Zack and I became friends in high school. In my freshman year, I suspected that I might be gay. By my sophomore year, I knew I was, and I was hot for Zack. I wanted to tell him everything but was afraid of loosing his friendship.

Then, between our sophomore year and junior year, things changed. We had hiked down to the river to do some fishing. As we stood under a railroad bridge in the middle of no-where, Zack reeled in his line and after laying down his fishing rod he said, "Mark, I want to confess something to you and I hope like hell it won't affect our friendship."

"What is it, bud?" I said as I reeled in my line, then turned to face him.

I could see concern as well as fear in his face as he began to speak.

"Well, uh, I'm not sure how to say this, but I'm gay."

"You're what?" I asked.

"I'm gay. I have been for almost a year now."

"Holy shit! Really?"

"Yea. I'm into guys big time."

"You mean you like to suck guys cocks?"

"Yea, and take them up my ass. Do you hate me?"

"Hell no," I said. "To be honest, I'm sure I'm gay also although I've never done anything with a guy before. But, I have dreamed of having my first experience with you, but didn't know how to tell you."

"No fucking shit?" he asked. "Hell, I've wanted sex with you also."

"Zack, show me what it's like. Right here, right now. There's no one else around."

Smiling, he said, "Man, I'd like that." Stepping up to me, he took me in his arms and kissed me offering his tongue. I quickly responded by offering mine. After a long hot passionate kiss, we separated and he said, "If you learn the rest as quick as you did that, we're going to have fun."

He pulled off his tee shirt and said, "Let's get naked."

Soon we were both naked, looking each other over before staring at each other's hard cock.

Zack moved to me and slowly dropped to his knees. As my heart raced wildly, he licked the drop of emerging clear precum from my cock. Then without hesitation, he swallowed my cock and began sucking me. I moaned loudly in pleasure. He continued sucking me and it was awesome. Soon ne bought me to a climax and as it approached, I warned him. To my surprise, he continued sucking my cock which soon exploded into his mouth. Once he had me drained, he pulled off my cock, looked up into my face and swallowed.

"Mother fuck, man, you swallowed that shit?"

"Hell yea! I've checked and it's harmless. It's pure protein," he said, then asked, "How'd you enjoy that?"

"Fuck, I loved it. It was fantastic."

"Well, then, can I do it to you again sometime?"

"Hell yea, anytime," I replied. He smiled, then kissed me.

I wanted desperately to give him the same pleasure and slowly dropped to my knees. Nervously, I licked the precum from the tip of his cock, enjoying the sweet taste. Slowly, I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him as he had done me. After just a few moments, I was totally enjoying it and wanted to see what his cum tasted like. Soon, he warned me he was close in case I wanted to pull off. I didn't and suddenly his cock exploded, filling my mouth with his hot thick cum. I held it all in my mouth, savoring the taste, then looking up into Zack's face, I swallowed.

"Man, you're a fast learner. You gave an awesome blow job."

"Did I do it right?"

"Oh, fuck, yes. It was great." Then looking at me he asked, "What did you think of eating cum?"

"It wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was kind of tasty. I liked it."

"So do I," he said. "In fact when I jerk off in bed at night I catch it in my hand and eat it. Besides liking the way it taste, I don't leave any evidence for my parents to find."

"Good idea," I said.

We talked and when I asked how he got started, he said it was with a guy that he had babysat for so he and his wife could go out to a company picnic one Saturday afternoon. He said that as the man drove him home, that he noticed that the guy kept rubbing his crotch and was soon boned. Zack said he had wanted to suck a cock but never had a chance and decided to try it now. He said he reached over and grabbed the guys had cock and asked if he wanted it taken care of. The guy agreed and Zack said that he took the man's cock out and sucked him off there in the car. Zack said that they started calling him to sit with their kids and on the way home Zack would suck the man off. He said on the second time and each time after that the man would suck him off also. He said after about six months, the man's wife and kids flew home to see her mother. Zack would go over to the man's house and they would get naked and suck each other. Zack said on the second night he visited, the guy had Zack fuck him in the ass and Zack said he wanted to try it so the guy fucked him. He said he had been sucking and getting fucked as much as possible ever since.

We went skinny dipping in the river and when we got out, Zack asked me to fuck him. I did and it was awesome. I then asked Zack to fuck me. He warned me of the pain but said it would go away.

He was right on both accounts and after the pain let up, I loved having Zack's cock up my ass.

After that day,Zack and I had sex almost every day when we could. After graduation, we left for college and made sure we were room mates. That way, we could have sex every day, several times.

It was just after our senior year started that Zack and I told each other of the love we had for each other, and became lovers.

As graduation approached, I was interviewed by a company for a job. Not knowing how it would work out for Zack, I told the recruiter that my 'best friend and room mate' and I had talked and said how cool it would be to work together. He agreed to interview Zack and as a result we were both hired.

We moved into a nice two bedroom apartment although we only used one bedroom. We were in love and happy. After a year, Zack was recruited by another firm in town and went to work for them.

Then, just shy of a year later, Zack began having to 'work late'. Then when he did get home, he wasn't in the mood for sex. I became suspicious.

Having received a nice promotion, I had a nice savings and considered hiring a private detective to find out if he was really working or not. After much thought, I decided to see what I could find out on my own.

One afternoon, he called me at work and said he had to work late and probably wouldn't be home until late. I reluctantly said okay but I'd miss him. He said he'd miss me also and that he loved me.

Leaving work early, I hurried home and changed clothes, putting on all black clothes and grabbed my camera. I then called a cab to take me to a car rental agency and rented a car for an undetermined period, knowing that he wouldn't be suspicious of it in the apartment parking lot.

I hurriedly drove to his office building, parked where I could see the parking lot, and waited. Just minutes after five, I saw him leave his building, chatting with a co-worker, Carl baker, that he had introduced me to and that was gay also.

When they left the parking lot, Zack pulled in behind Carl. I eased into traffic behind Zack, keeping my distance. They went to a gay bar for an hour, then to Carl's house. I parked on the street and waited until it was completely dark.

With camera in hand, I eased out of the car and went to the gate on the side of the house. Luckily it was unlocked so I slipped in, leaving it open slightly. Easing around the house, which was surrounded by a high privacy fence, I found the patio and peered in.

There on the sofa was Zack and Carl, arms around each other passionately kissing. Grabbing my camera, I made sure the flash was off and the date and time stamp were turned on. I began taking pictures. I got pictures of them kissing, gropping, undressing each other sucking and fucking.

I eased back out of the yard and returned to my car and headed home, devastated at what I had seen.

I repeated this process three more times. Taking pictures each time. Then, when he was gone to his mothers out of town for the weekend, I loaded them on my computer and printed them all up. I knew he was gone for sure because I had taken him to the airport.

I grouped the pictures in order by date of occurrence. Now, I'd wait for my chance to confront him.

Two days after he returned, he called me saying he had to work late. I was waiting when he came out. Again, he followed Carl to the gay bar. I waited a moment then went in to confront him.

TO BE CONINUED................



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