more projection than I had intended.

*Calm the fuck down* I told myself to help soften my excited appendage as I approached the door.

I unlocked the hotel room door and stood behind the door to conceal my excitement.

Dad swiftly walked into the room and grabbed his room key off the table just to the right of the door.

“Alright son, I better get down to my appointment”

I stood there looking at him acknowledging what he said with a smile and nod.  My hardon, pressing into the back of the door, was not surrendering to the sight of his handsome self.

He proceeded out the door and down the hall to the elevator.

I closed the door and stood leaning against it with my back.  I grabbed my hardon through my pants, and felt a surge of lust coarse through my body.  

I needed to get off.

I walked back over to the bed and reached over the edge to grab the shirt.  My dick straining against my khakis begging to be released.  I lay back on the bed and continue my session from earlier.  Bringing his scent to my nostrils and letting every fiber of my body imagining his hands all over it.

I felt my body fall into euphoria again, tingling all over.  The bed, no longer a frame wrapped in linen, transformed into a pod of pure sexual desire.

I was so lost in thought, my heart jumped at the sound of the hotel room telephone.  The penetrable tone pierced the air in the room like a knife.  I was quickly pulled out of my dreamscape and lay there looking up at the ceiling, feeling the tingling subside.

The phone continued to ring and so I got up to answer the call.

“Good afternoon, sir” the voice on the end gently said.  “I’m sorry if I interrupted anything!”

In my head, I was cursing the voice that interrupted my lustful session.  Rather than pass along any tension in my reply, I composed myself.

“Hi, my dad isn’t here, it’s Kevin”

“Oh hi Kevin, it’s Sean from the front desk”  his voice took on a more professional tone yet still remained soft.

“I just wanted to let you know that the window washers are currently outside a few rooms away and that they will be cleaning the outside of your hotel room window soon.”

Our room was quite a ways up the tower, and yet there is still the chance to have a peeping tom.  The thought was actually kind of hot, but at the same time I appreciated the phone call not knowing that someone could have seen me getting off on the bed.

“If you are okay to have the windows exposed to the outside, they will be able to see in, otherwise we ask that you close blinds.  We respect the privacy of our guests.”

At this point my dick had softened.  I could feel the wet fabric of my underwear; thankfully, looking down, I didn’t see any trace of it on my pants.

“Thank you for letting me know Sean, I appreciate it”

“We certainly hope you enjoy your stay with us, and again if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to let us know”

“Actually, now that you mention it, am I able to grab some lunch from room service?”

“Absolutely, let me connect you right now, and the menu is in the desk drawer next to the bed”

After placing my order, I found myself in the empty room awaiting the arrival of a window washer.  I got up and began placing the items from our luggage into the dresser drawers.

I folded up and placed my dad’s shirts and pants into the drawer as they were on top.  Returning to the bag, I saw my dad’s folded underwear and socks.  I grabbed the pile of folded underwear and noticed something that caught my eye, underneath.

His black jockstrap.  He normally wore it while working out.  

The dark fabric sat there at the bottom of the bag waiting to be touched.  Knowing my dad’s cock had been repeatedly cradled in it, the thought immediately started up my engine again.

I had all but forgotten about the room windows being open, when I heard the light sound of a squeegee begin its slide across the glass surface.

I broke my gaze from the jockstrap and looked over to the window.  My eyes made contact with the incredibly handsome man standing on the platform with the squeegee in hand looking at me holding my dad’s jockstrap.  He wore a fitted jumper with a baseball cap.  His fully-tamed dark beard framed his face perfectly.

Holy fuck, was everyone here fucking gorgeous? 

His eyes were locked on me.  His free hand curved over his eyes, blocking the sunlight glare on the glass, to confirm his suspicions.  He purposefully bit his lip, frozen in place and I watched as his free hand reached down and gave his dick a few tugs.

I stood there fixated on him.

I brought the jockstrap up to my nose and took a deep sniff.  A could smell my dad’s musk.  He hadn’t washed it.  My dick started to harden.

The window washer didn’t take his eyes off me, nor his hand off his dick.

I kept inhaling the fabric and began groping my dick through my khakis.  I stuck my tongue out and began licking the jock tasting it.  There was a small stiff patch that my tongue caught and began to invade.  I sucked the fabric into my mouth, soaking the area and trying to draw out contents of what was left behind.

The voyeur had slipped his hand into his jumper and was stroking his cock slowly, his face showing he was fully invested in the show I was putting on.

Tasting the dried fluid, my tongue was teased with the now slimy texture.  I began to suckle more on the area, swallowing the precum that was left behind by my dad.  I kept the jock in my mouth and, using both hands, pulled out of cock from my khakis.

I watched as he pulled his dick through the opening and started stroking it towards the window.  We were both in a full-on jerk session over my dad’s jockstrap.

I removed the jock from my mouth and placed it over my dick.  The ribbed cloth covered my now wet dick head and I began stroking it into the loose jock.

My audience began stroking his dick faster and used his other hand to brace against the railing of the platform.  His body stretched vertically as his head tilted slightly backward with his eye closed.  He pushed into every stroke of his hand, harder and harder.

My encased dick soaked the fabric with precum which glistened on the surface.

My cock grew stiffer and stiffer at the pure careless act.  My hand fucked my dick into the jock with increasing speed.  I closed my eyes, and mimicking the man, I tilted my head back falling into bliss once again.

I felt my body tingle, and my balls tighten as I let out a loud gasp.

I looked down through the slits in my eyes as I held the jock out in front of my cock.  Within seconds, my sperm shot out into the cup formed by my hand.  The thick creamy white fluid continued to fill the jockstrap.  I shot about 8 spurts of semen before it subsided.

After my dick settled down, I felt the sensation of panic set in.  I immediately looked up at the window, but my guest was gone.  I was now standing , exposed, with my dad’s jockstrap soaked in my cum.

Now realizing this was his only jockstrap, what was I going to do?

I had to hide the evidence.  I brought it upwards and began to drain my swimmers into my mouth.  I guzzled my cum and sucked what I could out of the cotton, before I swallowed it whole.

I ran to the bathroom as though I was in immediate danger of being caught, and began running the jockstrap under the tap using hand soap to clean it.

After I believed it was cleaned, I placed it over the shower towel bar to dry.  I only hoped that it would be dry enough to put away before my dad returned.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Room service, Sir”

by Drake Gamer

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