I stood in the bathroom looking into the mirror. For someone who's 30th birthday was quickly approaching, I looked pretty good. Short black hair, brown eyes and a lean, muscular build. My girl Stacy walked into the bathroom and put her arms around my waist. "Hey there tiger!" I smiled. She was a few feet shorter than my 6ft with short curly blond hair, green eyes, big boobs and an hour glass figure.We've been together since college and she still makes my heart race whenever she's neat me. We know everything about eachother. I know she hates cantalope and she knows things about me. Just recently I got up the courage to tell her something about myself I had tried to keep hidden. I liked men. I was turned on by cock. I still liked sex with women and found them incredibly sexy but there was just something about a hot, buff stud that made me want to rip his clothes off and fuck the shit out of him.

When I told Stacy I thought she would hate me forever and break up with me then and there but she understood. She smiled, hugged me and said, "If that's something that turns you on, who am I to say it's wrong." We had discussed bringing one of her many gay friends into bed with us but I didn't think I could "perform" with her watching. We went downstairs and made breakfast. "I got you something for you're birthday." I smiled. "Oh yeah? What?" She smirked. "You'll just have to wait and see." I nodded. She told me we'd be going out to dinner with Mark, one of her co-workers and friends. I didn't have to worry about him stealing Stacy from me cause we both knew he was gay.

Mark was tall with short dark blond hair, sparkeling blue eyes, tanned skin and a lean, hard, muscular build. Needless to say, I was attracted to him. I often jerked off when Stacy wasn't home thinking of his hot, naked body pressed against mine. His ass was a wonder to behold. High and firm. I longed to run my tongue down the crack and bury my face in the mounds of his ass. Add to that a killer smile and you have one sexy hunk of man meat. I hadn't seen what his cock looked like but judging by the way he walked, he must have a baseball bat stuffed in his shorts.

The day of my birthday Stacy couldn't stop smiling. "What's so amusing?" I asked. She laughed. "I just can't wait to see the look on you're face when you see you're present." We went for breakfast and went shopping. She bought me a watch and a new suit. At around 9 she pulled out a scarf and blindfolded me. "Don't worry, it's all part of your gift." We were in the car by the way. We drove for awhile and then stopped. "I'll be right back, don't peek!" I couldn't figure out what the hell was happening. She returned a few minutes later and opened the passenger side door. "Out of the car birthday boy!" I climbed out and she took me by the hand. We walked a ways and then stopped. I heard something that sounded like a key turning in a door and she lead me inside.

"Ok, you can take off the blind fold now." When I did, I saw we were standing in a motel room. "What is all this?" I asked looking at her smiling face. She shrugged. "It's part of your gift." She brought me to the bed and told me to sit. She looked at her watch. "Your present should be arriving in a few minutes." Before long we heard a knock at the door. When Stacy opened it I saw that Mark was standing on the other side. "Mark! What are you doing here?" I asked in genuine suprise. Stacy was grinning from ear to ear. "Meet your birthday present." I looked from Stacy to Mark who looked at me with an adorable smirk on his face.

Stacy grabbed her purse. "Where are you going?" I asked. She smiled. "I am going back home. Have fun you two!" Before I could utter another word she closed the door behind her. Mark stood there shifting from one foot to another. He looked like a nervous school boy. "Stacy tells me it's your birthday today." I nodded. "Yep." He looked into my eyes. "Happy Birthday." I smiled. "Thanks." He removed his coat. He wore a grey t-shirt and a pair of form fitting jeans. "So, how do you wanna do this?" I smiled. "Could you strip for me?" Mark laughed. "Whatever gets you hard baby!" I watched as he began dancing around the room.

He unbuttoned his shirt revealing a smooth, chisled chest with two perfect nipples and a flat ripped stomach. He stood infront of me. "You do the rest." I smiled up at him while I unbuckled his jeans. The zipper went down with a loud "zzzzzip!" I saw he was wearing a pair of dark blue briefs. I pulled his pants down and he held onto my shoulders as I pulled them off. My pulse was racing. I couldn't believe it! The man I had lusted after for so long was now standing infront of me almost naked.

I reached up and massaged his basket. From the feel of his package, I could tell he was big. I nudged his basket with my nose and took in the clean, slightly musky scent. Smiling down at me he hooked his fingers into the elastic waistband of his briefs and slowly pulled them down. I saw his boney hips and his groin leading down to a soft mound of curly black pubes.

"Don't make me do all the work here!" he exclaimed. I pulled his briefs the rest of the way down and gasped when I saw the size of Marks cock. It was huge!! It was the length and size of a freaking kilbasa!! I started salavating looking at that goreouse peace of manmeat. "Well you gonna just stare at it?" I smiled up at him. "You know, you can be very demanding." He laughed. "I know." I took his shaft in my hand. I loved feeling the warm fleshyness of it and the heft. I licked the bulbus, mushroom like head and heard him gasp.

His balls were the size of lemons and hung heavily in his sac. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft and felt him shudder. He tasted awsome!! Clean and a little salty. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I engulfed his cock with my molten hot lips. "HOLY FUCK!!" he exclaimed. I giggled. "Sorry." He laughed. "No, no. Keep doing that I've just never had a guy take the whole thing before!" I began moving my head back and forth, his huge fuckstick becomming slick with my spit. Occasionally I would pause for a breath and to lick and suck on his big cajones.

Soon I had him panting and moaning softly. He was saying things like "Oh yeah! Suck my cock!" and "God! You got some great lips!" After a few minutes of sucking I stopped. "How about we 69?" He smiled and nodded. I was out of my clothes faster than you could say "supercalafragilistic!" We kissed passionately. God he was turning me on so much! If I didn't love Stacy so much, I'd be with Mark. We climbed up onto the bed and lay on our sides, me facing Mark's cock and him facing mine. I groaned when I felt his lips on my cock. "Fuck yeah!" I moaned before sucking his cock like a man thirsting for water.

Soon we were both panting and moaning. "I'm gonna cum!" Mark moaned. I wasn't too far away from cumming myself. I knew I should stop but I wanted to taste his hot, spunk so badly!! I sucked his cock for all it was worth. Suddenly I felt it begin twitching in my mouth. "I'M CUUUMMMIINGG!!" he screamed as he exploaded. His hot, salty manjuice flowed over my tastebuds and down my throat. A few minutes later I felt my own cock go off. "UURRHHHH!!!" U grunted.

We lay there catching our breaths. "Holy shit!" Mark exclaimed. "I know right?" He propped himself up on one elbow. "Can I fuck you?" I smiled. "I don't know, I've never had a cock shoved up there before. I want to though." He shrugged. "It's cool. I'll wait until your ready." I had a feeling wed be doing this alot more often. I also knew I was at least partly in love with Mark. Oh boy! What a Birthday!

To Be Continued.........

I hope u guys like my new story. Any feedback can be sent to my e-mail chascc1982 @aol.com or if you'd like to get to know me better I'm single and looking for a hot young stud to take me on!



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