Tony was a regional Golden Gloves boxing champion. I had had a crush on him since high school. He had extremely handsome, masculine features, with straight, shiny black hair, bright eyes that caught every movement around him, and a straight nose which belied his stature in such a violent sport. A sexy, knowing smile always seemed to be playing over his expressive lips. I thought his body was the best conditioned, most perfectly formed, I had ever seen.

One Sunday afternoon, less than two days after I arrived home on leave from the Army and found I was already bored stiff, Dad announced he was going off to visit his friend Vince, Tony's father. I figured seeing Tony would certainly help relieve my boredom, so I told Dad I'd like to go along with him. He did not seem very enthusiastic about taking me. Before he could think up a reasonable excuse, Mom chimed in to say the ride over and back would be more enjoyable if he had company and it would be a good chance for the two of us to do something together. His reluctant agreement made me sense he felt trapped, but he said nothing further and we left.

Vince and Tony had recently moved to the other side of the city into an old house. Dad knocked on the screen door at the back. After several knocks we heard Tony call out to come in. I followed my dad into the cool dark interior and we went along a long hallway midway to an open door from which light and Tony's voice were coming. Dad went into the room. I started to follow, but, as soon as I heard the sounds of splashing water, stopped and suddenly to my surprise saw Tony sitting in a tubful of water in an extra large, old-fashioned bathtub. He and Dad shook hands and greeted one another. Tony waved to me and said 'Hello'.

I felt both turned on and really embarrassed that we'd walked in on a guy taking a bath. I shower. Often I get aroused and jack off in the shower, but the sensual luxury of a bath always makes me so horny I invariably end up jacking off. Tony looked like a guy who, like me, would be so perpetually horny, he'd beat off in his bath, too, so I suspected we had interrupted a good jack off session. I figured my dad was simply oblivious to such youthful concerns.

Tony told Dad that Vince was out and that he'd be going out later, too. Dad put down the toilet cover, sat down, and fell into conversation with Tony as though I weren't there. I told them I'd wait in the front room, and, as I started down the hallway, Tony called out to ask me to turn on the stereo in the living room. The stereo was tuned to an acceptable station, so I sat down to listen to the music and to wait. I found myself wishing Vince were here so that I'd be the one talking to Tony while he bathed, instead of Dad.

That hunk of naked male I'd glimpsed in the bathtub filled my imagination and turned me on. He was certainly the sexiest guy I'd ever seen. He had reached a level of maturity and sophistication that made him seem much older, but I realized we had to be about the same age. Boxing must have done it, I reasoned. Given him a confidence it took me much longer to achieve.

I started imagining fooling around with him in that giant tub and threw a big rod in my pants. I thought I heard some splashing of water above the music, wondered why, and quietly got up and looked down the hallway. The door was still open but I couldn't hear them talking. Unexpectedly, I realized I could see an image on a glass cabinet in the hallway being reflected from a large mirror in the bathroom. The reflection wasn't as clear as a mirror image, but I could see that Tony was standing up in the tub facing the doorway. The angle of reflection almost caught him in profile. I could see his gleaming, wet chest and most of his muscular stomach, but then I noticed that the view of his abdomen and crotch was being obscured by something. It was difficult to tell just what it was as I squinted and peered down the hallway at the dim reflection, but then suddenly I realized... My head pulled back and my eyes popped open wide!

What a shock! The view was being obscured by the back of my dad's head! His head was moving slowly closer to Tony's abdomen, then slowly back, then slowly closer, rhythmically. As Tony's hand slid to his own chest and he pinched a nipple, I could now see how his hips were counter-pointing Dad's movements, thrusting and withdrawing. It was obvious that Dad was going down on Tony, giving him a blowjob as he stood there in the bathtub!

I quietly slipped back to the couch and sat down, trying to catch my breath. I had never thought about either of my parents in terms of their sexuality. What either of them did with each other, or with whomever, had simply never consciously entered my mind. I assumed, since I had not been told differently nor noticed otherwise, they were happily married. That my dad might be, dare I say it, 'bisexual,' or even 'gay,' came as an incredible surprise.

I figured the best thing I could do is to wait quietly. After some time, though, and with another wave of splashing water, curiosity overcame me and I ventured another peek. The reflection wasn't all that easy to see, but after a moment I realized I was seeing Tony, out of the bath, facing the doorway, bent slightly at the waist, silently beating his meat. My dad was behind him, hands holding Tony's hips. Dad was naked! From the thrusting and parrying, it was obvious that Tony was getting butt-fucked. Suddenly, Tony straightened up, smiled (Shit, can he see me, I wondered) and with both hands on what had to be a huge cock, starting shooting a load into the air. Then he appeared to be catching the rest of his jism in his right hand. I faded back to the couch, nervous that I might have been seen.

As I sat down, I felt uncomfortable. My cock was so stiff and throbbing, so tightly constricted in the material of my jeans, so aching for release after witnessing Tony's orgasm, that I had to lean back and open my fly. My big cock sprung free and surged to incredible rigidity, pulsating invitingly. With a sigh, I wrapped a fist around the thick shaft and drew skin up and over the fat crown. I trembled with excitement from the pleasures surging through my body. My nipples hardened, my balls wiggled up tight against the base of my cock, and I knew I was going to shoot a load quickly. I pulled out a paper-towel I'd put in my pocket, held it in my left hand, and readied for the explosion. Three or four more strokes on the solid shaft and the organ froze in fullest engorgement, looking awesome in its hardness, the cockhead so enlarged it gleamed with the sheen of arousal. Suddenly, as waves of orgasmic pleasures swiftly swirled throughout my body and into my balls, a spurt of cum hit my face. I swiftly covered the cockhead with the towel and blasted off into it until I thought I'd have to find more towels to hold all of the semen that was jetting out. In my mind's eye, I was watching Tony shooting his load with me as I came.

I wiped my face, fixed my clothes, laid back and tried to compose myself. I expected they'd call me at any moment saying Dad was ready to go. But that didn't happen right away. So much time elapsed, in fact, that I fell asleep. Can you imagine that? With such a shock, during such a commotion, my thoughts in such turmoil, I fell fast asleep.

The next thing I knew, Dad was shaking me and calling my name. I looked up and he was standing over me, smiling, fully clothed as if nothing had happened.

'You fell asleep, Jack,' he announced. Actually, he seemed pleased to have found me asleep. 'Com' on, let's go home.' He turned and went out of the room. As he left I realized I was looking at him differently. He'd only been eighteen when I was born so now he was thirty-six. Suddenly, he didn't seem as old to me as he had seemed just a few hours earlier. It was a strange moment of discovery in my life.

I followed him slowly at some distance, and, as I got to the bathroom door, I glanced in and was surprised to see that Tony was still in the bathtub. I heard the back door open and close and realized that Dad had already gone outside.

'Here,' Tony said, offering me his hand, 'come say 'Hello'. You're filling out and getting big, just like your old man. Army life must be agreeing with you.'

I went in and shook his hand. Another shock! It was wet! Well, not just wet, it was wet with that unmistakable sticky slipperiness of fresh semen. He had not rinsed off the cum he'd caught nor allowed it to dry in the meantime.

He saw my expression of surprise. He smiled slyly. I could see he wondered what I'd do. I was certain, now, he'd seen me watching his reflection in the cabinet.

'Army life's not bad,' I said returning the smile. I got right up next to the bathtub and leaned over peering into the water. His dick looked half-hard. I brought my hand to my nose and sniffed at the cum, licked a little to taste it, then reached in with my sticky palm flat, open fingered, and swished my hand in the water just above his balls to rinse off his cum. 'Sometimes, it's even fun' I added with a grin,

'If you're looking for fun,' he whispered, floating his body upwards till his cock slid right against my palm, 'come back tomorrow afternoon. Alone!' Reflexively, my fingers wrapped around the thick weapon and gripped it knowingly, feeling it size and power, yet marveling that this big thing had just been in my Dad's mouth.

'I'll be here,' I promised.

'Great!' His smile was a heart-stopper. With reluctance, I released the prize in my hand and left to catch up with Dad.

On the way home, little was said. Dad's attitude told me, though, that he hadn't seen my reflection nor had Tony mentioned seeing it. To Dad, I'd fallen asleep and that was that. He acted like a guy who'd pulled something off and felt cocky about it. Know what I mean? I saw no good reason to let him think otherwise. And, anyway, I kept getting a hard-on just imagining what tomorrow would be like when I'd have my chance to go a few rounds with the boxer.

* * * * *

At my knock, Tony's dad, Vince, came to the door. He was wearing a bathrobe. My heart sank. I thought he'd be at work.

'Com'on in, Jack,' Vince invited cheerfully, 'Tony told me you'd be over this afternoon. How've you been?' He pushed open the screen door awkwardly while offering me his hand. We shook hands and he sort of pulled me into the hallway. He didn't seem to be as fat or as old as I thought I remembered him. Then I recalled that he and my dad had been classmates and I realized he must be about thirty-six, too. Strangely, after having caught Dad in action with Tony, thirty-six just didn't seem to me to be all that old anymore.

'Tony told me Army life's been good to you,' he recounted, 'so let's have a good look at you." With that, he guided me into a brightly-lit room off of the hallway. It was a bedroom. Before I could give it much thought, though, he was spinning me around and looking me up and down.

'Damn, Tony was right. You DO look like John,' Vince remarked. It seemed odd to hear Dad referred to by his first name. Vince said, 'I'd say you are the spittin' image of your father at eighteen.' He felt my biceps and then boldly slid a hand onto my chest to cup and palm a pec through my light shirt, rather erotically, I thought. I blushed. 'Got his build, too, I see. Turn around,' he instructed. I did. He rubbed my buttocks and felt my ass in a most familiar way. 'Yep, feels like you got his ass, too, man. High, firm, round.' He didn't withdraw his hand. 'God, this sure reminds me of the good ol' days.' He let out a sigh.

My mind was in a whirl. I stepped away from the hand playing with my ass and turned to face him. Was it my imagination, or did I notice a newly formed bulge in the front of his robe? My dad had fooled around with his son, yesterday, and now, here, Vince was coming on like he expected to fool around with me, today. I felt light-headed. How much had Tony told him, I wondered. 'Uhh... the good ol' days?' I questioned, hesitantly, frowning.

'Yeah,' he said with another sigh of remembrance, 'your dad and I go way back. We were teenagers together, you know. You should have known him then. What a...' he stopped, suddenly, and looked at me with surprise.

'A what?' I asked. I smiled.

'I mean... Well... He was...' he stammered, trying to find the right words.

'A cock-hound?' I asked boldly.

Vince laughed in relief. 'That's a great word for it. A cock-hound. Right.'

'Tell me about the two of you,' I requested, still smiling.' Vince already looked like he was somewhere else, remembering.

'We were close friends,' he admitted softly.

'Used to fuck around together, didn't you,' I said quietly, more as a statement of fact than as a question or accusation.

'How did you know?' he asked, turning red.

'You still do, don't you,' I stated.

'We're still close,' he admitted. 'But, tell me, how did you know?'

'I didn't,' I admitted, 'I just guessed. Mainly, from the way you just fondled my ass, man.'

'It's just like his was at your age,' he sighed.

'Wanna do anything about it?' I've always been incorrigible.

His eyes grew big as he thought about it for a moment. 'I'd LOVE to fuck it, man,' he said earnestly, 'What a blast that would be!'

'Ok,' I agreed, 'but let's do it in the bathroom.'

His mouth fell open. 'You mean you'll let me fuck you in the ass? Just like that?'

'Sure, if you really want to,' I admitted casually.

'But why?' He couldn't believe his good fortune.

'Let's just say I'd like to see how much alike you think the two of us really are. How much more exacting can you get than to fuck me like you fucked him?'

'He fucked me, too,' he advised. Movement in the front of his robe made it obvious that he was getting aroused.

'That can easily be arranged, as well.'

'Why do you want to do it in the bathroom?'

'Just indulge me, Ok? I've got a thing about bathrooms, let's say.'

'Ok,' he agreed with a shrug, 'let's go.' With that, he led me out of the room and down the hallway. This time, the bathroom lights were out. He turned them on.

'Where's Tony?' I asked, casually. 'I thought he'd be here, today.'

'He's around, somewhere. Probably takin' a nap. He works nights.' He started to unbutton my shirt slowly, enjoying the seduction, taking his time. I let him do what he wanted. He undressed me fully, ending with my jeans. He knelt and pulled them off one leg at a time, surprised that I wore no underwear. He stared at my crotch with its heavy balls and puffy but not fully inflated cock for a long moment before letting out a sigh.

'You look just like him,' he informed me. 'It's like I'm seeing him again just as he used to be.' He reached out and cupped my balls affectionately, hefting them as if weighing them, tugging lightly as if remembering. My cock got hard fast. He slipped the fingers of his other hand around the swelling shaft and played with it, knowingly.

'You've even got the same amount of cockskin, the same coloring,' he sighed softly and started a light jacking action as I became rigid in his hand. He looked up at me and sighed, 'What a man!' Then he leaned in and sucked the plump cockhead into his mouth without further comment.

What a strange feeling I had. I felt I was substituting for my dad. The sexual sensations and pleasures were real enough, but I thought of myself as a fraud, somehow deceiving this nice 'old' man by seeming to be someone else, someone from his past. It didn't seem quite right. But then as Vince's sucking suddenly moved onto a higher, more energetic plane, like he'd suddenly realized how good it felt to be sucking my cock, I flashed back onto seeing Vince's son being sucked off by my dad, and somehow this was exactly the right thing to be doing. One good turn deserving another.

I relaxed and let Vince's experienced mouth bring me to the heights of pleasure, remembering Tony's reflection as Dad sucked him off, seeing my reflection in the mirror as Vince's head movements mimicked my dad's. Vince was taking all of my big cock right to the base. Dad had to have been doing the same with Tony's, yesterday. I wondered how much like Tony Vince had been when he was my age. I humped my hips, thudded my balls into the square chin, and after what seemed only a few minutes but really had been sufficient time to give both of us great satisfaction, I started blasting off into his hot, suctioning, greedy mouth. He savored, sucked and swallowed like the talented, time-tested cocksucker he was. After having spent a few months in the Army with mostly novice, inexperienced, furtive, quick lovers, it was thrilling to have it done right again, and I was really enjoying my orgasm.

A deep, melodic voice brought me back to reality. 'What's goin' on?'

I glanced to the doorway and saw Tony standing there with a sexy grin, naked but for a flimsy, well-worn pair of faded jockey shorts that seemed to highlight his provocative form and nakedness. One arm was leaning against the doorjamb up near his head, the other arm was resting along his side but with his hand tucked up between his thighs, right under his balls, thrusting the bulk of his genitals upward and outward, creating the impression of real sexual strength and power. His feet were crossed at the ankles. He was extremely exciting to look at.

I wondered how I should feel, standing there with my spewing dick in his dad's mouth. Vince just kept on milking out the lasts drops of my cum with his hot mouth.

'As I stood in the living room,' Tony announced, 'I saw a reflection of the two of you on the glass cabinet.' He grinned at me.

'Then you don't have to ask what's goin' on,' his dad said loudly as he came off of my cock with a noisy slurp.

Tony's eyes grew larger as he looked at my still rigid cock standing cum-slick in front of my abs under the bright bathroom lights. 'Wow, look at that,' he said with awe, obviously impressed, 'no wonder you wanted to go down on THAT, Dad. What a weapon!'

'Yeah, it's fantastic,' Vince agreed, staring at it, still on his knees in front of me, 'and it's eerie how much it looks like and tastes like John's. What a hot load he delivered!''

Again, I had this strange feeling of substituting for my dad, but was surprised by the telling remarks that casually passed between the two of them.

'I wonder if he can suck cock like his ol' man,' Tony said to his father. His cock was expanding beneath the thin material of the shorts and becoming impressive, slowly rising towards the elastic waistband near his hip. His hand seemed to be massaging his balls.

'Why don't you uncover that whopper of yours, bring it here, and see if he'll suck it while I fuck this tight ass of his,' Vince instructed, slipping out of his robe and reaching for a tube of lube that lay on the sink counter.

'You're gonna fuck 'im?' Tony asked in surprise. He looked deeply into my eyes. I sensed that he had wanted the pleasure of taking my 'virgin' ass. But he let the flimsy shorts drop to the floor as his erection sprang to full glory! He wanted me to suck it. I wanted to suck it more than anything!

As I leaned over toward the giant cockhead slowly moving towards my mouth, I felt Vince slide a firm hand onto my hip and tug me back just as I felt the thickness of his cockhead slip between my butt cheeks. A wave of euphoria sped throughout my body as I realized I was moving into my favorite position - bent over to suck cock and to take a cock up my ass! What could be more exciting?

Their mutual assault on me was thrilling. I hadn't seen Vince's cock but it felt like it must be as large as the cock Tony was slowly humping into my throat. The two of them worked me like a boy-toy, filling me from both ends, thrusting into me in energetic syncopation. I was pushed and pulled, pounded and humped, rammed and jarred between the two of them, swaying back and forth, as they huffed and pumped their way to the inevitable climax that could not be held back. I felt my own climax developing, but I wasn't jacking off.

A mutual three-way orgasm hit us! Instantly, after my first heavy spurt of jism hit Tony's balls, he fired off into my mouth in such a huge volume that I savored the thick juices and exciting tastes only momentarily because I had to swallow. At the same time, the cock in my ass expanded and I knew Vince was shooting off with us. Those initial spurts were spectacular, but the three of us just kept coming, and coming and coming! Tony's load was one of the largest and longest I've ever had the pleasure of receiving. And Vince just kept humping and humping as he pumped me full of his equally long ejaculation.

We were slow to wind down from such a spectacular high! It was like we didn't want to disconnect. But we heard the back screen door slam shut and footfalls in the hall, when suddenly, we heard my dad say, 'My Gawd! Look at the three of you!'

I thought he was pissed.

'You look spectacular! Each of you!' he sighed.

'Yeah,' Vince told him, 'this was wonderful. Jack takes cock better than any one I've known. Except you, John.'

'Yeah,' Tony added, 'and he sucks so good, I thought maybe you had given him lessons!'

Dad laughed. 'No, but it must be in the genes.'

They all laughed together as I shook my head in awe, wondering how they could be so casual about what was happening.

Dad smiled directly at me and said, 'We were hoping you could join us in some masculine fun. Somehow is doesn't seem proper for Vince and Tony, or me and you, to make out, but we're hoping the four of us can enjoy ourselves.'

'Sure!' I agreed excitedly. 'Tell you what. Tony can fuck me, while I fuck Vince, and Vince can fuck you, Dad. It'll be like a train.'

The words were hardly out of my mouth before Tony was behind me, Vince was pushing his ass against my groin, while helping Dad undress and get ready.

I realized my sex life had moved to a new plane of enjoyment, and was happy to be home on leave!


Jack Sofelot


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