Our father woke up thinking everything would be like a normal Friday. He got dressed and washed his hair, went down and started breakfast for his two boys, Tristan, and Dylan. We were both young, handsome, muscular, and hung, which he could proudly say, as he is the reason for it.

Dylan has a snow colored blonde hair, it is straight but curls in the summer time, he is the sweet one, you can tell by the look in his bright blue eyes when he is lying.

Tristan, on the other hand, has deep blue eyes that will make your heart beat so fast you think you stopped breathing, and deep brown hair, he is tricky one, crafty and smart, reminds me a lot of myself at his age. Now he would be lying if he said that his children were angels, well we are, but there are many more angels in hell than heaven.

He called down the stairs "Boys it's time for breakfast."

We came running down the stairs, and jumped into a chair. He smiled we loved his cooking. He laughed to himself. I smiled and said, "Today, we are going on a school field trip, to the zoo."

"The zoo? Aren't you both a little old for that." he asked not in a condemning way but just questioning.

Tristan cut in "We have to pick an animal and do a 5 page book report on it, due next week."

This appeased his curiosity to an extent, but as he was thinking he blurted out. "Wait you two forgot to let me sign your permission slips, how are you two going to go?"

We both laughed "dad you signed them last week."

"God I am getting old" He frowned,

I gave him a look of innocence, "Nah, dad you aren't that old, besides you are built like a god, you have the face of a twenty year old, you're just losing your mind." He couldn't help but laugh.

He was driving us to school, when suddenly the truck started acting strange, it was old truck, we'd probably had it 10 years. As dad pulled over to the curb, He got out and popped the hood; He got the tools out the trunk and started working on it.

I got out the truck and looked at him, "Is it bad? Are we gonna be late dad?"

He frowned and looked at me "a scale of one to ten, how important is it that you go to school today?"

I didn't budge, "oh that bad? well if we are gonna be here a while, I gotta pee, so I am gonna go across the street." I smiled and batted my pretty little eyes.

"This is a bad neighborhood son, so I don't want you going off alone. Tristan, go with your younger brother won't you."

Tristan looked at me funny and said "Dad, he is 15 he doesn't need me to help him take a piss."

That hit him wrong and he snapped back, "I don't care I wasn't really asking, now if you want to go to the zoo today go with your brother."

Tristan walked off toward a little café type building about a block away. I went inside and Tristan followed behind as instructed, as we were exiting I heard a loud bang of garbage cans from down the block, and the sound of gunshots, we were just in time to see a young boy, right around our age, in a bloody white Tee. We saw some other boys running off, we crouched next to the shot boy, he was pretty beat up, and I bent down and picked him up. "This little guy weighs a ton, help me Tristan."

"You got him, is he even alive?" He asked The boy looked at us in a haze like his world just went dark and said in the weakest voice "Thank you." He was out cold again. Tristan ran in front of me, dad was just finishing up with the truck, when he turned around and saw us "What the hell happened?" he asked in with a touch of fear in his voice.

Dad was always so level headed so I was weird to see worry on his face. "Dad, this guy has been shot he need help. We need to stop the bleeding," dad took off his shirt and tore it and took the boys off as well, there were scars, cuts and bruises in many different places, he began wrapping his shirt around the boy. "

That should hold the bleeding till we can get to the hospital." He said as he helped me put the boy into the truck. I hopped into the back with him and Tristan up front. We got there in barely any time, we took a 30 minute trip to the hospital in 10, Dad, used to be an EMT, and he knew how to drive fast, but safely. We pulled into the emergency care center. Dad hopped out and I and Tristan helped get him out of the truck. I carried him, He was a solid boy, not fat but just muscular I could tell he was suffering, the way he would moan occasionally, and grimace his face.

We ran through the doors and dad went to the lady at the counter, "This boy has been shot, and we need help now."

The lady looked up, an older lady, probably late fifties, and said "I am sorry, but we are full in the ER right now and, you have quite a line in front of you. Do you even have papers on the boy?"

That was not something you tell my Dad, he was seething with anger, he broke his cool temperance and said "I used to work here damn it, and I know good and well that we have 3 extra rooms in the back for this kind of emergency, and we have policy to help anyone who is seriously injured, regardless of medical details, so don't give me that bullshit Carol."

With that he took the boy and we walked to the back of the ER. He put the boy in room 109, and went to get a nurse. He found one "Nurse, find me doctor Johnson."

She said "He is with another patient so-"

he cut in "Jessica, I don't give a shit if he is with the president having tea, get him now."

"Okay, Christian calm down, what's wrong?" she asked

"A young boy has been shot, I don't know his name or anything but I can tell you, he needs help, please help me, My boys found him and they aren't used to this kind of thing. So I am begging you, go find Doctor Johnson."

I sat there with my hand on the wound, Tristan gave me a look and said "He isn't your responsibility, you don't have to do that, we have done our part." I went over to him and whispered, "what if it was you or me, would you want him to think that he had done his part?"

He looked at me and said "Dylan, I am sorry you are right, but don't say things like that I don't know what I would do if you got hurt like this."

"I am sorry, but I just want you to see why this is so important to me." Tristan smiled an came over and hugged me. Dad walked back in the room with Doctor Johnson, The doctor asked us all to leave, that the boy needed some space, we went to the waiting room, and roughly 9 hours later, the boy reappeared in wheelchair, his shoulder was all patched up.

"We had to do some surgery to remove the bullet, it looked as though it may have traveled deeper inside if hadn't, but he should be fine in around 4 months, but I don't suggest he does too much until then." As my dad was talking with the doctor about payment and what his options were. I heard him say to my father "We checked his file, he is from an orphanage, he went missing about 6 months ago, I can give you the address if you want to take him back. We all looked surprised to see him stand up and walking so fast, the doctor said he shouldn't be walking for a week, as it may open up his injury.

My father looked at me and said "give me the address."

I know I had a pained look in my eyes, because his word hurt, I don't know why they hurt my heart but they did. We left the hospital, and went to the orphanage; the boy rode beside me in the back. Tristan looked at him, "well you still haven't told us your name." he said with confidence only Tristan could produce without sounding cocky. The boy remained silent; I touched his good shoulder and said "You don't have to tell us, if you don't want to." The boy looked at me, this was the first time I notice how handsome he was, without the blood all over him, I could see his muscles through the gown, and he had the most breath-taking eyes. His sandy blonde hair seemed unreal, his body screamed sex. I was not gay, or at least I didn't think I was, but the boy was so amazingly handsome, suddenly the scar on his left cheek right below his eye, caught my attention. I couldn't help but stare a little bit.

He looked me in the eyes, and said "My name is Isaac, thank you for your help. I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble."

I said "It's nothing, we are happy to help, anyway we can, but what were you doing back there in the alley?"

The boy went silent, then the truck went silent, he looked at me and said "I was trying to make money, for some food but," he paused, "They didn't want to pay, they wanted free, and when I fought back they shot and then they went for my pants but they heard your footsteps and they ran off." "

Why were you trying to make money for food, you have a house and they have food." Tristan said sounding rather heartless.

"We didn't eat very often, and the man who runs the place would say if we were hungry, he had something to fill our complaining mouths with. He wasn't very understanding" he said touching one of the older looking wounds. As he said this we arrived at Saint Ken's Home for wayward boys.

The boy got out and thanked us ,seeing him leave made me a sick to my stomach knowing what probably laid waiting behind those doors, he began to pull out when Tristan stopped my dad from driving away, "Dad, we can't just leave him there, you can't just let him be abused and raped."

Dad put the truck in park, He looked at Tristan, "Son, I don't know what you expect me to do, I mean that kid has a hard life but it don't think we can save him like you think we can. Tristan's eyes filled with tears, I never seen Tristan cry he was always the strong one.

"Dad, what if it was one of us, would you leave us there for that to happen?" Dad almost started crying, he opened the glove compartment box and reached behind it, he pulled out probably around 5000 dollars, and said "you realize he is going to have to share a bed with one of us until I can get him one right?" he said as a last attempt to change our minds "Me and Dylan can make room for him."

He got out the truck and we followed him, an older looking man opened the door, and we walked in. He thanked us for our help, and then he remarked "I am sorry for the burden that brat has caused, he has always been a trouble maker."

Dad was seething again I could tell by the way his hands turned red and his knuckles white. "Well, I would like to adopt that 'brat' sir."

"You realize there is a lot of paper work and a process we must go through-"

Dad looked at him and said "He has been gone for six months, lets say you just lose him to me for that period as the paper work gets filed" he said as he handed him about half of the roll from his pants.

The man took the money and shook his hand, and said, I understand, he walked up stairs and we waited, I heard something that sounded like "Isaac, get your shit, someone has finally come around crazy enough to adopt your sorry ass."

This pissed us all off. We barely knew the guy but we hated him. Isaac got into the truck with us, and we started home, he looked out the window and didn't say much. We were on the way home, and we heard a low growl come from Isaac's stomach. Dad asked if the boy was hungry, he looked at him and said "I am fine, thank you though." About 15 minutes later It growled again, and we pulled into a small restaurant just a quick drive through burger was the plan.

We all ordered but, Isaac didn't say anything, just looked out the window. "Isaac, what do you want?" Dad asked.

"I am not very hungry." He said as his tummy made more sounds. "That isn't what your stomach says" dad insisted. "I don't have any money, and I am not going to be any more of a burden on you, and I can't pay you for it... with cash."

Dad looked like he had just been cut; he realized that, the boy, was so hungry and scared. Isaac probably thought that when they got to his new 'home' that our dad was going to have his way with him.

My dad touched his arm gently and said "None of us, are going to hurt you, I promise, we just want to take care of you." Isaac began to tear up. Dad just ordered him some fries and a burger plain, and asked them to give him one of each kind of condiment. It was late when we got home, and Tristan showed Isaac up to our room. Dad looked at me, and said " I feel so sorry for him, he seems so sweet, He hasn't said anything or done anything, but I can see it in his eyes, the innocents that they took from him, the fear. Dylan treat that boy like you would Tristan make him feel at home." I just nodded, and went up to bed.

I got up there, and heard Tristan say "you can choose who you wish to sleep with, don't worry neither of us will try anything if and that worries you me and my brother with share a bed and you can have your own." I couldn't hear what Isaac said, but when I walked through the door, I went and laid in one bed. Isaac laid down on the floor; me and Tristan both picked him up at the same time. "No, you can't sleep there; it isn't good for you, in your condition." Tristan pointed out, I laid down in one bed, and I motioned for Tristan to come lay beside me, but Isaac stepped forward, "Is it okay if I sleep with you tonight?"

I got down to my boxers, and he took a hard breath. "I swear, I am not going to do anything like that to you, I wouldn't hurt you." He sighed, and asked "May, I sleep like that?"

"Yeah, sleep naked with Dylan, he doesn't care, me and him used to do it all the time when were younger." Tristan said with a touch of judgment in his voice. He peeled off his little bit of clothing and got into bed with me, he had on a thin little pair of undies, his manhood bulged them something terrible, I could barely stop looking at him.

"You okay? He said smiling a little bit."

I stuttered, "Y-y-yeah, I am fine, just tired." He got into bed with me, and I tried not to touch him but our beds were very small, I woke up once during the night and his body was pressed against mine, he felt so amazing, I instantly became hard. I prayed he didn't feel me I turned over on my side and tried to go back to sleep. When I woke up, I was looking at the ceiling and Isaac had his arm over my chest and his head rested under my neck. I, to this day wonder how we got into that position.

I woke up first but I couldn't move, and more importantly I didn't want to. He woke up and I pretended to be asleep, he kissed the side of my face very gently as not to wake me and got up out of bed. I got up about ten minutes later. I woke Tristan up and we went down for breakfast. I saw dad, and asked where Isaac was, I walked outside and saw him climbing down the side of the house. "What are you doing?" I asked. He was started and fell towards the ground, but I quickly got under him and used my body to catch him. It wasn't a soft landing for either of us, but I knew he was okay.

"I am so sorry, Dylan, I shouldn't have come here. I need to go." I looked up confused and worried. I wasn't much of the hugging type but I grabbed him tight and hugged him, still being careful of his shoulder.

"No, don't go, you are a part of this family now." I screamed. He froze for a minute then he got off me and made a run for the fence. Dad saw it and caught him just as he made it to the street. "Hey, where are you going?"

Isaac looked at him, "I don't know, away from you guys."

Dad put his hands on his shoulders and said "Why, have we been anything but kind to you?"

The boy reared back, "Get your hands off me, you aren't my father you don't owe me a damn thing."

My dad looked into his eyes. "That's true I am not your father, but right now, me and those two boys are probably the only people who give a shit about you."

The boy started crying violently, "I don't deserve people like you, people to take care of me, I don't want to be burdening you guys. You have helped me more than anyone else has in years." My dad, hugged him tight and walked him back to the door.

They came through the door and he hugged me, and said "I am sorry I landed on you, are you okay?" I smiled "I'll be fine, I am a survivor."

He smiled back. He went upstairs and sat on the bed, I followed him. I got up there and he was down to his underwear. "What are you doing?"

He looked at me, "it's okay, I felt you last night, you resisted though, you fought touching me at all. I don't get why; I would have done anything you wanted."

I frowned "that's not the point, I only want you to be happy, and anything I want will come second. I would never do anything like that."

He looked at me and said "but what if I wanted you too? I want to make you happy, and it wouldn't be the first time, I ever got on my knees."

I frowned, "No I don't want you to think you owe me anything, if you ever want to, just because you like me, then we would talk about it, but not so you can 'pay us back.'"

He smiled and said "I like you, you were the one who held my wound in the ER, you carried me into the ER and off the streets, so we will have to discuss it soon."

I was kind of taken back. "I am straight though." I blurted out.

He smiled and leaned over and kissed me, it wasn't a long one but it was passionate. "Your mouth and you dick are telling two very different stories." as he put his hand on my crotch.

Tristan walked in and he was still leaning over me. He stood at the doorway and didn't say anything, just watched, I didn't notice him till I leaned up. "Tristan!!" I exclaimed.

Tristan froze he had been caught he didn't know whether to run or to go in, to tell dad or call it a secret. He finally came through the door, "I swear I won't tell a soul." He whispered.

Tristan looked at Isaac and asked to speak with him alone. I don't know what they said, but when Isaac came back, he said "I am sorry, maybe another time, it is breakfast time anyways."

We all had breakfast, and we sat on the couch and watched TV, some Scooby doo re-runs, Isaac was hooked, he asked what it was called. Tristan and I got a screwy look on our faces like we didn't know how to answer it. "It is Scooby doo. It's from like the 70's." Tristan explained.

Isaac laughed, "guess, I am little late then to see a new episode." We all smiled. It was Saturday and we were supposed to clean the house but we decided to put it off till next week to spend time with Isaac, Dad went to the market to get some food for dinner, and me and Tristan and Isaac were left in the house. Tristan went to take a shower, and Isaac looked at me.

He smiled and said, "Your brother is very protective of you, I am somewhat jealous to be honest, I wish I had a brother who cared. I smiled and asked "what do you mean, what did he say up there when he took you to another room." He smiled and said "just that you were his brother, and I better treat you right, and that he didn't want me to take your virginity... then he said some other stuff that I will let you figure out." He smiled a devilish little grin.

The boy had me curious, and I needed to know what he meant, he looked at me and said, "Why don't you go shower with your brother, like you used to when you were little?"

I looked at him confused. "How did you know about that?"

He giggled, and just looked at me and said "Me and your brother talked a little too last night, mostly about you, you are all he could talk about, how nice, and perfect, and sweet, and innocent, and amazing, athletic and smart you are. He makes you sound like his hero."

I smiled, and blushed a little. He looked into my eyes. I will ask one more time "Why don't you go shower with your brother?"

I got up and walked to the bottom step and turned around "Hey, I-I-I umm, don't run away on us, I want, we want you to stay. Tomorrow we are going to shop for you some clothes and things... so please just stay with us a while." He nodded and I walked up the stairs.

I knocked on the door, my heart was pounding, and when Tristan said "it's open" I walked in, the shower door was open, and I could see him so clearly. I had never before seen my brother like this. I don't know what possessed me, but his muscles were big, he was so hung I could have used it for a noose, he was built and when he looked at me, I thought I might have melted in that spot.

"You need something Dylan or did you just want to come stare my body."

I force the words out "I wanted to know if you wanted to shower together like we used to."

He smiled, "Come on in." I began to take off my clothes, His mouth fell open, "WOW!" he exclaimed, he seemed taken aback by his words and somewhat embarrassed.

I smiled, "now who is staring?"

I hoped into the shower, he looked at me and said "Wow, I forgot you were so muscular, and hung, what has dad been feeding you?" he joked, I smiled, "Hey, you ain't so bad yourself, in fact you are pretty hot."

He smiled and I began to wash myself, he looked at me and said. "Umm, do you mind if I do it for you?" I looked confused but I agreed to it. He washed my body slowly, he washed my shoulders and washed my abs, when he got to my groin, he stopped, and he hefted my manhood up, he washed them slowly, almost as if he was giving them a soapy massage, he turned me around and washed my butt, suddenly he pushed a little too hard and one of his pushed through my very tight butt. "OHHAHHH" I exclaimed.

"I am sorry are you okay?" he exclaimed,

" I am fine," I said with little effort " but will you please take your finger out my ass."

He laughed, but pushed deeper, and suddenly, I leaned forward and put my hands against the wall,

"Ohhh, Tristan whatever you just hit don't take your finger off it." I squirmed around on it, He was driving me crazy, my head was dizzy, I could barely see straight and he just keep moving his finger around inside me.

He smiled and pulled his finger out. "You okay, It was something Isaac told me to try, he said you may like it, and ..." I looked at him and said "and what?" "Never mind its stupid" he said looking away.

I pulled him close, "just tell me" I said "he said maybe we would be close like we used to, Dylan we are fading from each other's lives. You have Basketball, and I have Baseball, you have lots of friends and girls are hanging all over you and I am not as social as you, I don't want to lose you."

I smiled and hugged him, god he felt good, especially naked. "We aren't going to fade apart, I freaking love you, you are like my best friend and brother, and this whole high school thing isn't going to change that."

He leaned over and kissed me, my mouth opened, and he slid his tongue, it was passionate, we must have kissed for five minutes or more, I was getting boned up so hard I could barely stand it, and so was he. My hand reached for his cock without me realizing it. I got to my knees and began kissing his thighs, he always had a big cock, but looking right at it, it was huge. I kissed the head so gently, and I gave it one long lick top to bottom. He moaned in agreement. I opened my mouth and pushed him as far back as I could, I kept pushing further with each stroke, till suddenly he broke down my throat. "OHHH, my god, Dylan... that feels so good."

He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up and began kissing me. I looked at him and said "I want you to fuck me, take my virginity, I rather you have it than someone else." He smiled "I am a virgin too you know, and I've wanted you to have mine for such a long time. I got on my knees and put my hands against the shower doors. He knelt and pressed his head against the tight opening, "I don't want to hurt you brother, but I am big and you are tight, I don't think it will feel good at first." I looked at him and said "Give it too me, I want you."

He nodded and pushed into me. He slammed into me somewhat harder than you would expect, I couldn't breathe for a second it was like had suddenly taken all the air out of me. He asked if I was okay, I couldn't talk so I nodded. He asked if I wanted him to pull out, I shook no. I needed this, I wanted to be his first and him mine. I finally started to adjust and said "Okay, go ahead I am ready now." He started thrusting, and it felt pretty good, I couldn't help but moan some, my body felt limp from him, he was fucking me, he was making love to me. He slowly moved In circles till he found my spot and then when I moaned harder, he concentrated, he lasted longer than I expected but still we were virgins so it did not take us but about 20 minutes altogether.

At the very end he screamed, "Dylan, I don't know what to do, I am going to cum. You want me to pull out?" I looked at him, and begged, "No, please, cum inside me, I want to feel you. I want part of you inside me. We tossed our heads back almost in unison, and we both shot off, I could feel him spraying inside me. I whitewashed the bathroom wall. It was all over the shower floor. I couldn't see straight I shot so hard, it was fading, I was in a state of pure ecstasy, it took me a few minutes to come to. I had to lie down on the floor and he got on top of me of me and kissed me again. I loved his mouth, it was like warm velvet.

I got up off the floor a few minutes later and we both walked into the bedroom to change. "Listen, I know it was in the heat of the moment, Dylan, but umm, if you ever want to do it again, or do whatever... I wouldn't fight you off." I smiled "It wasn't in the heat of the moment I truly love you, and I want to please you In every way including sexually." We kissed for a few more minutes.

We got dressed and walked down stairs to see Isaac, asleep, he was smiling and he had a white streak of cum through his hair, he had been watching. We smiled and laid beside him. He moved just enough to wrap his arms around us. I leaned and whispered in Isaacs ear, "You got a little cum in your hair." He smiled and said "get it out for me?" I reached up, and swiped it out of his hair. Tristan smiled and handed me a tissue.

We all fell asleep on the couch entwined. When I woke up, Isaac was gone, I got up and went upstairs. He was writing in a little note book when I walked in. He looked up and put the book away. "What you doing man?" I said.

"Umm, nothing." He said in a kid lying to his parents voice.

I hopped on the bed and we wrestled kindly like kids and I pulled the book, and I took it. "No, wait please don't."

I said "why " as I opened it. "Man, seriously, please don't." I handed it to him without looking. "Fine, I just wanted to know you."

He looked at me and said "Promise me you won't judge me. Okay?"

I smiled of course I wouldn't judge you." He opened the book and I sat beside him. It was amazing the first drawing was of my dad it looked just like him, and then the next of Tristan, it was simply perfect. I could see the time he put into getting his eyes right. The next one was of me. I stared into his eyes. "How can you draw like this?" He smiled "I just draw things that make me smile."

I got a big grin as I went to turn the page. "Wait before you look at the next few remember, that no one was ever meant to see these."

I hit his good arm "don't be so melodramatic man, just let me see them."

He smiled "Fine".

I flipped to the next page, it was me on top of Tristan my head tossed back and him in a state of pure ecstasy. "I like this one." I said and laughed. The next was me and Isaac Kissing, passionately, the next was me and him having sex, my legs bent behind my head and him between my legs while kissing me. "I like this one too." I laughed. He blushed I was going to close it when I noticed the last page was, Me, Tristan, My Dad and Him standing together, and under it he had wrote, My New Family. It was so sweet it almost tore my heart out. I said "You are really artistic. Where did you learn to draw like that?"

He smiled "Taught myself." I leaned in and kissed him, He kissed me back. I took off his shirt and started unbuttoning mine. I pulled off his pants, and unbuckled mine. Our mouths never broke apart. We were in our boxers when,he stopped and started down, "Wait, you aren't doing this because of what happened yesterday are you?"

He kissed my thighs and said "No, just because I like you and want you to feel good."

Tristan walked in. "Dad is home, get dressed, and I mean now. If he see this, you know what will happen."

We heard Dad walking up the stairs, and we only had our pants on by the time he had opened the door we were all sitting in the bed shirtless, even Tristan. "Oh Hey Dad" Tristan called to him.

"What is going on in here he asked." Sounding confused. "

We were just discussing who had the biggest muscles in our arms and abs." I chimed in.

He looked into my eyes and I could feel my lie weakening but instead of pushing the subject he said "Why don't you all come down stairs and help me get dinner ready?"

We started down the stairs, and got dinner prepared and we just talked, we ate and washed the dishes. We started getting ready for bed. I got into my bed and scooted over, and Tristan the other bed. Isaac looked at both of us.

"Where do you want me to sleep tonight?" Tristan turned to me, and said "Sleep with him, its cute seeing you two together." He smiled at me and turned out his light.

I said "I have an idea, Tristan you pull the dresser out from between the beds." He did, and I pushed Tristan's bed into mine.

"Now we can all be together. Tristan got on one side of the bed and Isaac got on the other and put his hand down and patted in between them. "Come on." I got between them and they pressed their bodies up against me. It was warm between these two studs.

"So, is it time for a three-way? I kidded them. Tristan just snuggled closer and kissed me, and so did Isaac, We all fell asleep in each other arms.

The next morning we woke up early for a Sunday and got dressed, today we were supposed to go shopping for Isaac some clothing of his own and a bed. Now my dad wasn't rich but he was nowhere near poor. A few years back when our mom died and he claimed the life insurance policy, he put it in the stock market(back when that was a good idea) and made a healthy profit.

We walked into a teen clothing store, and browsed. I liked to dress slightly skater boy meets rocker emo, I loved my converses. My brother dressed more sports meet cowboy, he liked their boots, but we did always borrow each other's clothing so it didn't matter. I went to the clothing I liked and Isaac followed. He liked my style and picked out a few shirts from the bargain bin, more than once he put down something he liked because it had a price of over ten dollars. I told him to hand me all the shirts I went put most of them back. "Now pick out 9 shirts you like that cost at least fifteen dollars."

He went over to a set of shirts, they looked cool, something I would wear, and he picked out 9 of them just like I said. I said "okay, now pants"

He frowned "This is going to cost him like three hundred dollars!" I smiled "He doesn't care, he has a thousand dollars set aside for your clothing today, and two thousand for you a bed. You are his new son and that means he is going to treat you like he treats me and Tristan."

I could tell he wanted to cry "No one has ever bought me such nice things."

He may seemed like the crier but the poor boy had my heart, he was so sweet, just another victim of circumstance.

I hugged him "Let's find you some jeans."

He smiled. "Okay, but, one more thing..."

I said "Okay, sure what is wrong?"

"He looked at me " what, what if I want to sleep in the bed with you... and Tristan?"

"You can still do that, we may not even get one today, or ever, especially if we tell him that you are more comfortable in the bed with us."

"No, don't tell him that, he might think I am trying to seduce you two or something and send me back."

I laughed "he wouldn't send you back there, he kind of loves you, in a fatherly way, but you have kind of already seduced me." He laughed. We picked out him some blue jeans and talked him into a pair of black jeans that made his butt look like to firm boulders had been stuffed into them. We went to shoes He got a pair of converses like mine and pair of boots like my brother's.

We were approaching the mattress store when I told dad. "Dad, we don't need a new bed for Isaac, He likes sleeping in the same bed with one of us, and it makes him feel safe."

Dad nodded. "I know, that's why I am buying you 3 a bigger bed. So that you can all sleep in the same one, without being so cramped." All three of our eyes lit up. He smiled "Just try keeping the sex to a minimum if possible."

We all three had a look of 'Oh Shit!' Come across our faces but Tristan quickly tried to excuse it away. "What are you talking about dad, these two wish they could land a stud like me."

He laughed and said "I was your age once, I know what goes on, I had guy friends and I tried it a few times." All our mouths dropped wide open.

"Really?" Sprang from my mouth like it was fire. He just nodded. We had walked to the mattress store by the end of the conversation and he picked us out a nice queen sized bed and said

"That should be plenty of room." We agreed. We were leaving the mall when dad passed by a cellphone store and pulled in. He came back out 25 minutes later with a cellphone. Nothing to fancy, but enough for any kid to be happy with, He gave it to Isaac, "now I can know where you are at and what you are doing at all times. Keep it on you, it only has 3 numbers, that's mine, Dylan's and Tristan's, You have to fill it up."

Isaac looked at it "Clothing, a place to sleep, food, and now a cellphone, it is like I am part of the family."

Dad looked at him and said, "That's exactly what it is, and don't you forget it. You are one us now, like it or not, you are stuck with us."

He got that 'I am about to cry look again' but instead he just hugged him, then to my surprise he kissed him right on the lips. It wasn't long but it was long enough for me and Tristan to both gasp. Dad didn't say anything, but instead he just blushed. We went back home.

Tristan and I helped dad unload the truck, and Isaac, took the clothing in with his good arm. We picked at dad about it, "So was he a good kisser dad?" Tristan joked;

He smiled and replied "pretty good for a kid, why? you want to try him out?"

We both had a laugh at Tristan's expense. We walked inside and got everything situated. The next day came we had to get notes for excuses of why we weren't at school. The weekend came and Tristan decided to spend the night at Eli's house. I don't blame him, Eli is a cute boy, tan, and built, has a southern accent he moved here from Georgia.

While Tristan was gone, I decided me and Isaac were going to have some fun. We waited till dad was nice and asleep before we began. We were down to our shorts in a flash, He was so hot, and I was hard before my shirt was off. Our mouths met, but didn't last long; I moved my mouth down slowly but he stopped me. "No, let me, I want to show you how I feel when I am with you, how I feel about you." He kissed my neck slowly, he sucked on it for a second, then kissed down my chest, and finally got down to my groin, he passed right by it and nuzzled his face under it. He kissed underneath my balls so longingly. His warm breath felt so good against my skin. He kissed my balls and sucked one in, I couldn't help but moan.

He smiled and said "you like that, I am just getting started."

He kissed lower and lower, without thinking I began to lift my legs he spread my butt apart. "God, This is an amazing ass, I can't wait to show you how I feel about you." With that he began to kiss my hole. I had cleaned it ever since that day with Tristan and he licked it very softly. His mouth was pure euphoria, he suddenly pushed his tongue inside me, He had the longest tongue I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. "

Ohhh, Oh god, that feels amazing." I yelled pretty loudly.

He stopped and covered my mouth "Shhh, do you want your dad to hear us?"

I smiled "Right now I don't care, I just want you, I don't care who sees us."

He smiled and got on top of me. I looked into his eyes. "I want you inside of me, I want you to show me how much you care about me."

He did just that, he lifted my legs up over my shoulders, he drizzled some spit onto his cock and some on his finger and pushed the finger around inside of me. He looked into my eyes as he put the his big dick into the crack of my ass, I felt him pressing up against the tender interlining. He paused and asked again "Are you sure?"

I nodded and said "I want us to be happy... together." He pushed and it slid in hard, Inch by painful inch. I didn't move, and he kissed me the entire time, which helped to dull the pain. When he was all the way in

I smiled and joked "what did you do shut a baseball bat up my ass? How big are you anyways?"

He laughed and said "Almost 9 inches." No wonder I was in such excruciating pain.

He could see by the look on my face that I was hurting, he said "I can pull out if I am hurting you too b-".

"No" I interrupted " I want this, I Want you." He Smiled and leaned down and wrapped his arms around my back pulling me basically into two parts, but I didn't mind, his warm muscles pressed firmly against mine. It was starting to feel good, I could feel him pulsating inside me. He held me like that for a long time. Then I told him he could begin. When he did I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. He was great, He would swivel his hips in slow circles inside, and he knew right where my spot was, he would playfully touch it, and I thought I would shoot every time he did. He continued his onslaught of my ass, I was twisting my head around, this was too good, my head was floating off.

"You keep playing with me Isaac, That's not fair, you are driving me fucking nuts." He smiled "I want to make it good for you, I don't want you to be another person I fucked, I want you to be the one I made love to."

He knew I began to tear up, but it was okay, he licked the tears up. I pushed him onto his back, and I got on top of him, and road him like a cowboy. I never stopped looking into his eyes and he never closed them. I would moan for a moment when I hit my spot and he would moan pretty often. We took all night, and we changed positions multiple times. When we finally got close the sun was up and he looked into my eyes. "I am going to pull out, I am about to cum."

I used my legs and grabbed his hip bones "Oh no you don't, You are going to shoot inside me, that's not an option." And he did just that, he sped up just enough, leaned over and kissed me. Suddenly I felt myself moaning I was cumming, hard than ever before I came between up, and he wasn't but half a second behind, he cock started pulsating to hard, and moving on its own, felt amazing, then I felt his cum gushing inside of me. It was warm, and so wet, I loved every second of it. He didn't pull out instead he just laid there breathing, we sat in silence for the longest time, my cum how probably bound us together by now.

He moved enough to put his face over mine; he kissed me one last time and whispered in my ears "I think I am falling for you."

I smiled and "I lo-"

He put his finger up to silence me and then he started licking my cum off my chest, he got all the could without pulling out. "You don't have to say it , I understand, but can we just stay like this for a while do I have to pull out?"

And he laid on top of me, still inside of me, and we slept that way till my alarm clock rang around 2 hours later. We got up and showered together and went down stairs. A car pulled up into our drive way as we sat on the couch watching some TV, with Dad.

We looked out the window, to see Tristan, get out of a new 2012 Mustang GT Cobra. Eli Got out of the driver's side, and my heart was pounding. I forgot how hot he was, light brown hair, green eyes that shined, built well and you could see the bulge in his pants. I do not know what I was more impressed with the car or the driver, but either way, I was already turned on. Eli was very hot, but his attitude and mine conflicted, he was a "bad boy" and I was a "goody-goody" as he would often call me. "Dylan, Dylan, snap out of it." Isaac said shaking my shoulder.

Eli and Tristan walked in, and greeted us. We were watching some old re-runs of classic 80's movies. His mom called so Eli went back home taking his new ride with him. The next day was Monday, so we had to go to bed a little earlier than we had been. We were finishing up our homework, Isaac came up with dad. Dad looked at us and announced tomorrow Isaac is starting school with you two. "Oh, I am so sorry for you Isaac." Tristan kidded him.

Isaac smiled "I haven't been to school since I was like 7 years old, I am so excited." We all went to sleep together naked. We woke up and dad took us to school and Isaac was so excited he could barely sit still next to me. When we arrived at school, we all got out, and Tristan and I walked towards our classes as Isaac walked with our dad towards the principal's office.

Isaac sat in a chair and listened to Mrs. Higgins, our principal systematically tear down every reason he should be able to join school. "He doesn't have any paper work, the only file we have on him is from daycare, He would have to have an IQ test to place him, a list of vaccinations, medical charts, proof of adoption. My god Mr. Timmons, It is like you just picked him up off the street."

He looked at her. "That is exactly what I did. He needed help he is part of our family though now."

She smiled respectively, "Well as sweet of a story as that is Mr. Timmons, I can't admit him to school without these things."

He nodded, "Give us a few hours."

They left and within a few hours they were back at school, with stacks half a mile high of papers on Isaac. "That is every single piece of legal paper you should ever need, Medical, adoption papers are in the process, and this is a paper saying I will legally be the guardian in roughly two or three weeks, I mean I even got his damn dental records."

She looked at it and smiled. "Well Mr. Timmons I have to say, you are one determined man, but he still has to be tested I can have it set up in about an hour, let me get the board to send me a test and grader, and if all this checks out he can start Wednesday as the paperwork will take a day to check and be graded and organized. Isaac tested and the paperwork was thoroughly checked.

Two days later they returned to the office to see Mrs. Higgins, as they sat down she smiled. "Well Mr. Timmons, We have gotten back most of the things we needed for this boy, the rest should come in this evening or tomorrow morning. I have good news, and bad news."

My dad gave her a look "Okay, let's hear it." He said in a polite yet stern voice.

She smiled "The good news is that Isaac's test came back." She looked at Isaac, "Did you know that you have scored in the 93 percentile. That means that you really don't even need to go to high school, most students who are taking AP courses would kill for that kind of score." Isaac looked at her, "Okay, what is the bad news?"

She frowned "Well son, your test score can only be used to place you in high school so we have decided putting you in the senior class would be best... however, since this school year has already started, there is really no point in putting you in there."

Isaac looked at dad, and said "Does this mean I can't go to school?"

Mrs. Higgins Jumped in "No, that is not what I am saying, next year you can start from the beginning. I have however decided to give you two options, you can wait till next year to begin as a senior or you can join the junior class Monday morning."

Isaac looked down. "Can I pick the classes?"

She looked at him. "Why yes, you may have pretty much your pick of classes." He smiled and they went to pick out his classes.

The following Monday.

We got up and all headed to school, and Isaac went to the principal's office to finalize his selected classes. It wasn't long before he strolled into my homeroom. He waved and sat beside me. I heard the girl on the other of me whisper to her friend how hot the new kid was. It was weird to see Isaac actually paying attention to the board. Girls kept whispering and stealing glances at him, I even caught a few boys taking a quick peek.

After homeroom, I met Isaac next to my locker; He was talking about how he liked school and how everyone was so friendly towards him, and how girls kept hitting on him. I smiled I was so happy for him, he really deserved to have some joy for once.

He smiled and said "All the attention and stuff is nice, but I really enjoy having 4 classes together, everyone is great and all, but to be honest, I haven't met one person who is as cool as you." He leaned over and it looked as if he would kiss me.

I backed up. "Umm, Not here, not now, I can't I am sorry." He began to tear up; I thought he would start crying violently. I pulled him into the empty classroom and closed the door.

He whispered "Did I do something wrong? Are you ashamed of me or something?"

I couldn't look him in his big beautiful eyes, the one time I glanced at them I thought I would cry. "No, I am not ashamed... It is just, well no one knows about us, and... school is hard enough without being labeled a fag, I just don't want us to have to go through that hell."

He hugged me and began to sob violently into my chest, "I don't care what people think, I just want someone to care about me, someone to love me."

I held him close, "I am so sorry, I do care about you, and it's just... I don't know I hate myself, I feel like an outcast for liking guys."

He cried even harder into me "I am sorry I am not a girl, I can't help it, I wish I could make you happy."

I was beginning to cry and tremble. "No, don't be, I love you as you are and -"

Before I could finish speaking, He looked up and kissed me, I moved backwards till I hit the teacher's desk. We continued to kiss until we heard the door behind us open and then suddenly close. We stopped and left, each going to our different classes I had Spanish next.

I sat next to Tiffany, a girl I had known since kindergarten. "How was it?" She said

"How was what?" I said in my usual innocence.

"Kissing Isaac, how does it feel to kiss someone of your own sex? Is it any different, are you two really together, or what? I saw you two in the classroom, so don't lie to me?"

I blushed and rubbed the back of my head. "Well, I umm, I don't really know, I just know I umm like him a lot."

She frowned "So, where does that leave us?"

I was confused, "What do you mean?" I asked questioning way.

She looked me in the eyes got out of her chair and quickly kissed me then she practically yelled "Damn it Dylan, We have known each other since daycare and don't pretend like you don't know I have a thing for you, but now you are, are WHAT? GAY?"

The teacher and the entire class stopped and stared at us. I tilted my head down in the mix my head was spinning; it was like my life had suddenly gone from normal to an out of control spiral in only a few days.

I looked up and got a courage I had never felt before. "I really don't know what I am, Tiffany, I don't even know who the fuck I am, I thought I understood myself, but over the past month I have become someone I don't recognize, but I am happier than I have ever been before, all I can really be sure of is that I love Isaac, and if you really were my friend you would be happy for me, not one of the people trying to condemn me for being something I can't change, but you know what? I don't want to change myself, I am happy with Isaac and that's what matters, and to be perfectly honest, I don't give a fuck what you or anyone else in this school thinks about me, or him being together."

She started crying, "But Dylan, I think I love you, and it hurts to see you in, in someone else's arms, especially another man's."

I scowled "Well, I am sorry Tiffany; I know this is selfish, but he makes me happy, so I am going to stay with him, as long as he will have me, I don't even know if I still like girls, or if I ever really did."

The teacher sent me out of the room for disrupting her class. I had to sit outside of the class for the rest of that period. After class when people were leaving, the teacher called me back in to have a talk. Now my teacher wasn't a very attractive woman, mid 30's heavy set, she was obviously not popular with men, and she had no idea how to dress, but she normally was a very sweet lady.

She looked at me "Dylan, I want you to understand why I sent you out of class today. It was not because I don't like you, I sent you out, because I needed to gain control of the situation, and I think that what you did in class was not only out of character for you, but pretty rude to say to someone who is pouring their heart out to you. I know it is none of my business but I really doubt you are gay, I mean you are a teenager, you don't know what you want." I

looked up to her, "Why is everyone against us? Is it so wrong to be happy? to fall for someone?"

She stared into my eyes "It's not that, if you are in reality gay, or bi or whatever you want to call it, then that is fine, but people are not going to leave you alone. They are going to torment you, and beat you up, call you names, throw things, I just want you to know how this is going to affect you before you let this out."

I smirked " I know, trust me, I already hate that I can't be the straight little jock everyone wanted me to be, but that just isn't me and if you love someone isn't going through hell worth them loving you, even if only for a moment?"

She nodded "Just be careful Dylan, you are such a sweet boy, I don't want anything bad to happen to you, oh and I counted you present for my class today and I haven't mentioned the outburst to the principal, so your father wouldn't get a call from the school, it is after all your place to tell him if this is what you have decided, I know it may not seem like it, but I do care."

I left and headed for my locker, Isaac was there waiting. "So I umm, heard about your little outburst in class today." He said smiling like a kid who had just gotten a brand new toy.

I nodded and said "You did?"

He nodded and said "It is all over school, everyone is talking about us."

Then Danny Smith, the school bully came up behind me and slammed me into the lockers. I never fought back, and that's was why I was his favorite person to give hell to. This boy was 6 foot 6 inches tall, and 260 lbs., but it was mostly muscle "Watch it, little bitch." He said.

As I pushed off the lockers my face was bleeding a little and I turned to see Isaac jumping up at Danny. "Hey, watch where you are going dip shit."

Danny stopped dead in his tracks and turned around. "What going to defend your boyfriend? Huh new kid, ain't my fault you two are fags."

I pulled Isaac's shoulders and said "It isn't worth it man, just let it go."

I grabbed his arm and started pulling him away from the situation. "I knew you weren't man enough to fight me, now go and fuck your little faggot bitch." Danny shouted.

Isaac broke free of my grip and punched him. Danny fell on the floor and slid into a locker with a loud BANG. Isaac looked at him and said "I don't care that you are bigger than me, but don't mess with Dylan, He is my friend, and, and-" My eyes got big, and it was like Isaac froze.

Then he turned to me, and didn't say anything, instead he put his hand around my waist and back of my head, and kissed me passionately in front of around 100 to 150 people who gathered around at the beginning. As we broke apart, I could barely speak but I said in a barely audible voice "boyfriend."

He kissed me again. Isaac looked at everyone, "Don't you dare give him shit either, or you will deal with me, I don't care if you fuck with me, but if you fuck with him, there will be hell to pay."

Someone in the crowd screamed "Fags." A girl, looked at me and said "Damn, and you were both so hot too, the things half of us girls would have done to either one of you two if you had just asked." People started to pick at us and throw things at us. Tristan saw what happened and pulled Eli into the circle, and Tristan looked into Eli's eyes, and kissed him much like Isaac had done me."

Tiffany pulled her chick friend into the fray and did the same and then another Jock did the same with his friend this continued as one after another around 20 people had pulled a friend and kissed them. People stopped making fun of me and Isaac, but we did become school wide and house hold names.

The bully got up and apologized for pushing me, and for making fun of me. I nodded, and the bell rang. Me and Tristan went towards Pre-calculus. Eli had Gym and Isaac said he wanted to try our art program. I sat next to Tiffany in Pre-Calculus.

"Umm, thanks for that." I managed to stagger out of guilt and praise.

"Don't thank me, you just tore my heart out a few hours ago, and I don't really know why I did what I did back there, but I saw you in trouble and I couldn't be mad at you, or Isaac, seeing how he took care of you, stood against the entire crowd to protect you, I can't be angry, but I am still a little jealous."

I smiled. "But still, thank you so much, I am sorry I hurt you like that."

She smiled "I saw the way he looked at you and you at him, and I just couldn't help but feel like you two belonged together and that it was wrong of me to try and separate you two."

I got up in the middle of class and hugged her. "Really, thank you."

The teacher looked at me "Please return to your seat Mr. Timmons."

"Yes ma'am sorry." I said with my 'heart melting smile' as Tristan called it.

The bell finally rang and I was so happy at the thought of the day being over. Isaac was headed for the bus, but when he asked me if I wanted to ride next to him, I told him I had just rather walk home and enjoy the air. I was trying to hint that I needed time to think, and let this all sink in, but he said he would come with me. We were on the way home; I decided to take the long way home. A long silence ensued.

"Hey, umm, I am sorry Dylan... I am trying to be good for you, but it's like I fuck everything up. I am sorry I made you the school's punching bag, and ruined your reputation."

I remained silent.

"Dylan, please I am so sorry, tell me you are pissed at me, tell me you hate me, tell me that I am worthless, just please don't push me out of your life."

I stopped in my place and grabbed him; I quickly pulled him to me and kissed him so slowly and passionately. "There is no reason for me to be mad at you, all you did was show me who I am, I would never push you out of my life, and it is impossible for me to hate you, because I love you."

Moments passed, and then minutes he just sat there staring into my eyes.

"Isaac! Say something." I finally broke the silence.

"I... I love... you too, Dylan." He finally said.

"Nothing will break us apart Isaac, I have only known you for about a month and a half, but I love you, I have never felt like this before, you are like something I never knew I needed till I met you and now I know I could never live without you." I said, trying not to cry.

He was crying, tears were streaming down his face "D-Dylan, you know its... hard for me to express feelings, I have been hurt and used so many times, I have been abused and... used and touched, and I feel as though I am not good enough for you, but I love you so much, you are the only person who ever acted like they gave a shit if I lived or died, and I don't know what I did to deserve you, or your family. I love you more than life itself, I would die without you to keep my evil thoughts at bay. There have been more than a few nights I have sat up late at night with a razor blade in my hands asking myself 'Why shouldn't you? Who would even care?' but now I have met you, and all I want is lay by you, live by you, and die in your arms."

I began to cry, when a loud 'Thud' came from behind us. I realized we were standing in front of an alley in the worst part of town. I stopped and noticed Isaac was frozen in that spot with a look of fear I had never seen in him before. I asked what was wrong he didn't answer just looked at a group of about 3 boys. They were roughly our age, except they were a lot scarier looking, two of them had tattoos, and the third had piercing covering his face.

He whispered in such a low voice I barely heard him. "Those are the guys who shot me." My eyes got big; I didn't know what to do. I grabbed his arm and started towards a nearby store, I was going to get us out of there.

One of the tattooed members stopped us, and said "Oh, good so you aren't dead, that means we can start back off where we were at last time."

Isaac got a look on his face like he could burst into tears. "Oh and you brought a sexy friend, now we can share him too."

Isaac jumped in front of me, "Don't touch him, you can do what you want with me, but Dylan is mine."

The boy pulled a gun, "Now listen, and listen good you little piece of shit, you are mine, and you always will be, I put a claim on you, your life belongs to me and if that little bitch over there is yours, which makes him mine. Honestly I am surprised anyone could care about you, I mean you are a waste of space, and your body is scared all up. Now be a good little bitch boy and get on your knees where you belong." He commanded.

Isaac started down, but I pulled him back. "I'll do it, just let Isaac go." I shouted

He smiled, "you are new so I'll cut you a break, I have the gun, so I say who does what."

He grabbed the back of my head and began to push me to the ground. Isaac jumped up and punched him; he may have broken his jaw because I heard something crack. Silence ensued then a loud bang, 3 shots in all.

I had jumped in front of Isaac and protected him, when they saw all the blood I was losing they ran like scared kids. It was all growing dark, I could see Isaac trying to hold pressure on the wounds. My vision got blurry, I couldn't breathe, I was losing consciousness. The cold was setting in. I heard Isaac shout as I fell out of consciousness "DYLAN!!! PLEASE DON'T DIE ON ME, I CAN'T LOSE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU, DYLANNN!!!"

I woke up in this cold place. It appeared to be a hospital but almost out of hell. It was dark and it seemed like no one was around. I looked got out of the bed and opened the door. There were people all around, the doctor was talking to my Dad. I couldn't hear what he said but he fell to the knees and cried, he was obviously in a state of heart-break he punched the wall of the hospital and he left a hole where he hit. Tristan and Isaac came up and literally had to help our dad off the floor, they were both crying too, but dad was falling all over himself. I had never seen my dad so upset.

I walked up to him, and asked dad "What is wrong?" He just cried he wouldn't speak, he wouldn't look at me. I moved the Tristan who was hugging him tightly also crying. "Tristan? What's happened? Why is dad crying like this? I've never seen him so emotional."

Tristan just cried into dad's chest. I looked for Isaac, he was nowhere in the waiting room, I walked into the hall and saw him walking quickly towards another hallway.

"Isaac!" I called after him. I ran to catch up with him, I followed him to a room, marked 273. He put his hand on the door knob and went to open but he stopped. His legs were shaking, and heaving from crying so hard. He opened the door and I followed him into the tiny room, with a bed and someone covered in a white sheet. He fell on top of the lifeless corpse and screamed.

"Why damn it? Why God? Why did you take the only person who ever loved me? Why didn't you take me, this isn't fair, you gave me him just to take him from me. Do you just get a kick from fucking with my life? You gave me him just to give me a taste of love before you pulled him away. I loved him! Why couldn't you have taken me instead? Why God? Why couldn't you have just taken me? It's not fair, IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR, I REALLY LOVED HIM!!!" He was panting it was like he was about to pass out and then he whispered "I really did love him, I just don't understand Lord, I just don't see why it had to be him." He slipped to the ground beside the bed.

I was in tears. I sat beside him on the ground in my gown, "Who Isaac who died?" not fully understanding what was going on at the moment.

He didn't say anything, he just sat there trying to catch his breath, then whispered in a hoarse voice "I will always love you Dylan... God apparently needed you more than I do." I was in silent shock. Me? I couldn't be dead I was standing right here. I went to grab the sheet, but my hand passed right through.

"What?" I screamed in shock.

Tristan came in and they cried in each other's arms. Days passed in this haze, and I was about to attend my own funeral. Tristan and my father dressed in their most fitting attire, Isaac dressed in Tristan's dress clothing, except for the shoes he wore my converses, my dirty, holy black and white converses. I was still in the hospital gown, though I don't think it really mattered no one could see me. I watched people gather from all around the community, some I knew well others I didn't everyone was crying. Eli was there and he looked worse for wear. You could tell he hadn't been sleeping or eating, he had grown pale and his eyes where always so shiny had grown limp. Tiffany was dressed in all black and crying, her makeup was smeared across her pretty face I never noticed how pretty she was before. Danny was near the coffin, he was apologizing for all he said and done to me through the years.

Tristan and Isaac stood together both trying to be strong; it was obvious that they were both on the verge of falling apart. I couldn't find my dad anywhere; I kept strolling through the crowd. I went to the parking lot; he was sitting in the car crying and drinking. I went to touch him and passed right through him. He got out and walked towards my grave, he smelt like straight whisky. I watched as they buried me. It hurt me to see everyone upset.

Most of them would be fine but I worried about Isaac, Tristan and especially my Dad. I followed them home and watched Isaac excuse himself to go up to bed. He went upstairs into the bathroom, I followed him. He grabbed a razor blade and slit his wrists. He was bleeding all over the place. "No!" I screamed as I reached for him.

I sprang up in my hospital bed with my hands out panting hard. Tristan and Isaac were standing beside me. Tristan was praying, and Isaac looking down at me crying. When I opened my eyes, Isaac hugged me and cried violently and I hugged him still scared of my dream.

Tristan did the same they were wrapped around me, full of tears. "What's everyone crying for? And what happened? Where are we?" I began to ask.

"You are in the ER, and it is completely fault. My god, Dylan I am so sorry you got hurt." Isaac said breathing heavily.

I looked at Tristan, "Can you explain that a little better." I said smiling

"Dylan, you got shot three times, they caught the members and they are all waiting to stand trial. Apparently, Isaac struck them and you jumped in front of him taking the hits. The doctor said it's a miracle you are even alive. They had to do emergency surgery and you have been out cold for 3 weeks. He stammered between sobs.

"Oh, well I am fine now." I said as I began to lift out of bed, but as I got half way up I fell back down to the bed.

"You can't move that fast Dylan, it will be weeks maybe even a month or two before you are allowed to walk. They had to remove the bullets and do an emergency blood transfusion. " Tristan said still crying his eyes out.

I looked at them both. "But, I am alive, and I have you two and that is all that matters." I reached out and held them close to me. Isaac cried and Tristan began to explain.

"Dylan, you were considered dead for 12 minutes, you died on the operating table and they said that you were now stable but that there was no telling when you would wake up." He said crying so heard he was huffing to catch his breath.

I smiled as cheerfully as I could "But I am alive now, and we have each other... where is dad?"

Tristan looked towards the door, "I really don't know. He said he would be back, but he has been gone for 4 days now. But I wouldn't worry Dad always comes back."

I grabbed Isaac and pulled him into kiss him, "I've missed you." I murmured into his mouth. He kissed me back. I broke apart grabbed Tristan and kissed him.

"When I get better there is something I want to try." I said being pretty turned on already. Tristan closed the door and told Isaac to stand next to it.

"No reason to make you wait, there is something I would like to do if it's okay." Tristan said catching his composure.

I nodded. He pulled back the covers and grabbed my gown and exposed how hard I was. He kissed my mouth and then he kissed the stitches across my chest. He began to kiss my thighs and up to my groin. I couldn't help but moan softly, I was already oozing pre-cum. It had been a while so I knew I would explode before he began if he kept teasing me.

"Hey umm, I am new at this, so I am sorry it probably won't be the best blowjob you will ever get." He said as he went down the first time on my shaft only able to get around 4 or 5 inches into his mouth, he tried to push a little deeper, he did with every single thrust.

He smiled the entire time, he was being so gentle and I could feel myself loosening my control. I wanted this so badly, I needed him to do this. Isaac came over and began to kiss me. He got on his knees and kissed Tristan's neck, and they both shared my cock.

Tristan released what he had about 6 inches, and began to lick the shaft all 8 inches. Isaac kissed my balls and then he pulled Tristan up to my cock head and the both took half and kissed around it, I could feel their tongues playing around it. It was too hot, I couldn't take seeing them kiss while wrapped around my dick. I moaned loudly and began to cum inside both of their mouths.

They loved it, they started swallowing it, but then they got on top the bed, and began to share what was left. It was incredibly hot. They were kissing both looking at me.

The nurse knocked and they scrambled to cover me back up and sit on the bed before she opened it. "Hello, My name is Amy, and I will be your tech today." She smiled, she was young, very young.

She looked us all up and down. "Hmm, it seems your pulse recently jumped," she smiled looking fiddling with the machine. " but everything looks fine I will be back in a hour, page me if you need anything." She said stressing the anything part.

Isaac looked at me. " Well, she was ... friendly." He said with a little jealousy in his voice.

Tristan smiled, "Well you can't really blame her, look at him, even with bullet wounds, Dylan is just sexy."

Isaac didn't care too much for his comment. I patted the room beside me on the bed. "Isaac, why don't you come over here, and Tristan you can sit on the other side of me."

They both scooted in close to me and we slept together in my hospital bed. The nurse returned a few hours later, with medicine she was surprised to see Tristan and Isaac wrapped around me. "Umm, Mr. Timmons..." she said in a pleasant but quiet tone. "Mr. Timmons, You need to take your pain medication." She said a little louder, just loud enough to wake me from my groggy daze. I looked at her and moved enough to stir the others.

"I got to take my medicine y'all." I said. They began to move and she stepped up and leaned down, I reached for it, but she put my hand down.

"Let me do it, you shouldn't even be sitting up yet. You are still weak, and losing that much blood will take a lot out of you." She said putting a horse pill in my mouth and holding water to my mouth to drink. She was looking in my eyes.

I could tell that Isaac wasn't happy, I saw him turning red out the corner of my eye. To be honest it was really cute to see him so jealous. I decided to play with him a little bit. I flirted with her. Told her, she was pretty. She smiled and blushed, and I could tell Isaac wasn't having it, so I let up and she let go. She finished and was leaving when she turned around and winked. Isaac got up and got right beside me and kissed me in front of her, as if to claim his territory. She did a double take.

She quietly left the room, not saying anything, but I could only imagine what she was thinking. We went back to sleep.

The door opened, and we all stirred and I got free of their hold. The light shown through and almost blinded me for a second. "Dylan, I am so glad you are okay." The voice said so happily.

"Dad?" I said quiet confused.

"Yeah, It's me." He smiled coming into room.

"It is so good to see you, where have you been?" I said shyly?

He smiled. "I have been on my knees for the past 4 days, with no food water or sleep, praying that you would be okay."

I smiled, and handed him my green jello off the tray that I hadn't touched. "This is kinda like food and water." I said

He started chuckling. "Actually I think I rather just take you home." He got my release form with the doctor's permission and we headed home. I was happy just to be back to my house once again. We had supper, well they had supper, I had a soupy knock off version of supper, they told me I would have to eat for the next 3 weeks. Isaac and Tristan actually carried me up stairs, as I was bound to a wheelchair till I was finished healing. They were about to take me to my room, when dad stopped them. "Listen, why don't you two put him in my room? I will take care of him tonight, if it is okay with you two."

The both agreed, and they carried me into his room. I was laying on the bed, sitting there in regular clothing but not allowed to move too much, as not to break the stitches. "Dylan, I think we need to take a bath together, you need one so you don't get an infection, and I could use one since I haven't showered since 3 and a half days ago." He said in his strong manly voice.

I nodded and sat up. He turned to get clothing for me and him to put on when we got out. I used this time to try something. Now I am the hardheaded type, that has to always test my limits. So I forced myself out the bed, and stood up. My legs felt weak under the sudden pressure, still I refused to fall, I pushed one foot forward without lifting it. I took it in a stride, I then told myself I would lift it next time. I went to lift it, and I fell with a loud boom.

Dad turned around and ran to me. "Dylan, the doctor said you shouldn't walk for a few weeks, and not even attempt it for at least a week." He said trying to help me.

"Dad, I can do this. Just let me do it." I said telling myself it wasn't over yet. I pushed myself up off the ground with all my might. I lifted my foot and put it down, and then the other, one after the other I slowly and mean slowly made my way to the bathroom. I got to the tub and started to undress. I was naked and I was getting into the tub that was a little over half way full with water.

"Damn, you are just as hard headed as I ever dared to be... that is my son though, never gives up without a fight. I am proud of you." He said.

As he said that, I slipped and fell all the way into the tub. I looked up and simply smiled "I got in didn't I? I didn't fall, I was just in a hurry to get in." I said trying to blow off the fact that I had slipped.

He smiled and got down to nothing, he didn't say anything, just got behind me, and washed me slowly, he rubbed my shoulders with a soft cloth, and scrubbed my pecs and under my arms. He rubbed my neck and stopped; he just leaned over and hugged me from behind. It felt awkward but in a good way. "Son, I was so worried, I thought you were going to die on me. Don't you know I can't lose you too, you, Tristan and Isaac are all I have left."

I got a serious face. "Well, you still have me, so you don't have to worry."

He was dry crying into my back "I am just happy you are okay son." He said with a smile I could feel on my back where his head was rested. He kissed my neck, in a sensual way, not sexual but sensual. It felt good I admit. I pushed back into him, I could feel him getting hard against me.

"Dad, I need to tell you, me and Isaac have been doing things. Like well like um-" I stuttered.

"Sex" he said such a calm voice. "what about you and Tristan?" He asked in the same nonchalant tone.

I nodded "but how did you-"

"Know?" he said finishing my sentence. "I am you father, and I know what teenage boys think about, I would be more surprised if you weren't ." He was smiling.

"But I also think I want to do something with-"

"Me?" He said smiling like he was reading my lines off a script.

"Stop reading my-"

"Mind." He said just to make me mad.

I was a little frustrated, but that grin on his face made me giggle, and reached up and pulled him down for a kiss. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and his eyes broke open, and he pushed me back gently, "Dylan, I can't you are my son... and I don't want that kind of relationship with you, because once I cross that line, I can never go back."

I put my hands around the back of his head and said "But I don't want you to go back." With that I kissed him again.

He pushed me back. "No Dylan, I really don't want too, I love you, but you are like my son and I swore I would never touch you like that the day Theresa died." He said.

Mentioning my mother froze me in my tracks, we never discussed her even right after she died. She was a taboo subject with me and Tristan both. My mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen before, even to this day I cannot think of one woman who outshined her beauty. Her heart matched her beauty five times over. When we were five she was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors gave her roughly 8 months, she refused to take their chemo and other "Useless drugs." She died of cancer when we were about 7, she fought for a long time, and even though she was sick, she still put others first. When she finally pasted away, no one in the house wanted to talk about it especially my father.

I let go and slid back down in the tub. My father sat there and bathed me slowly, he was just gently washing me. It was quiet and we didn't say anything.

A long silence was finally broken. "Dad... I hope mom wouldn't hate me for who I am, sometimes I wonder if she would resent me for stuff like this."

He remained silent for a second. "Dylan, your mother loved you, and she loved me, that was the only woman I ever loved like that. You mother was a smart one, she knew that I liked both sexes, and she would always say it would be a miracle if one of you two didn't have the same quality."

He just hugged me in the tub, it was a wonderful feeling, not sexual just a feeling of closeness. A different kind of love than I think most understand.

I tried to get out but I couldn't get myself moving well, my body was still too weak to move like I wanted it too. Dad helped me out, and he sat me down on the floor. He slowly dried every part of me, taking his time to wipe my face and groin. I couldn't help but smile, I reached over and wiped his forehead. He picked me up like I was a feather and took me to bed. Neither of us wore a piece of clothing, but it was alright, I liked the way his body felt against mine. He held me all night.

Days turned into weeks, I was slowly learning to walk again... well I was forcing myself more than anything else. I refused to let this beat me. The three thugs were sent to jail for 15 years apiece the main guy got an extra 15 for 2 counts of attempted rape. I was happy I had everything I could want I had Tristan, Isaac, and my dad. It was like a dream come true. Tristan, Isaac, and I were about to graduate from school, we were so excited. It was like everything had come together.

~Graduation Day~

We all woke up excited, ready to finally say goodbye to that school, and begin the rest of our lives. I was particularly excited, I planned to go to medical school, and become a surgeon. Tristan wanted to become Investigator, but Isaac wasn't quite sure what he wanted in life.

We got dressed in our most appropriate wear, and head off in dad's truck. We arrived about 5 minutes late, but had just enough time to put on the "man dress" as Tristan called it.

We were all lined up, to get our diploma's and looking so 'spiffy' as Tiffany had pointed out. Isaac had to give a speech, turns out he was not only artistic but also smart, he was our valedictorian. He spoke about how much he loved the school, and all the friends he had made. His speech is what really got me. I wasn't paying attention, to the speeches to be honest, I was busy thinking about the future ahead to be listening to a history lesson. I didn't realize it but I was holding Tristan's hand, I wasn't thinking.

Eli got up to give the adjournment speech, and he looked good even in this horrible burgundy robe. Eli was finishing up when he said something that would make me almost fall out my seat. "I am so happy to have gone here, it changed my whole perspective. I am happier than I have ever been thanks to this school, because without it I would never have met the person I am proud to say I am in love with, Tristan." I snapped to attention, and the whole audience gasped in shock. Tristan did fall out his seat, he had a look of horror on his face like someone had just killed his puppy. Tristan pushed himself out of his chair as to be on the ground and crawled behind the chairs and off the stage where no one could see him.

Eli turned and smiled to see Tristan gone, he stopped the speech and got off stage and began to search for Tristan. Everyone was talking among themselves and discussing what had just happened. I don't know where the courage came from but I got up and I delivered the rest of that speech. Public speaking had always terrified me. Simply the idea of being looked at and judged by so many individuals at one moment made me sick to my stomach but this was a special day for me, and probably even more special for Isaac. I spoke like I meant it, and Isaac just looked at me like I was his hero. I finished the speech and they started handing out diplomas.

-Mean While Off stage-

"Tristan, I am sorry, it's just I want to tell them "

"Tell them what? That I am a fag? that I like dick? That you've been getting some regularly. " Tristan snapped.

"No... Just," Eli Took Tristan's hands. "That I love you."

Tristan broke his hands free and then punched Eli. " I do love you, but I can't be like Dylan, I am not strong enough to have people look at me like I am a freak... but now they know, and now everyone will look at me like that. I should hate you, but I can't you mean so much to me." Tristan just walked away.

Eli rejoined us on stage, he had a look of pain on his face along with a spot where you could tell a bruise was forming. "Well, I fucked that up I guess." He said with a pitiful look. (Damn I felt sorry for him, even though he was a jerk to me.)

"It's okay man, Tristan will cool off after a while." I said trying to make him cheer up.

"Well what did you really expect man, you kinda put the guy on the spot. That was a mistake, even if there were posters of you two fucking hanging around the school, you shouldn't have done that. He probably feels pretty violated, because you did kind of spring it all out of nowhere... and in front of the whole school, he isn't ready to accept who he is, he hasn't gotten there yet, but he will, it took me a long time to realize that even though I seem to find girls more attractive than guys, I still think Dylan is the most beautiful looking person I have ever seen...inside and out."

I wanted to cry, but I didn't well until Eli said "I love Tristan, he says he loves me too, but I want to scream it from the roof tops, he wants to bury it in the ground. It hurts being rejected by the one you love, I don't want him to be ashamed of us." he said with tears in his eyes.

We left the drive home was a silent one, Tristan didn't say a word to anyone along the way. He just sat there cold and bitter. Isaac broke the silence. "You know that boy must care an awful lot about you to be willing to announce it like that."

Tristan continued to look out the window pretending like Isaac wasn't there.

"Listen to me Tristan, you got someone who cares about you, and right now you are treating him like shit, he may have pushed you to somewhere you weren't ready to go yet, but damn it, you hurt him today so stop acting like a victim."

Tristan turned to him "Fuck you, I don't need this, I hate it, now I have to deal with all the looks all the abuse and all the hate that you two fags have had to deal with... I am not like you I am not a FUCKING FAGGOT!" he screamed.

Those words hurt me, mostly because Tristan had said them, I knew he didn't mean it but it still made me feel like I was inferior. I looked up and even though I was broken hearted I said "No, you are a faggot, just like me, we are just alike and guess what, I love you no matter what sex you like, do you hate me because I like guys? Tell me? Do you think you are better than me because of my sexuality? Well guess what you aren't. You can't hide what you feel in your heart. So stop being such a prick and go tell Eli you are sorry. He loves you like we do and does what anyone think of you make a damn difference? The whole world can hate you as long as you can be in the arms of the one you love then it's worth it."

Tristan's mouth dropped "Dylan, I am sorry, you're not a fag, I didn't mean that, its just that..."

I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "It's okay, I love you, and just like you hurt me I forgive you, and so will Eli, if you go and apologize."

Dad pulled the car over at curb and we were right in front of Eli's house. I had never saw it before, it was so big, so extravagant. Tristan knocked on the door and Mrs. William's (Eli's Mother) answered the door. "Oh Tristan, its you." She said in a less than welcoming tone.

"Is Eli home?" he said so innocently.

"Umm, Who is Eli?" she said sweetly

"Your Son, Eli Williams, you know you've been raising him for the past 18 years." Tristan said quiet sarcastically.

"We only have one son Randy." She snapped

"I don't have time for games, where is Eli?" Tristan snapped back

She pulled Tristan close "I hate you for what you did to my son, since the speech this morning, people are not only making fun of Eli, but Randy, we told Eli to keep his mouth shut about you, but no he had to tell the world, my husband is the laughing stock of his firm with his gay son, so if you are asking I DON'T KNOW ANY ELI WILLIAMS, I don't know where he is, but he sure as hell ain't here!" She slammed the door in his face.

We searched every street we could find for Eli, never saw a trace of him. After 4 hours of searching the town, we all decided to go home and try again tomorrow morning, well all except Tristan. His anger had melted too sorrow, he was mad at himself for being so mean to the person he loved. Tristan refused to give up the search, we had to literally drag him home.

When we got home, we were surprised to see Eli sitting on our porch. He looked up and smiled "Where were you for like the last 3 hours?" He said cheerfully as if nothing was wrong.

"We were looking for you." Isaac said.

"Oh well I've been here, but can me and Tristan have a moment alone please?"He said My dad answered "It's probably for the best, come on boys go inside." We headed inside.


"Tristan I am so sorry for what happened today, I was wrong and I came to apologize and ask you since we are 'adults' now if you wanted to know, if you wanted to run away with me. Somewhere far off and start a new, no-one ever has to know about us, I swear I will never tell another soul, I love you and only you have to know." Eli said in serious and slightly hurting tone.

"It's not that, I am sorry Eli, I love you too, and I don't care what people think... not anymore. Eli, I know about your parent's... and I can't run, I won't run away from this, I thought I would be giving up everything for you, and I didn't know if I could do it, but now I see I never had to give up a thing, it was you who had everything to lose."

Eli just looked at him frozen in time. Tristan grabbed him and hugged him, Eli didn't cry, he more or less dry sobbed into Tristan's chest, the sight of these two hot hunks hugging like this was not as much sexual but hot but I still got very turned on.

"Eli you can stay with us for a while, at least till you find a new place to sleep." I yelled through the cracked door.

Eli and Tristan turned around (I admit maybe I shouldn't have been ease-dropping on them, but to be honest, can you blame me, I had to see my brother apologize, because that never happens.)

Eli grinned, "I don't want to be an imposition to you guys."

"Non-sense" Tristan said and grabbed Eli's hand and began to pull him towards the house.

We sat around and ate dinner, we laughed and chatted like old friends do. When Isaac had to ask the question that was on everyone else's mind. "So umm, I have to know it's driving me crazy, who is the top in this relationship?" I gave Isaac a sharp look of 'don't ask them such personal questions.'

Eli stopped mid-bite "neither, I've never been that far with Tristan. The most we have done is-"

Tristan stopped him "I just blow him off from time to time." Isaac smiled with a look of gratification.

The night came and no-one knew exactly where we were going to sleep or how so, we guessed he could sleep in the same bed as us 3 but I didn't know how Tristan or Eli would feel about that. So I pulled out an old mattress that was a twin and laid it on the floor. "Me and Isaac can sleep on this you two can have the big bed." I said winking at Tristan.

Tristan pulled me in close "I know what you are trying to do, but I must warn you, I am not going to have sex with him till I upheld my promise."

I raised an eye brow. "What promise?"

He leaned in and kissed me, "The promise I made that if you survived you would be the first to have all of me."

"But you don't have too, I mean you are my brother but he is in-love with you." I said pulling away a little. "I want too, and a promise is a promise" he said as he pushed me against the wall.

He practically ripped my pants off. He took my shirt off; I never had time to fight back. He began to kiss my neck as he held my wrists. He was rough, worst part is I liked it. He let go of my wrist and began to kiss my chest till he was on his knees, he licked my balls, well he practically worshipped them to be honest, taking one in his mouth at a time. I was already getting hard I couldn't help it. He obviously knew what he was doing. He began to lick my shaft, slowly passionately his mouth was watering. He was getting more out of this than even I was. I loved Tristan, sorta like Isaac cept different. He started sucking and I bent down a little to return the favor, he grabbed my hands away and slammed me against the wall harder, and sucked me harder. I started moaning, I have to admit I was really getting a kick out of the roughness of this. He stopped "Don't move, I am going to do this." I just nodded. He continued to suck me slowly, I was moaning, I loved the feel of his tongue, it was like warm velvet. I let him have my way with me. He stopped and stood up, I kissed him and began to go down to return the favor he pushed me onto my back. My head hit the wall but not hard. He stooped over "You remember when I said I wanted to try something with you back in the hospital, well this is it." He said as he squatted and positioned himself onto my groin. I could feel my cock resting against his asshole. "Tristan, I can't, It's not my place."

"Shut up, Dylan, let me do this, I love you and now I am gonna prove it, you mean so much to me." And with that he pushed me about halfway into him. He uttered a shriek of muffle pain. "You can stop I told you, you didn't have too." He looked at me sternly, and shoved it in the rest of the way. He was sitting on my lap, clearly in pain but too stubborn to let it show. He wasn't about to let me be right. He wanted this and he was gonna have it one way or the other. He looked like he was holding his breath then finally he broke. "Wow, that hurts like hell, how do you manage to take it when you were a virgin?" He asked in a weak and painful voice.

"I guess when you love someone enough, or want them badly enough there isn't much you won't find a way to do." I said looking him in the eyes.

I started to rotate my hips slowly but surely, he seemed to start to like it. He closed his eyes and began to moan every now and again. I leaned him back and pulled his legs up high, I started to really get into the grove of him. I hit his prostate a few times, the last time I did, he screamed. I must have it dead center. "I can see why you do this, I have never been so close to cumming but in my life, but I can't quiet cum." I like Tristan's ass, and to think he took my virginity almost two years and a half ago. I was now taking his, something he said he would never do. I had to smile on the inside, though I believe Tristan was the one who was smiling more or less on the inside. He was moaning like a pissed off banshee, I thought for sure that Isaac or Eli would hear so I put my hand over his mouth. "Not so loud do you want them to hear you?" He looked down at me. "I don't care, hell I want them to join, this feels so amazing." Tristan threw his head back and stared at the wall. I was making love to him one moment and pounding the hell out of him the next.

Suddenly out of no-where me and him both hit our climax, I screamed "I love you" right as we came, and Tristan slammed our mouths together. We were both dripping sweat, when we turned to the door way to see Isaac and Eli looking at us smiling. I uttered just loud enough for them to hear me "Hey, guys."

I loved Isaac and I loved Tristan but what I loved most was that they neither made me choose who I had to love more. The summer faded very quickly, and fall came upon us like a hurricane. I had applied for just an average university but I got a scholarship to a fancier that was even closer to home. Isaac was accepted to a very prestigious ivy league college, Tristan followed me to my college. Eli went into the military, we were all separated by time and space.

Me and Tristan took as many of the same classes as we could in order to stay close. Eli called Tristan every single day to let him know how much he missed them. We had all taken separate paths in life, but we tried to stay close. College life was fun, but I was only having sex with Isaac (when I could see him) and Tristan when we weren't studying (sometimes when we were). My 22nd birthday was coming right around the corner and I was so excited because Isaac was coming down to see me. It had been almost 5 months since I last saw him. I wasn't sure if we would leave the bed room when he got home. I had been celibate for 2 of those months even to Tristan. I was inlove with this man he meant the world to me.

The doorbell rang, I walked down stairs to see Isaac standing near the opened door. I ran to kiss him, I was breathless with happiness. I didn't even let him speak, I practically pushed him to the floor. I was on top of him kissing him. God I missed his tongue, I missed this smell, I missed the way he sounded, but mostly I missed the feeling like he loved me. I sat up on him, positioning my body onto his lower half. "God, I have missed you so much." I said as he panted a little.

I heard from behind me. "So I take it you are Dylan."

I quickly swung my head to see who the intruder was.

"My name is Kristy." She said in a lovely voice with her head barely poking through the door. I could only see her face, she was very pretty, like super model pretty. She had long flowing brown hair with green eyes. If you were to have to describe her you would dare almost call her perfection. "I've heard a lot about you." She continued in a sweet tone.

I had an awkward look of 'WTF'. I looked at Isaac.

He got really quiet, "I wanted to tell you but didn't know how, I guess there is no way around it now... Dylan, she is my girlfriend." I was shocked and silent I didn't know what to say. I was too hurt to cry to angry to scream, so I just got off of him and stared at the wall.

"Dylan, I know what you are thinking but its not..." He started.

Suddenly all the fury came out as I roared at him "It's not what? So you didn't cheat on me with some skank, tell me all this bullshit about how you loved me and then go run to her." I turned to her. "I am not as mad at you but don't get me wrong I am still pretty fucking pissed, you didn't help matters any by letting him cheat, I am not as mad that he cheated one me as I am that he is still with you, and knowing how much I care about him would bring your ass here."

She began "I am sorry Dylan, I know this must hurt but I love Isaac too, and lets face it, you two were childhood sweethearts and that's fine I am okay with that but I have things I have to think about now. Because I am-"

"What?" I interrupted. "A slut? Some piece of trailer trash who has to take away the person who means the most to me?"

She got silent and opened to door completely and came towards me. My eyes pop open and I could barely say anything but I managed to push out "pregnant." My heart sunk to this lowness of death, I was hurting, the pain I felt I could never express. Here in front of me was the man I loved more than life itself, He had cheated on me, lied to me, torn my heart out and yet I still couldn't hate him. I wanted to wake up from this nightmarish hell. I refused to let this be reality. Isaac came close and went to put his arms around me. I punched him. "Don't you dare touch me!" I yelled. He wobbled back. "Dylan, I love you." I looked him in the eyes, " You don't love me, if you did you wouldn't have done this to me, love doesn't cheat, love doesn't lie, I may not know what love is, but I sure as hell know what it ain't. Get the fuck out my house I hate you I never want to see you again, both of you can rot I hell." I screamed as I pushed him out of my house and metaphorically out of my life.

I locked the door behind me and cried violent against the door I have never cried that hard in my life. I was cursing out loud, I don't know what I was cursing at, the floors, the ceiling, Isaac, that slut Kristy, God?, or was I cursing as myself for not being there for him?" I don't know, plenty of things ran through my mind, "why did he have to lie to me? Was I not good enough? Did he love her? Was I mistaken to love him even now, when he had just broken my heart?" I woke out of my daze to find I had destroyed almost everything in my house the couch overturned the pictures of me and Isaac scattered across the room, lamps broken, and glass slung across the hard wood floors. I heard a knock on the door.

"Dylan open up, I just got off the phone with Isaac, he said he wanted me to come talk to you." The voice echoed through the stained glass.

"Go Away Tristan." I said with all I could muster, but I knew he wasn't going to leave, after all he had a key to my house this was more like him informing me that he would like to be invited in but no matter the answer was coming in anyways.

Tristan opened the door, "Wow this place is a mess, Isaac said there was an argument in here not a bomb." He said trying to be humorous. I was not in the kidding mood

"What do you want." I snared.

Tristan walked around all the scattered glass and eventually got to me. He hugged me and held me for a long time, I just let go of the world in my head, I distanced myself from the actuality of the present. Tristan continued to hold me and say things like "it will be okay." And "it will all make sense in time." But I stopped listening, I was too hurt to pretend that 'everything was okay.' I must have sat there for five or six hours just staring at the wall. Tristan stopped holding me and got up to make some food for us. Suddenly all the rage I had repressed in that small amount of time came flying out of me. I screamed in anger, I turned and punched the wall, "WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS? AFTER ALL THE SHIT WE BEEN THROUGH HE IS GONNA LEAVE ME?!?!" my hand went through the wall and I pulled it back out my fist was bloody but I didn't care. In a way the pain on the outside made me feel a little better. Tristan came in an saw my hand bleeding. He grabbed it and looked at it. "Doesn't look like you broke nothing, guess you got lucky, could have really hurt yourself there man."

I looked in his eyes. "I don't care, I wish I had broken my hand, then maybe I wouldn't hurt so badly on the inside."

Tristan didn't say anything right away, and I thought he may hug me again. He didn't. He punched me instead. "Aren't you the one who told me to stop being a victim? I have had enough for your moping, I get it you're hurt, you're angry, you blame Isaac, you blame that girl, you blame God, and you even blame yourself, but that isn't going to help out any. If you want to feel better, then get up off your ass and get back out there into the world because no amount of crying is going to bring him back."

I thought I should cry, maybe punch him back, after all he didn't know how I felt. To be built up, made better, to be strengthen just to be destroyed again all by the same person. " I just wish -"

"Stop wishing" he commanded "Don't you get it, this ain't no fairy tale, this is life, sometimes you have to wade chin deep in the worst shit just to make it to the other side, just to survive, you won't know what is on the other side till you get there, but you damn sure don't have the option of turning back."

He was right, this was life this was what I had to deal with. No fairy tale, no hero, now knight in shining armor, this was life and no one but myself could save me now.

Days passed again, and I got 'right back on the saddle.' I went to the local bars picked up countless women and quiet a few men, and though I had sex with them they all left me empty wanting more. I started dating hoping that would help me cope but I dumped 5 girls and 9 guys in roughtly a months time. They were all perfectly normal, some were more interesting some were better looking than the next but nevertheless they could never do what Isaac had done for me. They could never be him. After about 3 month of torturing myself with that I finally called him. Kristy answered the phone. "Hello?" preceded by a long silence. "Hello?" she asked again. I froze and she hung up. I missed him but I remembered in that instance what he had done, how he hurt me the pain came back no as a knife through the heart this time but as a dull aching sensation in my chest. I waited a few minute then I called again. "Hello." The familiar voice of Kristy rang.

"Hello, Is Isaac there?" I asked with the authority voice of a 5 year old.

More silence ensued, finally she said "Issac, you have a phone call, I believe its Dylan." He got on the line.

"D-d-dylan?" He stuttered.

Oh god just hearing his voice was like hearing heaven's gate open for you just to know they would close before you could ever get there. I missed it, so manly, so strong yet I knew that this was no longer my voice to listen to, it was hers.

"Isaac," I paused to breathe saying his name was knives dragging along the inside of my throat. I could barely keep from crying. "I was thinking, that... that never mind it's stupid." I went to hang up the phone.

"Dylan, I really want to see you again, maybe you could come by sometime." He said as I went to put the phone down. "I-i-I don't know if that's a good idea, I miss you but I don't know if I would be able to control myself if I saw you, and her." He got quiet. "Dylan, I'll see you in a hour. I miss you too, and I can't let us end like this. I miss you, but more importantly I love you, do you still love me?" I didn't answer I couldn't, I refused to let myself be put back through this.

"I will see you soon." I said as I slammed the phone on the hook. I knew where we would meet, he would want to meet at my, our father's house. Dad still lived there but he was on a year cruise to celebrate his retirement. I drove to our old home; I figured we would probably sit down and have a nice discussion over how and why he broke my heart. I saw the house as I pulled into the driveway. I got out the car, and the wind hit me. I looked to see that Isaac and Kristy's car had arrived. I went to the door and grabbed the door knob, but I froze, I couldn't bare to open it. Knowing full well what was on the other side of that wood and glass, I couldn't open the door. So I stood there for about five minutes trying to work up the nerve. Finally I pushed the door open it seemed to open almost unyielding to my touch as if it recognized my touch as the one that had opened it so often when I was younger. Inside sat Isaac and Kristy just as I expected.

My heart sank when I walked into that room, there he was the god-like man who I had loved so tenderly, had given my entirety too. He sat there so calmly next to Kristy; you could now tell she was pregnant. "How much longer before the baby comes?" I said with a little disappointment in my voice.

Kristy looked at me, I can't say for sure what the look in her eyes was, remorse? Pained? Sympathy? "6 weeks." She said in a voice that was also filled with dread.

I looked at Isaac, "Okay, I am here, what do you want to talk about." I said already feeling my heart slowing down from the thought of his answer.

He stared at me a long time. "I want to apologize, for cheating on you, for lying, for being a bad boyfriend. I have done many things wrong in my life, but making this baby is something I will not say I am sorry for."

Time had slowly made my wounds shallower, They still felt fresh and occasionally like they bleeding but at least the reality of what was happening had slightly dulled the idea of this hell. "It's okay, I realize that you have responsibilities as a father, I just wish that things would have turned out differently, that maybe we would be on the way to the alter right now instead of here, in this house discussing... this."

He smiled a bit. "you told me 'I ain't the Marrying type.' When I asked you if you saw a future for us together back when we were kids."

"Yeah, but when you love someone, sometimes you are willing to go way out of character just to let them know you love them." I rebutted.

He smiled and looked at me with those big beautiful eyes, "Dylan, part of me will always love you." He said.

"Isaac, All of me will always love you." I said as I leaned over and embraced him. He put his arms around me and instantly my mind felt like I was in a haze. I could smell him skin, I could feel his warmth. I pushed my head closer to his chest, and I heard his heartbeat. Strong and steady, It hurt me so bad to let go. I didn't think I would. I forced my fingers to part ways and I made my body fall against the couch again. I still loved him, I loved him like no other, part of him was in me, and part of me was in him.

As he let go I couldn't help but hate myself on the inside. Isaac pulled me back, and took a deep breath like he was trying to keep the memory of my sent in his mind. He leaned in and kissed me, long and slow he mouth felt so delicious the way his tongue moved slowly from his mouth to mine. Kristy just sat there silently for a few moments.

"Dylan!" She said when she noticed him had unconsciously reached for his belt. I stopped realizing what I was doing. I pushed him back a little, "I am sorry Kristy, my body overpowered my mind for a second."

She barely flinched. "It's alright I Think I need to go." She said as she headed for the door. "Isaac, I will be at home, I won't wait up... It was nice to see you again Dylan." She said in a weak tone as she put on her coat and looked at us.

Isaac looked confused. He walked outside and they talked. I didn't hear much of the conversation, and I didn't want to ease drop(I did but I wasn't any of my concern.) Isaac finally came back in the house a few minutes later. He flopped down on the couch beside me. He sighed.

"Isaac, I am sorry, for not being there... for not being able to give you a fulltime boyfriend. Maybe I wasn't a good enough boyfriend, maybe I still ain't. I wish I was, because I love you so much." I said calmly.

He stopped me and hugged me tightly. "You didn't do anything wrong Dylan, you were, are great. This happened because I got wasted at a party, I never expected all this." I stood up. "Its alright, I am not mad anymore but I don't know where we stand." I said half-heartedly.

He leaned in and kissed me again as he broke away he whispered "We can start here and see where we move too." He began to kiss me again, god his mouth. I didn't want to stop and I didn't. Before I knew it my pants were lain across the back of the couch and he was on top of me.

The morning light woke me. I turned over to find Isaac in my bed, we hadn't made such passionate love in over a year. The way his body was pushed against mine, I knew for a fact he was still inside me, we had slept that way. I moved to get up and I felt his cock slide out. He stirred and said "Dylan?"

I turned. "Yes?" I asked. He smiled, "Last night was wonderful, I missed you so much."

I moved towards the window, "You can't stay, I know what last night was... let's not sugar coat it, It was sex... nothing more." I said looking out at the yard. It brought back memories, me and Tristan playing out there as children, bringing Isaac home, that one night with Isaac on the porch.

He stood up and got behind me. "No it was more, I still love you, more than you could ever know. I wish I could have you both, but my child comes first." He put his arms around me, "But Kristy told me that she understood if I wanted to be with you time to time.

I pushed his arms away. "Isaac I am not that kind of person, I refuse to be a goodtime boy. I love you, but you need to be a father and I need to learn to let you go." I kissed him. "I will always love you."

I walked down stairs and opened the door I got into my car and left. I got home and realized I was wearing his clothing. I sat on the couch, to be honest I always knew it was too good to be true. It hurt like hell to think that the only one who I would let hold me was going to hold another. I didn't want to admit that it hurt. I love Isaac, he meant everything to me.

Days turned to weeks. My phone suddenly went off at 3 am. I sprang out of bed, knocking my calculus books off of me. I had fallen asleep studying. I grabbed the phone almost taking off the hook. "Hello?" I said in a rushed voice.

"Dylan, Come to the hospital now." The voice rang. "Isaac? Which Hospital? What happened." I asked.

"No time to explain, just come to the hospital on 34th street... I need you." Isaac said with a trembling voice.

I rushed to the hospital and climbed 6 flights of stairs, as the elevator was out of order. I got up there and found Isaac. He was in the waiting room crying his eyes out. "Isaac, what happened?" I asked running to his side slightly out of breath.

He looked at me. "Kristy... Kristy isn't going to make it, she went into labor on the way home and crashed the car... for god sake she just went to the grocery store. They are fighting to save the baby before... before..." His voice trailed off.

"Isaac I am so sorry." I tried holding him. "She means a lot to me too Dylan, she is the mother of my child, I never wanted all this."

I felt his pain but couldn't express it. I just held him till the doctor walked in. "Mister Timmons." We both looked up, after all we both were 'mister Timmons'. We stood up and followed him to the nursery.

"Mister Timmons, This is your son." The doctor said placing the boy into my arms.

"I am not the father, I am just the uncle." I said. I looked down, and my heart stopped, that precious little life I held in my hands made my entire body shake he was so beautiful. This child, I had only known him for seconds but I was in love with him. Isaac looked at me for a moment.

"Umm May I hold my child?" He said.

I snapped back to reality. "Oh I am sorry, yeah." I said gently passing the baby to him. Isaac held that baby and I pulled the doctor to the side. "Is Kristy?" I said in as quiet a voice as I could. He looked down, "I am sorry Mister Timmons, she didn't make it through." I stopped him. "You haven't told him yet have you?" I said still breathless.

"Not yet sir, I can break the news now if you would like but I ask that you hold the baby as he may not be in control for a moment, grief tends to make people have weak arms and legs."

I took the baby in my arms again, and looked at Isaac, "I have something to tell you and its best if it comes from me." He gave me a look, as if he knew what I was going to say but seemed as though he refused to accept the idea of what was going on. "Kristy didn't make it, Isaac I am so sorry." He didn't say anything, I knew he was hurting, I think he had really started to care for her. She was no longer a one night stand gone array she was he child's mother and soon to be wife. I stood there and watched as he tried to stay strong. The doctor asked if we had any idea what we would like to name the baby.

Isaac looked at me "Kristy wanted to call the baby Ian... said it had a small part of both mine and yours, it would keep him close to our hearts but not so bound to follow in our footsteps." He said a little heart broken.

"Ian, that's a wonderful name." I said looking down at the baby. "You like that lil guy?"

A week later, we all attended the funeral, Kristy did look beautiful. It was sad to see her in a coffin but the way Isaac had been holding me lately... to be honest in a sinister way I didn't mean to be I was kind of glad she was dead. I had all I wanted back, Isaac and his child. Still it was sad, I wish she hadn't of died though it's always sad when one is taken before their time.

Isaac leaned over "Thank you for being here in my time of needing."

I wish I could express the feeling that I had inside my chest when this guy touched me. I sat there as they lowered her into the ground. As the funeral ended and we said goodbye to all the people one Kristy's sisters approached Isaac. "Isaac, I don't know what to say to you. Just that Kristy loved you and I know you loved her so I am sorry you are left alone with a child at this early age." Said Jessica.

"He isn't alone he has me, and I will be there for him." I interrupted.

She had a sickened look on her face realizing that me and Isaac were together. "Oh, let me guess you are Dylan, the one who 'Isaac just couldn't live without.'" She said sarcastically.

"No, I am Dylan, the one who couldn't live without Isaac." I said

"You know my sister really liked you, no damn clue why. She would tell me sometimes how she felt guilty for stealing someone who meant so much to you. Well if you ask me maybe he should be taken from you, you don't deserve this great of a man."

I wasn't angry when I looked at her. "Probably right, I don't deserve this man, he is too good for me, but I love him and I can't seem to let him go. I know you probably don't understand what all happened, but it's okay. I am not happy that Kristy is dead; I wish she was still alive, because it isn't fair that something that made Isaac happy got taken away from him. I loved him, I love him still and this baby, this baby I love more than life itself. I only wish Kristy was here today to give these two the normal life that everyone wishes for so badly and believe it or not I am sorry for your loss I know how it feels to lose someone very close to you." I said weakly Isaac just handed me the baby inside his little holder. "I think we need to have a talk Sydney... over there."

I stood there playing with the baby, this precious little gift of joy. Ian was perfect, so small so innocent, he had a chance to be something special, to do something special. I don't know what made me love this child so much.

We went home and rested, as weeks passed and I saw Ian grow into a strong young child. He was my pride and joy. He was mine. I know the way that must sound, slightly crazy, overly possessive. These are truly ways to describe how I felt though. I loved this child; his hair was turning blonde just like his dad's. He sat up and looked at me one day with those beautiful eyes and smiled. This child made me melt.

I was waiting up for Isaac one night; It was late when I heard the car door slam. It wasn't very unusual for him to be out late, he worked as a house painter during the day, and sidewalk artist during the evening and worked grave yard at the local hardware factory.

I got up and went to unlock the door, before I could finish unlocking the door he busted through it like he was ready to sing. "DYLAN, THE MOST AMAZING THING..."

I interrupted "SHHHH... you are going to wake Ian, and I spent a lot of time trying to get him to sleep today."

He laughed "Wow, I sure domesticated you didn't I?" He asked messing.

I blushed, I never really thought about it but it was true he had me pegged. "No, I am still a wild stallion, anyways what was so important you had to tell me?"

"Oh yeah I almost forgot, today I sold my first painting. Got 800 bucks for it. The man said he was gonna come by next week and see what else I had, and that if he liked what he saw he would put me on display in his museum. Dylan, this could be my big break I could be famous, you could be with a famous person, we will never have to worry about money ever again." He said so excited he was practically panting trying to get all the words out.

"Whoa calm down." I said trying to not burst with excitement for him.

"I can't, I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say, I am just so excited, its like after all the shit I've been through... this is my chance to prove I am not worthless, that I could be something great, that maybe we could be something great.

I hugged him "You already are something great. You are a great father, a great painter, a great lover and so much more, even if you never strike it rich, even if your name is never in lights you are someone amazing to me."

He smiled "Wow we really are gay guys aren't we." I chuckled so hard I had tears in my eyes.

I smiled "Yeah, but let me show you what you should do with all that excitement." I grabbed his hand and moved toward the bedroom.

He whispered in my ear. "you know I love you so much." I opened the door and pushed him onto the bed. "It's time I show the artist how I make art."

I pushed my body against his and kissed him passionately, the heat that his body radiated as if I was holding a heater. I broke free and kissed his neck. I kissed his abs and continued downward, I worked my way down to his cock and showed him how much I cared. "Oh, Dylan you are so amazing, I love you so much." He brought me up and kissed me, I loved kissing him. He kissed my neck as I slowly jacked us together. He bent down and kissed my neck, then he started down. He kissed my chest and my abs. He went down and I was sure he was headed for my cock but I was wrong. He kissed my balls, but continued even further down. He was about to eat me out. I lifted my legs for him to get in there good. He was eating me alive and I was going ape shit over it. I had to fight now to moan for fear of waking the baby. I pulled him up and placed him under me. I was ready to ride this man like never before. I hoped on top and started down, when he entered me it always felt like the first time, and like that is where he belonged. I rode him gentle to begin with let him slowly build up, I kept getting slicker and I knew he was pre-cumming. "Damn you Dylan, always got to tease my body don't you." He said with a grin. I smiled and started to really ride him. I loved it almost as much as he did. I threw my head back. He pulled me down and kissed me. "Isaac, I love you so much." I said as I hit my climax. "I love you too." My ass tightened with such force It must have felt like vice grip. "UGHGHH." He moaned as he came inside me. We rolled over and I just laid there, with my back to him. He was still inside. "Dylan, I really do love you, and I know I can never make amends for what I've put you through but I will always be sorry for hurting you. You were the one person who was always there for me. You were... are my everything." I felt water roll down my back. I am not sure if it was sweat or tears but I wasn't going to question it.

The week quickly passed. I was taking a shower, when I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly hopped out and ran to get it in only a towel. I swung it open to see this sexy man standing in front of me. Just over six foot, Italian skin, dark brown eyes that made my mouth want to water. He was probably 45 but he looked barely 35, he had such strong facial structure. I was struck speechless, just standing there in a towel.

"Hello, I am Henry... Isaac Timmons told me I could swing by today and check out the art collection to see if there was anything I wanted to put up in my museum." He said in a strong voice.

I stumbled over myself a little. "uhh-hh, yeah, let me show you his studio. Isaac isn't home right now he is off panting houses."

He smiled. "ahh such humble beginnings. By the way how are you related to Isaac?"

I thought about telling him 'I was his boyfriend' but I wasn't technically so I said the only honest thing. "I am his step-brother."

He nodded and continued We walked into the art room, where Isaac hung his finished work, but he always refused to let me see his work till it was finished, and I respected his wishes and didn't go into the 'painting room.'

He browsed many different canvases saying things like "interesting" and "love the play of light and shadow in this one." "Beautifully executed work." And such other things. He looked at me still half soaked and beginning to get cold. "I love his art but I don't think they are right for my art gallery."

I was confused, not being a man of the arts I preferred football and swimming. "I don't understand, you said you loved them, why can't they go into an art gallery?"

He smiled "Because when people go to an art gallery they want to see someone established and recognized, not some no-name. His art is really wonderful but I can't show them as he isn't even known in the neighborhood."

I smiled "So that's it, you are going to ruin his dream. You are telling me that he is doomed to paint only for us as he 'has no name'? Is there nothing we can do to get him recognized?

He walked up to me as I was crying now "Oh you could hire a publicist, and I know a great one but he cost a lot of money. 2 grand per day minimum."

I looked up still with tears, "We don't have that kind of money, we are barely scrapping by with him working 2 jobs and me working part time (I was still in my 6th year of medical school so I wasn't working full time)."

He smiled and got a funny look in his eyes. "Well if it means that much too you I suppose I could put them up in my gallery and pay for the promoter, but you will have to do something for me."

I hastily agreed "Oh, anything just please, this means so much to Isaac."

He smiled "good." With that he grabbed my towel and pulled it off me. "Oh yes this will do very nicely."

I froze, I covered myself. "No, I won't do that. I love Isaac too much to cheat on him."

He stopped "I thought you were his brother."

I snapped "I am, I am his step brother, he was adopted but I am also his lover."

He got angry. "Well you said anything, and this falls under that category."

I thought about it for a moment. "I love Isaac, enough to do anything." And with that I dropped to my knees. He pulled out his cock, it already getting fluffed up. He was a pretty nice size, I put him in my mouth and went down to his trimmed pubes. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head. "yeah that's right suck that dick." He moaned more and slammed my head down on him. He pushed me away and got down and pushed my legs apart. "Time for something a little better." He got bigger, he must have been around 7 inches, he got in between my legs and pushed his dick into my tight asshole. "Ahh," I moaned. He started fucking me, it wasn't softly, he wasn't like Isaac, this wasn't for my pleasure. He just needed to get his nut, but he was doing it all wrong. "Stop, just let me do it." I said. I hopped on top of him and started corkscrewing. "OH Shit!" he screamed. "Shh, you will wake the baby." I said without thinking. I rode him and he started cumming inside me. I got off and felt his dick slide out. It fell on his abs. I looked at him. "Now you will feature Isaac in you art gallery?" I said covering my body feeling violated.

"Not yet one more thing I want to do." He said with a snicker.

"What would that be?" I asked a little worried.

He reached up and grabbed the back of my head and kissed me. We broke apart. " I just want to thank you for you hospitality, and you brother, boyfriend thing is a great painter he will go far, but there is a little problem."

I looked at him "What is it now?" I said with such dread.

He looked at me hard. "You can't be with Isaac if he is going to be famous."

I got a little mad "Why not?" I demanded an answer.

"Haven't you noticed most famous people are straight, and people's first impression will be what they take with them about him? If I introduce him as a single father, they will feel sorry for him, but if I introduce him as 'the gay guy with a child' they will feel only pity for the child. So if you want to help your love then you need to get out of his way."

I frowned. "I will talk it over with Isaac."

He smiled and threw a stack of money on the ground. "That's 25 grand. That's for every single one of his paintings in that room. Isaac is very lucky to have you."

"Just go, I have a lot to do and even more to think about." I said pointing towards the door. He left and I took another shower afterwards.

Isaac got home and I was feeding Ian. He walked up to me and kissed me. "I've had a rough day, Dylan, its good just to be home."

I got up and put Ian back in his crib. "Isaac we need to discuss some things."

He was making a sandwich, "What is it? You seem stressed."

I started "the art collector came by today."

His eyes light up, "Oh, What did he say, did he like my art, did he hate it, did I get accepted into the exhibit. Don't leave me hanging, what did he say?"

I pulled out the stack of cash and dropped it on the table. "He bought them all, you are no longer part of the exhibit you are the exhibit."

He jumped up "This is the best thing that has ever happened to us Dylan, You will have everything you ever dreamed of, when I am rich you will just have to look at something and you will own it, finally I can give you and Ian everything I never had."

"Isaac, please let me finish." I said

"What?" he said so happy he could barely sit still?

"The art guy said that, I and you couldn't be together, if you wanted to be famous and at first I thought he was just full of shit but the more I think about it, the more I realize he was right."

He laughed "that's ridiculous, I mean, I love you even more than my art and much more than fame."

"But you love Ian more than us both, and so do I... so I think it's best if I stay out of the spot light as anything but your step brother if you want to be able to give him the best things in life."

He became silent very quickly. "Dylan, I love you, and I want you and Ian to be happy, I don't really care about the fame."

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬I sighed "I know, let's just get to bed." That night we had sex again, slow and steadily, no teasing, no fucking around, just love making. I woke up much earlier than he did.

-4 A.M.- I got up and grabbed my duffle bag out the closet, it was prefilled with my stuff, I kissed Isaac goodbye as he slept. I had my courses transferred to another college. I brushed my teeth and threw on some clothing. I stopped by the counter and wrote Isaac a goodbye letter.


You mean the world to me, and I will not let you risk this chance. I love you and Ian both too much to be that selfish. I will always love you, and one day maybe I will come back to you but only if you follow through with your dream. Please I know how much this means for you both.

-Love, Dylan'

I got the money I had saved in the safe. I was about to leave but I couldn't, one last thing I had to do. I went back and kissed Ian's forehead. I wandered the streets; I hopped the nearest train out the state I could find. I kept telling myself 'this is for Isaac this is for Ian, this is for the people I love the most.'

Two years passed in the blink of an eye. I still thought about Isaac and Ian everyday, but the idea that I, in my own way, was helping them kept me from running back to them. I finally graduated Medical school and began working for the local hospital.

I loved working for the hospital. I got to help a lot of people who needed someone to be there for them. I was sitting on the break room relaxing after being on 3 back to back shifts."Doctor Timmons, you are quite the difficult one to locate." Rang Tina.

"Nurse Tina, I didn't realize that I was needed, what can I help you with." I said with a gentle smile.

She just nodded and said "I had some news for you."

"Okay, Let hear it." I said

"You are in an art magazine." She said throwing it onto the counter.

"Me?" I said a little stunned.

"Yes. Some big shot is looking for you." She said happily. Pointing to the book she began to read 'This is my long lost brother Dylan Oliver Timmons, If you see him let him know I still love him, that I miss him and that I want him to come back into mine and my son's life. That no matter where he is or what he has done that We still love him and to anyone who delivers this message to him, I will pay them 1 million dollars."

My mouth dropped open "Did you say One million dollars? Shit 2 years ago we were so poor we didn't have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of, and now that dumb son of a bitch is throwing away all that money just to find me?"

She looked at me, "why didn't you tell me you had a famous brother?" She said a little angry.

"I- I have to go see him, Thank you so much Tina, I will make sure he knows that it was you who told me, but promise me you won't show this magazine to anyone else, that it will be our little secret."

She promised and I ran for the door.

I finally caught up to our supervisor "I need to be transferred out of state immediately." I demanded not thinking clearly.

She looked at me shocked " But mister Timmons you have only been working here a handful of months, is someone bothering you, or if it's the hours I can see who is willing to switch or -"

"Its none of that, its love, I'm in love and I have to see them now."

She didn't know what to say but she just nodded and walked away, turning towards me "I'll have you transferred by the end of the week but where do you want to be transferred to?"

I simply smiled "Love's Grove the hospital in my hometown."

That night I slung my life into a bag and hopped the nearest plane. I had no idea that he still even thought of me, I was sure he had forgotten about me. I sat on the plane thinking about how when I got there how I would run into his arms and kiss him so passionately. Oh I missed him. As the plane landed my heart was fluttering. I could barely keep still getting into the cab. He asked me where I wanted to go. "35 cherry street." I said.

As we drove I noticed we were going into a high class part of town. "Where is this?" I asked looking for any detail that would relate.

"35th Cherry Street sir. As you requested." He said with a grin.

I looked at the window to possibly the biggest house I had ever seen. "Holy shit, THIS is where my house used to be?" I uttered in great surprise.

I opened the door and stepped out. I couldn't believe it, This place was far too expensive for even a millionaire to afford. I walked to the door, not knowing if maybe someone else lived here now. I went to knock but the door opened before I could. I stared into the long hallway. Suddenly a face appeared from behind the door. With a great thud I went straight to the floor. Isaac was on top of me, hugging me, well squeezing the life out of me to be more accurate; but at any rate still happy to see me.

"Dylan, I can't believe it is really you. I have missed you so much, I dream about you every night." Isaac said as he held me tightly laying on the ground.

I pushed up just enough to get on my feet. "Isaac, I missed you too. I hear you are some fancy pants famous artist." I said smiling.

His heart was beating so hard I could hear it just standing next to him. Suddenly he grabbed me and kissed me so passionately. As we broke apart he whispered "I have missed you so much."

He began to cry as he held me. "Promise me, Promise me that you will never leave me again."

I held him. "Isaac."

"Promise me!" he demanded "I tell Ian about you every night, this life isn't worth living if I can't have both of the people I love in it." He said tears flowing freely down his face.

He took my bags inside and I settled down on the couch. Suddenly a beautiful blond child ran up to me. He was adorable. "Ian." I said as I looked at him so happily. I hugged Ian for so long, he smiled and laughed and made my heart jump. I played with Ian for most of the night till around 10 p.m., that was his bed time. I got to tuck him in, and kiss him good night. I missed Isaac but I also missed Ian, that boy reminded me in some weird twisted way that there is always a light even in the darkest memories.

Isaac came up behind me as I was laying Ian to sleep. He wrapped his arms around my waste. "I know you have been here a few hours, but I just have to keep making sure that you are real."

I turned around and held him tight. "I am as real as you need me to be."

He grinned and we kissed. He slid his tongue into my mouth so slowly and carefully. It was familiar yet so foreign, it had been ages since I had been kissed like this. It made my heart race, my head spin but what can I say, I was in love with the guy. His touch seemed to make me forget everything wrong either one of us had ever done. As our lips broke apart, he dropped to his knees really fast.

"We can't do this infront of the baby." I forewarned.

He laughed. " Oh no, I'm not down here for that. I had something different in mind." With that he pulled a black box from his pocket. "I know it must be weird to be asked this, but Dylan Timmons, will you marry me? I promised that if I ever saw you again, I wouldn't take the chance of losing you."

My head was in a tizzy, I had just came back from being gone for 2 years. "794" I said.

He looked up confused. I repeated "794. That is the number of days since we last seen each other." I wanted to tell him yes because I love him, but suddenly all the doubts and hurt came back. It was like it came from no-where and everywhere all at once. "Isaac, I love you but I don't know about marriage. We have been apart for so long. I don't want you to rush into this again just to find out that you no-longer love me the way you used to."

He grabbed my hand and slid on the ring. "11." He said looking up. "11. The number of years I have known you, the good times, the bad times. I love everything about you, your achievements, your errors, your sense of humor, your smile, even your very soul. To be honest, there isn't a single person on this earth that I could love me, and furthermore not only do I need you, but Ian needs you as well. So I am begging you, please say yes. I can barely function without you. Please say you will marry me." He said with tears cascading down his now rose colored cheeks.

I leaned down and wiped the tears from his face. "Isaac, I love you more than life itself. You and Ian are my reason for living. I will marry you but on a condition." I said holding him tightly.

He whispered in a hoarse voice like he was trying to choke out the words. "Anything."

I smiled. "You make me sign a prenup. I don't want any of your money, and I rather you be protected."

He laughed. "That is it? You had me worried, I was prepared to walk through hell on my hands bathed in gasoline if you asked me too."

"I just want you to know I don't want any of your money. I want you, nothing more, nothing less." I said still holding him tightly.

"So you will marry me?" he asked again.

"Yes, Yes will marry you. I want to see someone try and stop me."

We went and got into the huge bed. This house was extravagant and I kinda liked it to be honest. I awoke early the next morning. I stirred when I noticed that Isaac wasn't next to me. I looked down and the ring was still there. My heart fluttered with joy. 'I can't believe this, I am going to marry the man of my dreams and be a father to the child I never had.' I thought to myself.

I went to get up when I heard Isaac say. "Don't move, I'm not done yet."

I froze, "are you painting me? Isaac I'm butt-tale naked, at least let me put on some pants." I commanded.

"No, I wish to show the world your natural beauty, I don't want you all covered in fabrics and prints. I want the world to see what pure perfection looks like." He said paint me.

"Stop it, you are making me blush." I said with a face now glowing red. He laughed and put the brush down. He went over to me and pushed me back on the bed and kissed me. We kissed for a long while, then he stopped and said "Now to finish the painting."

A hour and a half later there was painting of me naked sitting on the easel and Isaac covered in paint. We had breakfast and life seemed to be going normal. Days began to pass like seconds, time itself seemed to be aware of our happiness.

Finally our wedding day came around. Isaac was standing there waiting for me at the altar. I walked down the aisle in a tux with one of those annoying little bow-ties. The wedding wasn't big, maybe 50 people in all. Tristan was there and so was Eli, my father and his new girlfriend, Shelia. Some of Isaac's friends and even a few of mine, including Tiffany who was sitting on the front row. She wore a black dress, looked amazing. The man finally after much talk asked Isaac, "Do you, Isaac, take this man to be your husband." "I DO." Isaac said without a care in the world. He continued "Do you, Dylan, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold as long as you both shall live." I smiled. "I do."

The pastor smiled "Then by the power invested in me, I pronounce you two married. You may kiss if you so wish." Isaac kissed me for just a second, the place seemed to be so happy for us. As Isaac was kissing me and holding me in front of everyone, Ian came up, having learned to walk not long ago and pulled on my pants. I looked down. "Well hey there little guy." I said happily as I picked him up. He hugged and kissed me. "I love you Isaac, and I love you too Ian." Ian just smiled at me the way that only a baby can, that makes your very soul shake with gladness that you got to see such a delightful thing.

The days passed and our happiness grew, Ian began to call me Papa. I got to see the world with Isaac. It was amazing. We were inside of a famous museum in Rome, when Isaac got up in front of a crowd of thousands and started speaking; he was on national TV as the greatest artist of the times. I played with the now 6 year old Ian; he was becoming a handful just like his father.

Then out of left field Isaac said. "I have decided to give up art and pursue something even more important to me." I looked up. Isaac continued "I have been spending too much time going to artist parties, painting huge portraits, and pretending like it makes me happy. When I was younger, all I dreamed of was being a famous artist, back in the orphanage that dream kept me going. The idea of being loved by many, and liked by all; now I realize I never needed a lot of attention or fame, that the people who loved me would have been there for me, if I was a billionaire playboy or a penniless bum. I would like to thank Dylan and Ian for being there for me and being an inspiration, and with that I will unveil my last painting, a masterpiece in its own right and my legacy."

He yanked the tarp from the painting, and I saw it. It was Ian and me in the foreground, with Eli, Tristan and my father standing behind us. He had painted us. This was his so called masterpiece, the legacy that he wanted to leave behind was us?" The crowd didn't know whether to clap or form a mob it seemed. They just all stared at him. I got up and went onstage. We kissed in front of the world on national TV for everyone to see. The crowd gained the feeling of love and cheered.

When we finally got home, I asked Isaac why he gave up a painting. He told me that he had a new dream, one in which we could all be happy together. With all the money that we had, we decided to open up a home for runaways and orphans. Many faces passed in and out our doors, 127 in total, all who we loved and treated like they were our very own. Ian was about 15 when he came to us with one of the runaway boys named Connor. Ian claimed that they were in love and that they found happiness being with each other. While at first, Isaac wasn't happy that his little boy was so taken back by another. He soon grew to like Connor and a good thing too, since the day that Ian turned 18 they got married.

The picture of our family has changed and grew over the years, many new faces entered and sadly a few vanished from sight, however we were over all just happy to feel at home, to feel loved. We were happy simply for the sake of others happiness. Me and Isaac continue to grow old together, spending plenty of time with each other and visiting the many children we helped to raise. I suppose that is really the meaning of life, to find happiness. The question remains though is how does one find true happiness without first knowing true sorrow. This is the purpose of life I suppose, to hurt, to struggle for what is the pleasure of the victory if no blood was spilled to obtain it? These trials only make the victory all the sweeter.


Author's Note:

Thank you for your time and support. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my work. I know sounds like a bad fortune cookie at the very end but I wanted to put a little philosophy into my work and I figured that would be the best way to close such a novel. I would like to apologize to all the people who were waiting on the final part but are just now seeing it. The story in a way is a part of me, not only as a past abuse victim trying to figure out the world on my own but also as someone who was unsure of their sexuality. I am happy to say that I have discovered much more about myself through writing this story than I originally thought I would. I am pleased with all the support and criticism I have received on the story as the support gave me a reason to write and the criticism gave me reason to improve. Once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.





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