I couldn't believe it! Here I was in my early 30's. I had always dreamed of having sex with a hot, young stud and here one was seated on my couch stroking his fat, meaty pecker. I had only just recently met Robbie, the son of the people who lived nextdoor but had been admiring him from afar for quite awhile. Now here he was naked stroking his cock asking me if I wanted to suck on it. "Come on!" he smirked "I know you've been hot for me for a long time!" I smiled. "How did you know?" Robbie's beautiful full red lips turned up into a grin. "What do you think I've wanted to do?" I nodded. He wiggled his semi hard cock. "So how about it?" My brain didn't really think it was a good idea. Robbie was only 20 to my 31 years. My body however had other ideas. It ached to make sweet, slow love with this hot boy seated before me. I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. They felt smooth and slightly moist. I stuck my tongue out and Robbie, sensing what I wanted, opened his mouth. While we frenched I slid a hand slowly down his smooth, hard muscled body till I came to his cock. It lay flaccidly against his stomach. I felt him jerk when my fingers touched it.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I asked. He smiled and pulled me in for another hot kiss. God, he was so beautiful! I'm talking "boyband" cute! I grasped his smooth, long cock in my hand and began stroking it. He gasped and closed his eyes. "Mmmm!" he purred. I licked and nibbled on the tender flesh of his neck before moving down to his two, dime size nipples. I spent some time attending to those before licking my way down his flat, chisled stomach. His skin was warm and smelled clean. Like soap. His body was basically smooth. The only hair to be found was the trimmed bush that crowned his tasty looking cock. My own cock was hard as a iron rod and leaking precum. Robbie looked down at my growing erection and smiled. "Looks like someone feels a little left out." I nodded. "Wanna 69?" Robbie nodded. We moved into position with him on top of me, his head positioned over my cock and his cock dangling above my mouth. I gasped when I felt his warm, moist lips slip onto the head of my cock. I reached up and grabbed his firm, smooth asscheeks with both hands and brought him down to me. I opened my mouth and moaned softly when I felt his cock slide into my mouth.

We sucked on eachothers cocks, the only sound to be heard was our moaning softly and the slurping sound as we sucked. Robbie's lips on my hard dick were driving me nuts. Speaking of nuts, he's occasionally stop sucking my cock to give my large, low hanging sac some attention. "Nummy!" he said after sucking on them. I myself was in heaven with Robbie's cock sliding in and out of my mouth. He thrust down as my head came up. Soon I felt that familiar tingle in my balls and I knew I was close to cumming. "Hey, stop now or else I'm gonna cum!" He smiled and devoured my cock causing me to moan loudly. "Uggh! S..ss.stop" I stuttered. He shook his head and continued sucking. I shrugged and latched on to his tasty fuckstick. If the boy wanted to suck all the spunk I had outta me, who was I to argue. I felt his cock growing harder and I knew he was getting close too. I knew of a way to really rock his world when he finally came.

I slipped two fingers between his soft cheeks and penetrated his beautiful twink hole. He moaned around my cock. I began fucking his ass with my fingers. I felt his body tense. "Oh fuck!" he moaned "You're gonna make me cum!" I sucked for all I was worth as my fingers moved with lightning speed in and out of his ass. I felt his cock twitch as rope after tasty rope of hot, sweet spunk flowed over my tastebuds and down my throat. "UUUGGGHHHHH!!!" he grunted. He began stroking my cock and sucking. I couldn't hold back any longer. I let go and felt my cock expload in his mouth. "ARRRHHHGG!!!" I growled as my cock fed him my hot seed. We laid there panting and smiling. "Shit!" Robbie exclaimed before moving around and laying next to me. "That was amazing!" I smiled. "It ain't over yet kid!" I smirked.

He smiled and stood. I got a perfect view of his smooth, firm round bubble butt. I couldn't wait to taste it and stick my hard cock deep between those beautiful cheeks!! He headed up the stairs and I followed. I'd need a little while to regain my strength. I wasn't as young as Robbie was anymore but he was young and verile and had alot more tasty boycream where that came from!!

To Be Continued.

Hope you guys loved part two. Tune in nextime for the main event!!



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