The Brotherhood is an international super secret organization of men. Its origins may lead well back to before antiquity. Members of the Brotherhood are sworn to a long standing oath of 'Secrecy, Fidelity, Magic, and, of course, Brotherhood.' They are forbidden to discuss the Brotherhood with anyone who is not a 'Brother' or a pledge and they are sworn to protect the Brotherhood with their very souls.

Within the Brotherhood there are many levels. Some of the higher levels are so shrouded in mystery that only the most senior-ranking Brothers know of them. My grandpa is one of the highest-ranking members of the Brotherhood. No one dares cross him and yet, he is, to me, a great man. He is the head of the super secret CSS (The Council of Secret Security).

It's said that the CSS keeps watch on every member of the Brotherhood at all times. They are even said to have the power to read thoughts and invade minds.

The emblem of the Brotherhood is an Erect Dick and Balls. Pictured inside the Dick, sits a man with his legs crossed in a yoga style. His bended legs are positions so that one leg falls in one sack of the Balls and his other legs falls in the other sack. His back is straight and his eyes close. He holds his hands directly above his head with his arm stretched straight up. His fingertips meet, forming a pyramid that points to the head of the Erect Dick.

In the Brotherhood, the Dick is worshipped for it power. It is a man's tool of creation, power, pleasure, and next to the heart, the dick is the place of desire and his soul. A man gives oath to the Brotherhood on his dick and testicles. This oath is called a 'Testament' and it is the most sacred oath any man of the Brotherhood can give.

I know most of this only because I found my dad's safe left open a few times. One night, he had gone to the hallway to take a call from grandpa. As I was walking past his room, I saw the door to his secret closet open so I quietly slipped in his bedroom. There isn't much in his secret closet but a single large metal combination safe.

The safe was also left open so . . . . In the safe, there were three sets of shelves. On the top shelve were handcuffs, ropes, a whip, metal clamps, a leather belt, several neatly arranged needles filled with a various colored solutions and a sharp, shinny shaving razor -- the old-fashion kind that barbers used to give a man a shave.

On the next shelf down were rows of books on mystical arts; the male anatomy, erotic drugs and their usages. There were also volumes on bondage, mind control, discipline and humiliation. Last, there are the records of the Brotherhood; it's tradition and history.

At the bottom of the safe were stacks and stacks of pictures. I only saw one - the top one and it looked like a picture of my brother - my oldest brother. He was naked and on his knees being fucked from behind by a man wearing a black mask. My brother had a black eye and red whip marks across his naked white body. There were other naked masked men standing around in a line, as if they were waiting their turn to fuck and beat him. I couldn't be seeing this correctly. I wanted to take a closer look but just then I heard my dad coming back to the room so I quickly slipped out of his bedroom. I went through the adjoining bathroom and creped out through the second bathroom door, which opens to the hallway. If my dad had caught me, I'm sure he would have stripped me naked and beat my pale ass good.

My mind tried to make some sense of the photo I had seen. I doubted that I saw the picture correctly. Dad wouldn't take pictures like that or even keep them. It must have been the lighting in the room that made the picture look like what I thought I saw. It had to be the lighting.

My dad is a full member of the Brotherhood as are his brothers. My brothers are now junior members and my Eve of Pledge and Initiation begins tomorrow night, on the eve of my birthday. A junior member can petition for full membership on the first winter solstice, one year after his Initiation. That's if he makes it through his Initiation. I've heard that there are those that don't make it and are 'finished.' Whatever that means.

I'm not really worried about my Initiation but I just wish I knew what to expect. My brothers refuse to tell me what happens at the Initiation, which lasts for three nights but I don't care. I have waited all my life to join the Brotherhood; to be like my dad and his dad and my brothers. I felt so left out when they would go to their meetings or trips and leave me at my mom's house. I would have to stay with her, sometimes for days, until my dad came back to get me.

Mom and dad split years ago, right after I was born. According to her, she only married dad because the Brotherhood offered to pay her to bear his children. They chose her like they do all the women that marry a Brother; because she was healthy, clean, fertile and voracious enough to sell all of her paternal rights to the Brotherhood. According to the story, doctors of the Brotherhood injected her with hormone shots for each pregnancy to ensure that she would bare only male children. It may sound sexist but only the male child is important to the Brotherhood. Allegedly she negotiated a great deal was paid $50,000 for each boy so mom walked away with $400,000.

My brothers and I have never really been that close to mom. She's smart, really smart but she's always been very calculating and cold. With the money she received from the Brotherhood for her childbearing duties, mom has done pretty well for herself. She owns her own real estate business, a brokerage firm, a small resort on the coastline, a home in the suburbs and two condos in the heart of the city. She's even secretly seeing a Black cop; who's really a nice guy -- too nice to be a cop and far too nice to be with mom.

Even with all of mom's success, I never liked being with her. None of my brothers do. And she's not that crazy about us. She only needs her 'children' from time to time for social events. With one of her children by her side, she looks like a kind, caring, divorced mother that happened to 'make it.' For some reason, people love it when she plays the 'victimized women that overcame' role. I think that's why people have underestimated her, trusted her and found out only later that she's a business woman though and through; a true shark.

I always love being with my dad and my brothers. My dad is tough, I admit that but he is a very loving man to my brothers and me and we love him and respect him. He never spared the rod and still doesn't even now. If my brothers or I step out of line, he has no problem yanking down our pants to our ankles and smacking or whipping our bare asses until they are red.

He even smiles as his whips our naked asses; enjoying each slap. It reminds him of how much power he has as the king of house. In the Brotherhood, a son is the sole property of his father and a father is the king of his home. So, if a dad wants to tare the asses of his boys, he has the right to. After a good whipping, dad always makes us thank him and we have to leave our pants off so he can see the red ass he gave us as we walk around the house.

Usually, around the house, dad makes me and my brother roam around completely naked He says he sees no reason why we have to hide behind our clothes in a house full of men. Only he gets to wear clothes while we have to stay naked. It's another way dad shows his power over us.

Seeing my brother's naked always gets my cock hard and throbbing. We're all tall, slim build, milky-skinned with blonde hair, blue or green eye, rosy pink nipples and a fat dick covered by creamy foreskin. Our asses are pale, plump and rounded white ass cheeks with a beautiful red hole in the crack. Its embarrassing walking around with my dick throbbing and hard for my brothers and there is nowhere to hide. But dad loves it.

All the dad's of the Brotherhood love having so much control over their boys. One of the sayings of the Brotherhood is, 'a father's dick make his sons.'

Whenever we pass dad, sometimes, he'll playfully pinch our nipples, or jerk our cock or smack us on our bare ass. Smacking us on our bare ass really makes him smile because his smack leaves a temporary handprint on our ass. He loves seeing that.

Though, he is usually fully dressed in the house, normally he's barefeet with his shirt unbutton exposing his beautiful muscular bare chest with large nipples. My brothers and I love dad's nipples. And he usually wears his jeans, which make his ass look great. A pleasure surge always shoots through my body when I see my dad's fat ass in his jeans and though I kiss him from time to time on his lips, I can't help but think of another pair of lips on dad's body that I'd like to kiss. I try to push those thoughts out of my head. I know a son is not supposed to look at his dad like that but I can't help it. He has a great body and a great ass.

I have seven older brothers, Rupert is the oldest. Then it's Simon, Boomer (whose actual name is Bruce), Val (short for Valentino) Glen, Rhett, and Monty. We've fooled around a bit with each other. Can't help that when we're naked most of time but nothing heavy; just sucked each other off. I believe my dad has even spied on us, catching us in the act. I think that's why he affectionately calls us his 'fags.'

My brothers and I used to play around with each other all the time until they joined the Brotherhood. Now they don't even do that with me any more. They tell me they can't fool around with me because I'm not a 'Brother.' They still hang out together . . . but now, without me, of course. I can't freakin' wait to join the Brotherhood.

I remember asking mom about the Brotherhood one night when I was at her condo and her face turned three shades of pale - ghostly pale. Women are not allowed to join so she knows very little about them but whatever she knows, terrifies her. Women are not even permitted to know of the location of the Temple or to even enter the Temple if they came to know of its location. Men of the Brotherhood are forbidden to talk of it to any non-brother (all of whom are called 'Outsiders'). The Brotherhood is so powerful that mom didn't answer my question. Instead she told me, in a trembling voice, never to speak of them again. But tomorrow is my day; when I become a Brother and then . . . .

'Royce!' My attention is quickly snapped back to my science teacher, Professor. Liddel. I had been lost in thought, thinking of tomorrow night but now I have to focus on school. I quickly sit up at my desk and . . . 'yes, Sir?'

'Mr. Chadler, I suggest that you focus on this class when you are in attendance rather than allowing your mind to wonder. That is, if you want to graduate,' scolds the Professor.

'Yes, Sir,' I mumble as the other students giggle and laugh.

'SILENCE!' snaps Professor Liddel to the other students. 'I did not utter one humorous word, so those of you that are laughing lack the intelligence to discern a serious comment from one made in jest. Thus, to raise your low aptitude, you will read chapters 6 and 7 of your manuals, complete the exercises at the end of both chapters and write a full summary report - all of which are due tomorrow.'

'How are we going do all of that? I mean . . . like . . . read this stuff and write a report?' objects Nancy Losern, the head cheerleader of the school. 'Some of us . . . like, um . . . don't have time, 'specially with practice for the big game and . . . like . . . our other classes and stuff.'

'Then I suggest you either read and write very quickly or re-organize your schedule,' snaps the Professor. 'Of course, a final solution would be to . . . like . . . fail this class and . . . like . . .um . . . repeat your senior year, Ms. Losern. Obviously, an additional year of English studies would be a great benefit to you.'

The bell rings and the students gather their things and rise to leave the class all the while grumbling and moaning about the assignment.

I gather my books and load them into my backpack. I take out the envelope my dad gave me.

The Professor is loading in books into his briefcase. Without even turning to see who is approaching him, he says, 'yes Mr. Chadler.'

'Sir, this is a note from my father. Um . . . I will be out of school for a few days.'

Professor Liddel turns to face me. He lowers his glasses just enough so he can glare at me above them. 'And what is the reason for this absence,' he asks.

'Um . . .' I don't want to lie but I can't talk about the Brotherhood. 'I have to do something for my father,' I stammer.

'I see. Obviously, from your brief reply, I gather this 'task' you must perform for your father is very in-depth and complicated so I thank you for sparing me the details and being so concise,' he says as he takes the envelope from me and tears it open. Unfolding the letter within, he begins reading.

Stretching my neck, I glace down at the note, trying to read what my dad wrote but there are only lines of symbols on the paper, nothing which makes sense but it brings a smile to Professor Liddel's face so I brace myself for another one of his smug remarks. He's going to think my dad is too dumb to write. But to my surprise . . .

'I see you have a birthday in two days, Mr. Chadler.'

'Yes sir.'

His smile widens. 'Yes,' he whispers to himself as his eyes look me up and down. It's the first time I have ever seen him actually smile. Though he can be a very pompous, uptight asshole, the Professor is a smart and refine-looking man. He's not as tall as my dad and definitely not at muscular. His body is thinner. The top of his head is bald and his remaining dark hair is only on the sides of his head. His face is very stern but there is happiness buried in his eyes. They look as if he knows some secret joke that no one else around him knows. He is a brilliant man. Having won several international science awards, he is well respected around the world in the science community.

'That's very interesting,' he says as he pockets my note. 'I look forward to your 'party.'

He stares at me for a moment with a grin. 'I will inform your other instructors of your absence,' he says as he gathers his briefcase and books.

'Thank you, sir.'

'You're dismissed. You may leave for the day.'

'Sir? What about my other classes?'

'I have addressed that issue, Mr. Chadler. There is a car waiting at the east gate of the campus to take you home. Good day.' With that, he turns and strides away.

Following him out of the class, I head to my locker to drop off my books. My brother Rhett is there.

'Rhett, you won't believe this but Professor Liddel said . . .'

'I know,' he cuts in before I can finish. 'he said you can leave for the day. Now you know, you and dad will have the house to yourselves tonight. The rest of us will stay over a grandpa's and see you tomorrow at the . . . 'meeting.'

'You mean, my initiation.'

Rhett just stares at me for a moment in shock. He leans forward, closer to me and without saying a word I hear his voice in my head whispering to me, 'be careful what you say in public from now on, Royce.'

I can only stare back at him. 'What,' I ask. 'How are you . . .'

Still without moving his mouth, I hear his voice in my head say 'they can do more than this so don't cross them. And whatever dad tells you to do, whatever he wants, do it, Royce. He's dad and we belong to him; every part of us belongs to him and the Brotherhood.'

'Sure,' I mumble still in shock. I put my backpack in the locker and turn to leave.

Rhett grabs me and hugs me. 'I love you, little bro. We all do but he is going to break you - he going to break every part of you in order to make you into what the Brotherhood wants.'

'And what is that?'

'You'll understand and you'll be one of us soon. Then we can 'play' again. Just remember, do whatever they tell you. Don't resist them.'

I ask my brother to walk with me. 'There's suppose to be a car waiting for me'

Rhett releases me and begins walking to his next class. He says over his shoulder, 'every Brother must take this walk on his own.'

As I walk to the east gate of the campus, my nervousness grows. Maybe I'm just excited. I was happy that my time to join the Brotherhood is coming but now, I realize this has to be a big event to get time off from school. Whatever's going to happen to me is out of my control.

I make my way across the overpass, connecting the building to the east wing and sure enough, there is a black SUV waiting in the parking lot. As I approach the car, the driver and passenger doors pop open. Two tall, muscular, baldhead men step out on either side of the car. The man on the driver's side is older and obviously the senior. Both men are dressed in long black coats with mandarin collars. On the senior's collar are two red 'Y's.' I recognize it as a sign of the Brotherhood. The 'Y' actually represents the male chromosome. To the Brotherhood, it is also the symbol of the Dick and two Balls. 'Come with us, Royce,' says the senior agent. Even though I have never met them, I'm sure these two are from the CSS, the Brotherhood's security branch.

The younger man on the passenger side, steps back to the back door and opens it for me. I don't know why but for a second, I stop and think of running; making a break for it but then I see the older man smile a very gentle smile and says, 'now boy, you know that would be a very foolish thing to try.'

Can he read my thoughts?

His eyes are steel green and piercing as though he can see right through me. 'Make your choice, boy.'

I made my choice long ago.

The ride to my house is silent. Only the soft hum of the car can be heard and the sound of the tires crushing the last of the winter snow.

As we pull up to my house, dad is standing in front. He smokes one of his large cigars. For the first time, I really look at him. He's handsome; a big guy with platinum blond and gray hair cut into a buzz cut. His shoulders are broad and his chest wide. He stands so proud, bold, unafraid of anything but here I am, one of his son, trembling in my boots.

I climb out of the car and walk up the pathway to my dad. He pulls me to him and hugs me. 'I am so glad you didn't try to run. You made the right choice, son.'

He holds my face gently in his hands and looking directly into my eyes, he says 'I would have been very sad to have lost you today.' His clear blue eyes are so sincere and filled with emotion that I think to myself, 'I'm glad I didn't run.'

'Get upstairs and get your clothes off. Leave them in the hallway. The servants will get them. Stay in my room until I come for. Don't move anything and sit only on the floor. Understand.'

'Yes sir,' I whisper.

'Now go,' he says as he slaps me on the ass.

I scurry around him and head into the house.

The two agents approach dad and they all gladly embrace. Together they stand in front of the house; talking and laughing a while before dad brings them inside.

The house is warm inside and my dad's male servants are busy in the kitchen cooking a feast that smells delicious.

I climb the stairs and race to my dad's room. Without missing a beat, I quickly strip of my clothes and drop them in the hallway.

It's cold in dad's room and I want to get under the blanket but my dad told me not to move anything and to sit only on the floor. My feet are cold on the uncarpeted floor. I walk around the room trying to keep moving to get warm but the room is just freezing.

My dad and the agents are laughing and having a great time, downstairs. I can hear the sound of silverware scrapping the plates, a sign that they are enjoying whatever the servant's cooked for them. My stomach rumbles. I haven't eaten since breakfast. I thought the food was for my party so when is dad going to let me eat?

As I wait for my dad, minutes turn into an hour and an hour into another. Finally, I decide to lay down on dad's bed. I know he said not to but I carefully take a corner of the blanket and wrap it around myself. I should be able to hear him coming up the stairs and I can get up and straighten the bed before he gets here. I lay my head down on the comfortable bed, just for a second to rest and get warm and . . .

'Why did you disobey me?'

I awake to find my dad standing over me. Though the bedroom window, I can see it's now dark outside. I must have been sleeping for a while.

'I'm, I'm sorry,' I stutter as I quickly get off his bed and race to straighten and smooth out the blanket.

As I bend forward to straighten the blanket, dad forces my face down onto the bed. I know what's coming. The leather strap of his belt cuts through the air and smacks my ass hard. I cry out as I feel the sting. He swings his belt again and again, whipping my naked ass. Each sting hurts more than the last but I don't try to resist. That would really make dad whip my ass even more.

Finally, he finishes beating me. Dropping the strap, he runs his now free hand over my sore ass cheeks. I don't have to look at him to know he's enjoying the sight of the red marks his discipline has left on my rear.

After a moment, 'Stand up,' he commands. 'and straighten my bed.'

'Yes, sir.'

I race around his huge king size bed straighten the blanket.

'Are you going to challenge an disrespect me on your Eve of Pledge.'

'No, sir . . .'

' I gave you one task and you couldn't even do that. Maybe you're not ready to be a Brother. I'll call it off.'

'No, dad. Please,' I beg. 'I'll do whatever you want. I promise. Anything you want, I'll do it. I swear.'

He stares at me for a moment, seriously considering canceling my Eve of Pledge. Finally, he growls, 'You better. You better do everything you are told to do.'

'yes, sir.' I breathe a sigh of relief.

'Tonight is the only night I have to get you ready for what will happen tomorrow. Royce, you must both listen and do exactly as I say not as you hear.'


Dad's eyes glare at me and steps towards me.'

'I mean, 'yes, sir.''

Instead of hitting me, he grabs me in a hug again and I hold him close and deeply inhaled him, his smell. I know he just whipped me but I deserved it. And even if I didn't he's dad so that's his right.

I love the way my father smells. His manly scent is a mix of soap, a little bit of sweat and man smell. I love how he hugs me; tightly with one hand on my back and the other on my ass. I just look up at him, admiring him. A son knows if his father is beautiful and my dad really is. I've always had a crush on him. All my brother do. Is that wrong? . . . To know your dad is a beautiful and powerful man.

As he holds me, I realize he has no shirt on. Mainly because his blond chest hairs are tickling my nipples. 'You're going to sleep here tonight.' As he releases me, he steps back to kick of his shoes. Then lifting one foot, he pulls of his sock and then the other. 'Lay on the bed.'

I turn and reach to pull down the covers and almost fall forward as dad kicks me on the ass. I turn to him, not questioning his authority but just wanting to know what I did.

'You better start listening to me, boy,' he scowls. 'When I tell you to do something, do exactly as I say and no more.'

'Yes sir.'

I climb onto the bed and lay down.

Dad stands at the side of the bed, looking down on me as he strips off his pants. He's naked now -- his beautiful nipples, huge cock and balls. His dick isn't even hard now and it's still huge.

I just lay naked in front of my dad, studying his body. And I love that he's not ashamed to be naked so I'm not ashamed. He looks over my body and smiles with satisfaction and pride.

The cool air and his stare makes my dick bone-up fast. My eyes are glued to his dick. I want to kiss his dick and suck him and lick his balls . . . and for a second, I feel a little embarrassed about thinking these thoughts. Should I tell him? Dad always says he doesn't want any secrets between him and his sons, no matter what the secret may be.

Finally, as if he read my mind, he says, 'Yes, my dick made some pretty good-looking cock-suckers.'

'Thanks dad,' is all I can think to say.

'For what?' he asked.

For noticing what I want to do to you. That's what I want to say but instead I just say, 'Thanks for making me.'

An angry look forms on his face. 'Boy, before this night is over, I'm going to break you out of the habit of lying to me and keeping secrets. And trust me, the lesson I'm going to teach is going to hurt you but it's a lesson you will never forget. Don't lie to me again.'

He climbs over me into bed and lies next to me. Propping himself up on one elbow, he looks down at me. 'Do you know why so many of the outside men are lost, Royce?'

I shake my head 'no.'

'Because they have no king to honor, no king to worship; to help them understand their place, their body, their cock. So the outside man believes that fucking and fighting and making money makes him a man.'

Half listening to my dad, I look over his body. My eyes stop on his nipples this time . . .

'Are you listening to me, boy?'

'Yes, yes, sir.'

'That's the second time tonight you've lie.' Dad takes my hand and gently places it on his nipple. 'One more lie . . .'

'Yes sir.'

'With the outsiders,' he continues, 'a father never lovingly touches his son's naked body. Never shows his son how to use his dick. The outsiders view this as wrong.'

I don't understand my dad's rambling. To me, every guy, even the outsiders, have a father and moments like these with their dad; where the two just lay around naked and talk and touch each other. What guy doesn't have a dad like that? Even though I don't understand what my dad is talking about, I love the sound of his voice and touching his nipple. I gently run my thumb across it and strum it.

'The ways of the Brotherhood are not like that of the outsiders. In the Brotherhood, a father teaches his son; his property to serve him and to trust him. A son must learn to trust his king with his mind, body and soul - even with his very life.'

My dick is rock hard and pre-semen is starting to stream. I put my hand over my cock so that my dad can't see me getting erect. He pushes my hand away then places his hand on my nipple.

'Every son needs a father, a king and a master to teach him love,' dad pauses, leans forward and kisses me on the lips.

Then he says 'and a son needs a father to also teach him pain.' Right then, he twists my nipple hard. I gasp. He holds it tight for a moment and grins as waves of both pain and pleasure rush through my body. Then he releases it. Though his pinch hurt, it also felt good. My nipple is now tingling from his roughness.

He lovingly runs his hand through my hair and the more he touches me, the more I want to serve him.

'Tonight, I will show you both love and pain so that you will not be afraid of either one. The outside man spends his life running from both.'

As he talks to me, I am not afraid any more about my Initiation any more. Dad will be there to protect me.'

I look up at him and ask, 'Dad?'

'Yea, Roycey.'

I want to say it but can't.

'Lie to me or keep a secret from me now and this will be your third strike for the night, boy.'

'No dad!'

'Then what is it.'

'I . . . I want to kiss . . . you.'

'What's stopping you?'

'I want to kiss you, but . . . somewhere else.'

'You can kiss your father anywhere you want.' He gently begins stroking my hair again.

Slowly I moved towards his chest, open my mouth and sucks on his nipple. I can feel him as he presses his chest to my mouth. He moans a little with pleasure and whispers 'good boy. Show daddy you love him and you want to serve him.'

The more he tells me to show him how much I love him, the more I suck and lick and bite on his nipple. He turns his chest and slides his other nipple to my mouth. I suck on that one until I feel his stiff dick poking at me, calling for my mouth. He told me not to hold any secrets from him and I want him to know I love him with all my heart. And I've been waiting to suck his dick since I can remember. I began to kiss and lick his body down, across his stomach to his big ivory cock.

He rolls over onto his back while I crawl across his leg and position myself between his muscular thighs. Then I kiss cock. Lick his cock, then his balls, worshiping his cock. I buried my face in his hairy bush and inhaled him, his manly scent of his crouch and I love it.

He places one hand under his head to prop himself up so he can look down at me and puts the other hand on the back of my head. 'Suck your father's cock, boy. That's where you and your brothers came from.'

I've sucked my brothers' dicks but my dad is different. I'm worshiping the tool he used to make my brothers and me and now my brother's dicks and mine seemed like minor copies compared to his. He had actually made us with his dick. I slip his big cock in my mouth, deep into my mouth until the head pushes against the back of my throat. I try to take as much in my mouth as I can but his dick is too big. I look up at him. He's smiling with pleasure. 'yes dad, I think, I'm your property; your 'anything-you-want-me-to-be.' And you are my King.

'Good boy,' he says as if he heard my thoughts. 'You're learning your place.'

I love sucking his dick but there is one thing that I have always wanted to do for him. Finally, I build up the confidence. I'm going to do it. I lick his balls and then follow his crease between his legs down to the crack of his ass.

I can smell the scent of his hole and I want to kiss that hole. Dad pulls his legs up to his chest exposing his manhole to me. Finally, there it is. I press my face into his crack. For the first time, my lips kiss his pink hole.

I will never forget this moment. Since I was born, I've always had to share dad with my brothers; not that I don't love my brothers. He's their dad too but tonight . . . tonight, I have him all to myself.

He swings his legs over my head, rolls over and gets up on his knees so that his beautiful round white ass is right in front of my face.

Now both of us are on our knees with me behind him, he looks back at me and says, 'go on, boy. Kiss my ass.'

Slowly, I lick his beautifully round pale white cheeks, working my face between them until I kiss and lick his asshole deeply. I push my tongue as deep as I can into his warm, smooth hole. Tasting him. I love the smell and taste of his crack.

I want to touch and kiss and lick every part of his body.

I lick down the back of his thighs, his knees . . . down to his beautiful feet and back up to his ass.

I am so excited that my heart is racing so fast that I can't catch my breath. I'm beginning to trembling. I just don't want this to be a dream and if it is a dream, there is so much I want to explore and touch and taste on his body before I wake up.

'Slow down,' he whispers. 'I'm not going anywhere.'

I lower myself back to his feet and kiss the soles of his feet. He turns over and lies on his back again. He holds his feet up to my face. I suck on his feet and rub them down over my nipples and cock and back up to my mouth.

Dad isn't forcing me to do anything. He's allowing me to play with his body and he's right. As I play with my king's body - as I worship his body, I learned more about my own. I feel so free, shameless and unafraid. Now, I know in my soul that I would do anything for him. And somehow, I feel that he knows that. I look up at him.

Smiling, dad playfully pushes one foot into my mouth, then pulls that one out and pushes the other in, alternating between the two. I just opened my mouth wide and let him put his beautiful barefeet in.

'Play with your tits and dick, boy,' he tells me. 'Show daddy how you play with the dick I gave you.'

I start pinching my nipples with one hand, while stroking my cock with the other. I love the feeling my nipples give me when they're played with. And strumming my cock, especially with dad laying here, watching me and enjoying it - this is heaven. I keep sucking his feet as I play with myself. I'm getting close. I can feel it. Any minute I'm going to cream right here with my dad watching me.

Suddenly, he pulls his foot out of my mouth and sits up. 'Go over to the other side of the room,' he commands.


'Get your white ass over to the other side of the room.'

Reluctantly, I make my way off of the bed and walked over to the other side of the room wondering what I did wrong. I turn around and look back at my dad.

'Receiving pleasure is one side but there is also giving pleasure. In the Brotherhood, you must never think of just yourself. To truly love a Brother, you must know your place and be willing to submit to the desires of a senior Brother even if his desire means pain for you.'

He swings his feet over the side of the bed and sits on the edge. 'You have to learn to submit to pain and never resist. If you resist, the pain will increase until you are 'finished.''

'Yes, sir.'

'Put you hands behind your head and spread your legs as far apart as you can.'

I reluctantly do as he wants but I just want to cum. As I stand there with my hands behind my head and my legs spread wide I feel . . . silly.

'Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to me.' He orders.

Embarrassed and little self-conscious, I smile and sort of chuckle. Dad's face turns red and furious! Suddenly, I feel as though an invisible fireball hits me in the chest, knocking the wind out of me. I stagger backwards and fight to keep my balance. The room is spinning and I my head is so dizzy. My legs buckle under and I fall to the floor, on my hands and knees just as dad wanted me to. I look up at my dad who is still sitting on the side of the bed. He hasn't moved. Did he do that to me?

'I warned you, boy. Your shame and pride mean nothing to me. You will submit to me and to all of the Brothers. A disobedient son must be at his father's feet; black-eyed, beaten, barefeet, naked and begging for his daddy until that son has lost all shame, all pride and has nothing but the will to serve his king without any reservations. Now, crawl to me.'

I began crawling to him. I crawl to his fat white feet and stop right in front of him.

I'm going to have to break you, boy so that you never forget, no matter what we do, I am always your father, your king and you master. I'm going to have to break you out of lying and keeping secrets. If I don't break you, the Brotherhood will or they will 'finish' you because no man ever leaves the Brotherhood.'

Dad yanks my head up by my hair and slaps my face hard. 'You're my faggot, my cock-sucker and my ass-kisser. Say it!'

'I'm, I'm your faggot, your cock-sucker, and your ass kisser.'

He slaps me again. 'Where do you belong!'

'At your feet, sir. Naked, black eyed, beaten, beaten, barefeet and begging. Broken of all pride and shame.'

Dad smiles.

'Now, cry for me. Let me see you cry for daddy.' He slaps me again across the face and then again with his backhand. Tears began to roll down my face.

Gently, he lifts my teary eyed face up to look at him. I feel myself surrendering to him as though my soul is opening to him. Anything he wants to do to me, anything he want me to do - I won't resist.

'That's better,' he says. 'Shame and dignity give a son a false sense of pride and importance instead of knowing he exists for his king. You will do what I say because you will think of your king before yourself. And remember, there is no one that can protect you from us. I can do anything I want with you and no one can protect you.

'Yes sir,' I cry. 'I'll do anything you want.' I know the Brotherhood is very powerful. There is nowhere to run from them, no getting out, no hiding. Not now or ever.

'Look at my cock-sucker, crying for his daddy.' He gently runs his fingers across my face. 'You have a beautiful face, boy. I made beautiful boys. Don't you think so?'

'Only if you do, sir.'

Dad likes that answer. Picking his strap up from the floor, he wraps it tightly around his fist. 'You're naked, boy. Barefeet, beaten and begging but there is one thing missing.'

'Yes, sir.' I know what's coming and I want it. I want to totally belong to him because I really love him. I really fell in love with him tonight so I hold my head up for him, waiting.

'That 'a boy. I'm going to give you a good one,' he says with a grin on his face, 'just like I did to all of your brothers the night before their Pledge. He draws back his fist . . . 'This is the part I really love doing to you boys.'



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