The Boss

By : A. Williams

He is so young and handsome, I can’t keep my eyes off him. Damn, I’m his boss, ten years older. He is a ripe young man of twenty five but I craved him, desired him and I stay at work late, just to be near him.  God just to smell him, so foolish I know. This young man, Paul has become my jerk off material. His striking manly profile is embedded in my mind. He is all I can see as I dream.

My name is David, I’m single and lusting after Paul, the new guy I hired a month ago. From my office window I can see him at his desk, his manly profile in my view. I help him often, my head over his right shoulder as he glances at my face. My arms around both of his shoulders typing on his computer key board, showing him what to do correctly with the reports. God he smells amazing, whether its cologne or his own scent, I don’t know or care. All I know is it turns me on completely.

One late night, we were all alone. I was over his shoulder and I noticed him glancing at my face. I also notice his breathing had picked up speed. I said in a whisper still looking at the screen, “Paul, do you like my face?”

“Sor-r-ry, I c-can’t help-p it,” he stammered and stopped typing.

“That’s fine if you do, just tell me,” I say softly but he remained quiet.

I moved behind him and slowly reached around his shoulders and loosened his tie. He did nothing to stop me, his hands didn’t move from the keyboard. I slowly started to unbutton his dress shirt, one, two then three buttons. I slid my hand inside his shirt and rubbed his smooth hairless chest. When my finger glided over one of his nipples, he grabbed my hand. “I’m not gay,” he said softly.

 “Neither am I, but we can’t help who we’re attracted to, now can we?” I said. He released my hand and I continued to play with his chest as I said softly, “You feel so warm and smooth but I want more.”

“How-w muc-ch more?  Damn Mr. Jackson everybody is watching you. They watch the way you move, so manly and sexy and they all want you. Why me?” he asked me.

I spun him around in the swivel chair he’s sitting in.  I smiled at him and stroked his handsome face. I lowered my face close to his, “Because I desire you, only you. May I kiss you Paul?” he nodded his head and I pressed my lips to his softly moaning with the contact. I pressed my thick tongue to his sweet full lips and slowly slid into his hot wet mouth. Our tongues danced softly together as he wrapped his arms around my neck. My hands found his belt and I worked to unbuckle it as our kiss grew deeper and faster. I unbutton his pants and lower his zipper while breaking the kiss and going to my knees between his legs. I buried my face in his crotch, hungry and desperate for his cock in my mouth.

“Ooh God yes please, suck me,” Paul moaned as he grabbed handfuls of my hair and pressed my face harder into his crotch.

Yes, he was desperate for it too. My mouth found his cock hard and ready as I swallowed his thick rod whole. I could feel it in my throat and I squeezed my muscles to his surprise. “God yes, yes, umm feels so fucking good. Please don’t stop,” he begged me. I came up slow on his cock, my lips tight and my tongue licking his shaft left and right. Back down slow and sensual, I was making love to his sweet cock with my mouth and my hands gently gripped and rubbed his big soft hairy balls.

He tasted wonderful but I wanted his cum in my mouth. I’ve craved that taste for a month now and I needed it, so I sped up some. His pre-cum was very sweet but not enough to satisfy me. I could tell he was close, his shaft swelled, his head swelled in my mouth and I was ready for my prize. Paul pushed my head down on his shaft and held me there and then suddenly his cock erupted. One, three, five shots of sweet salty cum hit my mouth and I swallowed it all. Fuck yes so good, so creamy, so hot and delicious. I put his cock away and redressed him.  Smiling and licking my lips the entire time. Yes, I got what I needed for now.

“Thank you Paul, that was amazing,” I said as I stood.

“Boss Man, I should thank you for that wonderful blow job Sir,” he said.

“You’re welcome Paul but remember, I still want more,” I said as I walk away and gathered my things for home. Next time I’ll take what I want, I thought with a smile as I headed out into the night.

Part two coming soon…….Andy


A. Williams

[email protected]


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