A key turned noisily in the lock, the door slowly opened, and Steve, my new roommate, came in as I looked up from my studies. I greeted him with a friendly smile and asked, "Getting any?"

He winced and answered feebly, "I'm not feelin' too good." He stood there near the closed door and looked sort of all slumped over as if the stuffing had been knocked out of him.

The college had a requirement that students in their junior year take a freshman student as a roommate. It was sort of their Big Brother program. I had been expecting the skinny, pimply, bookish kind of kid the school seemed to attract, but Steve, at 18, was a surprise. He was a very handsome young man. He had a naturally athletic build with a strong but slim physique. He was also a self-professed lady-killer with the assured, arrogant manner that seems to be standard issue for lady-killers. Youthful boasting about his conquests could have put a dampener on my easy-going manner, but I suspected it was a defensive cover for the insecurities we all feel in a new environment and his way of bringing sex into a conversation, so I had just smiled. He was one of those guys you meet who gives you the feeling a carefully planned seduction just might be successful.

"Thought you had big plans for this evening. Something go wrong?" I asked.

"She said 'No'," he mumbled, looking at the floor. "Again."

"Damn," I commiserated, "and you were looking forward to some hot action. Now, it looks like you're suffering from a man-sized case of blue balls."

He turned red and grinned, glancing up at me from under his bowed head, embarrassed. "I've heard of blue balls," he admitted, "but I thought it was only some kind of weird joke."

"Oh, it's no joke, believe me," I assured him with a serious tone. "If you get a case, it has to be dealt with quickly. It can lead to serious complications like blood vessel constriction, swelling of the vas deferens and seminal vesicles, reduction of vascular and tubular elasticity in the gonads, atrophy of the prostate gland, and, eventually, it can result in feeble, weak orgasms and a substantial curbing of frequency of desire. All of which leads to a diminished interest in sex and, perhaps, even impotency." I did not want to belie the seriousness of my demeanor, but it was difficult to keep a straight face as I arranged various anatomical terms to make the whole thing sound plausible. And maybe even a little frightening. Since this was not my first effort at this particular seduction ploy, I think it sounded pretty convincing.

"Holy Shit!" he sputtered in alarm, "I don't want all that to happen. How do you know for sure if you've got blue balls?" He had suddenly become very animated.

"Do they feel like you've been kneed in the groin?"

He thought for a moment (I could see him mentally feeling his balls) and said, "Yeah, they sure do."

"That's the first sign," I said carefully. "Does your groin feel sort of odd and, well, tender? Maybe even sore?

He thought about it. "Yes," he replied quietly, pressing a palm against his lower abdomen and sucking in his stomach, straightening up. "The whole area hurts."

"You've got a classic case of blue balls alright, there's no doubt. I recommend that you do something about it, right away." I smiled sympathetically.

"Geez," he asked nervously, "what should I do?"

"There are several age old cures, some more effective than others."

"Like what?"

"Well, the old wives' tale about taking cold showers just doesn't work, at all. Probably the most frequently tried cure is masturbation. Umm..." I hesitated, acting like I didn't want to pry, "...you do jack off from time to time, don't you, Steve?" Before he could reply, I added, "Everyone does."

He blushed and said, "Well, yeah, I admit I do."

"When was the last time?" I kept my voice calm.

"Before I came to school," he replied.

"You mean more than three days ago?" I asked, trying to sound incredulous, as if three days were an impossibly long time. My juices were starting to flow, though, as I began to sense this was heading in the right direction and could develop into a very interesting seduction if I made no false moves.

"More like, umm..." he paused (I could see him mentally adding up the days, counting back to the last time he had jacked off), "...Yeah, really more like five days. I was busy getting ready to leave for school. You know how it is, right?"

"Of course. But, God, five days! That's a hell of a long time. No wonder you've got blue balls. No wonder you were looking forward to tonight's date."

He grimaced, remembering his defeat. "To tell you the truth, Jack, I haven't had the success with girls I've led you to believe. I've been dating the same girl since tenth grade and she's never let me touch her. She started at the women's college in town this week, 'Just to be near me', she says."

"Hey, I understand. Women! They can be ball busters. But, taking one problem at a time, Steve, tell me, how often do you jack off, normally? Every day?"

He blushed, again, and then looked me in the eye. He sort of drew himself together. Oh Oh, I thought, he's going to start boasting.

I guess he read my mind for he suddenly looked down at the floor and admitted, "I used to do it every day at home, Jack." He smiled apologetically. It was a little boy's smile that was endearing. He looked so innocent and appealing, I wanted to jump on him and tear his clothes off, but I kept my cool and stuck to my general plan.

"Just once a day?" I asked softly.

"Well, if you want the truth," he said in frustration, "it's more like two, three, sometimes even four or five times a day." His facial expression made me feel certain this wasn't just boastfulness. The guy was a normal teenage sex machine. "Sometimes I get so horny I can't stand it," he added. "Know what I mean?"

"I sure as hell do. It's the same with me, believe me," I reassured him. "But why haven't you done it here at school?"

"I don't know, man. You're always here in the room when I'm here. Last night I could hardly sleep, I was so horny. I like to do it in the shower, but these showers are so open. I hate those carousel things..."

"Me, too," I interrupted. Each shower room had three center-posts with six showerheads and students were expected to shower in groups around them. But it was often an exciting way to bathe.

"...and there're no doors on the toilet booths," Steve continued. "Shit, there's no privacy! What do you do? How do you avoid blue balls?" He was getting more and more vocal and excited.

"Well, as I said, jacking off is the most frequently tried cure for blue balls. Unfortunately, and I hate to have to tell you this, it's hardly effective once the stage you're in is reached."

"Oh my God!" he responded, eyebrows raised, a look of surprise on his face.

"But, fortunately, there are at least two other popular methods which are extremely effective." I smiled, knowingly, nodding my head.

"What are they?"

"For the first, the easiest way, I guess, is you'd probably have to check out some of the men's rooms in the college library."

"What for?" he questioned, looking surprised.

"A glory hole," I answered casually.

"Uhh... What's that?"From his hesitation and tone of voice, I knew he knew without asking.

"You put your cock through it and get sucked off. Feels great! Really relieves the pressure."

"Hey, I ain't no fag, man," he muttered, not looking at me.

"Do you think I am?" I challenged.

"No, of course not," he replied quickly, backing down, turning red again, glancing shyly at me.

"I don't like blue balls. I used to get 'em all the time. Took me quite a while to figure out how to avoid 'em, and I didn't have anyone willing to show me. Like you do."

"So what do you do?" he asked quietly, stealing a glance at me. By now, my cock was filling out and stretching the crotch of my gym shorts, the only garment I was wearing. His eyes focused on my lap. He didn't look away immediately.

"Getting your knob licked, relieving the pressure, doesn't make you a fag," I volunteered quietly, trying to make my expression read like the whole thing was no big deal.

"You mean you've put your... uh... thing... in a glory hole?" he asked hesitantly, again looking at my crotch. Then he looked up at my face. I smiled. He smiled back. I kept getting all the right signals from him.


"Gee," he responded, thinking about it, "I've heard about blow-jobs..." His voice trailed off as he thought about it. The bulge in his jeans seemed to have become fuller, but it was difficult to judge his reactions.

I took a deep breath. "Sometimes I'm even on the other side," I added, boldly, taking a big risk.

He thought about it for a moment. A look of interest, then amazement, crossed his face. "You mean you..." he hesitated, "...You suck..." He stopped. His mouth fell open.

"We guys gotta help each other out. Blue balls can be harmful." My voice was full of concern.

"But you said you..."

"I've always been willing to help out a buddy. It's only fair. God knows how many times I, myself, have been helped out in the past." I tried to make it sound very reasonable, very normal. I wondered how he'd react. "I'm willing to help out anyone who really needs it," I added casually.

"Geez," he said, wide-eyed, "even me?"

That was certainly not a negative reaction. I was delighted and wanted to shout with joy. But I stuck to my plan. "Especially you," I confirmed quickly, with a serious expression on my face. "You're my roommate. You really need help. That, I can see, just by looking at you." My cock was beginning to swell uncontrollably. Once again, this crazy line was working.

"What do we do?" he asked in an innocent way.

I felt so triumphant I thought for a moment I'd shoot off in my shorts. "Well, let's start by getting you out of those tight fitting clothes. That's another health issue. Constrictive clothing heats up the balls causing harm to the perpetual production of healthy sperm." I thought I sounded very instructive.

"You're kidding," he said, but he pulled off his shirt and began unbuttoning his jeans.

"It's the truth. That's why I wear these baggy shorts whenever I can. I was told to do so by the campus doctor. He said balls were not meant to be confined. He should know. He's seen enough of 'em." I tried to keep a straight face. I knew from intimate personal experience that the good doctor was one of the most active and skilled cocksuckers on campus.

Steve was looking at my shorts, again, noticing the movement within. "God, I'm glad we're talking about this. I'm getting right out of these jeans." While he was talking he pushed down the tight pants till they were round his ankles. He straightened up and revealed that he was wearing a bright, white jockstrap. The pouch looked amazingly full and heavy. It was one of the most erotically stimulating and exciting sights I have ever seen: a fully packed, king-sized, fire-cracker-hot pouch of young stud just bursting at the seams, stretched so taut I could see the flesh tones and hair shades glowing beneath. It was one of those infrequent sights you get in your life that you never forget.

"Why the jock?" I asked.

"It helps to keep my... uh..." he hesitated.

"Your cock?" I asked, helpfully.

"Yeah, thanks, my cock." He looked relieved, like I had given him permission to talk dirty. "It helps to keep my cock in place. I get so horny all the time."

"Hmmm. Looks like you do," I ventured, "but, you know, that jock is even worse than the tight jeans."

"Holy Shit!" he said in surprise, "It is?"

"Damn straight. It holds the balls right up against the body and keeps 'em much too warm. That's why a man has a scrotum. It allows the balls to drop away from the body and stay cool."

He stared at me in surprise and then looked down at himself. "Shit, what'll I do?"

"Take it off," I advised, simply.

He was looking down at the full pouch but glanced back at me quickly. "Well..." He paused. He was shy.

"Will it make you more comfortable if I take these shorts off, too? With you? So we're both... umm... nude?"I tried to choose the right words. I wanted him to relax.

"Yeah, it might. I'd feel less self-conscious, I guess," he replied.

"Com' on," I whispered excitedly, "Let's slip 'em off." I stood up and pushed down my shorts till the elastic waistband was pressed against the base of my cock and watched him.

As he saw my dark cockhair come into view, he boldly pushed down the jock with both hands. He made a smooth motion, bending over as he pushed, till the jock was at his knees. As he straightened up, I pushed my shorts down to mid-thigh. I made a noble attempt to keep from physically reacting to the fantastic partial-erection he exposed. It took all of my concentration.The cock was long, fat, moist, with skin pulled back behind the corona revealing an extra-large glans. It pointed more outward than downward. His balls were drawn up tight against the base of the fat cock and they looked much too big for the lithe body. The sight of him was stunning.

I stepped out of my gym shorts and put my hands on my hips. I was naked. His eyes narrowed to thin slits as he looked at my long cock. It was larger than his and at a similar stage of arousal, skin pulled back behind the head. But mine pointed more downward than outward. I tried to concentrate on keeping it from springing to full erection as I looked at his exciting body.

Steve quickly finished undressing, never taking his eyes off me in the process. It was a very erotic feeling to have him study my body like that, especially since his cock was very obviously expanding as he watched me. "Gee," he sighed, as his erection continued to grow, "you look like you're in the same boat I am."

"Naw, not quite, to be honest," I disagreed. "You've got a bad case of blue balls and you need proper relief. I only want relief so that I don't get blue balls. There's a big difference. You'll feel much better in a little while."

"What about you? Won't you feel better, too?" His erection continued its steady climb. He seemed to be entranced with my body. It was an extremely enjoyable and arousing thing to witness. He obviously liked what he saw. I began to wonder who was seducing whom.

"I'm certain I will," I answered, softly, "and I'll avoid blue balls."

"What should I do?" he asked. We were standing about ten feet apart, looking at one another.

"Why don't you come here and let me take away some of the strain on your balls." There. It was clear. If he moved towards me, it would be his free choice. He would want to go on.

He paused, looked at the floor, my face, my cock, then his cock, and suddenly moved forward till the heads of our cocks almost touched. His nude movements were like a sexy dance. He was offering himself to me.

"You've got a wonderful body," I said gently, sliding my hand onto his hip. "It's so strong and muscular, smooth and flawless." I spoke to divert his attention as my hand slid up his body to his chest.

"You, too," he whispered shyly, his voice quivering. My cock lurched upward at his simple words and poked into his cock. His felt very hot. With that touch, his cock completed a surge to full erection and pulsated between us. We both watched the final growth silently. Then we both noticed that my cock was following his lead with even greater speed. I got one of the most excruciatingly rigid, delightfully engorged, splendidly gleaming erections of my life. His eyes grew larger and larger as my erection stiffened to its full glory.

I pinched a dark, hard, nipple on his smooth chest to distract him. I didn't want my large cock to look too threatening to him. He sighed with pleasure. "Maybe the first thing we should do," I offered, "is to cool down your balls. Here..."

I squatted downward slowly, letting my hand trail down his body. I took a close look at the big cock. It was well-formed, straight and meaty, proudly upright. The long head was almost twice the diameter of the shaft, deeply flanged and looking very inviting, very suckable. I pursed my lips and blew a stream of cooling air onto his balls. The skin of the scrotum squiggled in response, becoming even more tight and crinkled. I heard a soft sigh from above. I opened my mouth, flattened out my tongue, and let him see that I was about to lick his balls. I heard him audibly draw in his breath in anxious anticipation.

I inhaled as I moved my head into his crotch. The odors were marvelous: boyishly clean but not soapy; heavy, rich and fragrant, making me light-headed. They were the smells of a randy young man whose healthy, heavy flow of lubricating fluids throughout the day had perfumed his crotch to that perfection of masculine aroma so anxiously sought after by any cocksucker worth his calling. The musk of man! My salivary glands went wild. I touched those great balls with my tongue, my nose pressed into wiry cockhair, and I closed my eyes in pleasure. He was everything I had hoped for: tasty, clean, hung, willing to fuck around. I lapped and sucked, laved and loved those big orbs in that great sac. He thrust his hips at me and let out a long, heartfelt sigh of pleasure.

His cock pulsed rigidly right next to my nose. For a moment, I thought he had been brought to orgasm. I backed away, blowing cooling air on the now wet balls, and looked at his solid perfect penis. Lines of pre-cum trailed off of the cockhead. One line was starting to dribble from a well-sculpted flange, stringing downward slowly. My tongue darted out and caught it in mid-air. He gasped in surprise as he eagerly watched from above. With the string connecting us, I brought my tongue to the glans and lapped at it with that light scratchiness only a tongue can deliver to a sensitive, enflamed cockhead. It swelled to even greater diameter and oozed more lubricant from the wide, long, meaty slit at the top. His tastes, odors, sights and reactions almost brought me to the pinnacle of lust. I had to concentrate on not blowing my wad.

But I had to have that cock in my mouth. With no further hesitation, I raised myself upwards, poised my head over the cock, my hair gently brushing his firm stomach, and I kissed the slit, sucking out the fluid gathered there. He put a hand firmly on my head and groaned in appreciation. I sucked the entire, plum-shaped knob into my mouth and spun my tongue around and around and around the wonderful organ. Then, I forced my head downward, driving the stiff weapon deeper and deeper into my mouth. Quickly bobbing on the stiff weapon, I sucked more and more of it inward, then past the entrance to my throat, and down, down, deep into my body, cutting off my breathing and filling myself with his magnificent cock. My lips encircled the very root of that fat penis as wiry cockhair tickled them.

"Oh! God!" he called out. He humped his hips back momentarily and then fucked his cock into me. Natural, rhythmic movements took over for the both of us. We moved in unison towards the mutual reward of his orgasm. How long it took, I can't say. It wasn't immediate and therefore disappointing in its speed, but it really seemed to take no effort whatsoever. His cock and my mouth seemed made for each other. With a whimper, he started humping little jabs into me. With each jab, I felt the base of his cock expand at my lips and a split-second later felt the jet of a hot stream of cum in my throat. After two deep spurts, I raised my head and captured the cockhead on my tongue, tasting the hot, viscous, delicious liquid as it erupted, filling my mouth till I had to swallow, and then filling it again and again and again.

The taste of his sperm seemed to me like no other. It was mild, yet very flavorful. I could smell it as pressures of the heavy cum-flow forced the smell of semen into my nose. It was the smell of a lifetime. His essence. Wonderful. I can still close my eyes and remember its rich odor as I remember that fantastic moment he pumped it into me for the first time.

Too quickly, though, it was over. Reality was returning. He was standing there, naked, with a deflating dick in his naked roommate's mouth. This was a tricky point in our brief relationship. I knew I had to be very, very careful in what I did and said.

I let the cock slip from my lips. I hunched back in a full squat, my forearms crossed in front of my crotch, my erection hidden from clear view, and I smiled up at him. "What a MAN!" I whispered, emphasizing the word heavily, looking him in the eye.

It was the right thing to say. He was flattered. He pulled himself up and looked proud, naked chest sticking out, full cock dangling but no longer deflating. "That was great! But, did you like that, Jack?" he asked in awe.

"Why not?"

"It felt so good to me. But I thought you were only doing it to help me out, so how much could you enjoy it, right?" His look was very innocent.

"Since it was clear that you were enjoying it, it gave me extreme pleasure,"I admitted.

"Geez, really?"

"Extreme pleasure," I reconfirmed with a warm smile, still squatting, looking up at him as he stood proudly before me. "You have a magnificent body. It would have been a shame to let blue balls bring you down. But, of course, I don't know, we may not have..." I paused, looking concerned.

"What is it? What's wrong?" he asked in sudden alarm.

"Well..." I said, hesitantly, "...one quick, brief, orgasm isn't really of much lasting value."

"It isn't?!" he asked, sounding impressed and surprised.

"Naw, it's hardly more than blowing off one small relief valve on a giant supertanker. Know what I mean?" I frowned and waited for a response.

He thought about it for a moment. His cock started to go back on the rise. He knew what I meant, alright. He blushed as he saw me watching it grow anew. "Holy Shit!" he said, softly. "When I told you I jacked off more than once a day, you realized my body may require a great deal more relief than just a... a 'quickie'. That's it, isn't it?" The kid was clever. Whether or not he was right, he had furnished us both with a great excuse to continue our adventures.

"It's that and even more," I suggested.

"Even more? Like what?" He was intrigued.

"Having a quick orgasm, like that, is an effective, if very temporary, means of relief. I told you there were at least two methods of bringing relief. The second is an even more spectacular way to bring about deep, body massaging, internal relief, which may come as a real surprise to you, but which the Greeks and Romans knew about centuries ago, and which men of real intellect and masculinity have been practicing ever since."

"Oh?" His cock kept rising.

"Better than that," I said with a smile, still looking up at him, "it gives relief to both partners, simultaneously."

"That sounds... fair," he said with some hesitation. "I wondered if you shouldn't get relief, too. What is it?"

"As the prostate gland stores up semen, pressures build. This contributes immeasurably to the general discomfort of blue balls. To massage the prostate directly and to stimulate it to evacuate semen most completely, an internal probe is the best answer. This is the most amazingly stimulative method of bringing lasting relief to blue balls that has ever been discovered. Since it is a man to man, manly kind of cooperative effort, it is rarely talked about."

"An internal probe..." he repeated quietly, thinking about it with a frown. His cock reached full erection while he thought. He had a good mind. The light dawned. "Do you mean..." He stopped. His mouth dropped open and his eyes grew big. Surprise didn't affect his throbbing cock, which he was proudly displaying right in front of my eyes, now.

"As I said, it's rarely talked about."

"Is it done with..." he paused, not daring to say it, "...with a finger?" He temporized.

"It can be with a finger."

"Oh," he said, sounding disappointed.

"Unfortunately, the probe of a finger is very limited. Length, girth are the problems. Often the prostate isn't reached or is simply inadequately massaged. A full, deep massage is the true secret to overwhelming stimulation and complete satisfaction. To be very honest with you, it is a level of satisfaction that is so complete it is seldom, if ever, reached with your typical boy-girl conjuncture. So satisfying, in fact, that even the satisfaction is rarely mentioned."

"The probe is... a..." he was still hesitant to say it, "...a penis?"

I nodded quietly, letting him take it all in. He didn't react strongly, one way or the other, so I went on. "A penis has all the right dimensions, curves, ridges, and subtleness to position itself against the prostate gland and then to develop the rhythmic, rubbing, jarring, pounding massage that produces the correct effect: the best orgasm a man can ever have."

"Have you had this type of massage, yourself?" he asked, quizzically.

"Not often enough," I answered openly, "but enough to know that it is indeed a proven, effective relief for your blue balls, and we'll both be glad we experienced it. It needn't be just clinical, either. We can both have fun doing it."

"Hmmm!" He was very interested. But he wanted to explore the idea verbally some more. "Couldn't I give you the probe, first? You know, just to see how it works and feels. Just to be sure this can be done."

"Yes, of course you can..." I agreed quickly. His cock really throbbed at my reply. "...but, I've got to be honest with you. A part of the effective placement of the penis is its freshness. You've had an orgasm already, just moments ago. I haven't. If you give me a probe, it will evacuate my prostate. No doubt. But it will also diminish the freshness and vitality of my penis and then I won't be able to give you as satisfactory an initial probe as you really should have. Since this will be your first time..." I paused and asked, "...it will be, won't it?"

"Oh, yes," he responded quickly, "yes, of course."

"...then this first time must be with the freshest possible penis for unbelievable satisfaction and relief. After that, you can try it on me, if you like, just to get the hang of it. Then, tomorrow morning, when we get up and we are both fresh, you can give me another probe. Eventually, with experience, you might discover if you have a preference for being probed or doing the probing, both of which, as I said, bring the relief we both seek. What do you say?"

"Great! Fantastic! Let's do it." All barriers fell. His eyes shone with a new excitement.

"And I'll go first, right?" I questioned. I wanted to be sure.

"Right," he agreed with enthusiasm. "Where should we do it? On a bed?"

"Let's open this closet door, here..." I said, rising for the first time since the conversation began and opening the door to reveal a wide, full length mirror, hoping that the unavoidable display my big, stiff boner would not make him nervous. "...then we can watch ourselves to be sure we are doing it correctly. What do you think? Standing right here." I tried to keep my hands moving to distract his attention, but the kid was too fast for that. His eyes bore into my erection like a laser beam. He was fascinated. I was ready to explode with lust. This seduction was proceeding at a pace beyond my fondest hopes. I was about to mount one of the sexiest men in the school and he was damn near begging for it.

"What should I do?" he asked me.

"I'll tell you what," I instructed, "there are several proven methods of insertion of a probe that produce the least amount of discomfort when initiating an inexperienced partner - that's you - and the one I've found most pleasurable is the application of saliva to the anus for lubrication; a temporary and gently explorative probe by the stiffened tongue to prepare for the real probe; a partial probe of the finger to expand the sphincter and relax the rectum; and then the slow, mutually cooperative insertion of the well lubricated penis. Do you follow me?"

"Gosh, you're gonna lick my asshole?" he asked bluntly but in awe, cutting directly to the core of my message. At the same time, though, he slowly turned his ass to me while looking at it in the mirror. An expression of amazement filled his face.

I squatted beside the mirror and put both hands on his hips, twisting the up-turned, well-muscled, smooth buttocks towards me. We kept watching one another through the mirror as my face pressed between those two wonderful firm cheeks and my tongue darted out and lapped at his puckered hole. At the contact, his eyes closed in pleasure as mine closed in ecstasy. The taste, texture, and temperature of his ass were incomparable. I felt my erection throb so strongly that, again, I thought I might drop my load too soon. So I concentrated on prying apart the meaty cheeks to reach my goal as completely as possible and I lapped, licked, and laved the entire area.

He began pushing that tight butt back at me. My tongue met his thrusts with its own as it poked into the clamped hole. Slowly, tentatively, he began to relax control and allow the tongue more access to his interior. Soon, my tongue was thrusting in an out without hindrance. He was enjoying this and he opened up to me. I so enjoyed what I was doing, it was with some reluctance that I moved along to another level. I slid my index finger to my mouth, moistened it and slipped it slowly, carefully, into the relaxed rectum, twisting the finger gently as an aid to insertion. He drew in a sharp breath and for a moment I thought he'd reject the digit and clamp down on it, but I needn't have worried. The finger went in nicely. I felt how hot he was.

As my finger began a slow withdrawal and insertion motion, further stimulating and relaxing his sphincter, he groaned and sighed, almost to himself, "Damn, that feels good."

I quickly moistened my middle finger and inserted it in place of the index finger. Again, momentarily, I thought he'd reject it, but then he just sighed in even greater pleasure. My movements became more forceful and elaborate but he kept right up with me and soon was rotating on my finger as it fucked into him. He was ready.

I had a strategically placed tube of lubricant and used just a bit on my moist cockhead to aid penetration. In my experience, too much lubricant, used too liberally, can reduce overall pleasure. I slid one hand to his taut belly and slid my excitedly stiff cock up against his hole, drawing out my finger slowly. I caught him looking at me apprehensively through the mirror and I smiled warmly at him.

"You're tight, man, but you're ready. It's now or never."

"Then do it, now!" he ordered, pressing his ass down on my cockhead.

"Relax," I instructed. "You'll see that we'll just melt together. Don't try to force it or you'll tighten up. Relax." I smiled and rubbed his belly, pulling him against me. He relaxed. Slowly, methodically, our two bodies joined in a mutual effort. Penetration was successful. His hot ass accepted my big cockhead by slowly slipping down over it. As the rolling flanges slid in, the last hurdle was leapt, and then the sphincter clamped down on the shaft behind the cockhead.

"Oh, you're so big!" Sweat was gleaming on his forehead, but he was not rejecting the intrusion.

"God, this feels so good. You're so tight and so hot." All of my concentration was on trying to control myself. Instinct pressured me to go crazy and fuck the shit out of him, but intellect kept me calm and controlled. He had to be the one to go crazy and I was certain that he wouldn't disappoint me.

I kept rigid, but he slowly worked on drawing in more of the cock. Then he experimented by pulling off of the cock. Soon, he was drawing in more than half of the shaft, withdrawing to the cockhead, and drawing in again.

"Look!" I whispered, excitedly, repositioning him slightly so that we could both see the connection in the mirror. It was amazing. He lifted his left leg to get a better view and we both saw how wide-stretched his ass was with my big rod poking in a good two-thirds of the way. The sight of it seemed to enflame him. As he watched himself, he firmly pushed back and saw the entire cock slowly disappear into his bottom until all we saw were two pair of balls nuzzling one another.

He leaned back against my chest, the side of his head against my cheek, and sighed, "Fantastic! It's in all the way. When I first got a glimpse of your big cock, man, I didn't believe I could take it." Fleetingly, I wondered if this really was his first time, but too much was happening to dwell on it.

My hands roved his body, rubbing his pecs, pinching his nipples, massaging his muscles. As they moved, the backs of my hands and arms felt his stiffly rigid cock, but I didn't play with it for fear I'd quickly stimulate another load to be pumped out and cause him to lose interest. Holding him, feeling his hot channel surrounding my throbbing cock, watching ourselves in the mirror as he slowly drew me in to the hilt and controlled his movements on my cock, all had me so excited that my concentration was focused on prolonging this fantastic fuck for as long as I could.

Suddenly, to my shocked surprise, the door burst open. Steve had obviously not taken the precaution of locking it. He noisily sucked in his breath in alarm. A dark-haired, almost naked, young man entered the room with a flourish. It was Tony, a senior and a good friend of mine. His hair glistened with beads of water and he held closed a small, wet towel round his waist, as if he were just on his way back from the showers. The towel flared in front with an interesting bulge.

Tony's eyes popped open wide as he took one look at the two of us in front of the mirror, naked, obviously connected, Steve's big hard-on throbbing before us. But Tony had the presence of mind to slam the door shut and lock it. His first words made me laugh. "Another 'Blue Balls Cure', Jack?" His tone of voice carried a knowing sarcasm. Then he laughed.

Steve had been holding his breath in fear. I continued to hold his body against mine and whispered in his ear, "He's Okay. He's an old buddy. He knows the score. Don't worry."

Steve relaxed somewhat and started breathing again. His erection never faltered. The internal pressures being exerted by my cock were keeping him far too excited to lose interest.

"This is Tony," I told Steve. "Tony, this is my new roommate, Steve."

"I didn't realize that you had a roommate this year, Jack. Oh, yeah," he said as he thought about it, "that's right, you're a Junior, now." He looked Steve up and down, eyes lingering on the handsome, throbbing erection. "Nice roommate!"

Interrupting, giving no attention to the obvious complement Tony's leering eyes were paying him, Steve immediately asked him, "What did you mean, 'Another blue balls cure'?"

Tony looked up into his eyes and announced, "Jack's an expert. He's cured practically everyone on our baseball team, even the coach."

"Really?" Steve asked in amazement.

"Oh, sure. That's why I came over tonight. I was hoping he would be able to help me out. Again. Look..." he said, pulling open his towel, "...don't these balls look like blue balls to you?" He displayed a handsome set of large balls highlighting a very big and rapidly expanding cock.

"Geez!" Steve responded in awe as he watched the cock rise, "maybe I can be of some help while Jack is busy."

Tony and I grinned at each other.

"Maybe you can, Steve, maybe you can," Tony said absently, correctly reading my expression and looking more carefully at the two of us. He realized how near to orgasm we both were. "I think it might be better, right now, though, for me to help you two out." With that he squatted down in front of Steve, dropping the towel and grabbing his own cock, and, as he began a slow, erotic masturbation which we watched in the mirror, he licked at Steve's heavily swollen cock until, finally, he sucked the plump cockhead into his mouth with such vigor that Steve shuddered with pleasure.

Under my eager tutelage, Tony had become a first rate cocksucker. Looking down Steve's torso, now, to watch him work on Steve's cock, watching his deep-throating efforts as the big cock slid smoothly between his thick lips, was an intensely erotic moment for me. Steve was obviously also enjoying it, for, all too quickly, his head was rolling back on my shoulder, his body was becoming stiff and his whole being clamped down on the full length of my cock. He was going to come. My own orgasm was being wrenched out of me by the demands of his hot body. With a low groan, he began to shoot blast after blast of cum into Tony's suctioning mouth. Instantly, I began to come. The two of us were shooting with such force and abandon, humping and thrusting, fucking and jabbing, that I felt like it would never end. It was certainly one of the most memorably enjoyable experiences of my lifetime. And I was completely certain that Steve was feeling the same way.

Finally, Tony stopped sucking, slid the cum-slick organ out of his mouth and looked up at the two of us. "You boys havin' a good time?" he asked with a sexy smirk, as a bit of sperm seeped from a corner of his mouth.

"Oh, man!" Steve sighed with feeling, looking down at him. "You're good! But I have to tell you that having a cock up my ass as I came, really made me lose control. I came more explosively, with more abandon, and with what felt like more volume, than I've ever come before. This is incredible!"

"You liked it then," Tony asked, still grinning.

I chuckled quietly. My cock was still stiff in Steve's ass.

"Oh, yes!" Steve said with sincere conviction.

"You'd recommend this Blue Balls Cure to your friends, I take it."

"And how!"

"Good," he said, rising up to stand in front of us, still stroking that big cock of his. "Then how about taking your first oral exam?" He waggled his cock enticingly.

Steve was the quick study I had thought he would be. As he bent over to suck what I presumed was his first cock, I grabbed his hips and felt happily reinvigorated. Tony and I faced one another from opposite ends of Steve's sexy body and smirked.

"Look's like it's going to be another great school year!" I said excitedly.

Looking down at the head bobbing in his crotch, Tony grunted his agreement: "Fuckin' A!"


Jack Sofelot


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