I didn't know how much longer I could take it. Billy, a co-worker at the restaurant where I work was driving me mad. Billy was 25, 5'5', and muscular. He was no bodybuilder or anything, but one could definitely tell he worked out. Short is usually a turn off for me, but in this case it definitely wasn't. Billy had dark, near-black hair with stubble and a slim face. I'm 18, and had wanted Billy to fuck me for at least 2 years since he'd gotten the job. He liked to talk about one-night stands he'd had with women and always pointing out hot girls when they came in. His heighted sense of sexuality was a real turn on. Billy had sometimes been accused of being gay based on the way he looked(probably because he was always doing something with his hair), but if one talked to him they'd know right off that he was straight as can be. I finally decided I was through with him just being eye candy. After about a week's planning I'd acquired handcuffs, some rope, and some old socks for gagging. Billy was a guy you wouldn't want to fight, so I'd need to get him by surprise. I waited until he was getting off of his shift at the restaurant, and as he was walking out to his car I nailed him on the back of the head with a crow bar and he dropped. I hand cuffed his wrists and ankles, blindfolded him and tied the sock around his mouth. I reached into his pocket, brushing against his cock, and grabbed out his car keys. Stuffing him in his own back seat, I jumped in behind the wheel 'Fuck..It's a stick,' I suddenly remembered as looked down at the gear shift. 'I'll do the best I can,' I thought. After a bumpy five miles, I made it to my uncle's house, who was out of town for the weekend. I got him inside to one of the bedrooms and stripped him of his shirt and pants. The underwear I wanted to savor, and I always thought a naked dude with just shoes and socks on was hot. I walked into the kitchen to get a condom and on my way back I heard a 'Clank, Clank' noise. Billy had woken up. He heard me enter the room. 'Who are you? Where am I?' he asked. I said nothing. I couldn't he'd recognize my voice. Silently, and holding him down firmly, I handcuffed his arms and legs to the bed. I slowly removed his boxer-briefs while thinking that happy trail looked damn good, especially being the only hair on his chest. 'What are you doing, man, stop it,' he said. I responded by just lying next to him and running my hand up and down his sculpted stomach. Now, I thought, let's get down to business. After playing with his cock for a few minutes, I got him to rise to all 9 rock-hard inches. I put the condom on him and lubed him up. Climbing up on the bed, I sat down hard on his enormous titanium strength cock. Pain quickly turned to pleasure and after about fifteen minutes of me bobbing up and down and loving every second of it, I noticed thrusts starting to meet my hips. Harder and harder they came until I was really being fucked by Billy. Realizing that he was loving this as much as I was, I slyly leaned over and unlocked his handcuffs he didn't notice. After a couple moments of seriously banging me, Billy sat up, almost forgetting where he was, pressing his hot, sweaty, slender torso up against my back. He reached his muscular arm around my body and began jerking my 61/2 inch dick. I knew he'd taken off the sock around his mouth off because I could hear him moan and sigh in pleasure, but when I saw the blindfold hit the floor I thought I was going to be into some serious shit now he could identify me. He had to recognize me from the back, but he just kept on jamming his swollen member into my ass. 'Man Kyle, your ass is tight!' he shouted. Now I knew he knew who I was, but he did not seem to care. He abruptly flipped me over on my stomach and while laying on top of me continued to screw my ass as if by jet propulsion. He pulled me off the bed and smacked me up against the wall and slammed me into the cold drywall. Judging by the sheer force of his thrusts I could tell he was about to cum. Suddenly with a moan, his hot, steamy juice filled my asshole to the rim. I swear he pumped a quart of goo into me. Thinking we were done, I began trying to come up with an excuse as to why I'd kidnapped Billy but he walked over to his pants and pulled a condom out of his pocket. Without a word he came over to me and put it on me, then leaned over the bed. 'I'm ready to be fucked up the ass for the first time.' END TO CUM IF POSITIVE FEEDBACK RECEIVED [email protected]



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