By [email protected] Zeb loved this stretch of flat, smooth concrete sidewalk sloping gently downwards near Bodie's house. He flew down it, his long angular body moving idly back and forth, with only an occasional break to add some speed to his travel. He wore only a pair of black cut-off jeans and ratty, filthy sneakers with no socks. Pads and helmets were for doofuses! His muscles were long ellipses all over his body, his pecs were flat planes with crushed nipples at their bottoms, his entire frame seemed to have been stretched to fit his long skeleton inside. His hair was black as his cut-offs, and long and nearly shoulder-length, kept tamed by a thin head-band of non-descript leather with some faded slashes of design still clinging to it. He made it to Bodie's house and stepped on the rear-end of his skateboard to pick it up by its front axle, and walked right on in. Bodie's mom worked and so did his dad, and so until they came home at six o'clock, the house totally belonged to Bodie and Bodie was his best bud. He knew Bodie wouldn't be in the immaculate kitchen or the too-perfect parlor, he went right past these places, stopping only briefly to scarf up a cookie from the cookie jar and jam the chocolate chip-dotted disc into his mouth and munched it. Bodie's mom made the best cookies. 'Hey, dude!' he called out when he got upstairs. Usually music was banging heads through the house, but it was dead silent today. That worried him. 'Hey, Bodie, dude, where are you, man?' 'In my room, bud.' came the reply. Zeb walked in and found Bodie lying in bed, a sheet tossed over his mid-section. Bodie was shorter and more compact than Zeb, with dirty-blond hair just as straight as Zeb's, but shorter, it only came down to the top of his neck. Bodie's body was pale as the sheets, nearly, but his muscles, not stretched out like Zeb's, were orbs all across. Skateboarding, real skateboarding, puts muscles on your body, and Bodie was a trick-skater and he had really nice mucles, especially on his shoulders, from the way he'd bend down and grab the skateboard and yank his whole body up at the top of a flight, then perch clinging to the top of the ramp, the skateboard held under his feet until he brought it back down and stood on it once more. Zeb had the speed and flat-out obstacles whipped, but Bodie was the one who went into the arenas and dazzled the fans. They made one excellent team. Which made Bodie's problems Zeb's problems. 'Whoa, dude, you sick?' he asked. 'We got to practice for the big skateboard tourney this weekend down near the beach, man! Come on, let's go!' 'I'm not sick.' Bodie groaned. 'I got a big problem!' 'Bogus.' Zeb commiserated, sat down. 'What hangs?' 'Got a boner.' Bodie confided. 'A boner? Hey, righteous! So wank it already and let's get moving.' 'That's the problem, dude. Wanking it doesn't work any more.' 'Huh? Oh, bummer! I never heard of wanking not working. Works every time for me.' 'Yeah, it's been taking longer and longer each time. Like the old wanger is saying, 'Hey, enough already with the hand! I'm totally bored with it, dude!'' 'Ma-jor bum-mer!' 'I don't know what to do.' Bodie groaned. 'I'm lying here flat on my back with this total bone-on and can't get it to go down. I pumped this monster for a half hour and nothing, just plain nothing.' 'Bogus!' 'I got to get it to go down already.' 'You tried thinking of your grandmother naked?' Zeb offered. 'I even tried imagining her kissing me, and slipping me some tongue, even. Nothing.' 'Bummer.' Zeb agreed. 'That always works for me. But wanking it works even better, because sometimes you just can't keep imagining anything as gross as your grandmother giving you some tongue. Your boner wins out.' 'My boner has won out completely. I don't know what else to do, dude. I can't even get my fly buttoned with this bogus organ hanging out and complaining to the world how I'm mistreating it.' 'You need a girlfriend.' Zeb decided. 'Hey, yeah. You know one that would put out for me, like right away?' Zeb shook his head. 'No way. All the primo babes totally belong to the football squad. You'd have to take on some total bow-wow. And act nice to her even, hold her hand in the halls and everything.' Zeb suddenly grimaced. 'Whoa, I just imagined you face-sucking Rita Cochinsky! Man, that's even more of a downer than grandmother's tongue!' Zeb blinked and shook his head to rid it of the terrifying image. 'Then I am stuck here until this thing blows its chunks for me and goes back to sleep.' Bodie said. 'What am I going to do?' Zeb considered it. 'Well, you might talk a friend into helping you out.' 'Yeah?' Bodie asked. 'Like who?' 'Well, maybe I would at least, you know, think about it.' Zeb said. 'Would you?' Bodie said. 'Oh, man, you're a life-saver!' 'Now hold on.' Zeb said. 'I didn't say I was going to do it. Just said I'd think about it.' 'Man, you got to help me.' Bodie agonized. 'I mean, look at it!' He tossed back the covers and his cock, obscured until now by its heavy arc towards his stomach and concealed by the cover, now stood forth in all its glory. Pale as the rest of him, it shone in nine inches of alabaster glory. Smooth, unveined, it arced upwards to a near-perfect tip, the foreskin covering the base of the glans and blending it all into one homogenous whole. 'Man, that's a pretty powerful woody you got there.' Zeb observed. 'That is one really pissed-off piss-pipe!' 'God, man, do something with it! Anything!' 'Well...' Zeb said. 'Seeing as how you're a buddy and stuff, I could maybe take it in my hand and wank it for you. Just a little.' 'Do it, man, do it!' 'But if my wanker ever gets to acting up on me like this, you gotta do the same for me, you understand?' 'Yeah, anything. Hurry! I'm going to bust!' 'All right, all right, don't rush me, dude!' Zeb gingerly took the heavy pud in his hand, carefully wrapping his fingers around it. 'Man, this schlong is hot. It's burning my fingers, dude!' 'Oh, yank it for me, dude! Please!' Zeb gave it a few careful pumps and Bodie groaned, writhing like some cheap actress playing a cheap hooker in a cheap movie at a cheap theatre where you had to sort of sneak in. He liked those kind of movies. 'Whoa, dude, keep moving like that.' he encouraged. 'You move like that, and I'll yank it some more for you.' Zeb yanked his best dude's wanker and Bodie groaned and moved under his hand like one of those babes from the movies, throwing his head back and groaning loudly. Zeb felt it then, his own wanger raising up. Damn, and he'd just pumped it before coming over here! 'Man, now I'm throwing a woody.' he complained. 'Bodie, dude, you promised to help me if I needed it. Either you help me or I gotta stop and take care of my own boner for a while.' 'Just keep doing that and sling that schlong this-a-way.' Bodie grunted. Zeb stood up and let go just long enough to yank open his button-fly cut-offs and shuck them down to his ankles. Revealed, his cock was as long and lanky as he was. He sat back down on the bed, to find that Bodie had slid down the bed a ways. This let Bodie's hand get right in there between his legs and fish his pud up and stroke it but good! Bodie's fingers snaked around the mid-brown shaft, covered with faded-demin-blue veins, and the near-purple cockhead bulbous and angry at the top. Bodie's fingers handled his ten inches of wrinkled manhood and precome smeared the tip to make it shine. 'Whoa, man, you're totally awesome!' Zeb panted. 'Oh, man, we gotta do this from now on, okay, dude?' 'Man, stroking it isn't working for me.' Bodie groaned. 'Please man, you can get a lip-lock on it, can't you, just for a little while? I won't need long, I promise!' Zeb grimaced, but looked at Bodie's pud, which he was yanking while his own organ was singing a happy tune under Bodie's pummeling fist. 'Well, maybe if you was to do the same for me....' That was as far as he got before Bodie scooted over rapidly and scarfed him down quicker than he'd scarfed down that cookie in the kitchen. 'Oh, man!' Zeb groaned and looked back at Bodie's pud and his mouth watered. Bodie was slurping a real fast beat on his pud, and it didn't seem too wrong to lean over and give Bodie a little of what he was giving Zeb. A buddy shares, doesn't he? Zeb touched his tongue gingerly to the enraged organ, totally lost in the thrill of Bodie's lips on his schlong. Man, no wonder the guys put up with those whiny bitches at school, if they got this out of it! 'Come on, work it for me!' Bodie panted and went back over Zeb's cock, shoving the massively long prong down his throat like a real pro. Zeb loved Bodie for that, the way he always got so totally into whatever he was doing. Zeb watched Bodie's solid, pale face as those lips of his turned inside out as he pulled back and... Bodie's hand grabbed his head and pushed and Zeb found himself with a mouthful of Bodie's pud. Oh, well, payback was only fair, wasn't it? And this major schlong of his was nearly boiling! Zeb pumped his lips back and forth on the schlong and then gagged! It was popping, Bodie was popping his cookies right then! A major load of heinously salty jizz sprayed into his mouth and Bodie's hand had a firm grip on him, as firm as he used to perform the one-hand-stand and Zeb's mouth was overflowing with Bodie's load, it was dribbling on his chin. Heinous! Zeb swallowed and that helped a lot, but Bodie promptly filled him again. Bodie was groaning on Zeb's cock and Zeb felt his cock thrill to that vibration, a tingle ran the full length of his spine in one electric instant and he swallowed now out of sheer gratitude for that majorly wonderful set of lips on his boner! Bodie finished and let go, to lie back on the bed. Zeb looked at him, grinning, swallowed to get the last of that jizz, and licked his lip where it had dribbled out. 'Oh, man, you swallowed it!' Bodie observed. 'Yeah, man, you didn't give me no choice!' Zeb said. 'It was swallow or spew.' 'Man, you were great!' Bodie said. 'You about ready to go to the park now?' 'Oh, dude, I gotta finish off this woody.' Zeb groaned. 'Give me a minute.' He reached down for that slimy pud, using the cooling saliva to lube his fingers and he pumped it. Felt the tingle rise up and...and then fade! 'Oh, man, now I got it!' he groaned. 'What, man?' Bodie asked. 'The bogus boner, man!' Zeb complained. 'You fucking gave it to me. Now I can't get off!' 'Whoa, heinous.' Bodie said, pulling on his own shorts, baggy gray things he tied with a string at the top. 'Come on, man, you promised to take care of it.' Zeb urged him. 'Oh, man, I am out of inspiration.' Bodie said. 'No way, dude!' Zeb said. 'Man, I took care of you and you promised!' 'Oh, man!' Bodie said. 'You said your hand was still wanking good.' 'It was.' Zeb griped. 'You got rid of your bogus woody by fucking giving it to me! You got to take it back!' 'Man, if I take it back, I'm going to be stuck again.' Bodie said. 'Man, you gotta take it back! Come on, you're my best bud!' 'But I got that boner from my cousin, Richie.' Bodie said. 'He came by last night and fucking talked me into taking it from him. I been in agony ever since.' 'Did you have the boner all night long?' 'No.' Bodie admitted. 'You get it off, it goes away for a little while. But I been pounding my pud all day.' 'Then take it back.' Zeb offered. 'And when we get done practicing, I'll take it back from you and take it home. Then I drop by in the morning and you get it back. We'll trade it off until your cousin comes to visit, and then we'll fucking give it back to him, major!' 'All right!' Bodie agreed. 'Major. He'll fucking go nuts, both of us jumping on him like he did on me.' And Bodie knelt down at the side of the bed. 'Dude, roll that boner over here so I can get my lips around it.' 'Word!' Zeb agreed and scooted over and sat upright, his legs on either side of Bodie's body. Bodie took those wonderfully smooth lips of his and they enveloped Zeb's woody again. Zeb groaned at the sheer electric joy of it, the way those pale lips clung so fucking tightly. 'Ah, come on, man.' he encouraged Bodie. 'We got to get moving if we're going to get any practice before dark.' Bodie bobbed and then suddenly he engulfed Zeb's long prong right to the fucking base! Zeb couldn't believe it. That fucking pud was all the fucking way down Bodie's throat. 'Man!' he grunted. 'Oh, man!' He wanted so much to praise Bodie's talent, but he couldn't finish a sentence, his brain was overloading from those warm lips, that warm mouth, his cock was buried in wet warmth and he was, he was, he was... 'Oh, man!' he grunted, and pumped his hips up into Bodie's mouth, fucking Bodie's throat, and then his orgasm danced along his spine like a ridge-runner scrap ing the axles of the skateboard along the top of the ramp, and it came crashing off the end into his brain, and he was fucking lost! He burst into Bodie's mouth, spewing the wad of a lifetime! It was so fucking incredible, so heavy, so major fantastic, that he felt his entire insides were turning to jelly and spraying out his slit into Bodie. Gasping, he tasted again the heavy salt of Bodie's jizz, and realized that now they were a part of each other. He had some of Bodie in him, and now he was filling Bodie up with himself! God, he was fucking spraying all of himself into Bodie! Bodie choked, but clung, gulped desperately and kept swallowing until Zeb finally, some unknown time later, released him, to fall back gasping on the bed. Bodie crept up on top of him and Zeb looked into that gentle face, the face of an artist with a skateboard, and he reached up and kissed Bodie's salty lips, and Bodie kissed him right back. 'Man, now I got it again!' Bodie complained. Zeb looked down at the enraged organ tenting out even those baggies. 'Oh, man, we are never going to get to practice tonight.' Zeb said. 'Give me just a minute more, and then I'll do you again.' 'Maybe we're doing this all wrong.' Bodie opined. 'How's that, dude?' 'Well, this bogus boner seems to crawl in with the jizz when you spurt it. You swallow it and it goes right into your schlong and pumps it up taut. 'So what do you want to do?' Zeb asked. 'Wanking doesn't help.' 'Well, my cousin suggested something else, but I wouldn't do it.' Bodie said. 'What's that?' Zeb asked. 'Maybe if I pronged you up your butt, it wouldn't get into our puds so quick.' 'Think that would work?' Zeb asked. 'I don't know.' Bodie said. 'You want to try it? I wouldn't do it with Richie, but I'll do it with you.' Zeb was flattered by this. 'Man, you are one major good bud.' he said. It wasn't until Bodie pulled out a jar of lube that Zeb realized just what Bodie intended to do. 'Man, you going to stick that bogus boner up my ass-tube?' he asked. 'Yeah.' Bodie said. 'Man, if we don't take care of this thing for good, we'll never skateboard again.' 'Whoa, bummer!' 'Yeah, bummer.' Bodie agreed. 'Tell you what, when I get done, you can do me, too, even if you don't find yourself with this major boner, okay?' 'Well...okay.' Zeb agreed. 'But if I yell, you got to stop, okay?' 'Deal, dude!' Bodie said. There was pain, but Bodie took his time and Zeb had to admit that that prong wasn't as bad as he'd thought. Man, it kind of felt nice in there, actually, especially when Bodie shifted around and kind of wiggled it. Before long, Bodie had that white pud of his totally buried in Zeb's butt, Zeb on all fours on the bed, and Bodie kneeling behind him, and Bodie began to fuck him, in slow, languid movements. Zeb groaned at the feel of it. 'This is so non-non-non-heinous.' he said cautiously. 'Major excellent ass, dude!' Bodie agreed. 'Feels like I'm fucking warm pudding, kind of.' 'Oh, man, I don't know what you're doing, but do it more.' Zeb groaned. 'And faster, too!' Bodie pumped into him faster and Zeb groaned. Man, he'd become Bodie's bitch! He didn't ever want Bodie to pull that pud out of him, ever! He didn't even care if they made it to the skateboard park today or not. Not even the tourney this weekend...well, maybe not that much. But he enjoyed this ride totally. Oh, man, that boner's back in me!' he grunted. 'Man, it can't be!' Bodie groaned. 'I'm still using it.' 'I'm telling you, I got it!' Zeb groaned. 'Turn over and let me see it. Bodie gasped. Zeb pivoted on Bodie's boner until he was face up on the bed, and Bodie regarded with dismay the huge woody. 'That's it, all right.' he agreed. 'Aw, man, what're we going to do?' Zeb groaned. 'Now we both got stuck with bogus boners. Getting ass-fucked is how they multiply!' 'Must be! Bummer!' Bodie gasped out. 'Uh, uh, uh!' he was getting close to another total explosion and Zeb quieted until Bodie, humping his ass with fervor, suddenly groaned, his white body turned totally red, and Zeb felt the heavy come-load pouring into his ravaged butt. Bodie finished up, panting, and fell over onto the bed beside Zeb. He still had that bogus boner, Zeb noted. 'Now we're both stuck here.' Zeb complained. 'Dude, I'm sorry.' Bodie said. 'I didn't mean to stick you like this.' 'Nothing we can do about it now.' Zeb said. 'Man, we are never going to have time to skateboard again. No tourney, no nothing. We'll just be in this bed humping each other, all day and night, every night and every day, all the time....' Bodie looked at Zeb and then grinned. Zeb couldn't help but grin back. It didn't sound so bad, when he came to think about it. 'Actually, that sounds like a pretty rad plan, dude.' Bodie said. Zeb kissed him and then said, 'Totally.' THE END Comments, complaints or suggestions? E-mail the Author at [email protected]



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