Ben heaved open the heavy double doors that led into the commons of the university campus. The rush of cool air that hit his sweat soaked body was refreshing and all too soon bone chilling. His once pressed button down shirt now clung to him like kitchen wrap, making pools of wet fabric stick against his honed abs here, and his firm chest there. He pulled at his buttons like bellows to put some air between his body and the damp adhesive quality of his shirt but it was pointless.

For anyone watching, or rather lusting after Ben, they would soon see his jean clad bubble ass, brown curly sun kissed head and flip flops disappear into the sea of humanity that jockeyed for place between the mailboxes and the common's long row of bulletin boards. He muscled and elbowed his way easily to his mailbox and then repeated his efforts enroute to the other side to read the job postings after checking for mail.

It was already the second week of school and he had yet to find work. Without it, he would not be able to get through even his first semester of classes. His eyes roved the bulletin boards for anything he could do. His ice blue eyes finally fell upon a neon green sheet of paper with the bottom fringed with tear-away phone numbers. It read: "Housekeeper and Cook for gay fraternity, call now for a once in a lifetime opportunity." Not a single number had been pulled from the sheet. He, being closeted wasn't about to be the first to take one now! Ben casually scanned the boards while he memorized the number and quickly swam back through the river of oncoming students like a salmon going up stream, to break back into the sweltering September heat wave of a day.

He made his way down the winding path that led to the center of the park like surroundings of the campus and found a substantial decorative boulder in the landscaping to sit and pull out his phone. He jogged his memory and entered the number from the neon green posting. A low, sensual but masculine voice unexpectedly answered his call. 'I'm calling about the housecleaner and cook position that was posted on the Common's bulletin board,' said Ben with as much confidence as he could embody. 'Have you filled the position yet?' Ben asked. 'No, the position is open and we would love to see you right away to talk about it.' the low voice affirmed. 'I'll need to go back to the dorm and change first, I'm a mess in this heat' laughed Ben. 'No need for that, assured the low sexy voice, 'We all are in it with you.' The voice then gave him an address and he slung on his backpack and headed to what he hoped would be a chance to stay in school.

As he headed down an unfamiliar side street, full of old respectable homes, he could feel himself begin to pour out in sweat, due to the heat as well as his nerves. This was a real break out moment for him to even consider this job. He was as deep in the closet as any man could ever hope to be. Although he had experienced some full blown sexual encounters with other closeted hotties from high school this college thing was an untapped market that so far he had managed to supress. The largest house on the block soon came into view. It was a boxy 1940's house of brown brick with rich brown trim and a bright green shiney door. Cut glass windows sparkled back at him from high placed positions at each window and to the flanks of the front door. Ben gulped, made one more desperate swipe at the sweat on his face and rang the bell.

'Come on in' sprang a voice from a speaker somewhere hidden at the front door. Ben jumped and a laugh from the speaker could be heard and then stifled. 'Sorry, to scare you like that.' came the voice again. 'Really, come on in.' Ben turned the heavy rich brass door knob and walked into a cut glass foyer leading to a set of french doors before him and a sliding panel window to his right. The panel window slid open and the familiar speaker voice spilled out from a dark haired, green eyed god of a man. 'You must be Ben.' the green eyed man said. 'Yes, I'm Ben' Ben confirmed. 'I'm Trent' came the reply, 'glad you came right over.' 'I'll meet you at the double doors.' confirmed the dark haired hottie.

Foot steps on wood floors soon gave way to the double doors swinging open and the dark haired man standing naked before him. His rich dark hair being repeated in profusion around hanging hairy balls and a slightly erect cock of at least seven inches. Ben stepped back but soon caught himself and remembered where he was applying and put forth his hand with as much comfort as he could fake for a handshake. The handsome, naked, green eyed man, beamed back at him and met his hand wth a suprisingly strong return. 'Come on in.' said Trent. 'Sorry if the nudity suprised you, we are pretty open around here as you can imagine.' continued Trent. Ben's eyes now fell upon the interior of the house, rich with the obvious good taste of gay men and covered in naked bodies, lounging in cusioned chairs and couches as well as some jostling over a well appointed pool table under a stained glass overhead light. Ben gulped again and could feel his groin begin to swell at the sight of such unbridled freedom and sexuality. Some of the guys looked up from books or conversation and he already felt naked as they obviously assessed him.

'Feel free to get naked if you want' invited Trent. 'I can stow your stuff in the office there if you want.' Ben was desperate for work and not wanting to appear frigid or scared, he agreed and was soon as naked as the frat guys that seemed to be everywhere. A growing interest seemed to happen instantly as Ben slowly peeled away his sweaty shirt to reveal his hard pecs, six pac abs and a slight dusting of a hairy trail that led up out of his pants and cascaded into a triangle of dark hair between his otherwise smooth chest. As he fumbled with his jeans, Trent's own cock rose up like an empty flag pole as he neatly took Ben's backpack and then folded his surrendered shirt on top of it. Ben slipped off his flipflops and let his jeans slide down and away from his body. Two other well built men were there in a flash to scoop up his shoes and then take his pants and fold them. They each placed their items unto the growing pile in Tren'ts open arms. Ben looked up once more to see a semi circle around him of twenty men all waiting for him to remove his white Calvin Klein briefs. He reached for the band and suprisingly enjoying himself, slipped them slowly down his muscled legs, over well formed calves and his sexy size ten feet. As he stood back up in full glory he smiled and handed his sweat soaked briefs to Trent by dropping them neatly over his cock as if it were a coat hook. The room ripped wide open with laughter and soon each of the guys were clapping him on his naked back and introducing themselves in turn. Trent stood and watched with an evil humorous grin spreading across his face and obviously directed towards Ben.

Ben had never felt so free and released from the bondage of secrecy as he did at this moment. Here we was amongst a candy box selection of hot gay men that had no shame or reason to hide. It was liberating. As he grew more at ease and the guys grew more at ease with him, first sight hard ons began to lull and the guys shifted back to their normal routine. Trent came back out of the office empty handed and took Ben's hand. 'Come with me, you have to meet Jeff.' said Trent. 'He is the one that will make the decision on the position.' Ben followed comfortably behind Trent, hand in hand and watched Trent's muscled back and smooth dark bubble ass wink him all the way to a closed door with half wall wood and the same cut glass design above it. The shadow of a body could be seen within and upon Trent's knock, the door opened and Jeff stood as naked as the rest of the men before Trent and Ben.

Ben gulped again as he took in the hairy 6'2" frame of Jeff. His torso swirled with dark hair patterns like the strokes of a paint brush on a canvas. There wasn't an inch of him that wasn't poetically drenched in dark perfect hair. He wasn't a bear, but a solid built hairy sexy man. Jeff smiled at Trent and Ben. 'Looks like we have a strong contender here' said Jeff. 'Welcome to the house Ben.' 'I'm the guy that you spoke to on the phone.' Ben had imagined the body that would go with that low sexy voice but had no idea that it would be this good. 'I'll take it from here Trent' announced Jeff. 'Ben, lets go in and talk.'

As they sat on opposite ends of a large expensive love seat, Ben could feel the rise of his cock once again revealing his lust. Jeff watched with a slight smile as his own cock matched Ben's rising erection. 'It's ok Ben.' assured Jeff. 'It's a natural thing and you are quite attractive.' 'You are too Jeff' Ben echoed. From that point on Jeff talked and Ben listened as he explained the open position in detail. 'Ben, I can say with confidence that you have the approval of the entire household for this postion.' said Jeff. Ben could feel his emotions getting the best of him as he stammered out a thank you. 'While the ad said we were looking for a cook and housecleaner, there is more to this position that you need to know.' confided Jeff. 'Would you like to hear the rest?' Jeff asked. 'Yes, without a doubt Jeff.' responded Ben.

'We are looking for a 'bondling' Ben' stated Jeff. 'Do you know what that is?' 'No, I don't' said Ben. 'A bondling is a position of honor in this frat house and is considered a long term commitment.' 'As the bondling, you would need to withdraw from your regular classes and reapply as an online student.' 'The bondling would have the master suite of this spacious house and your college course work and housing would be paid for in exchange for a four year commitment of your life to this house.' 'While you are here, you will have no financial need.' Ben blinked at the growing list of benefits and pinched himself at the prospect of his next four years being comped. 'I'm sorry Jeff' questioned Ben, 'I still don't think I understand what a bondling is?'

Jeff looked deep into Ben's eyes and then began. 'A bondling is a symbolic member of this fraternity that is placed here to unite the men under one man.' Ben looked in confusion at this explanation. 'You Ben, if you choose to accept this position would become the sexual host to the sexual unification of this house of men.' continued Jeff. 'A ceremony will mark your acceptance into this position that will require each of the members of this fraternity to engage in intercourse and to co-mingle their semon within your host body.' Ben gulped in disbelief as he tried to take this all in. Jeff continued, 'Once this ceremony is over, this house of men are commited to satisfy their sexual needs only through you.' 'All of the men are disease free and are required to remain true to his house and to the bondling.' 'The bondling is like the blood brother that ties us all together as a family.' 'Each man's sperm will become a part of you and we will be united under you and commited only to you for the duration of your school years here.'

'I don't know what to say Jeff' stammered Ben. 'All this and I have to clean and cook too?' 'I would feel like the resident bitch.' choked Ben. 'It really isn't like that Ben' assured Jeff. 'Like I said it is honorary and the house cleaning and cooking is optional and not even the real job.' 'If you will consider it more of a calling or commitment of very high rank I think you will embrace it's meaning and worth.' 'You will be the affection of this total house for the next four years' affirmed Jeff. 'You will have no monetary needs or sexual needs that will go unmet.' 'It is a safe place, especially for someone as closeted as you and an honor to me and all the men if you would accept.'

Ben looked deep into Jeff's eyes and at the same time looked deep into himself. 'How soon do you need to know?' asked Ben. 'We have been searching for a bondling for four months now.' confessed Jeff. 'The men are anxious to be united and free to be sexual again.' 'Jerking off gets old and is their only option at the moment.' 'I would like for you to get back with me within 24 hours' stated Jeff. 'I have received via texting a yes from every man within this house that they would commit to you as the bondling.' Ben's heart raced and his pride swelled within in him to imagine that this house of stallions all liked him enough to commit to only him for the next four years. 'What happened to your previous bondling?' questioned Ben. 'He served his four years and now sits before you as the lifetime manager of this house.' confirmed Jeff. Ben just sat and stared at Jeff with new respect.

Ben and Jeff stood up and embraced. Jeff's hairy body was soft and warm against Ben's smooth almost hairless skin. Jeff back away slightly and took Ben's face in his hands and looked deeply once again into Ben's eyes. 'Please consider this Ben.' It would be my honor to have you as my bondling. They walked out hand in hand to the cheers of the waiting men. Trent handed him his clothes and the guys put in their words of encouragement as Ben dressed and took in the attention. Ben looked at Jeff, 'I will let you know my decision in the morning.' Ben said. They said their good byes and Ben was soon back into the swealtering heat of the late summer with out a hint of what lied within this respectable house to the neighborhood around it.

Ben wrestled all night in his dorm room with his thoughts, tangling his naked body in the sheets with his tossing and turning. He could smell the strong scent of his precum that hadn't stopped since he left the frat house. His balls ached for release. He sat up in bed and turned on a light and engaged his thoughts with more clarity. He slipped on his briefs and stepped down the hall to the bathroom to piss. The scent of his semon rising up from his piss pretty much told him how turned on he was to this complex but generous offer. On one hand he could struggle along through the next four years of school or on the other hand he could sail through his course work financially free and never have to seek sex outside the safety of the frat house. He laid back down on his bed in peaceful dreams with his decision finally made.

With the first light of dawn, he showered and dressed and almost ran to the frat house to announce to Jeff his decision. Once again Trent met him at the door and there was Jeff, looking sleepless but hopeful beside him. 'I accept' stated Ben. Relief poured into Jeff's face and the three of them hugged. The other guys coming in sleepily for breakfast saw the trio and figured out what had just been agreed to. The hug grew in number until only a few of the late sleepers were left to find that life would be improving considerably for all of them soon. Jeff told him to head back to the dorm and get his things packed. He was instructed to be back at the frat house at 7 pm sharp. Some of the guys would be over earlier to pick up his things and have them in his new quarters before his arrival. Jeff would need to get his classes switched immediately to online courses and all would begin that evening.

Jeff jumped in the shower about 5:30 and cleaned himself in prepatation for what was about to transpsire in less than two hours. He could feel his heart beat pounding out of his hard bodied chest. He felt like a virgin being offered up to the gods as he lotioned and spritzed himself with his favorite cologne. Soon he packed his last remaining toiletries in his overnight bag and headed to the house under the lingering rays of a beautiful and promising sunset. Upon arriving, luminaries lined the edges of the sidewalk leading to the house. Before he could even knock Trent answered the door in a black suit and silk green tie that matched his eyes. Another suited frat member beamed at him in khakies and blue blazer opening the french doors to the interior of the house. As instructed, Ben arrived in light colored khakies with a white button down shirt, untucked. As he entered into the house each of the guys greeted him and helped him with his bags and two on either side of him led him up to the master suite. The other man followed in a line, dressed to the nines and each taking a lit candle. Jeff was seated in a grey suit on one of the cozy chairs in the room and the bed had been moved to the center of the room. An unlit taper candle stood in a holder on a table at the foot of the bed, a glass bowl beside it. The men, incircled the bed, leaving only Jeff still seated. Jeff stood and took Ben by the hands and led him to the table with the candle. He then took his own lit candle and indicated to Ben to take the candle from the holder. Ben took it and stood before Jeff. Jeff took his candle and lit Ben's unlit candle and then dropped his own candle into the glass bowl. Ben then place his newly lit candle in the holder once again and Jeff led him to the bed.

Jeff slowly undressed Ben and indicated for him to take his naked body, taught and glistening in the candlelight, unto the bed. Ben did so. Jeff then undressed himself and joined Ben on the bed. Knealing before each other in the center of the bed, their bodies touched once again. The welcoming warmth of Jeffs body and his soft hair melted into Ben as he received Jeff's first kiss hungrily. The men encircling the room now began to undress at the giving of this first kiss and soon twenty naked men stood, with cocks erect as Jeff and Ben fell into the pillows and began making love. Slowly and gently Jeff entered into Ben and carressed Ben's body with touch and kisses as he stroked in and out of Ben's body. Jeff's hairy ass began to shudder and soon the hot jets of seed could be felt by Ben, deep inside his body. Jeff pulled from Ben and kissed him one more time. 'Welcome to the family bondling' said Jeff lovingly.

As Jeff stepped away from the bed and took his naked place in the circle, the beautiful blonde frat member next to him took his candle and placed it into the flame of Ben's candle on the table then blew his own candle out and placed it in the bowl with Jeff's. The blonde man was soon kissing and worshiping Ben as Jeff had done, before the whole household, until his ravishing of Ben ended with the consumation of their relationship and the eruption of his sperm from his thick nine inch blonde cock into Ben's belly. One after another each man took his turn and united with Ben by the eruption of their hungry cocks within his waiting body. Ben was feeling full and satisfied as each in turn repeated Jeff's words of 'welcome to the family bondling.'

Once the final man had bred Ben and stepped back into the circle, Jeff once again climbed unto the bed and announced that the bondling was now consumated to the house. 'Now let the bondling be consumated to each of us.' announced Jeff. Jeff produced a beautiful goblet from under the bed and a bottle of vintage wine. He placed the wine on the table and joined Ben once again on the bed. Laying Ben back on the pillows, he began milking Ben's cock with the skilled art of a man who knew his way around a man. It wasn't long before Ben was errupting in torrents of cum into the goblet that Jeff held to catch it. Totally spent, Ben layed back against the pillows as Jeff poured wine into the cum filled goblet and stirred it with the base of Ben's still lit candle. He then replaced the candle back into it's holder and stepped back into his place in the circle. Ben watched as each man now took a gulp of the wine, laced with his own cum and passed it to the next man. After the last man had taken his drink, a roar of cheers errupted from the guys and they all pounced naked upon Ben, ravishing him with hugs and kisses and suggestions of what they wanted to do with him sexually in the coming days.

When the room cleared and Jeff was the only one remaining, Jeff snuffed out the candle at the foot of the bed and climbed under the covers with Ben to welcome a night of sweet sleep. They remained entangled through the night, Ben still full of the seed from the twenty one men and his heart full of expectation of being the bondling that he now was and would forever cherish.


Matthew Barrett

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