10 years ago I was 18 and fresh out of high school, basically I was young dumb and full of cum. I slept around a lot, barely holding down a relationship for more than a few months. But that all changed when I met Jessica I fell instantly fell head over heels in love and we got married a year later. I got a job as a personal trainer and made a modest living while keeping in good shape.

6 months ago Jessica and I got divorced and she moved out. I should've been more upset but we had really grown apart the last year and I spent more time at the gym checking out guys in the locker room than I did at home with my wife so I wasn't all that surprised when we finally separated.

Another reason we broke up was she got the feeling that I no longer had any interest in her. I'm pretty sure the reason she thought this was Luke.

Luke was our next-door neighbour's kid who we hired to do our yard work from when he was 12 years old. Every Saturday he would come around his work clothes and spend an hour or so working on the garden. Now he was 18 and the reason I kept hiring him to work on the yard wasn't just his great work it was because he was incredibly hot and had an absolutely terrific arse which I'm pretty sure my wife saw me staring at on a few occasions.

After the divorce I threw myself into my gym work sometimes spending 40 hours or more there a week. It wasn't that I didn't want to get back out there it was just that I didn't know how. I hadn't even been out on a date or tried a pick up line in 10 years.

About a month ago I had a party with all my mates for my 28th birthday and thought it polite to also invite Luke. There were 14 of us in total so we went to the movies to see the brand new action flick. Unfortunately it was a real fizzer and half way through I was yawning. Luke was next to me throwing up popcorn and catching it in his mouth until one flew astray landing right in my crotch. His hand straight away shot towards my crotch, feeling for the missing popcorn.

"Jeez Luke" I whispered "Quit keep grabbing me like that or you will give me a hard on".

"That was my last piece" he whispered back.

"Here then have some of mine" I said holding out a hand of popcorn.

Luke bent over and grabbed the popcorn but didn't put it in his mouth, he just held them and licked my hand all the way down to my fingertips before sucking my fingers into his mouth.

He only did for a few seconds but I became as hard as a rock and quickly looked around to see if anybody was watching. I turned back to see Luke's bright white teeth smiling through the dark of the cinema before he popped the popcorn in his mouth then put his hand on my thigh leaving it there for the remainder of the film occasionally brushing up against my crotch.

After the movie my head was buzzing and my dick was still stiff. We all went back to my place to watch the cup final and it was set to be a cracker of a match. Everyone grabbed a beer and sat down to watch the game then Luke walked into the room.

"Sorry mate looks like there isn't any more room. You will just have to go grab a chair." I said looking around "Unless, of course, you want to sit on my lap" I added jokingly.

To my surprise Luke walked straight over and popped on my lap and forced the air out of me. The blood rushed so fast to my cock from having that sexy arse so close to my crotch that I barely noticed the jokes and wolf whistles from the rest of my mates.

The first half was uneventful with the game tied at nil all and after going for a piss I returned to see Luke in my spot. I went to sit beside him but he raised up off the couch and pulled me underneath him and sat back down on my lap. I thanked god that all of my mates were out getting a drink or having a smoke.

Everybody returned to the room got even more raucous in their joking and it disturbed me a little to see how comfortable Luke seemed to just sit on a guys lap in front of a group of people.

The next day I woke up with a hell of a hangover and realised something, it was Saturday, the day Luke came to take care of the gardens. A million thoughts rushed through my head about what to do. Nothing had happened last night between Luke and me but I sure as hell wanted it to and I racked my brains to find away to get him into my bed.

Luke came around early afternoon and I was out the back catching come sun in just my shorts.

"Hey J.D"

"Oh hey Luke how's it going?"

"Pretty good. Think I might finish off that flowerbed before doing the rest of the yard"

"Sounds good to me" I said leaning over to view his tight bum as he bent down towards the flowers.

The rest of that afternoon Luke spent teasing me with his cute butt bending over at every opportunity and I couldn't believe that my shorts didn't manage to tear apart.

As the afternoon wore on I was surprised that Luke hadn't made a move where as last night he was all over me. I got sick of waiting and decided to make the first move.

"I'm just going to go inside and have a shower. You are welcome to grab a beer." I said.

"Thanks J.D when I'm done I will come in and grab one"

I walked inside and stepped into the shower letting the warm water wash over my body I resisted the urge to jerk off but I had to, it was part of my plan.

I got out of the shower and dried myself off then waited until I heard the backdoor open. Here goes.

I swung the bathroom door open completely naked except for the towel that I was drying my hair with. I waltzed down the hallway making sure that Luke got a good look at my semi-hard cock and arse as I entered my room leaving the door wide open. I flopped down on the bed and lay there waiting for Luke.

About a minute Luke gingerly poked his head into my room.

"You took your time I was starting to think that you weren't coming" I said.

Luke gradually edged closer and closer into my bedroom.

"Come and lay next to me" I said patting the bed.

Luke climbed on and snuggled up next to me putting his head on my shoulder.

"I love your muscles" Luke commented while rubbing his hands over my body "I wish that mine were like yours"

"There's only one muscle of yours that I care about" I replied as I leaned over and grabbed his crotch. He moaned so I started to undo his jeans. Once I got his pants off I did the same to his briefs releasing his cock.

"Oh my god that is a massive dick. How big is it?" I gasped.

"9 inches or at least it was last time I measured it"

I slowly stroked up and down his gorgeous cock for a little while before I kissed the tip and started to run my tongue down the side.

"Please suck me" Luke groaned writhing in impatience.

I finally stopped teasing Luke and lowered my mouth over his cock.

"Aaaahhhhhh that feels soooo good J.D"

I started to rub my tongue all over his dick while keeping it in my mouth and he groaned louder. His hands rested behind my head gently forcing his cock into my throat I gagged taking in his length at first but eventually managed to swallow him to the balls.

"Awwwww fuck nobody has ever been able to do that before"

I continued to drive Luke mad with my new found talent deepthroating him like a pro.

"Holy fuck J.D I'm cumming I'm cumming" Luke exclaimed as he unloaded into my mouth.

I crawled up and lay next to him and he nuzzled into my neck again.

We lay there for almost half an hour before Luke said "I had better go home otherwise my parents will wonder where I am".

He got up and began to dress and when he bent over I got a perfect view of his pink, hairless rosebud.

"What?" Luke said smiling when you caught me staring at him.

"You've got the cutest butt I've ever seen"

"Well that gives you something to look forward to then" he replied with a wink before he walked out.

I lay back in bed running through my mind what happened and then I thought to myself "I can't wait for next time".

-------------------TO BE CONTINUED----------------



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