At 24 years old I became a widower. Karen, my wife of three years was killed in an auto accident on the eve of our third anniversary; killed by some idiot running from the police. I had been depressed and under a doctors care since the accident, I simply could not get past her being gone. Karen's parents and her younger brother were the only family I had now, my parents having passed away when I was one and the aunt who had raised me after their death died just before our wedding three years ago.

Not wanting me to be alone, my in-laws sent Karen's brother Andrew to stay with me for a few weeks, until I could come to grips with my grief and get back to my work routine. Drew was 19 and would be going to college here in our city in the fall. Karen had been excited that he would be in school here in our town since her folks were two hundred miles away.

Drew is a big guy at 6'3" tall and 170 pounds. He's tall and lanky with a slim build and red hair, but unlike most red haired guys, he has a medium complexion and actually tans in the sun without a zillion freckles. Drew is a very pleasant person, always smiling and generally in a good mood. Once when he was visiting us, one of Karen's girlfriends thought he was the sexiest hunk she had ever seen.

Drew had been staying with me for nearly a month when I walked into the kitchen one morning and found him stark naked, pouring himself a cup of coffee. I stopped still in my tracks, not knowing what to say or do. Drew turned to me...

"Oops, didn't know you were awake yet Hank, sorry. I'll go get some shorts on." he said.

While Drew was gone I poured myself a coffee and sat down at the island. Drew came back wearing his gray knit boxers and a tee shirt that said WOTSAMATTA U across his chest. I laughed at the Bullwinkle reference. I didn't laugh when I looked down at his shorts though. I could plainly see the outline of his very substantial cock pressed tightly to the right leg of his underwear, With the sunlight streaming in through the kitchen window, Drew had a golden glow covering most of his body. As he came to sit at the island I studied the glowing hair covering his chest, arms and legs With a twitch at my crotch I remembered his small, round butt was covered in the same red hair too.

I was surprised when I saw Drew's bare body. He is much more muscled than I would have ever guessed. To me, he looks thin when he's dressed, but buck naked he has plenty of muscles. He is well toned with an enviable six pack of ab muscles. As we drank our coffee I commented to him...

"Drew, I never guessed that you have such a toned and muscled body. You look thin in your clothes, you must do some serious working out to get those abs and that butt."

He actually blushed at my compliments.

"Yeah I do work out some Hank, you ought to come to the gym with me sometime. You already have a very good body, with just a little toning, you'll be ripped." He reached over and felt my bicep...

"A week or so on the weights will have you pumped just about right, if you like the natural look. Spending some time doings squats and stretches will help perk up that little butt of yours too. Personally, I don't want to look like a body builder, I prefer the natural look, that is toned and nicely muscled; enough so the gals and guys have some eye candy to look at."

"Gals and guys, Drew?

"Sure Hank, it's a major turn on to have a guy envy your body. I don't want you to think bad of me but I've been known to let a good looking hunk into my bed a time or two. I'm not ready to admit that I'm gay or anything, but it is a lot of fun. Guys are so different. No games, no agendas, it's just all about having great sex with no drama or games telling how good he was and promising to call him tomorrow. Guys just want to get off, blow their load and if you meet up again in the right circumstances it'll will probably happen again. The best sex, the best time I've ever in bed, was with a great guy."

"Damn Drew, I'd have never guessed that. It's okay with me., I don't judge. And I'll admit I've seen a guy or two that I envied because I thought he was very good looking. I don't remember a sexual attraction, but I've seen guys whose bodies were fantastic and I liked looking at them. I liked the faces of some of them too as well as liking their bodies. And there have been a couple I would have liked to swap cocks with.  Size does matter I'm told."

"Hey, I've heard that you measure up just fine in that department, Karen was very pleased with your endowment."

Now I was blushing...

"You talked about my cock with your sister!"

"Sure, but that was when you two were still dating. I really had a crush on you for a while and I got her to talk about you all the time. You're still one of the hottest, most handsome guys I've ever seen, and you're just about the sexiest guy I've ever known. Sorry, Hank, I didn't mean to get into this. Please just take it as the ramblings of a horny dude who should know better. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you this way."

I know I was beet red, I could feel the heat in my face. I didn't know what to say to him, finally I got up and refilled our cups. When I stood, I realized I had a hard on from our sexy talk. Thank heavens for the baggy cargo shorts and baggy tee I had on. With clothes like these it would take a search party to find my stiffie. I remained still quiet and Drew looked over to me...

"Hank...are we okay? I'm really sorry, I should have kept my mouth shut. The last thing I want is for you to be upset with me. I'm sorry, Bud."

"Chill Drew, we're probs...okay. I just don't know how to respond to what you've said. I'm surprised and flattered, and to be truthful, even a little curious about you having sex with guys. I just need to think this all out and get it out of my mind. But we're good Drew, and I'm really glad you've been here with me, you being here has kept me sane. Thanks Bro, you can stay here as long as you want, I mean that."

We rinsed our the coffee cups and went back to our rooms. I lay back on top of the covers and was thinking about all that Drew had said. I never would have guessed he had a crush on me. I wondered if he ever thought about having sex with me. As soon as that though was completed my cock was rock hard.

Thinking about Drew having sex with guys had me stroking my cock inside my shorts. I knew that my erection wasn't going away either. I was into my sixth week without any sexual release and my cock was begging me to let it cum. I pushed my shorts down and cupped my balls with one hand and started stroking my cock with the other. I was really getting into it, my eyes closed, legs tensed when I heard Drew speak...

"Oh gosh...sorry...I should have knocked..."

Drew was turning to leave when I said..."Drew...Wait!"

I quickly pulled up my shorts and he turned around.

" bad...I'm sorry. It's been over six weeks with no release for me and your...our talk about sex while we had our coffee has me stiff. I was even thinking about you and a guy having sex when you came in. This is crazy. I've never thought about gay after listening to you this morning here I am jerking off thinking about you and a dude having sex and it has me really turned on. You've got me thinking I might want to try it."

"Hank...uh...if you want...I..mean...uh...I could take care of that for you, he said nodding toward the tent in my board shorts, if you wanted me to. I've told you that you're the sexiest guy I've ever known. If it isn't too weird for you I would really like to be the one who shows you how great man to man sex can be. I understand if it is just too weird for you. I hope it isn't, Because I really want to be with you that way Hank. I really do."

"Can I think about this's a big step for me...and I really don't want to screw things up between you and me, most of all. Why don't we go work out at the gym. We can get accustomed to being naked together and get familiar with our bodies while working out. Maybe it will help break the ice for me.

I think now that if I were to ever do it, have sex with a man I mean, it would have to be you Drew...I trust you, I know that I will have to trust the person when or if that time comes. You're sure a fine looking specimen, I saw that this morning. After we work out we can come back here and maybe shower together. How about that.?"

"Get your gym bag Hank, we're leaving now.!" He was grinning from ear to ear.

I must admit that I was excited too at the prospect of being intimate with Drew. It was a no no on so many levels but the very thought of it made my cock go to stone. I wasn't sure what 'sex with a man' meant. I supposed it would be us jacking each other off and feeling each others bodies. I saw a wet spot forming in my jeans as we drove to the Gym.

The gym was almost empty this time of the morning. We went to the locker room and started changing. With no one else around Drew openly watched me undress as he faced me shedding his own clothes. I was in trouble as soon as he was naked. My cock started boning up just looking at his nakedness. I quickly pulled my jock strap on to hide my erection and hold it down. Looking up, I saw Drew grinning at me.

We headed out and did some warm up stretching and then to the stationary bikes to get our heart rates up. Over the course of an hour we did free weights and few pressing reps and  fifty squats. We finished with a two mile run on the upstairs track, did our cool down and grabbed our things and headed home for the shower.

I felt good from the exercise and excitement coursed through me thinking about our upcoming shower. Drew was his usual upbeat self driving home, chatting about the workout and what we could do to get me fine tuned. At home in the kitchen I got a little shy and apprehensive about what we were about to do. I was thinking...What if he doesn't like me...I don't know what I'm doing...This is sex with a guy! What am I doing!

Drew must have know what was going through my mind for he just took my hand and led me to the master bath. Once there he told me to kick off my sneaks and he lifted my shirt and pulled it over my head. He told me to take of his shirt which I did. His hands began rubbing my chest and pecs and occasionally pinched a nip with his thumb and forefinger. His rough, manly hands felt so good on my skin and when he pinched my nips I found out that they were wired directly to my cock.

Seeing the tent in my shorts, Drew hugged me to him and our bare chests were touching, my arms went around him and I lay my head on his chest and shoulder. I missed being held, another's touch. This feeling so good until the insistent prodding and poking of his hardness at my crotch brought me back to the reality of the moment. This is Drew I'm holding, it's Drew's cock poking at me.

Standing there chest to chest, Dew began to grind his stiff cock against mine. The feeling or two hard cocks grinding against each other triggered a previously unknown sexual desire in me. I ground back against him hard. When I looked up to his face, he quickly claimed my mouth with his, when out tongues touched the fire was lit. This was a different kind of sex.  Everything was hard, out bodies, our cocks, even our kissing was hard.    All male. And the most exciting feelings sexual feelings of my life. My body trembled from pleasure and anticipation of what was to come. I didn't know what we would do next but I knew I wanted it, waited for whatever it may be. When Drew put both hands on my butt cheeks and pulled me against him hard, he chuckled in his throat when he heard and felt my groan and the tremor that shook my body.

Drew's hands moved to the waistband of my shorts. He traced around my waist with one finger, on the return he slipped the finger under the waistband of my shorts and teased my skin. Goose-flesh ran rampant across my body.

Smiling at me, Drew pulled the shorts down and pushed them over my butt and they fell around my feet. I stood there now in only sweat socks and a jockstrap. Drew knelt, looked up at me and smiled.

"Hank...I've always wanted to do this with you."

He pressed his face to my jock strap and inhaled deeply and I heard him moan . His hands raised and he quickly pulled the jock strap to my feet. My aching cock bobbed up and hit my stomach and fell back to point straight at Drew's face. Suddenly I knew, drew was going to suck my cock. My heart rate quickened again. Turning his head slightly he ran his lips down the shaft of my cock and back up to the corona where he licked the growing clear drop at my slit. My hand flew to his hair and I gently caressed it as he worshiped my cock.

That sight of Drew, kissing, loving on my cock was the most sexual thing I've ever seen, when Drew looked up at me intently, then opened his mouth and took my cock deep into his throat, never taking his eyes from mine I experienced the most intent feeling of passion, of lust...and at that moment...even love. Nothing had prepared me for the sight of Drew, my friend, my brother-in-law, with his rugged, handsome face distorted, as he sucked my throbbing, aching cock.

I felt my knees would give way. Seeing my cock go into Drew's mouth was the most sexual sight I had ever seen. The feel of his hot tongue, his lips and his silky throat were exquisite, a sensual pleasure I had never known. As Drew moved back up then bobbed his head up and down I grabbed him and pulled my cock from his mouth.

"I can't cum yet, please...I want to enjoy this. I want to enjoy you."

Drew smiled and stood.  Facing me, his smile faded and I knew from the way he looked that me that he was going to kiss me again.  I saw his face move closer and I closed my eyes and parted my lips slightly while putting my arms around his neck. I wanted his kiss, the first one set me on fire, a memory I'll never forget.   His lips touching mine were so soft and gentle. His tongue slid across my lips and I opened my mouth to him. The shock of our tongues in each other's mouth set my entire body to tingling and quivering again. Damn! This feels so good.

I reached to Drew's waist and pushed his shorts to the floor. We stood body to body with nothing between us but hard straining cocks. Drew kissed me again, hard and demanding, our tongues fought trying to get deeper into the others mouth. When he broke away we both gasped for air. I was moaning and he held me tightly to him. He had ignited a passion in me I never knew I was capable of. I needed to have him. I wanted his sex. NOW!

"You doing okay Hank?" he asked.

"Oh Drew. I never knew...this feels so feel so good."

"Just wait Hank. We haven't even got to the sex part yet. Are you ready to shower off so we can do more?"

"Yes, let's shower, NOW!"

In the shower I explored Drew's fine body, touching and caressing him in intimate places. I held his throbbing cock in my hands, I cradled his testicles gently, I cupped his hard, round butt cheeks in each hand, my mouth found his nipple and I kissed and bit it lightly. We became so excited that we both wanted out of the water and into bed. It was time for sex.

We dried each other off and I ran and jumped into my bed. Drew was close behind me. We lay facing each other and he pulled me into another kiss as our bodies came together from our lips to our toes. I felt as if an electric current was coursing through my entire body, like sparks flew from my skin everywhere he touched me. I still held his cock in my hands, reveling in the feel on him.

When our kiss broke I began kissing my way down Drew's chest. My tongue hardly missing any square inch of his chest. Lower at his six pack I licked each and every ripple trailing down and my tongue slipped into his navel stopping my fall down his body. I felt him tugging at my shoulders wanting me to rise back up.

"No Drew, not yet, let me do this, I want to."

"Hurrying, I looked down and his golden red pubic hair and his pinkish cock, I had never been this close to another man's cock before. My lips and tongue trailed over his shaft and back up, coming face to face with the large clear drop of fluid at his tip. I opened my mouth and sucked at his slit. I heard and felt his moan. Encouraged, I opened wider and sank his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I found out that I didn't have a gag reflex I was able to push and get all his length deep into my throat. I learned that my sucking motion created a massaging feeling on his cock. I also learned that I love the feeling of his cock filling my mouth and throat.

Slowly I began a bobbing rhythm, keeping my tongue moving as I did. Drew began panting and moaning, then begging me to stop, he didn't want to cum yet. I stopped and raised my head.

"Drew if you come now you can cum again in a few minutes, you're nineteen, you can do this several times. Relax Drew, I'm going to make you cum, NOW! I want you to cum for me."

With that I took a cue from him and locked eyes with him and put his cock into my mouth and sucked him in, all while looking into his eyes. Drew moaned loudly and called out my name as his legs and body stiffened and he shot his cum down my throat and into my stomach. I fought to pull back in time to taste him and I was surprised that I liked the taste of his semen. This entire experience was a surprise but as I nursed on his softening cock I knew we would be doing this again. I liked sucking Drew's cock.

I rose back to lay face to face with Drew and he kissed me tenderly and hugged me close and we just lay there each feeling the after glow of wonderful sex. I gently stroked Drew's neck and back. Never once did I think what we had just done was queer or even gay. It was just us sharing our minds and bodies like I had never done before. I was happy.

Moments later Drew rose, gave me a peck on the lips and said...

"You just lay there and take this like a man Hank. It's my turn now. Your body is mine!"

With that Drew's lips and tongue were everywhere, he had me moaning and arching my back up off the bed as he licked and kissed my body. He flipped me over onto my stomach and stretched his big body over mine and held himself suspended just barely above me. I could just feel his golden red chest hair tickling my back, his pubic hair against my butt cheeks and the hair on his legs against the backs of my thighs. I shivered and moaned and wanted to raise myself trying to get more of him against me. At last he lowered his body and lay on me, covering me with himself. His weight, his warm hairy body covering mine was pure heaven. I surrendered then, he could do anything he wanted to me. I was his.

His lips, tongue and hands began their trek down the back side of my body. I began to move and squirm when he began licking and kissing my butt cheeks, I felt his wet tongue trace from the top of my but crack all the way down to end on my testicles. My body shivered again.. Drew grabbed each hip and raised me to my knees. He kissed my cheeks again then I felt air as he spread them, I screamed when his tongue touched my anus. He licked and laved and stabbed his tongue into me inciting feelings and passions that I never knew could exist. I was grinding my butt against his tongue, gasping and calling his name, cursing and moaning. It felt like he was eating his way inside me.

Drew flipped me to my back again and pushed my thighs to my chest and put his mouth to my wrinkled opening again and again. I grabbed fistfuls of the bed covers as he attacked my butt. I yelled out that I was about to cum and he stopped and moved his mouth to swallow my cock to its hilt. Nothing ever felt like this. I wanted more of my cock in him but he had all I could give. He milked me with his mouth and tongue, then circled my sack above my testicles and pulled down hard, raising my arched body up off the bed he sucked hard at my cock. I felt the tingle begin in my straining testicles and I screamed out his name as my insides rushed up and out of my cock and into Drew's sucking mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced, my semen shot out in a continuous stream, it looked and felt like a gallon had been spilled on us. Drew collapsed atop me and we lay there as my semen dried and glued us together. Nothing in my sexual history could be compared with the feeling of our orgasm.

I don't know how long we napped. When I opened my eyes Drew was smiling at me.

"I'm guessing that you liked that fairly well Hank. Tell me what you think about having sex with a guy now."

"Ummm Drew, I think that we'll have to do this five or six more times so I can really get a good feel as to whether or not I like it. That okay with you?"

"Sure Hank, it's okay as long as you're doing these five or six more times with me."

"Who else Drew, we don't need any strangers here messing with us. Besides, I couldn't get as excited with a stranger as I do with you. I guess the tables have turned. Now it me with a crush on you, Drew. I really liked doing this with you."

"You do know there's more, right. That bit when I had my face up your butt. I don't expect you to do that, but I do I want you to fuck my ass Hank...We can use lube to get me ready. But when the time comes that you ask me to fuck you, I'll be eating your butt again. And you will ask for it. I know you will."

"Just tell me when your ready Drew. I'll do anything you want. Jeez , I've never been so sexually excited, you turn me on Drew."

He started applying the lube to his anus with his fingers. I watched as he added a second then a third finger. I took the lube and covered my hand and replaced his fingers.with my own. As soon as My finger was inside him my cock started twitching and throbbing. It didn't take long before Drew was ready. Turning to lie on his back he raised his legs pulling on the backs of his thighs.

"Now Hank, do me now. Put your cock at my opening and gently push...stop when the head goes takes me a moment to get accustomed to having a cock as big as yours in me. Now Hank...I want you to fuck me. I need it to be you Hank...please."

Following Drew's instructions I pressed my cock to his hole. I felt the pressure of him pushing back against me and all at once I was in. For just a moment Drew's face was drawn in pain but as I lay still slowly he smiled at me...

"That's good, Hank...oh you feel so good. Go slow and push into me. In just a couple of minutes you'll be loving it here."

The first sensation was the heat inside him, like a furnace. As I pushed slowly into his butt I felt new and unknown sensations in the head of my cock. This was so different than his mouth. I saw the change come over Drew's face as I entered him. At first there was pain, then he smiled and now, as my cock went deeper, the pleasure showed on his face. Finally when I was inside him as far as I could go, Drew circled his hips and ground them against my throbbing cock deep inside him. Drew groaned, I moaned, and he took over, his butt came alive fucking my cock inside him.

I had goose-flesh again as he worked on my cock. Drew locked his heels around my butt and pulled me hard making me go deeper into him. As he rested a moment I took control and pulled back to his anal ring and plunged down hard making Drew grunt out loud. Again up, back down and I fell into the rhythm of the fuck that all men know and love. Sweat broke out over both of us. These new sensations overwhelmed me. No sex in my entire life had felt like this. I felt my orgasm starting.

"Oh's starting, I'm gonna cum...awww feel so good...can you cum...cum with me Drew...cum with me...awww fuck...DREW!! I'm CUMMING...ungh! HOLY FUCK! DREW! DREW!...oh my god...ooh!"

"Hank...I FEEL IT...I FEEL YOUR HOT CUM IN ME. Oh gawd!. HANK!...FUCK ME! HANK!....JEEZ....Hank! Oh're good at this. Man oh Man. you've fucked me good...umm....kiss me Hank...hold me....aww man you feel so good. Inside me."

"Holy Shit!...what the fuck was that? Nothing ever felt that good in my life. Drew, is it always so intense? okay dude? Man that was something. I've never has an orgasm that intense, Jeez man, that was the best sex of my life. Are you okay?

"Oh yeah Hank...I'm just floating back down to sent me to the moon guy. No it's never been that intense for me before. I've done this before several times but trust me Hank. It was never like that. Fuck! You can do that anytime you want Hank. Just call and I'll come running. Man that was something else."

"Well, you've convinced me Drew."

Of what Hank..convinced you of what?"

"You gotta fuck me like that. The look on your face, the pleasure took you away to another place."

"Yeah but you went with me. That cock of yours belongs in my butt. Jeez Hank, I've never felt anything like what we just did before. oh yeah....I told you that you'd ask for this, ask to be fucked."

We lay collapsed in a heap, arms and legs entwined, our sweat and cum drying on our skin, and as our breathing relaxed to normal we slept. When I woke Drew's head was on my chest, his arm across my body holding me to him. He was so cute sleeping there. He was even handsome to me now. I rubbed my thumb along his cheek feeling the golden red stubble of his beard beginning to show. For the first time in six weeks I was completely relaxed. Drew stirred and snuggled closer, he gently kissed my neck sending shivers down my body again.

Thinking back about the last ten hours, I felt no guilt. I've just had the best sex ever, and it was with a guy. So what! Does that make me gay? Maybe I am, I'm not sure about that but I am sure I'm going to do it again anytime Drew wants me too.

Drew stirred again and opened his eyes. Seeing me looking at him he smiled .

"Hey are you doing...are you okay with what we've done? I sure hope you don't feel regret or guilt. I think it was absolutely fantastic, you are a really good lover Hank."

"Funny you should say that Drew, I was just laying here watching you sleep and thinking those very same thoughts about you. No regrets, no guilt for me. I'll do this anytime you want, Drew. You really turn me on."

"Mmm...I know, me too. Anytime you want Hank, anytime."

I lay there enjoying the after glow and the touch of his body against me. Then a thought occurred to me. I raised on one elbow and looked at him.

"Drew! I just had a thought...if you'd like to...I mean if it's something you would want to do. know...we're only two miles from your college here. You could live here and go to school if you wanted. No pressure...I'm just offering may want to live in the was just an idea...but you can if you wanna...stay here I mean. I know I'd like you being here. You can even bring guys over if you need a place to have sex, you'll have your room an privacy. Think about it, okay."

"Hank do you really mean that?"

"Yes I do Drew. Every word.."

"Will we still get to be like this together Hank.?"

"If you want that , yes. I know I will want to be with you that way if I can."

"Hank, it sounds perfect except for one thing. I wouldn't ever be bringing a guy over for sex as long as you're here. No one ever made me feel like you do. Yes I'll stay here with you. I'll stay.

The End.....for now.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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