The Bus Driver

The first cock I sucked was an older Dart bus driver.  One of the few white drivers Dart has. I was 18 and he was 45. I was going home from a friend’s house. It was a slow time of day and the bus driver and I were the only ones on the bus at that time. 

Like often happens I was sitting near the front and the driver and I were talking. Then out of nowhere the driver told me, “One of the other bus drives told him that you sucked his cock for him.”

I just sat there with a stunned look on my face as he told me, “The other bus driver was telling me you’re good at giving head and I want to give your mouth a try. 

 I didn’t know what he was talking about. I’d never sucked a cock before in my life. Yet I’d been curious for quite some time and I did want to. Shocking myself, I told him, “If you promise not tell no one that I like sucking cock, I’ll give you a blow job.”

As soon as I said that he just pulled over to the side of the road and put the out of service sign up. 

He told me to get to the back of the bus. He sat in the middle of the last row so he’d have room to stretch his legs out.  Nervous as hell, I followed to the back of the bus. Knowing how nervous before anything happened we had a nice chat and he complimented my looks. He then invited me to sit down beside him. Being the naive guy I was, I said, “Sure,” thinking we would talk some more. I was nervous but he was older so I felt safe and was sure we would just talk.

Imagine my surprise when he immediately grabbed my hand and put it on the bulge in his pants. I was shocked and scared. .but I didn’t move my hand. Instead I slowly closed my fingers around his growing erection. I kept thinking that I shouldn’t do this but I couldn’t seem to remove my hand. 

Then I watched as he unbuckled his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants. I was awe struck when he pulled his fly open and his cock popped out in my face. I’d never been that close to another guys cock before so all I could do was stare. It was very long and fairly thick with thick brownish foreskin, a small kinda pointed head and a smooth lovely shaft. 

I was scared but totally was mesmerized and staring when he told me, “It’s OK to touch it.”

 In a trance I slowly reached for it. It was warm and hard with a soft skin. I slowly stroked it, pulling the skin back and exposing the reddish-purple head. 

I started to pant, almost hyperventilating. 

I leaned over and in a whisper asked, “Would it be OK if I kissed it?”

He said, “Of course,” and as I leaned down and reached for it with my quivering lips he took my head in his hands, pushed me down and guided it into my mouth. As the purple-red head slipped between my lips, I slipped off the seat and down on to my knees in front of him.

I took in the soft head and started working my tongue around it but he wasn’t satisfied. He pushed harder and I had no choice but to take the whole length of his warm pulsing cock in my mouth. It was in so deep my nose was pressed into his thick clump of pubic hair.

He started to talk nasty to me, calling me a cocksucker and a faggot and telling me about how I loved cock, etc. I was in shock. It never occurred to me that people talk to each other that way.

 I pulled off a little and asked him again not to tell anyone that i liked sucking other men’s cocks. He just grabbed my head and told me, “Get to work on it or I’m going to tell everyone.” 

He gave me a second or two to get a breath and then he pushed me down all the way to his balls again and told me. “Get back sucking my cock.”

As my mouth bobbed up and down his thick shaft he moaned, “Ooohhhh, yessssss, you fucking queer, suck my dick,” and continued to tell me what a slut I was for cock, etc. I thought I would hate such talk and especially hate being pushed down, but I found myself totally turned on. I loved it. It was the wildest sex I ever had. It went on for a while with me get all the cock I could handle and then some.

While I was sucking he was pulling and playing with his big balls and telling me, "Oh man that feels so good. Yeah, suck my dick, faggot.  Suck my fucking dick. God how I love it."  

I don't know why I did it but I let his cock pop out of my mouth and then I started sucking on his big balls.  I sucked and licked for a couple of minutes and then I let his balls slip out of my mouth. 

Things kept getting hotter and hotter and he kept pushing down on the back of my head harder and harder. I couldn’t seem to take him all the way. He was taking a long time to cum and I was running out of air. I looked up at his eyes and he told me that he liked having his dick sucked but that he had something for me to enjoy.

Pushing me off his cock, he reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and moved my face to a couple of inches in front of his cock. The image of a cock head so close to my face, knowing that it was getting ready to explode is hard to describe. It was incredibly sexy, yet fear inducing at the same time. I knew that at that range it could cause some damage if things weren't handled the right way. Watching a guy jacking himself off at that angle put me on the verge of an orgasm myself. 

At that range I knew it was going to sting, so I girded myself for the impact. The first shot hit me just below the right eye, but I couldn't pull back because he was holding my hair. The second shot followed pretty quickly after that and got me right on the nose. After that he forced his cock back into my mouth, pushing it down so deep that he was cumming down my throat and left it there until he wilt.

It was tremendously satisfying when he told me I was the best cocksucker that he’d ever had and then as he was pulling back on the road he told me, “you’re going to have to keep sucking my cock if you don’t want me to tell everyone.”

I told him, “Ok, I’ll keep sucking your cock for you. Just don’t to tell anyone that I had on wet paints and cum on the sides of my lips.” 

My mouth had just been used by him and I loved it. We’d probably never be able hook up on the bus again so with an appointment to meet in a city park the next week, he dropped me off at my stop.

I did him about 4 or 5 times a week for two years and enjoy every drop of his cum.

The end…



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