One of my first jobs was as a bag boy at a local grocery store. I met a lot of interesting people when I helped them get their groceries into their cars. A guy younger than I used to come to the store often to do his mother's shopping. His name was Michael and he was cute. Michael came in so often that we became friends. We used to go out back on my breaks and shoot the breeze. One day, as I was walking back to the storeroom, he came in for a loaf of bread and acted happier than usual. He was wearing bicycle shorts that showed of his assets. When I asked why he was so happy, he said that it was his 18th birthday. I invited him into the back room with me. When we got inside, I grabbed his arm and said that I wanted to give his ass some smacks to prepare him for another year of growing up. Michael tried to dodge away, but I kept a firm grip on his arm and pulled him close. At the same time, I grabbed his shorts and in the struggle, they ripped. I hadn't meant to do that and I was really sorry about it. I told Michael to take them off and let me try to mend them. We went over to a corner of the back room, behind some boxes, and he pulled off his shorts. I tried to fix them, fiddling around for a couple of minutes before looking up at Michael to tell him it was no use. He was standing there watching me, wearing nothing but his briefs and it was obvious from the way they tented out that he had a hard-on. The size of it was something else, especially on such a little guy! His briefs bulged out like there was a softball inside them. I said that it looked as though he was having a problem to which he replied, 'Yeah, I guess I am.' By that time, I also had a hard-on, though I didn't tell him. Sex hadn't been on my mind when I'd suggested he take off his shorts. I'd never done anything in my life with another guy, but seeing that big bulge in Michael's shorts really turned me on. I guess I knew at once what I wanted to do, though I didn't know exactly how to go about it. I asked Michael if he had that problem often and he said yes. I asked what he usually did about it. He said that if he was alone, he'd probably play with it and jerk off. I said that he could play with it now; that I wouldn't mind and I'd get a charge out of watching him stroke his cock. He said that he would only jerk off if I would, too. He reached out and grabbed the front of my jeans and said that it looked as though I had the same problem that he did. He started to unbutton my jeans, but I told him, 'You first.' He stepped back without argument and dropped his jockeys to the floor. His fat circumcised dick popped into view, complemented by a sac of nuts which were indeed as big as a softball. I couldn't take my eyes off it and my mouth dropped open. His cock was just the way I liked it; not too big and not too small. I wanted to reach out and touch it but was afraid. Michael wasn't; he put his hands back on my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear. He grabbed my dick in his hands and squeezed and pumped cock. I would have been happy if that was all he did, but he dropped to his knees and took my cock into his warm mouth. I was going crazy. Then suddenly, he backed off and stood up and told me that it was my turn. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. When I was on my knees, his dick was only about an inch from my face. I took the opportunity to inspect it. I cupped his ball sac in one hand and opened my mouth to take in his cock. First, I stuck out my tongue to lick off the drop of precum that oozed from his slit. I took as much of his dick into my mouth that I could. I started to bob my head and suck as hard as I could. 'Better stop that, or I'll shot,' he cautioned. He backed away from me and lifted me up to my feet. 'Someone might walk in and catch us, so let's just jack off and then get together tonight for some real fun.' We leaned against the wall and jerked each other's cock until we shot off. After we were done, he pulled up his shorts and I put on my apron around him to hide his tear and we walked back into the store, smiling to each other. We made plans for me to go to his house after supper that night. His parents were away for a few days, so we would have the house to ourselves. I watched Michael as he walked down the street, holding the bag of groceries in front of his ripped shorts. All I could do for the rest of the day was dream about what the evening would have in store.

After work, I raced home, ate dinner, showered and changed clothes. My heart was pounding as I rang Michael's doorbell. He answered the door, wearing short white shorts and tank top. He had a gigantic hard-on in his shorts and a smile on his face. 'Hi, I here to give you my special birthday present.' With that, he took my hand and led me to his bedroom. As soon as the door closed, our clothes went flying across the room. We laid done on the bed side by side stroking each other's cock. Michael asked if I wanted to try something else that was fun. I asked like what and he answered that I could fuck him. I was game! Michael laid back on the bed, lifted up his legs and feet high toward my shoulders, and told me to get between his legs. First, I lowered my head to his butt and rimmed him up and down his crack. I tongue fucked him for a while and when I thought he was loose enough, I knelt into position and pointed my hard-on at his hole. He told me to take it slowly at first and reached down to guide my knob to the right spot. While I was wondering how my cock was going to fit into his ass, I lost my balance and fell forward. I entered him suddenly causing him to wince so he asked me to hold on until he got used to me. After a while, he said I could start fucking him but real slow. After a few minutes he told me that I could start fucking him hard now. I fucked like a madman. I was so wrapped up in the feeling of his tight warm ass muscles gripping my cock that I couldn't have stopped even if someone walked in the room. As I fucked him, I reached down and rubbed his chest; pinched his nipples and kissed him deeply on the lips. The feeling was awesome when my cock started to spurt inside him. I looked down and saw him tighten his face muscles, open his mouth, force his eyes closed, stick his tongue out, grasp his cock, pump it and spray streams of cum over his chest and onto his chin. His tongue darted out and licked off the cum that it could reach. I leaned down and licked up the rest. Exhausted, we passed out on the bed. The phone woke us up. His mom called to say that his parents would not be home until morning. Michael asked if I wanted to sleep over. What could I say? During that night, we slept, awoke, sucked and fucked, slept, awoke, suck and fucked, slept awoke, sucked and fucked. It was a good thing that it was Saturday morning when I left. I didn't have to worry about going to work that day. I intended to go home and get some much-needed rest!

Michael and I explored our new-found sexual interests quite often. We became cock buddies. He either would spend the weekend at my house or I at his house. The store was hiring so Michael got a part time bag boy job. It was great. We would take our breaks together and have fun whenever we worked the same shift. But 15 minutes did not give us enough time to suck and fuck like we wanted to. So weekends were the only times when we could really get into it. One night while we were resting after a rather heated session, Michael said that he wanted to get a new DVD player, but it would take a while to save up the money just from his part time job. I told him that I knew of a way for him to make $100 in an hour. Michael sat up in bed and asked how. I told him that I knew a guy who paid me and others some time for entertainment. Michael was excited over the possibility of making that much money in an hour. He asked if he could join me next time the guy wanted some 'entertainment'. Michael was still shy and naïve in many ways. So I told him that this guy liked to watch two or more boys have sex. He would just sit and jerk off. I didn't know if Michael would have sex for an audience. So I asked if he could do this. 'Fucking eh. For that kind of money, I let my mother watch.' 'Ok, I'll set something up.'

Everything was set for the following Saturday afternoon. We met in a local motel. When we got to the room, the guy met us at the door wearing a robe. He took one look at Michael and said 'very nice'. The he sat in his chair and directed us through the 'play' he wanted to watch. First he told Michael to undress me to my underwear. Michael removed my clothes very slowly. Then it was his turn. I very sensually undressed him. I kissed him every time something came off. He was down to his tighty whities and socks. Michael was directed to sit on the bed while I removed his socks. Then he lay back with his feet on the floor, while I licked his hardening cock through his underwear. The guy got up and walked over to the bed to get a better look at the action. His robe was off now and he was stroking his cock while I paid homage to Michael's package. His underwear was wet now, from my mouth and his precum. I was instructed to take them off and rim Michael. I had gotten to know that sweet ass of his. And loved the taste of his rosebud. Michael got complete on the bed now and I was told to get into a 69 positing over him. I got on all fours. My cock was hanging down over his mouth and his cock was pointing up to my mouth. I lowered my cock into Michael's mouth. He had perfected his cock sucking through hours of practice. My mouth had left his cock and went to his balls. I licked them and then suck one and then the other into my mouth. I knew this would drive him crazy. It always did. But then I was told to suck his cock again. While I went back to his cock, out benefactor came close to the bed. He never touched us. But instructed Michael to spread his legs and pull his ass cheeks apart. His pucker was then visible to our host. While Michael continued to suck my cock and I suck his, the guy just blew air across Michael asshole. That was so awesome. I could see Michael's pucker pulsate from this. We were both close to cumming, but this took us over the edge. Both of use were moaning with cocks in our mouths. We were going to cum. The guy sat back in his chair and jerked his cock while we climaxed. I shot my load into Michael's mouth and he erupted in mine. Our cum was running out the corners of our mouths. While we were shooting, so was the guy.

I collapsed besides Michael and we tried to catch our breath from all the exertion. The guy tossed us wet towels and said that his time was up on the room. So we cleaned up and got dressed. Before we left the room, we were each handed a crisp $100 bill. We were complimented on our performance and asked if we'd like to repeat it again some time soon. I told him to just contact me again and tell us when and where. We would be there.

As we were walking back home, I glanced over at Michael. He had the far away look in his eyes. I asked if he was freaked out by all this. 'No way, man. I'm just making a shopping list of all the new things I want to buy from the extra money we make.' He had come a long way in a month. He thanked me again for giving him the best birthday present of his life.



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