It felt just like a regular day but this day was going to change his life for ever. As Samii left the car everyone got out to hug him farewell. Everybody was filled with excitement, his mother Erika burst into tears. His father Mika gave him a big check that he felt that Samii deserved, he was so proud.

As i (Samii) left and stepped into the airport it felt kinda weird, I've never been arriving with plane before. It was so much to go through before you stepped into the plane. As the time i went into several shops, there was loads of tax-free goods.

As i stepped into the plane i got very nervous and asked the staff for help, if there is anything to worry about but they just told me that i should just try to lean back and relax... its just natural to feel a bit anxious. The trip wasn't that bad to be honest, I enjoyed flying a lot i figured and the service was excellent. It just took around 2 hours to arrive to Liverpool Airport.

It took a lot faster to step of the plane and get out then in, all controls were done that will say. I already had a taxi waiting to pick me up that the company has charged, but it just felt so weird to ride on the wrong side. It took a long time for me to adjust to left traffic. The journey from the airport went very smooth and i arrived at Manchester in no-time.

I had rented a cheap 1 room flat in Levenshulme, most was pretty expensive and I wasn't fussy. I just had a bed, a table, some chairs, a painting, a TV and a laptop, I had all my laundry in my bag and books in the table. The feeling just to step into your first flat was amazing, the feeling of complete freedom. I couldn't help to turn on a porn movie on the TV and i celebrate it with a Wank. There was no time to spare so i just took of my clothes as fast as i can, yet i ripped a hole in my T-shirt along but i didn't care. After it i just laid gently in my bed and started to stroke my hard dick, up and down, and played with my balls. I grabbed a dirty sock fast and just filled it with cum, i just feel at the top of the world.

I started at work on Monday so i had the weekend free (It was Thursday night). After it i brushed my teeth naked and slept in the bed naked the first time. Hehe bloody hell i would not want to see my father reaction if he would caught me erected, he has a Christian fanatic so mostly everything was a sin.

The day after did i started my computer and spoke with my Swedish buddies through Skype, at the same time we played World of Warcraft. The time just flew by and it set for evening, i became pretty bored so i headed for the local pug just to grab a beer & vodka shot. As usually mostly was over crowded so i headed a few blocks away to some Irish pub. As soon as I got my first beer i spotted a very cute girl. I quickly drank my beer up and ordered 3 more, 2 for me and 1 for her.

''May i ask why a beauty like you is siting here by your self? I am new in town, is it alright if i sit next to you?''. My accent is far from good but i think that it can be a a bit charming cause the gal showed interest in me on the spot.

''Oh my you got a cute accent, may i ask where ye' from?'' did she say with the most adoring Irish accent there was.

''I am a Fin actually but i used to live in a town called Nyköping in Sweden, do ye want a beer Las'?''. I tried to imitate her Irish accent but failed completely but she just started to giggle.

''Aye i would love a beer lad, beer and whiskey is the Irish gold you know? We Irish has the rumor of being drunks hehe, alcohol is our sweets''

'' Oh really i didn't notice since you just sip on the beer? Maybe i should offer you a Finnish Summer-soup?''

''What is a Finnish Summer-soup?''

''A flowery bowl filled with Finnish Koskenkorva, the best Finnish vodka''. I winked at her and smiled.

''Hahaha shuure lad i would love to'' She just keep giggling.

We just had a few drinks afterwards and we hit it home to me for some special party-time. We booth were very drunk at that point, i was free and available so why not.

We started making out and undressing each other slowly and started stroking each other on the private parts. We booth laid in bed and i started humping her, no fore-play, no feelings, just plain sex. I had forgotten the condom at that point but it didn't matter. She started moan loud as i started to climax and in matter of seconds my dick erupted in her pussy. Ah the feeling of complete privacy far, far... really far away from your parents were just awesome.

We spend the rest of the weekend together but nothing more special didn't happen except some delicious sex.

On the Monday afterwards did i head to the office for my first day at the work, I had just finished my apprenticeship in Journalism in Sweden and this was my step up. I had always wanted to be a reported for the mayor news papers.

Everyone welcomed me at the business with joy except the top journalist at that firm, we was a bit to arrogant and wanted me to show my self worthy before he could accept my ranks.

My first mission was to do a report of what the people tough of the new bar, so i picked up my pencils and paper and started interviewing random people everywhere on the streets. Many tough it was good, some preferred the bars that existed before around the area meanwhile others just despited it, mostly old peoples tough. It was a gay bar tough, i didn't care i was just happy to be doing some money.

There was a special man that i interviewed that i got close to, we decided to exchange numbers just in case if we wanted to do something together. It was always fun to make new buddies, specially now when I'm new in town and a bit lonely.

After I've finished this i turned it in and the editor was happy with it, not to excited but happy.

Afterwards i called this man and asked if he wanted to go to the Pool hall and he accepted, it 15 min later we meet up and had a good time. He became a very close friend after a while and at the end Best Friends.

The time just flew by after it, I did really well at my work and even got promoted, Brianna (The Irish girl) become a close friend to me and a drink buddy, Nathan (The guy i become friends with while interviewing) spoke everyday and was best buds.

An half year later some of my co-workers had been planing a surprise-party at O'Shea's Irish Bar for my 20'th birthday and Nathan & Brianna was invited. Brianna called me and told me to come to the Irish pub since she wanted congratulate me on my birthday. I eagerly came there when everyone rose and yelled surprise!I got filled with joy and we had such fun during it. Frankly i can't say any more since i drank so much that day i had a big blackout.

The day after i woke up with a mayor hangover and i was feeling strange... my butt was soar and I had a mans arm resting over my shoulder. As i turned around i saw Nathan at my side, laying as the bigger spoon. I was complete chocked and then I saw a condom on my floor filled with sperm. I just started to panic and yelled furiously at Nathan.


''Uhm... pardon?..'' Did he say sleepy.

''You fucking fagot butt-raped me yesterday!''

''Wait... butt-rape?''

''Yes butt-rape! My butt is soar, i waked up next to YOU, I found this condom on the floor with FRESH SEMEN and with a horrible hangover and blackout! ARE YOU GAY!? IS THAT WHY YOU WANTED TO EXCHANGE NUMBERS!?''

''Erm... we both had to much to drink but i was slightly sober so i walked you to your room when you started stroking me and telling me that you were horny as fuck. I explained yesterday that i was Bisexual and you found it hot, for some reason, I have also given you many signs that i was Bisexual earlier. I tried to warn you that you would regret it but then you lend over me and started to make out and that just turned me on and the rest don't i remember.'' Did Nathan say.

''GET OUT!!!'' Did i yell as loud as possible.

''What... Wait... what?''

''GET OUT!!!''

''Alright... Just let me dress...''


Seconds after was Nathan out of the door in boxers and shirt, he had the rest on him but i didn't let him dress any more.

I just walked around the room in circles in chock state, i couldn't think, i couldn't speak, just walked anxiously. It was just to much for me to bare that day... The rest of the day did i just play World of Warcraft continuously, just to keep my self occupied and and not to think. I did this for 5 days until chief called me furiously and asked where I've been. I called my self sick the rest of the week.

On that Wednesday did i start to wonder what really happened here. I've been upraised as a Homophobic person, yet i care little for gays since its not me getting my ass-cracked... until Friday. Everything became so blur it was hard to think... I felt bad also for Nathan, although he warned me it was me that took the next step not him. Why? Why...Why...Why?

Spontaneously i called Nathan. He was very surprised to hear my voice. I told him to come to my flat and just speak, just speak i don't want any harm. We was a bit skeptical but eventually he decided to came, he was after all my best friend.

20 min later did he knock on my door, i opened and great him welcome.

''Nathan, is... there something more you remember that night? Everything is just so blur to me, there is nothing i remember. Its just so strange that it was I that took the step to having sex. I cant figure out why...''

''Well... to be honest Samii what i told you during the Friday was everything i remembered it, you start made out with me and i got excited and my dick become hard. Then you laid on the bed with me over you and we started undressing and you told me to do you hard, i hesitated but you you insisted. Lucky i had a condom that i used and then i just started to hump you in and out...''

''Please stop your making me nauseous!''. I got a bit of vomit running up in my throat but i didn't puke.

''Well thats all i know, hope you aren't to mad i still want to be your friend. I wasn't just expecting that and i was drunk as fuck'' did Nathan say.

''I felt a bit bad throwing you out but i panicked. Its yet very strange... I would not like to loose you as a friend, but its even hard for me to look you straight in the eyes. So embarrassed and confused, I've been heterosexual all my life but what happened to me there? Drugs? Or do i got deep hidden gay feelings inside i an suppressing everyday?. I haven't even went to work this week''

''Yeah its tough, just try to figure it out somehow''

''The only way I'm going to figure that out is it if I... try it sober... Its hard to me to ask you this but... b-b-but... could you... try to to rewind what happened... i mean... just to third-base and see if i enjoy it... other ways I'm just going to keep wonder why... I'm afraid... but I think its all i can do...'' Did i say.''

''Erm... Wow... I... I... Are you sure?''

''I am afraid so...''

''Well... are you ready?'' did Nathan say, I just nodded.

We first just stare at each other awkwardly but after a while he started making out with me. It just felt weird and awkward but I wasn't repulsed, like kissing your mother on the cheek. I kept making out cause i didn't know what to do, eventually he started stroking me and i could feel it. It felt strangely good. I did the same, just touching his trimmed body, from his neck down to his breast and to his six-pack. My dick started to harden now and he could feel it, so he took his hand stroking my package. I couldn't help it but a Electric pulse flow to my body as he touched my junk and i moaned. Nathan got turned on and his dick got real hard.

''Are you still sure Samii? I'm feeling it and i don't to pressure you at any point you know'' Did Nathan say.

I just nodded and started to make out once more, this time I'm pulling him into the bed. I laid on top of him and i could feel our dicks meet up through our pants.

''Sh...Shall i start suck it or do you want anything other? Shall you or?'' Did Nathan with a shy voice. He was so gentle.

''Yeah... just suck it baby''. It was a bit like if i was a different man for the moment. I it felt strange, yet extremely hot and exotic.

We started to undress each other then did Nathan just bend down to grab my penis and start sucking. He was not so sure what to do but he licked my balls first, polishing them clean meanwhile i just laid back and just felt with pleasure. Then he starting licking my sweet dick, and I could feel it all trough my body. But it wasn't until he putted into his mouth i just lost it.

''Awww.....Goooooood..... Don't stop.....'' Did i just moan rather loudly. Nathan just just smiled and kept going.

I couldn't hold it in, I have never gotten my climax that fast. ''Nathan... oww god... I... must warn you... aww god please don't stop!'' and after then i just shoot my load and i had never had that big load in my life, it felt like a bazooka, my whole body filled with pleasure... For a second did all my trouble disappear, i was in heaven. I had never gotten that exhausted from 5 minutes before. I just gasped for air meanwhile Nathan sucked me clean like a vacuum.

For at least 10 minutes no one told each other anything. I was just stunned out of the pleasure but also very chocked. Nathan didn't know what to say or do he just sat there waiting for me to say the first word.

I couldn't believe what i just experienced. There was no confusion, just chocked. I do not know why or how it felt so good, it was nothing like being with a girl... This was special. But I had hard accepting it.

''Erm... Nathan... I... I don't know what to say''

''Well Samii, i don't think it requires rocket science to see that you like that. So... Have you figured out that now?'' Asked Nathan.

''I have never cummed under that short period of time and that much. I am stunned and speechless... I have never tough of the possibility. There is no doubt i am... you know... but I... Don't know how to accept it myself mentally. With you... Oh god you know how to play the tunes meanwhile a chick just complains how to get better''

''It takes time to melt. I never tough either until i joined collage... I remembered Nick my roommate, when we figured it out we did it almost everyday''

''Is it Ok if we do this another time Nathan, maybe all the way? This was a real eye opened and I'm open for suggestions... but i don't know if I'm ready to go openly''

''If it is like this sure. Even for me this was hot, Way over average''

I just smiled afterwards and started staring at his dick. I was aroused and with out a word i started to kiss him again and he did it as well. Then i bended over and started to suck it. He started to moan lightly. It wasn't repulsing at all i enjoyed it. Then i started to lick his balls try and suck them clean, Nathan just kept moaning as well. Then I licked his sweet sweet lollipop and put it deep into my throat. I felt his hands behind my neck now and he starting fucking my face hard but then he stopped and said ''Oh this if soooo... gooood. But I'm entering my climax, if you don't my load i must warn you but i beg you not to stop...''

I just kept going and he moaned once more but this time really really load as he shoot his load in my mouth. Surprisingly it wasn't horrible taste it all, so sweet and salty.

''Wow... that was unexpected... was it as good for you as it was for me?'' Said Nathan.

''That sure was hot, it was not at all how I've tough it would be like''

''Oh shit! Man I'm sorry but i got to go, this was so unexpected i forgot i had an appointment with a customer. I'll came here this Friday and we will get down if its Ok?'' Did Nathan say.

''Oh yeah for sure just came by''

As Friday came by I heard someone knocking on the door, obviously it was Nathan.

''Oh good you've came, I haven't been able to stop thinking about us on Wednesday, just step in.''

''Yeah it was, so are you ready mate for another round? I brought Whip-cream this time'' did Nathan say and grinned.

Without any more words told we started to make out on the bed. We stroke each others package a lot until we started to undress. I was naked from the button up meanwhile Nathan was just in his briefs. Both of us was really hard and Nathan took that can of whipped-cream and poor it on my shoulder for him to lick it up. Suddenly we just hear a big loud noise coming from the room yelling ''GRATTIS!!''.

We both turn around and there was why whole family, my mother, my father and my brother standing with presents in they're hands and just staring at us, they just dropped it to the floor and something of it was glass cause it made crash sound. Nathan forgot to lock the door and they were on a surprise trip during the weekend to visit me.

No one said anything, everyone was just chocked. Then my brother yelled ''Vitun homo paskiainen!'' which means 'You fucking faggot!'. I just fainted afterwards. I sure wasn't prepared to get caught with another man pouring whip-cream on my chest undressed and had boners.




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