The birdwatcher scanned me with his binoculars, then looked away quickly as if catching me in his sight had been purely accidental. I paused in front of a large tree, keeping sight of him out the corner of my eye, and waited for him to make the next move. Sure enough, a moment later, he trained the binoculars back on me.

I slid a hand down to my crotch and groped myself, lewdly, obviously. He was near enough that I could see his mouth drop open in surprise while he looked around to check if anyone else could be seeing what he just saw. No one was around, and he wasted no time putting the binoculars back on me. By this point, I figured he was definitely interested in more than just birds. I decided to take the charade a step further and act like I hadn't seen him. I would pretend I needed to take a leak. I unzipped my fly, hauled out my partially aroused, generously proportioned meat, skinned it back, and gave it a few experimental shakes, taking a stance as if beginning to urinate. I actually heard the birdwatcher's sharp intake of breath.

I'd noticed him the past couple of evenings since it was seldom that I ever saw anyone in the woods at this time of year. I, myself, knew the area well. It was my routine to cool off after working out at the gym by walking home through this heavily wooded area hidden beneath a ruggedly steep riverbank. His presence had caught my attention, and his figure had caught my fancy. There was an air of innocence about him that only seemed to enhance his very sexy appearance. He'd walk slowly along the wooded paths, alert to the movement and sound of birds, pausing now and then to catch a glimpse of one, and infrequently looking into a book he carried in the back pocket of his tight jeans. He exuded confidence and vitality, was good-looking and well groomed, and, taken all together, very appealing. You couldn't help but notice him. And he had noticed me, too; of that I was certain. I even had the feeling he was waiting for me to show up.

He kept a steady fix on me through the binoculars, so giving him a show, I shifted my hips and gave him a full profile view of my dangling, lengthening dick. A couple of loving tugs with my knowing fist and then I looked down at my meat. The head of my cock was swollen in disproportionate size to the rest of it; it looked fat and red. Somehow, being watched as I played with myself was creating a new level of excitement in me, and in no time my cock was growing frantically, quickly straining out of the pants fly, and now pointed almost straight outward. I glanced up at my observer and noted with pleasure that the black glasses remained trained on me. That triggered off something inside of me, and with a final surge, my cock filled to full splendor, standing stiffly upright, rigid with anticipation. I gave it a few full strokes, tip to base, methodically moving my fist up and down the entire length, while glancing from him to it and back again.

I kept hoping he would move in closer, but he remained in place. "What the hell," I thought, "seems like he's enjoying himself watching me. Since I love beating-off, especially out in the open air like this, think I'll just keep jackin' and see what happens." My fist developed a steady rhythm to the beat, giving my meat the full treatment, sliding cockskin over the engorged head, then slipping the skin down until my fist was pounding backwards into the unzipped fly, an action which pulls the skin completely taut and generates such exciting, sexy tightness right at the cockhead. Then it was back up the shaft to begin the trip all over again. I looked at my cock as my hand made the intimate, familiar movement over and over, but I also kept glancing back up at the birdwatcher to watch him watching me.

Suddenly, one hand, his right one, dropped from the binoculars to his crotch. It pressed knowingly against the length of his penis, swollen beneath the straining material. From the movement of his hand, even with such distance separating us, I could tell it was already erect. He actually had to bend slightly at the waist to work the zipper down over the protruding fly. The tight jeans seemed reluctant to give up their prize. He even reached his hand in and tugged. But the rigid, full length of his erection didn't allow for easy withdrawal. He struggled to release the top button. The jeans finally popped open and slid partway down, onto his thighs, exposing a magnificent hard-on and a large pair of balls. Immediately, he grasped the cock at mid-shaft and began jacking off, falling right into a matching rhythm with me, almost as though our actions were mirrored images!

He was facing me directly, which unknown to him made it difficult for me to watch as well as I wanted to, so I shifted my hips to face him directly, but then quickly turned again to give him the profile view. Instantly, he caught on. He immediately shifted his hips to his right, giving me one terrific, clear view of his enormous meatpole as he maintained "our" steady beat on.

I popped the button on my jeans and let them slide downward. Then I slipped my left hand under my balls and palmed them. I was getting real hot. As he watched through the glasses, he too seemed to become increasingly aroused by my actions and by his stroking which grew more earnest and faster, and finally out of synch with my own. I revved up, matching his pace stroke for stroke. My breathing became deeper and hurried. I felt my hardened nipples scratching erotically against the material of my shirt. Muscles started contracting rhythmically. Vague pleasures coursed through my abdomen. I knew I was nearing climax. I looked up with large eyes, eyebrows raised, and mouthed the word, "OH!" Without taking the binoculars from his eyes, he nodded his head - he was ready to come, too.

My crotch thrust out, my swollen cockhead stood high, my breath was draw in. My fist pumped slower and slower, but still pounding into my balls with a fervent passion, raising me to incredible heights of ecstasy. My eyes still glued to him, I suddenly felt the first spurt of semen shoot from my cock. Simultaneously, almost magically, a wad of white fluid shot from his cockhead and sailed high into the air. Jet after thick jet of cum exploded from both cocks as we savored our separated but mutual orgasms. It was terrific! And all throughout a seemingly unending series of grunts and spurts, he never once took his eyes from the binoculars. I fucking loved it. I marveled at the realization that we two were apparently both exhibitionists and voyeurs at the same time.

Afterwards, when finished with straightening our clothes, he waved and turned to leave, walking off in the opposite direction of my destination. As I too headed home, I found myself wondering whether I'd ever see him again.

* * * * *

The very next evening he was there. He even seemed to allow me to get closer than before as I ambled through the woods. When we reached the area of the "binoculared jack-off" scene we both stopped. I rubbed my crotch. He came closer. I unzipped. He came closer. I pulled out my steadily expanding cock. He moved to within fifteen feet of me and stopped.

"You won't need binoculars tonight," I said quietly.

"You're terrific," he whispered, apparently fearful of being overheard, even in these deserted woods.

"So are you." My cock was already becoming stiffly erect, eagerly being worked over by my impulsive fist. "Cm'on, join me."

"Aren't you afraid we'll get caught?" His palm pressed flat against the obvious erection in his jeans, apparently anticipating a negative response from me..

"Not here, not now. But we can go somewhere else, if you'd prefer."

"No!" he said insistently. Then he smiled and added, "I'd like to do it right here, again, with you." The zipper on his jeans seemed to make an erotic noise as he opened it. I saw clearly, now, how large his cock really was as once again he had to undo the top button to give the massive organ its freedom. His skillful hand skinned it back and once again began a rhythm that matched my own, his big balls bouncing. We just watched one another for a while, wordlessly. He was amazingly exciting to watch - handsome, well formed, athletic, and virile.

Slowly, I narrowed the distance separating us, one step at a time, each step coordinated with the increasing sexual excitement that was overpowering us. Finally, I had closed to within only a couple feet of him. I took him all in. He even smelled good. He was very clean looking, and his cock, leaking shiny streaks of lubricant, seemed to call out to me.

"Wow, that looks great," I whispered. He smiled, his hand movements still matching my every stroke. "I'd really like to taste it, man," I said, with an earnest, almost hungry tone in my voice. His hand stopped in mid-stroke. His eyes grew wide with surprise and clearly with interest.

"You mean, you want to..." His voice trailed off. Without another word, he released his cock. It stood naked, throbbing, between us, almost glowing in the quiet evening air, inviting me. I closed the short space and sank to my knees in front of him.

"It's a beauty!" I whispered, as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the hot column. "What a cock!" I looked up at him and smiled reassuringly. He smiled down at me and gave me a tiny thrust of his hips, pumping the hot cock into my hand. The idea of having a mouth on it was turning him on. I wasted no further effort in conversation; I stuck out my tongue and lapped at the underside of the giant erection lasciviously. He groaned. So did I! The cock tasted even better than it looked, its sticky pre-cum so delicious it urged me on to greater rewards.

Pointing the cockhead directly at my mouth, I kissed it with passion. My tongue swiped at the polished, tight skinned, plum-shaped glans, and he sucked in his breath. I suctioned the cockhead with great relish and full vigor, lashing my tongue all around the thick fleshy mushroom. He gasped and pumped his hips at me, sending more of his cock into my mouth. I pulled back momentarily, and then pushed forward with great skill, driving the cockhead to the back of my mouth, and then down, into my throat. He hissed in pleasure. His cock was a splendid organ - perfectly shaped, steely hard, yet somehow pliant and manageable, deliciously thick and suckable.

I felt both his hands grab the back of my head, and then he started pumping into me with the force of a pile driver. The feel of the thick cock pressing against the tissues of my mouth and throat, pumping inward and then pulling back, was a terrific experience. My left hand grabbed his nuts and firmly tugged and then caressed them. My right hand slowed its pumping on my cock; I was nearing orgasm, and I wanted to hold back if I could.

"Christ, this is fantastic!" he bellowed. "I can't help it; I'm about to shoot a load, man. Better watch out!" His warning only served to enflame my lust and I sucked even harder, for all I was worth, driving to the very root of the cock, then to the tip, back to the base, deep-throating with my most skilled, best effort.

"Ooh... Here's... my... CUM!" he shouted, punctuating each word with a mighty thrust of his hips. As he said, "CUM," he let loose, spraying thick bolts of ropy sperm deep into me. I backed off, catching the heavy jets in my mouth, and then, just as the huge volume of his overwhelming load was registering in my consciousness, my cock began spurting off between his legs. My own orgasm increased the heights of my lust, and I sucked with even more enthusiasm.

Finally, he doubled over, his chin hitting my back, and cried out. "God! Enough! Please stop," he begged. I backed off, letting the still erect cock pop loudly from my mouth. I leaned back as he straightened up, and he saw that my cock was oozing the final remains of my own orgasm. Momentarily, a look of relief seemed to flicker across his face. I smiled to myself, realizing that reciprocation was obviously not something he had looked forward to.

Afterwards, while straightening our clothes, he waved good-bye to me and turned, exactly as before, to go off in the opposite direction. Now I felt positive I would never see him again. Jacking-off with a stranger was one thing, but cocksucking - well, that's something else.

Even so, the next evening, as I walked alone through the woods, I still couldn't help being disappointed when I didn't see him there. I had honestly been looking forward to seeing him again, hoping to spot him as he watched for birds, longing to make out with him again. I felt terribly let down, but at the same time, I couldn't blame him for not showing up. After all, sex with a stranger out in the open air can be dangerous and is definitely not for the weak-hearted. He probably thought I was some sort of demented deviate who did this kind of thing all the time. How could he have known that it was his sexy ways and those damn binoculars that had been the catalysts for breaking down all my own inhibitions, making this just as much a first time for me as it was for him.

I approached the place where we'd done it. My crotch throbbed. I was like Pavlov's dog, damn it, reacting to memory, ready for another adventure. I paused and looked around, rubbing my fist up and down the length of my enclosed erection. Maybe I should jack off, anyway, I started thinking, when suddenly, I spotted a pair of binoculars aimed at me! I laughed. Then I waved.

He came out from behind some bushes and smiled shyly as he came right up to me. I could see his crotch was distended with anticipation. I leered. He grinned. It was apparent from our reactions - and our hard-ons - that we were both really glad to see one another!

"I was here early, today," he sheepishly volunteered. "Guess I couldn't wait. I was afraid you wouldn't show though, after yesterday."

"What do you mean?" Now I was puzzled. After all, I was the one who thought he wouldn't show.

"What you did, sucking my cock and all, felt so terrific, I thought you'd be angry with me because I didn't, you know, do it for you, too."

I was surprised. "Naw," I said with a smile, "that's not important. No one should ever do what he doesn't want to do. It's got to come from inside, not from pressure. I loved sucking you off. In fact, I want to do it again. Right now! I've had a hard-on just from thinking about you as I was walking along, hoping I'd see you again. Hoping I'd be allowed to suck your cock again. Believe me, I'm really happy to see you."

"Wow!" he said, amazed by my admission. "I've been thinking about it, too. A lot. I loved it when you sucked me off. It felt so great, I even got to thinking I must be missing something. All day long, all I've been able to think about is your big cock. And I've been wondering what it would feel like to touch it with my tongue, to wrap my lips around it. I wondered what it would be like to suck it in and feel you shoot a hot load in my mouth... to taste your cum... to feel your love in me." He paused and looked embarrassed.

I unzipped myself and moved closer to him.

Tomorrow, I vowed to myself, I would find out him name! Who knows? Maybe I'd even borrow one of his books on birds! This bird watching was becoming a hobby I could definitely enjoy!

* * * * *


Jack Sofelot


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