Rod was on the way to have lunch with one of his clients when he realized he had left his iPhone at the office. He needed to find a pay phone and get his assistant to bring him his phone while he was at lunch. If he got too far behind in his emails he would catch hell.

The client wanted to have lunch at this new restaurant on the A1A, the Coastal Highway, but Rod couldn't wait until he got there to call. He was just getting ready to drive over the Tolomato River when he noticed a boat slip at Hospital Creek, where the Tolomato meets the Salt River. Boat slips always had a pay phone because a lot of times people on sail boats coming in may not have had enough power to keep their phones charged. Rod got out of his car and went to phone. As he was dropping coins in the slot he noticed a guy sitting in a pickup watching him. This was a place that Rod had cruised before so he had a good idea what the guy in the pickup was looking for. Rod looked at him than looked down at his watch, he still had a half hour before he had to meet his client. While Rod was talking to his assistant they both kept checking each other out. The guy in the truck was shirtless and looked like he had a pretty hard chest covered with a light coating of hair but it was very pale just like his hair. He looked like he may have been a surfer or a lifeguard a few years back.

Since this was the season when it got more humid than normal in St. Augustine Rod was just wearing a pair of khakis and a polo shirt. While he was talking but looking at the man, Rod ran his hand over his chest and then down my abs. When Rod hung up the phone the other guy rolled his window down farther and asked how Rod was doing. Rod said hello and walked closer to his pickup. When he got close enough to see the man better he noticed he was just wearing swim trunks and that he had a hand down the front of the trunks. He looked at Rod, Rod looked down and watched as the man pulled out an 8", cut, very thick cock. Rod glanced around and then let his arm fall into the window opening and grabbed the cock. Rods fingers couldn't reach completely around the guy's dick. Since there were people coming and going Rod couldn't lean his head in to get a taste so he started stroking the man's cock. The guy in the truck leaned his head back on the rest and moaned. Rod kept stroking but the guy must have wanted it a little rougher because he wrapped his giant hand around Rod's and picked up the speed of their strokes. With no warning he shot a huge load against the inside of his windshield and let out a sigh. Some of his cum had gotten on Rod's hand so he pulled it out and brought it to his lips and tongued it off.

The man started his pickup without even wiping off any his cum from the windshield, he looked at Rod and said, no almost ordered, for Rod follow him. He waited for Rod to get back in his car. Rod looked at his watch again and thought if whatever they ended up doing was relatively fast he could still make his lunch meeting.

He pulled out and got on the Vilano Causeway and then they went north on Harbor Drive which circled a harbor for yachts and fishing boats. The pickup pulled into a parking space and Rod pulled into the one next to it. Without a word the man started walking down the dock to a pretty good-sized fishing boat, the kind that goes out deep sea fishing. Rod had been on one once or twice before. That made sense because it was a short distance to the St. Augustine Inlet that would lead out to the Atlantic Ocean. The engines were idling as they walked up the short gang way. No sooner was Rod on board that the boat pulled away from the dock. Rod told the guy that he didn't have time to go out to sea as he had a lunch meeting to get to. The man told Rod he was going to miss his lunch meeting but not lunch.

He grabbed Rod and took him into a pretty large lounge area that was just inside one of the doors. There was a group of very hyper masculine looking men sitting around drinking beer and smoking cigars. All of the men had their shirts off. All of the men had broad chests and muscled arms. Two of them each had a bit of a beer belly but nothing to complain about. Rod was not a small or slight man. He stood about 6' and weighed 180. He kept in good shape but compared to these guys he looked like the kid who got bullied in school.

One of them spoke up "Welcome to the Big Cock Club buddy."

The guy from the pickup said "I told you I'd find someone good."

"He sure looks it, check out those lips. Turnaround buddy let's see your ass. That looks pretty nice too."

"Why don't you take your clothes off sweet cheeks?" Rod looked at the man with an incredulous look in his eyes. "You better do it boy or you'll find yourself as chum."

Rod looked at the man from the pickup thinking he may be able to help him but he just saw a hungry look in his eyes. Rod pulled his shirt off, kicked off his loafers, lowered his khakis and pulled them off, then took off his socks. "Your boxers too." Rod was embarrassed because he had started getting a boner while all this was going on. The thought of being surrounded by these muscled men was a bit exciting.

"Look at that, he seems to like the idea of being out here with all of us."

One of the other men told Rod to turn around again then called him over. The man reached around Rod and ran his fingers along Rod's ass crack and then pushed his finger into Rod's ass. "Nice."

Now Rod liked, no loved, giving and getting head. He also liked fucking guys sometimes but he himself had never been fucked before even though some of his hook ups had tried. Strangely, Rod enjoyed the pressure of the guy's finger on his asshole. One of the men said "time to get up on the back deck and set our lines."

One of the guys put his meaty hand on Rod's back and pushed him toward the back of the boat. There were two chairs bolted to the deck that faced the sea. There were some softer seats with cushions plus a couch sort of thing that must have held the life jackets.

All the men started taking off their shorts and Rod realized why they called themselves the Big Cock Club. The guy from the pickup truck with the 8" cock was one of the smaller ones.

Just then a kid, who couldn't have been more than 20, appeared with a tray of beers; some tequila and shot glasses; and some rocks glasses and a bottle of scotch. The kid was just wearing a blue thong. As he walked by some of the men passing out drinks they slapped his ass and the kid laughed and wiggled his ass. "The Captain said you can put out your lines, we're far enough out now."

One of the guys turned to Rod, "What's your name bud?"


"Well Rod, Timothy here," nodding toward the kid, "is a great piece of ass but we like a little change in menu every once in a while. We sent Kevin here," the guy from the pickup, "out on a scouting mission. You must have been the first guy that was good looking and built to hone in on his cock."

"I think he saw it from 50' away."

One of the guys who took one of the seats that was bolted down spoke up "Rod, why don't you come over here and take care of my rod while I work my line. Did you hear that guys, Rod is going to work my rod while I take care of my rod?" Laughs all around.

Fascinated but feeling very awkward Rod got on his knees in front of the big man with a big cock. He just leaned back in his seat with his cigar and his scotch and alternated from looking at Rod and looking at his line out in the water. "Go ahead buddy, taste it, I'm sure you're going to like it." Rod tentatively took the head of the big guy's cock into his mouth.

One of the other guys spoke up and said "remember our deal men, whoever has the first strike gets to fuck Rod while the rest of us work to get the catch brought in." Rod worked the big guys cock until he had it all the way in his mouth.

"Shit this guy is a great cocksucker, look, I'm all the way in. Hardly anyone can take my cock all the way." The big guy leaned forward in his seat and grabbed the back of Rod's head and kept pushing his cock into Rod's throat. Rod was having some difficulty breathing but he didn't want the cock to leave his mouth. Rod looked toward the rear of the back deck and saw the kid in the thong with Kevin's cock down his throat.

The line of the guy in the other chair whizzed out toward the ocean. "Got something, so pass Rod over."

"Hold on, I'm almost there." The guy pushed his cock a few more times and then filled Rod's mouth and throat with a large amount of cream. "Now you can have him. Enjoy."

The rest of the guys gathered around the line and started letting it out and then pulling it in. The guy who had been in that chair pulled Rod up and leaned his over the back railing. It was almost like the scene from 'Titanic' when Leonardo DiCaprio is standing behind Kate Winslet against the railing except this time there was a hot large cock pressing against a warm hole. Rod braced himself for what was about to happen. He felt the head of the guy's cock press through his opening. The man let it sit there for a second until Rod got used to the feeling. Rod kept from screaming out when it happened but quickly he got used to having something so large inside his body. The man took a hold of the railing and pulled himself into Rod. Rod's head rolled back, the pleasure and pain was almost too much for him to handle. Rod had never felt full like this before. After a few minutes of the guy slowly moving his cock back and forth in his ass Rod started to love the feeling, it was like nothing else he had experienced before.

The other men were all working the line and they were close to bringing what looked like a swordfish on to the deck. The man started to pick up the pace in Rod's ass and then Rod had a new sensation, a warm liquid filling his ass from the back to the front. Rod moaned.

Just than the other line whizzed out. Time to move on to the next guy Rod thought.

Rod didn't make it to his lunch meeting. His assistant couldn't find him. He didn't make it back to the office that day at all.

Now, once a month Rod goes out to sea with the Big Cock Club and helps them land a lot of fish.

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