When I turned, I was surprised to see that Randy had kicked off his sneakers, stripped off his T-shirt, and was starting to unbutton the fly on his jeans. I quickly turned back around, embarrassed to see him stripping, yet amazed to catch sight of such a great, muscular physique being uncovered. The brief sight of his partial nudity made my heart race. I had just turned eighteen and was easily flustered by other young men.

I heard him chuckle lightly. "You don't have to turn your back on me. You can watch me undress," he said softly.

It seemed very bold and very sexy. I felt my face reddening, yet I turned back to witness him slide his jeans down to his ankles. He straightened up. I noticed immediately that his small, tight, white jockey shorts were bulging with the memorable outlines of a well-hung stud. His whole body left me breathless. He had the build of a wrestler, with a thick neck; muscular shoulders and arms; flat, strong pectoral muscle plates; washboard abs and a narrow waist; dark, curly pubic hair poking above the low-slung, full to bursting briefs; strongly muscled thighs and calves; and well-shaped, handsome feet.

He was watching me as he put both hands on the band of his jockey shorts at his waist and was obviously about to become naked.

"Well?" he asked.

"Well, what?" I asked; my mouth dry. I looked up into his face. He was smiling at me. I returned the smile without thinking.

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours," he said with that sexy grin.

"We use these three dressing stalls to change into swimsuits," I managed to say; trying to sound calm, but realizing I must sound like a tongue-tied geek. We were in my family's boathouse and I gestured with a wave of my hand to the three small rooms, with short but modest swinging doors, in one dark corner.

"That's okay," he said. "We don't need to be shy with each other." He paused and then added, "Do we?"

Then, as I stared in fascination, he began to slide the jockey shorts down in tantalizing slow motion. First his full, dark bush blossomed. Then the base of his cock appeared, looking very wide. Then, a huge ball-sac was revealed behind the thick shaft. Finally, a wide, fat, exposed cockhead appeared and the whole cock seemed to lunge forward, towards me, growing as it was freed from the cloth.

"So? Com'on. Show me yours!" he insisted.

"Mine?" I asked dumbly. Of course, I knew immediately what he meant, but at the same time I realized that I was already half-hard in my swimsuit.

"Well, it's already dancing around in your sexy Speedo's, showing signs of life. Com'on, Jack! Let's have a look," he demanded, playfully.

"I've got a..." I paused, feeling both reluctant and horny, "...you know..." I said hesitantly.

"Sure!" he said enthusiastically, "You're getting a hardon, man! So am I! You're looking right at it, right now! See it grow! So, com'on! Let's see yours, too! It looks real big, hidden under that flimsy fabric. You've got a great body! I've been admiring your body ever since I first saw you. I know you liked looking at my body and I reckoned you wanted to see me naked. Now, I wanna see all of you!" His enthusiasm was infectious; his flattery delightful; his conclusions correct.

Overcoming my teenaged reluctance, I slid my swimsuit down slowly. When it was at mid-thigh, like his, I stopped; my heart pounding. I felt my cock rapidly expanding.

"Wow!' he sighed in a very erotic way. "Look at that! What an impressive piece of meat!" He shuffled towards me.

My reaction was to shuffle towards him, too, as if magnetized, until our cocks were nearly touching. Then, he bent and shoved his shorts to the floor as his head gently touched my chest, his hair tickling me. I gasped and my cock finished it rise to full splendor right beneath his face.

He looked up at me and sighed, "Man! You are sexy!"

"You are, too!" I admitted shyly but honestly.

This was crazy. He was one of three young guys that had seen several of us playing and swimming as they passed in their rented speedboat and had stopped at our dock just to say hello. They were from Oklahoma and were staying at a nearby resort while on a two-week vacation here in upstate Maine. Our differing accents had made friendly contact very easy as we bantered with the three of them. We invited them to have lunch with our family, which proved to be very enjoyable, with good food and lots of laughter. Afterwards, suddenly, everyone had decided to pile into cars and drive into town for ice cream. Randy and I had decided to stay behind. We found ourselves alone in this boathouse together.

"I know I said I wanted to change into swim trunks," he said, "but the truth is I really wanted to get naked with you!"

"Wow! I sighed.

"Ever had this big thing sucked?" he asked, sliding his fist around my pulsating shaft.

"No," I answered softly, my whole body quivering with pleasure. Again, as if driven by magnets, my hand slid onto his erection as a jolt of pure delight coursed throughout my body. I thought I would have an immediate orgasm.

"Ever suck one?" he asked. The question was overwhelmingly sexy, sounding like a proposal to let me suck his cock.

"No," I answered softly. I did not want to answer in a harsh manner, as if turned off by the idea and offended, and thereby risk stopping this heart-pulsing contact.

"D'ya want to?"

The question hung in the air between us for a long moment. He had started a slow but firm pumping on my cock, which I found myself reflecting on his cock. I took a deep breath, smelling the passionate scent of masculine genitals as we played with them.

"Yes," I finally whispered.

"Lemme show you how it's done, okay?"

He looked into my eyes. My heart stopped. He was going to go down on me. I nodded, expectantly, hoping I would not ejaculate the moment his lips touched my cock, and feeling waves of pre-orgasmic flashes thunder through all of my veins, all aimed at my balls.

While continuing to pump my cock slowly, he lowered his head toward its goal. He had to lower his whole body, so his cock slipped from my grasp. At almost that same instant, his lips touched the crown of my exceptionally rigid erection and he kissed it while sucking lightly.

"Man! You taste good!" he sighed, speaking a fraction of an inch above my cockhead and sending swirls of hot air onto the delicately sensitive, fully engorged glans. I felt my balls tighten against the base of my throbbing cock. I knew I would not be able to withhold orgasm for long, hard as I might try.

Suddenly, his entire mouth slid down over my supersensitive cockhead, engulfing it with tissues and muscles and liquids and heat in an incredible sensation of exquisite enjoyment! Then, he sucked!

My entire being focused on the pleasure of his sucking. Instinctively, I humped my hips upwards, forcing cock into his eager mouth. Explosions of euphoria started at the top of my head and at the soles of my feet and rampaged towards each other, crashing together in my abdomen and shooting into my balls! I came! Overwhelmingly! Spurt after glorious spurt! And spurt! And spurt! And spurt! And spurt! Reveling in these dazzling sensations of complete physical and mental orgasm, until I thought I would collapse in total submission to his insistent mouth. Years of jacking off had done nothing to prepare me for this level of complete intensity; for this grateful surrender of my sperm to this lusty lover; for this desire to give him what he wanted without holding back.

When he realized that my semen flow had run its full course, he slowly withdrew and straightened up, never releasing my still stiff spent organ from his grasp. His eyes look crazed with emotion, yet filled with a longing I could only identify as love! Then he said something that took my breath away.

"That was better than I had ever dreamed it would be!" he sighed, looking my right in the eye.

"You mean you've never done that before?" I asked in amazement. Nevertheless, I felt my hand re-grip his roaring hardon.

"I've thought about it. I knew I wanted to do it. It's just that you're the first guy I've ever tried to do it with. It's just that you're so sexy I couldn't help myself." He sounded very sincere, very honest.

"Wow! That's fantastic! I'm the first!" I smiled. Then, as the thought struck me, I asked, hesitantly, "But did anyone ever, you know, do that to you?"

"Sure. I'll be honest with you. Several guys did it, but no one like you, who I want to do it to me; who I want to give myself to; who I want to give my jism to; who I want to make love to!" He was looking deeply into my eyes as he quietly but fervently spoke to me.

Almost imperceptibly he thrust his cock upward in my fist. The decision was mine. And I had already admitted that, yes, I wanted to suck cock. His cock! And he was simply too sexy to disappoint. I leaned down towards the amazingly hot, hard, handsome cock with an eagerness to suck his cock that gave me great, enthusiastic pleasure!

"Umm," he hummed loudly as my lips kissed the moist crown of his thick cockhead.

"Umm," I hummed in response, letting him know that I was enjoying the taste of him, the heat of him, and the idea of sucking his cock!

I opened my mouth to allow the intrusion of his fat cockhead into me, fearful that he would ram it home and choke me with the huge weapon. But, to my delight, he didn't move a muscle. I tightened my lips and sucked on the fiery hot cockhead. A thrill I had never before experienced electrified me with total enjoyment! I expected to orgasm at that very moment, but only a giant tremble shook my whole body.

"Yeah," he sighed from above, stretching the word out, "you like sucking my cock, don't you?" It wasn't a question. He knew I liked sucking his cock, and so did I!

I pushed my face down on the thick organ, pressing the cockhead to the far back of my mouth, enjoying the feel of it as it slid in, while watching his big balls move closer to my chin. I sucked in earnest. I loved it!

He pulled back and then pumped forward energetically, actually driving the cockhead into my throat. I thought I'd gag and choke. Surprisingly, I did not. I kept sucking and sucking.

He pulled back 'til my lips captured the flanges of the thick organ and stopped him from pulling all the way out, still while sucking hard.

"It never felt this good before!" he sighed, adding, "Watch out, I'm gonna blast my cum into you!" And his entire body stiffened.

Time stood still. Then, suddenly, a small, thin jet of semen hit my palate and tickled it. Before I could react, a huge bolt of cum filled my entire mouth. I swallowed without thinking about it, knowing that I was completely enjoying the heat, texture, taste and smell of his heavy and heavenly ejaculate - his wonderful cum! My mouth was filled over and over again and again, more rapidly that I could count and forcing me to swallow and swallow and swallow as quickly as possible, as a wave of euphoria coursed through my body.

The time it took for him to enter my mouth and then cum was probably only seconds, but I remember it so clearly that it seemed to be hours. The distortion of time amazed me. My pleasure was complete. I was orgasmic!

When he gently slipped out of my mouth, I sighed, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Wow!" he whispered as he quickly leaned in to capture my cock before he would lose any semen.

As soon as I felt the slippery, spermy, wet heat of his mouth, I came. I came evenly more explosively and in a much larger volume than ever before. At that point of my life I could easily come six times a day, day after day, and so individual orgasms fade from memory, but THIS orgasm was one of THE most memorable orgasms of my entire life! And to be pouring it into such a sexy, handsome, muscular, friendly and loving guy could not have been better!

He came up off my cock, embraced me, looked me in the eye passionately and kissed me, semen from his lips wetting mine. I was enraptured! In love! And I embraced and kissed him right back!

He smiled as we broke apart and said, "Man, that was beautiful!"

"Yeah," I agreed wholeheartedly. "Beautiful!"

Randy and I managed to be together alone only three more such memorable times during their stay, but the three of them invited me to their cabin and surprised and delighted me by having the four of us find ways to enjoy our bodies together. Those two weeks with them set me on a lifetime's path to find sexual pleasure wherever and whenever possible. And I got good at lt!


Jack Sofelot


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