The twenty-page booklet I was handed looked well worn, almost fragile, from frequent tumbing. 'See what you think of this,' my buddy had said. Then, as I stared at the obviously mimeographed, flimsy booklet, he leaned in close and added, 'I got my rocks off when I read it!' His voice was an excited husky whisper. 'So will you!' he added confidently, with obvious sexy overtones.

'You mean it's a...' I asked pausing, looking for the right words, staring at the blank cover of the booklet.

'Fuckin' A! It's a dirty book!' he told me cockily.

'Gee. I've never read a...' I started to say. It wasn't the truth but one has to be guarded when it comes to sex and when dealing with fellow recruits.

'Yeah, me, neither,' he interrupted. 'The guy who lent it to me said it's based on a porno classic called 'Behind the Green Door,' but told from a, well, more masculine perspective.'

'Masculine?' I questioned, hesitantly.

'I think you'll like it. I know I did!' he confirmed boldly. 'Like I said, I got my rocks off.'

'You mean you...' I paused again. I didn't want to ask him outright if he jacked off, thereby possibly embarrassing him, but I was intrigued.

'Fuckin' A!' he said again, with a grin, reading my thought, 'I jacked off three times the first time I read this here fucker!'

'Wow!' I said with sincerity.

'Yeah! And if you're half the man I think you are, you will, too!'

'Uh... Gee!' I stammered in a haze of developing arousal.

'You do jack off, don't ya?' he asked, misinterpreting my hesitant response.

My faced turned red. We were both eighteen-year-olds newly stationed at an advanced training school after basic training. His name was Dave, and I thought he was the best looking guy in our group. I had been secretly delighted to learn we'd be together at this school, quietly hoping we'd somehow be able to get it on, like we all hope when we're with a truly handsome man, but this booklet was an unexpected turn of events. I didn't want to be too effusive in my enjoyment and scare him off.

'Gosh,' he said compassionately, 'I didn't mean to embarrass you.'

'No, no. I'm not embarrassed; not at all. It's just that I've never admitted to anyone that I jack off,' I paused, looking at him, 'but I do.' He was alert with interest. 'All the time!' I added with emphasis.

'Yeah, I figured you did,' he confirmed. 'You're too sexy to be some kind of monk,' he added with a big grin.

'D'ya think I'M sexy?!' I blurted out without thinking. The clear implication was that I thought HE was the sexy one.

He smiled, pleased with my reaction. 'Read the book,' he instructed, 'then tell me what you think of it.'

I smiled back, nodding my agreement. But when I opened to the first page, he laughed, as he walked away, saying, 'You'll probably want to read that somewhere where it's private.'

Latrines are private, I said to myself, since on this post the latrines had cubicles with doors, whereas in basic there was just an open line of commodes. So I walked to the nearest latrine.

I was unaware of everything but the booklet. I closed and latched the door and sat down to read, letting my pants and jockey shorts slide down to my ankles. I was anxious to start reading the booklet.

It tells about a fellow, whose name just happens to be Jack, too, taking a shower at a gym when a guy showering next to him tells him he's impressed by how handsome and how very well hung he is. Jack is flattered. Immediately, the guy tells Jack he knows of a place where he could put 'that big thing' to good use. When a surprised Jack says, 'Really?' the guy tells him of a club where they pay to watch well-hung young men, like him, 'get it on.' That's how he put it. Jack repeated 'get it on' as a question. 'You know, man,' the guy said boldly, 'strip down, pump it up, get it hard, show it off, jack it, then let someone bring you off.' 'Someone?' Jack had asked. The guy said, 'Sure, a paying customer, to please the crowd.' 'A girl,' Jack said. 'It might be a girl,' the guy replied, clearly implying that it might not be a girl. 'So I'd be jacked off, in front of them,' Jack asked. 'It could be a jack off, or it could be a blowjob,' he paused watching Jack's reaction, and then said, 'or you might fuck someone. Whatever happens, happens, but you will get your rocks off.'

I liked the term 'get your rocks off' and it caused me to think of Dave as I sat there with a rapidly stiffening boner rising up between my thighs.

Both Jack and the guy are graphically described as starting to show signs of impressive sexual arousal as they talk quietly next to each other in the shower room. The guy keeps looking down at Jack's developing erection and complimenting him on his extreme good looks and very large size. Jack is pleased with the attention and finally asks where the club is. The guy says he'll take him there himself as soon as they leave the gym. Jack agrees, becoming aware that they were being given admiring stares by the other bathers. It makes Jack realize that he likes the admiring stares and would have no trouble getting hard in front of a group.

At the club, he's brought to a small stage and introduced as 'Jack' and then left to fend for himself. He sees that the well-packed room is full of men, only. He figures a girl will come out from the wings to pleasure him, but for now, as there is no microphone and he is by himself, he probably should just start stripping down to the buff and see what happens. As he starts to remove his shirt, a light applause breaks out. It gives him the confidence to continue, for he realizes that this is what the crowd wants. The only thing on the stage is a chair, so he puts his shirt over the back of it. Then, he sits down and takes off his shoes and socks. Again, he is given a modest applause.

He stands, opens his belt, and receives enthusiastic applause. He unzips, opens his pants and removes them. The crowd quiets down in anticipation. He's wearing only a well packed pair of white jockey shorts. He knows he is already half-hard and recognizes in himself a strong instinct for exhibitionism. He also knows now what the crowd wants, so he slides his palm down along his growing erection, enjoying his own touch. He hears a hiss of pleasure from the group of men. He can't see them well, but he does see a young guy in the first row, rubbing the front of his jeans, mirroring Jack's own action. Jack likes what he sees.

This is all happening on the first two pages and I realize I'm already leaking a strong flow of lubrication without even touching myself. I'm getting off on reading about a guy getting ready to jack off in front of a crowd of men while I fantasize about Dave jacking off while reading this very thing. But I'm thinking that maybe Dave got off when the broads show up, even though he said this story was told from a masculine point of view. Nevertheless I realize I'm really enjoying myself. I remove my shirt, feeling naked and great. I hang up my pants and shorts. In the privacy of the toilet booth, I'm almost completely naked and am getting ready to enjoy a good jack off, delighted to be reading the sexy booklet.

Jack rubs his balls through the cloth and by this time his full erection is poking out above the top of his jockeys by about three inches. The crowd, murmuring its approval, is watching his every move. The boy in the front, he notices with pleasure, has slipped down his jeans and is wearing an equally bulging pair of jockeys, too. As he watches, the boy, well built from regular exercise, removes his shirt. Without fully realizing it, Jack begins to play to the boy. He smiles at him and gets a toothy smile back in return. He runs is hand down the length of his cock and watches with pleasure as the boy mimics him.

He finds that he wants to see what the boy is hiding behind those jockeys even more than he wants to expose himself to the group and hopes that if he removes his own shorts, the boy will follow suit. It is an idea that stimulates him, so he tugs out the shorts to free his erection and slides them down till they are free to fall to the floor.

He is delighted to watch the boy lift his hips and slide his shorts off, too. He is amazed to see that the boy has an erection equal to his own. Jack grabs his erection and begins to pump it, watching the boy do the same. It delights him to see the boy playing with himself as he watches Jack pump his cock, too. Jack realizes that they are jacking off together, at the same time, hands in the same positions on the cocks, as they work their meat. He is almost unaware of the delighted applause from the crowd.

The boy shifts twice in his seat, showing Jack the sides of his cock and indicating he wants Jack to do the same. Jack effortlessly poses for the boy, realizing that the crowd is eating it up, and shifts first to one side, then the other, and then even turns around to show off his muscular back and thick buns. This time, the crowd applauds explosively. Jack is delighted and turns to look at the boy, who is grinning with pleasure from ear to ear, but keeping up the deliberate jack-off pace with Jack, who beams at him.

The boy stands. Jack continues to smile as the boy walks towards him, completely nude, and climbs the stairs to the stage. Jack realizes that he really wants the boy to share the stage with him. His presence has a relaxing effect on Jack, enhancing his pleasure. The two face one another, pumping cock, and rub their own bodies, mirroring each other. The audience applauds loudly.

Without saying a word, the boy draws his hand down to the base of his cock and waggles it suggestively. Jack is astounded. He realizes the boy wants him to suck his cock! But even more astounding to Jack is the realization that he actually wants to suck the boy's cock! And suck it in front of this crowd! 'Like iron to a magnet,' the story says, Jack bends down to suck his first cock! The applause from the crowd is deafening as the crown of the big cock disappears into Jack's delighted mouth. Instinctively, he begins to suck! More cock is humped into him! Jack is amazed at the overwhelmingly tremendous pleasure he receives as he actually begins to suck a cock! A big cock!

By now, naked and stretched out, bare legs crossed at the ankles, I see myself waggling my cock just like the boy in the story. I'm really turned on. I'm not actually jacking off because I feel I'd come much too quickly. I want to keep reading. But I know I too would like to suck the boy's cock, and Jack's cock. In fact, I'd like to be able to suck Dave's cock! My cock is covered with lines of shiny goo.

Suddenly, a voice in the next booth whispers 'Put it through, man! Lemme help you with that!'

I had been unaware of the glory holes in the place because I was so engrossed in the booklet, so focused on my own pleasure. Instantly, I realized that anyone looking in would certainly think I was advertising myself for easy availability. After all, here I was jacking off in the nude, for anyone to see. I saw an eye at the hole to my left. I looked to my right, and there was another eye.

'Give it to ME, Jack,' a husky voice said on my right.

My God, I thought, it's Dave! He's followed me and he wants my cock! I almost ejaculated on the spot.

'You want it?' I asked in awe.

'Man, I really do. It looks so perfect. I'll do it right. You'll love it! Slip it to me!' he implored.

I looked down at my cock. I hadn't fully realized how ready for an orgasm I already was. The booklet had really turned me on and now the thought of getting sucked off by Dave sent spasms of pleasure throughout my body.

As I rose, I glanced at the other glory hole. An eye was watching me. I grinned, turned and slowly eased my cock into Dave's mouth through the glory hole. Dave took it with an experienced technique that surprised me. After only a few jabs, I was in all the way. His lips were pressed into the hole against my balls. I was way down his throat! The heat, moistness, pressures, suction and skill all worked together to bring me to a complete orgasm. My ejaculation overtook me and I pounded my jism into him, ass-cheeks clenching. Jet after jet of sperm exploded into him. It was a quick but thrilling orgasm!

I tugged back and sat down.

'Do me, now,' the voice on my left demanded huskily. I looked to the left and was startled to find a huge erection standing proudly on my side of the glory hole, pulsating for attention!

'Wow, look at that!' Dave said earnestly. 'If I were you, man, I'd suck that big thing while you've got the chance. Never pass up such a fine opportunity! It's a great cock to suck!'

'Suck,' I repeated dumbly.

'You liked getting your cock sucked; I know that, for sure. And that's what you were reading about, isn't it? Wasn't that what got you so hot? Wasn't reading about cocksucking exciting? Well, don't just read about it! Take advantage! Be a man! Do it! Suck that cock!'

'Yeah, man,' the voice on the other side insisted, 'Suck it! Suck my hot dick! Suck it, now, man! You'll get a nice, quick, fresh, hot load!'

'Yeah, suck it, Jack,' Dave encouraged. 'Then I want you to suck mine, too.'

Neither of them realized that I required no encouragement. My hesitation simply came from my delight in listening to them both encouraging me to suck cock. It was very erotic!

Like iron to a magnet, I repeated to myself as I lowered my head towards the fat cockknob. Playing hard-to-get or feigning coyness in a situation like this just seemed dumb. It wasn't the first cock I'd had in my mouth, after all. I knew what I wanted! I lapped at the big cockhead, tasting the slippery pre-cum, and sucked in the entire glans. It was a big one! I sucked. Hard! He humped strongly, helping to force more of the big cock into me. I love enthusiasm! I bobbed my head as he humped again and again, and we fell into the classic rhythms of a great blowjob. He penetrated deeper and deeper. I loved it!

'Oh! Man! You can suck!' my partner suddenly said loudly.

'Geez, you're doing it!' Dave whispered to me. It made me feel like he had not expected me to do it. But he continued: 'You're head's going up and down on that big thing. Way down! You know what you're doing, don't you!' He seemed surprised.

'Man, he sure does,' my partner called back to Dave. 'He suckin' my big dick so diligently that I can't hold back. I'm getting' ready to blast a load into his hot mouth! Here it is, man! Take it! Take my load!'

Dave could clearly hear the sounds of the guy's body crashing into the wooden partition as he ejaculated spurt after spurt into me. He could hear my slurping, gurgling, swallowing effort as I handled the eight- or nine-spurt, voluminous, viscous hot load. Taking it almost caused me to reach orgasm again, myself, but I held back.

When it was over, when I had swallowed the very last oozings of his tremendous orgasm, when he started to tug back, I moved aside and let Dave watch with me as the thick organ, covered with sperm and saliva, shining in the bright lights of the place, was slowly withdrawn back through the glory hole.

'Wow!' Dave sighed.

'Man, that was terrific!' my partner complimented loudly through the hole, so both Dave and I would hear. 'I never expected to get the best blowjob I've ever had!' he added sincerely. I love flattery!

'The best blowjob!' Dave repeated. 'I'm amazed!' he added.

'He had me in down to the balls, man! It was fantastic!'

'Oh, Geez,' Dave sighed, 'now, I'm ready to come. 'Here,' Dave whispered, and he stood and started to push his cock through to me.

'Look at that!' the other guy grunted with admiration. 'What a dick!'

I loved watching Dave's cock come through the wall at me. It was a big one! It was standing tall on my side of the glory hole, now. Taller than the first one! Much taller! And wider! And, well, perfect!

'Can you handle such a big one?' the guy asked in amazement.

Facing his glory hole, I put my face next to the big cock, grabbed it lewdly with my fist, grinned and said, 'I'll do my best!' Then, I turned, having given him a nice view, and plunged the thick cock into my mouth. It was thrilling! I was sucking the one cock I really wanted to suck! It was better than I had hoped.

'Oh! Jack,' Dave grunted, 'this feels so great!' I had him in about one-third of the way, sucking expertly. 'Watching your nude body, your beautiful cock, then sucking that wonderful cock, then watching you suck that guy's big cock, has me at peak levels of passion. I'm gonna explode! Look out!'

His quick rise to orgasm was understandable. I slipped up to capture his cockhead in my mouth and was rewarded with one of the most memorable ejaculations of my life. Perhaps the booklet had raised me to an unusually lustful level. Maybe my first, quick orgasm had only further increased that level of lust. Or maybe it was the heady atmosphere of easy sex in this place, but I felt each individual full spurt of red hot semen fill my mouth with its thick syrupy goodness and wonderful taste. I was able to swallow completely before the next powerful spurt refilled my mouth. And refilled it again and again and again. And again! And again! It seemed like the lengthiest ejaculation I've ever received.

When there was no more, I pulled back and let the other guy see the throbbing, wet cock. Dave left it there for a long moment, probably realizing it was being admired. Then, he pulled back and we heard him plop down onto the commode, exhausted, breathing deeply.

'Man, I've never seen nothin' like this,' the other guy whispered to me. 'Watching a sexy guy like you getting sucked off, then getting a great blowjob from you, and then watching you go down on that big dick of his, well, man, it's got me all hot, again. See?' With that, he stood and slid his great cock back through the hole. It looked angrier, redder, and more insistent than before. I figured he'd been stroking the big thing as he was watching.

I could think of no reason to withhold giving him another good blowjob. I still can't. I wanted Dave and me to become a tight twosome, but I understood innately the passions of young servicemen. Friendships are great. Monogamy doesn't enter into it. A blowjob is just a blowjob. I bent to the delightful task.

This time, I could take my time. This time, he wasn't ready to pop quickly. So we moved into that wonderful mutual effort that gives pleasure to both sucker and sucked, enjoying the connection completely. He humped, jabbed, banged, and pounded, as I sucked, bobbed, tongued and blew him twenty ways to bliss. Before long, he again became very vocal in his appreciation of the talent he had discovered and was generous in his racy compliments and running lewd commentary. His, 'Oh, man, can you suck cock!' and, 'This feels better than anything ever done to my dick!' and 'I want this pleasure to last, man!' all caused Dave to start paying attention, again.

'Fuck, you guys are really going at it!' he called out.

'Yeah, this is terrific!' my partner called back. 'He's down on my dick all the way, and I'm lovin' it!'

'He didn't get all the way down on mine before I shot my wad, it felt so good.'

'By the time I'm through, you'll be ready for him to take you in all the way. I'm helping to loosen him up for that big dick of yours.'

'Watching his head work that cock of yours is getting me all hot, again, I'll admit it.'

'Yeah, he's working that head, alright! He's suckin' my dick like a motha... Hell, he's suckin' my dick like I never thought possible. I'm pile-driving my dick into him and, man, he's just gonna vacuum the cum right out of me, now. I'm getting ready to shoot another big load into him!' I love it when they warn me.

'Yeah, do it, man' Dave encouraged, 'fill that hot cocksucker with your juice! Fill him up!'

'Yeah... man... here... it... is!' the guy confirmed as I was spurted into with each grunted word.

'Oh, man, you're coming,' Dave sighed.

'Coming,' my man repeated as the heavy flow continued. I was amazed at the size of this second load. It seemed even larger than the first one.

I was so exhilarated that I came as soon as I slipped my cock into Dave's mouth. Then I quickly sucked Dave off, and turned to find the guy had left but another guy's cock was standing tall through the glory hole. He came quickly and was replaced by his buddy who had also been listening. Finally, Dave came into my booth and, basically, dragged me out of there.

But later that same day, I went back to finish up reading that sexy booklet. I found several guys hanging around in the latrine.

'What's up?' I asked in a friendly tone.

One guy blushed appealingly and said, with some hesitation, 'Word's out that there's a great, uh, cocksucker working this latrine today. Uh, we're just hoping he'll show up, again.'

'No kidding,' I responded with a grin.

'Yeah, we're leaving the center cubicle open for him, if he does show up,' the handsome young man told me. 'But one of the guys in a side booth will vacate if you need to go in a hurry,' he added.

'Naw, I think I'll use the center booth,' I said quietly.

'But...' two of them said in unison.

I smiled, raising and lowering my eyebrows, reaching out and pulling open the wooden door.

'Fuck! He's here!' one of them called out excitedly to his buddy in a booth.

'Oh, man, I am ready!' is the reply.

So was I! I got a lot more cock in a day filled with cocksucking.

Meanwhile, in the booklet, for those of you who are wondering, Jack sucks the boy to orgasm, gets blown by the boy, then is fucked by the boy and fucks him, then six other men fuck, suck and come all over Jack in an orgy of flying cum while everyone in the room jacks off to orgasm. Jack is paid handsomely. And invited back!


Jack Sofelot


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