the Bus Stop 

I was returning home from spring break. Some friends, anxious to get back to the party they just left, hurriedly dropped me off at the bus station in the middle of northern New Jersey. I was a little drunk and stoned, and realized, after checking the posted bus schedule in the semi-darkness that I really screwed up. The bus wasn't due for another 2-hours.

Not much to do here for the next 2-hours, I thought as I paced around in front of the building. I rounded the corner and was startled to find a man standing at the side of the building. I said, “Hello, are you waiting for the bus too?”  To my relief, he spoke in a friendly tone, explaining that he made a mistake on the schedule too, and introduced himself as John. Despite his being polite, he was somewhat intimidating.  Besides being much taller than me, he was very muscular and definitely from the other side of the tracks.

We chatted for a while and then he asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with him. I said, “Sure,” so we sat down on some crates and he fired one up. I felt much more comfortable now.

After giggling and relaxing a bit he suddenly announced that pot made him very horny. He told me that when he was in jail he used to get this one guy stoned and then the guy would suck his cock for hours. This shocked and scared the hell out of me. I didn't know anyone who had ever been in jail, much less had another guy suck his cock. I was grateful for the darkness so that he didn’t see me blush at what he said. 

I was still thinking about what he’d just said when he stood up in front of me and casually started unzipping his jeans. He reached in and pulled out his cock and said, "Why don't you suck this for me?"  When his cock popped up, I actually gasped. I was in complete shock. His cock wasn’t gigantic, but very big looking thanks to its thickness. And it wasn't even hard. My first thought was that I couldn't imagine anyone being able to get something that big in their mouth.

I was still sitting on the crate with by back against the wall. I had nowhere to go and no time to think, so when he stepped closer I just closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

The head of his cock grazed my lips and slipped into my mouth without any effort at all. It felt firm, but smooth and soft with a slightly pissy-taste. I was just as surprised to find myself exploring it with my tongue, swirling it around the head and the silky foreskin. Every little detail of his cock felt wonderful. As I caressed it with my tongue I could feel it get harder in my mouth, somehow encouraging me to do more and more. I could feel my mouth getting wetter and my own cock getting harder by the minute. I started to bob my head automatically, taking a little more of it into my mouth with each stroke. My lips wrapped around the shaft tenderly, wanting more of it, even though it was still getting harder as I sucked. The more it filled my mouth the better I felt.  It excited me, calmed me, and fulfilled me all at the same time.

I would never have guessed that sucking another man's cock would be like this! The more I gave in to pleasing it, the more pleasure it returned to me. With every moment it became more natural and effortless. After just a few minutes I was completely relaxed and able to take the whole shaft down my throat until my face was buried against his jeans. The feeling of going from having my lips gently hold the head of his cock to sliding it all the way down my open throat made me feel really good. I actually felt proud of being able to take it all.

By now I had settled into a regular rhythm. All other thoughts, fears, and inhibitions left me. I felt as though I had surrendered myself to his cock. I felt sure that at that moment the only thing that mattered was pleasing, making my mouth the perfect place for it. It seemed to speak to me in a magical way; encouraging me, showing me how much I pleased it with it's ever growing hardness, comforting me and making me feel good about what I was doing. And the head of his cock felt perfect nestled in the back of my throat.

I felt like I could have gone on forever like that, but suddenly he held my head in both his strong hands and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He explained that he wasn't in a hurry, and he wanted me to just look at his cock for a while. Well, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was magnificent, standing out straight and strong, thick, very veiny, and dark- colored. His balls were thick, and hung well below the base of his cock. Foreskin draped beautifully over his juicy, roundest head. It was mouthwatering, glistening in the dim streetlight. 

He unfastened his belt and let his jeans fall. His cock seemed even more magnificent now. His balls were big and heavy, and I was dying to hold them in my hand. When he told me to touch him I quickly ran my fingers along the shaft, delighted to see it jump with pleasure. I ran my fingers down the sides of his balls but I just couldn't stand having his cock that close to my face and not having my mouth on it. 

Sliding off the crate and down on my knees in front of him, and started covering the underside of his shaft with kisses and little licks as I continued to play with his balls. His big heavy balls more than filled my hand, and I tenderly licked and kissed them too. I could feel his cock brush against my face; the heat and mass of it continually reminded me of how good it felt when it filled my mouth. I continued kissing it up and down both sides and rubbing my lips along its length. I loved doing this, but I was feeling an overwhelming desire to suck coming over me. So I licked up his seam once more, and put its head back in my mouth. I felt him tense up with pleasure, as I slowly lowered my mouth all the way to the base of his throbbing cock. I bobbed my mouth up and down a few times, and then did a lick up his seam again. I repeated this several times, and then I heard him taking deep, short breaths. Knowing that he was close to cumming, I cupped his balls with one hand, and speeded up my head bobbing. I couldn’t believe it; I was down on my knees in a dirty alley, sucking the cock of a total stranger. Two days prior, if you’d asked me if I would ever suck a cock, I would have said that you were crazy and that I wasn’t gay. Yet, here I was, sucking this cock as if my very life depended on it. And I was relishing in the excitement of it all. 

I positioned myself to take his load in my mouth, but he stopped me by putting a hand on top of my head. He started stroking his cock with the other hand so that the tip of it just barely brushed against my lips. Just 15-minutes ago he had to stick it in my mouth, now he had to hold me away. He teased me like this for what seemed like forever.

Then he insisted that I tell him how bad I wanted to suck his cock. At first I choked on the words, but when I finally confessed out loud how badly I wanted his cock back in my mouth it helped me realize just how much I needed it. He called me a cocksucker over and over, the word stung as it echoed in my mind. He was right again, I thought. I was a cocksucker and I needed to please. He told me that he was going to fuck my mouth until he cummed, but he wanted me to promise him that I would swallow his whole load before he would let me suck him again. He told me that good cocksucker’s were always eager to swallow cum.

This had all happened so fast I hadn't even thought about being able to make him cum with my mouth, but just like sucking cock, it seemed completely natural. Once I started thinking about it I couldn't get it out of my head and surprisingly, really did want to be a good cocksucker. I promised him out loud that I would swallow every drop, but at that point I would have promised him just about anything to get his glistening cock back in my mouth.

Feeling the head of that cock part my lips, slide down my tongue, and stretch the back of my throat put me right back in a trance with the first stroke. I was thrilled by the way he just took complete control of me. I was reassured by the way he held my head in his hands. It helped me relax and hold my throat wide open for him. He started out really slow, with long deep strokes. I was totally focused on the feeling of his shaft sliding in and out of my throat and his balls slapping against my chin. His cock got harder and harder with every stroke and all I could do was hold it tightly with my lips and do the best I could with my tongue. I wanted so badly for my mouth to be perfect place for his cock. I didn't just want him to cum, I wanted him to cum because of the way I was a good cocksucker.

In just a few more strokes I heard him moan as he pulled my head tightly against him. His hips bucked slightly and the swollen head of is cock nestled in the back of my throat. "Gawd damn, you can really suck cock! I'm gonna cum in a second." Then it happened. His whole cock twitched and his thighs moved back and forth in an uncontrollable fucking motion. "I'm gonna cum, here it comes. Oh gawd that's good."  His cock jumped and I could feel a huge gush of his cum hit the back of my throat and flow into me. I hungrily gulped and kept sucking until it stopped cumming. That moment was glorious. I felt as if I had been more rewarded for all my efforts.

I wanted to continue sucking, but he suddenly withdrew and flipped his cock in his jeans. I snapped out of my trance when he pointed out that the bus was coming. I was still in a bit of a daze as I stood up and called out, asking him if he was taking this bus. “No,” he laughed over his shoulder as he began walking away, “I came here to get my cock sucked.”

I was still trembling with excitement when I got on the bus. It seemed like the whole thing was a dream, except for the salty taste of cum in my mouth. I liked being a cocksucker!

The end..



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