The other night I was at the Green Lantern, our local levi/leather bar, and I couldn't help but think of you. No, there wasn't a big, tall, dark handsome stud working my nerves. you were working my nerves all the way across the ocean. I was just stoned a little, be-bopping to the great music, watching a hot fuck film, and I thought of you. your large hands smacking my face, and beating my butt...and seeing the look on your face as you fucked me with your beautiful cock....pulling on the chain clamped on my aching tits....looking like you were going to pour everything you had into me. and, if I remember correctly, you did: two hot and juicy loads of your sweet juice inside me and your spit running down my fu man chu and dripping onto my chest.

Needless to say, I had a hard on without any underwear and the men were all around me...staring, glaring, rubbing against me, placing there empty bottles in front of me and staring straight in my eyes...but my eyes were elsewhere. They were focused on your eyes penetrating right through me as your manmeat penetrated my tight ass.

And then I just thought you were there with me and the collar you bought me was wrapped tightly around my neck. You look down at me with a grin, grab my tit and pull it tightly drawing me towards yourself. My head plunks down onto your hairy chest and I dare to look up at you. You smile that nasty fuck grin of yours as I open my mouth and right there, you feed me your spit, pull me up to your lips by the collar and kiss me. I feel like putty, but then you drop me, glare at me, and slap me hard across the face.

I am stunned. 'You dumb little fucking boy. Look at my boots. Look at the dirt.' I look down and see the marks I unknowingly left on your skinhead boots with yellow laces. your big hands push me down onto my knees. 'Clean those boots with your tongue, boy!' I do it right there in front of everyone. Of course, they are all staring. I lick and lick your boots, first one, and then the other, until my tongue dries up and it hurts. All the while you watch the fuck flick your cock growing in your pants and crawling down your leg. I know, because I dare to look up....and bam, you slap me hard. 'What are you looking at, boy? You want something, boy?'

'Yes, Sir. Can I have it, Sir?' Your hand falls to your bulging crotch,. You grab your cock that presses firmly against the leather, the head clearly outlined, as you stare down at me with a leering grin. 'Get me a beer, boy. You have to work for your brew.' I kiss his boots, back away a little and then stand to get his beer. The sexy fucker is watching the flick - a pain pig with a blistered ass taking a golden shower. I lick my lips and head to the back bar hoping I get some of that action tonight. My favorite bartender, Jeff, is there, hot as ever, dressed in full leather.

'Hi, Sir. May the boy have a beer, SIR? He laughs. 'You don't drink beer, boy, who is this for? That really tall boy with the yellow stripe on his leathers?'

'Yes, Sir. I met him in London a couple years ago at a bar when he was just 20. That makes him a little younger than you, SIR?' I laugh as he hands me the beer. He reaches under the bar and and plunks a beer bottle on the bartop. I can tell its not cold.

'I guess you will not be needing your usual drink, tonight, piss pig?

'Sorry, SIR. I hate to turn down your piss, but the Boymaster will not look kindly upon me drinking another man's brew. Well, right now I mean, SIR. Thank you for offering -- you know I love your manpiss.'

'No charge tonight, piggy boy. You can clean my leathers this week. I will bring them over before work on Wednesday.'

'Yes, SIR, thank you, SIR.' I bow my head and rush over to my Boymaster, hoping he isn't wondering why its taken so long.

When I return, you don't say a word, just grab the beer from my hand, attach a chain leash to the collar, turn towards the backroom and pull me hard, dragging me on the floor behind You. The collar tears into my neck. It's so tight, the veins are popping out, my face is beet red, as I try to get on my feet. But its useless, You're pulling me so hard and fast, I can't get up and merely slide across the floor, everyone pointing and laughing at me. Some boys even kick me and pour their beer over my chest as you pull me to the back room. But you don't see it, SIR. The boys congregating in front of the bathroom clear the way as you approach the door. One man holds it open for you to pass through with your booty. You finally stop in front of the urinals, look down at me, and sneer as you place your boot on my back forcing me to lay on the piss soaked floor.

'I didn't tell you to talk to anyone, did I? I said get me a beer and it took you forever. Two strikes boy, dirty boots and a thirsty master.'

'The boy is sorry, Sir,' is all I dare say knowing you are a man of few words. You guzzle down the beer, throw the bottle into the trash can and stare at me, your heavy boot still crushing my back. And then the moment I've been waiting six long weeks for, you open your zipper, pull out your semi-hard cock, aim it at my shaved head, and begin to piss. Your golden stream cascades over my head and face, and then you piss all over my back and ass. I'm moist with desire and my cock is pressing hard against my black jeans. Damn, no one can piss as long and forcibly as you, SIR! A piss boy's delight.

'What else do You want, boy?' Did'ya get enough piss, boy?'

SIR, the boy is always thirsty for your piss, SIR.'

'Is that right, boy?' You pull me up, work loose my belt, slide off my piss-soaked jeans, rip off my tightie whities and expose my hard cock and ass. 'I remember that white ass boy and how hot it gets with a little love and care.

But then your face hardens and you fold your arms in front of you.

'What's this, pig boy? Damaged goods? Couldn't you wait until I got here boy? My face reddens and I begin to sweat. Damn. You noticed the slight black and blue marks from an intense flogging a a few nights back.

'SIR, the boy is sorry his ass has not healed, SIR. The fraternity took whacks on the boy's ass at the Eagle, SIR. Just an educational demo, SIR.'

You don't say a word. You don't have too, because your eyes and your force say it all. You throw me over the urinal, my face almost in the trough, your hands rubbing my butt. I wave my butt in the air waiting, and then, SMACK. your big hand stings my rear. Another slap, and another. You then spit on my stinging ass, rub it in, and hit me again and again.

All the boys are watching, some have their cocks out, rubbing them hard. Their presence turns me on almost as much as it does You, SIR. I remember the time you threw me over your shoulder at that sex club in NYC, SIR. With that cocky walk of Yours, you saunter out of the dimly lit room, through the hallway, down the stairwell, everyone stopping and getting out of the way of this sexy 6'4' boy stud, all the while my tongue is licking your black belt and smelling your manliness. Some guys clapped and hooted, as you pushed open the bathroom door with your boot and just threw me into the urinal while some guy was taking a piss. Crazy fucker, and that is why this boy loves you, SIR.

These memories come back to me as I feel your black belt gently sliding on my rear, before I feel it tear into my pink butt. Slap, Slap, Slap. Some boys start complaining because they gotta piss. 'Hey, we gotta relieve ourselves, dude.'

'No problem, men. Step right up and use this nice little slave toilet...right, boy'.

'Yes, Sir. Whatever, you desire, Sir.' As my Master slaps my butt pink, pinker and then red, one stud after another steps up to the urinal and splashes their hot piss right past my face. Their cocks are semi-stiff. Yes, I want everyone of them. The tempo of the slaps increases and the boy starts to snort.

'Boy, you open up your mouth boy. You hear me, boy? I open my mouth wide, stick out my tongue, and feel the hot piss of one stud after another first tickle my tongue, and then shoot a hot stream of piss right into my thirsty mouth. My master replaces his belt with his massive hard cock, He is slapping me right on the ass with his manmeat. And then I feel it plunge into my burning ass, as some stud starts to piss all over my face, and chest.

'Hey stud, come on over and piss on my boy's butthole as I fuck him.' 'Yeah, dude, can't wait..,' And then I feel it, your massive cock and a spray of hot piss hitting my raw ass. You get so turned on, Sir, that your massive cock gets hard as steel and seems to grow inches as you pound my ass. Your large balls slap my butt until they slowly tighten, and tighten, you moan, Sir, as I groan, and huff and snort, ramming my butt onto your manmeat. Then you come Sir, deep inside of me. My cock shots off blast after blast of hot cum as I feel your cock swell and swell, pouring Yourself into me -- and I'm not even touching my cock. I'm so hot for You, Sir.

All the boys are staring at us, Sir, their cocks hard in their hands. You wink and nod Your head and then, one by one, they shoot their seed all over me....I'm covered with hot cum, Sir. You smack my ass and then piss all over me again and wash off their pearly gobs of cum. The boy is spent from the excitement of having load after load of sweet cum and stream after stream of hot piss anoint him, Sir.

I finally come to my senses when I feel precum dripping from the head of my cock, and realize I'm standing by myself at the Green Lantern, once again, my cock ready to shoot and my butt hot and quivering thinking of You, Sir, wanting You, Sir. So I leave the bar alone, just longing for You, and looking forward to the day -- just six weeks, SIR -- that I can feel your power take me and make me your boy once again, SIR.

Thank You, SIR!



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