Stan Minions better known as Snake, was a 22 year old biker. He had two brothers, Chase and Tony, and to add insult to injury he was the only one out the hree who had never got laid. He bugged him no end, He figured he;'d be the next 40 year old virgin. He never gone out or anything. He worked at a Motorcycle shop and one day a wonderful hunk came by to see him, just him. At first he was confused why the hunk wanted to see him. Stan was only 210 lbs, hairy and more like paws instead of hands since they were so furry. Snake was what guys would call a 'Bear' cause of his hairy body, so when this hunk came to see him more and more often, he began to wonder was the man serious or just playin' with his mind. The man came up to him one Friday afternoon and asked him if he wanted to meet him and they go to Snake's house together. Snake's bluge in his jeans became obvious and the hunky cowboy figred that as a yes before Snake could naswer. The cowboy told Snake he'd be back by 7;, which was closing time at the shop. Snake looked his typical self; slicked black hair, sportin' beard, and a set of stone eyes. He wore his usual; Leather Pants and Vest, no shirt, showing off his hairy torso, and always under his jeans was a leather jock. He met the cowboy out front and Snake led the way on his Motorcycle and the Cowboy followed in his pickup truck.

When he got ome, Snake started to panic, he never brung a guy home before and was wondering as it smart. He cancelled the thought after ;looking at the marvelous hunk and picturing him naked.

AS soon as they got in and Snake closed the door, the Cowboy kissed him, a feeling Snake never encountered before in his life, but was enjoying it. He moaned when the cowboy probed his mouth and sucked on his tongue long moment. When the kiss ended, Snake cleared his throat and pulled away. 'Make yourself comfortable' he told the Cowboy as he excused himself and headed to the kitchen to get him and the stranger a drink.

From the corner of his eye, he saw that the cowboy had got comfortable and in a hurry. He was buck naked except for his boots, and Snake noticed he was smooth except for the few sprinks of hair on his chest and around his naval. 'You get lost in there?' The cowboy asked snapping Snake out his oasis, Apprantly he didn't mind him staring at his naked body. Snake shrugged a moment and handed him a beer. Snake found hmself tonfue tied, his bulge growing. The cowboy noticed as he guzzled down his beer. 'Thanks man I had a taste for a Budweiser for the longest'

'I keep stocked, my bro Tony drinks lot'

'Great' The cowboy looked Snake up and down. 'I'm a tell you something, I want you, You're all i think bout. Ever since I laid eyes on you, I wanted to be with you.'

Snake took a moment to gain his composure. 'Thanks but I never been with another man before, so I don't know...'

'I'll sho you the ropes.' The cowboy replied. 'I warn you though, I'm a little bit rough and a little bit kinky.'

'Kinky?' Snake asked, puzzled.

'Yeah, I like ropes and leather and stuff. You succed in the leather department.'

'I have a leather fetish, I guess it's what you call it, that a bit of a foot fetish'

'You have fantasies?' The cowboy asked.

'Yeah just never acted any of them out'

'If you want to, I'll let you reveal your fantasies to me, or I can show you mine'

'Just be careful, I'm new on this'

Snake led the cowboy into his bedroom a king size bed, a big ass closet, a dresser, mirror and plasma screen tv.

'The Biker knows how to live' The cowboy said.

Snake shrugged his shoulders as he undressed, He left his jock on. The Cowboy laid down and hoisted his legs in the air. Snake stood there, confused. 'Rim my hole, Biker' The cowboy growled.

'hat?' Snake asked.

'Rim my hole, stick your tongue in my ass and give it a massage. Don't worry, I won't fart on you, If that's what you're afraid of'

Snake droped to the edge of th bed and first snifed the hot Cowboy's ass then he stuck his tongue in there giving it a long rim job. The Cowboy moaned and groaned and grunted. After bout 20 minutes of this, the cowboy spoke through all his moans and grunts. 'Let me do you' Snake sat on the Cowboy's face and moaned as the cowboy did his rim job. 'Oh fuck!' Snake thought as the man underneath him gave him plesure he never dreamed og! after this the vow boy sild out from under him and said. 'Ready to suck your first cock, Biker?'

'I fuess, what do I do?'

'Just open your mouth and keep your teeth away from my dick and that's all' Snake took a moment tryin' to get that thick 9 inch cock in his mouth. He must have done it right cause the cowboy was groning. 'I;'m gonna cum!' And the cowboy pulled away from im. Snake lay there confused. 'I don't want to cum just yet' The cowboy explained. 'Now I want you to fuck me'

'I don't know how' Snake told him.

'Ok I got another idea, take off your jock and I'll ride you'

'Ride me? What is this riding?'

'I'll ride you ;like a horse, you trust me, right, Biker?'

'Hell yeah' he said as he sild off his jock and threw it across the room.. The cowboy mounted up and started bouncing up and down. 'Man! this feels great! You were meant to be my horse!' The cowboy hollered. Snake tried to reply but all he managed were grunts and groans of ecstasy. He never felt better in his life. He gripped the cowboy's sides and started thrusting him with his hard 6 inch cock.

'Oh damn.... you catch on fast Biker.... i didn't Bikers fucked ;like you can..... damn... yeah fuck my ass Biker.... I want you so bad man, I want this load you have stored.... I want it all.... Cum all inside me... Paint my inside.... markin' me that I'm yours... mark me with your cum... fuck yeah.. ahhdamnit......' The cowboy moans and clutched Snakes's dick with his ass muscles. He didn't want to let it go. In all the guys he fucked and rode, Snake was the best one by far that the cowboy had ridden in his 25 years of life.

'I'm gonna cum!' Snake cried out, trying noy to.

The Cowboy saw this and shouted 'Paint my insides Biker.... Mare me that I'm yours! Fuckin' paint my insides with your Biker cum! I want i! damnit!': He cried out as almost simuthaneouly they came. nake insides the hot hunky Cowboy's ass and the Cowboy all over Snake's chest and face. He liked the taste so he lapped u;p what was left shooting out of his cowboy cock. The Cowboy leaned forward an kissed Snake, their facial mixing with each other.

'That felt good.' Snake told the Cowboy. 'You sure know how to ride.'

'You were great yourself' The cowboy panted, 'Can I stay the night?'

'On three conditions'

'Name em I'll do ;'em' The Cowboy kicked off his boots.

'Ok One; I don't ever want to see you with clothes on while in the house. Two; If you ride me again in the morning and three let me sniff your boots and lick your masculine feet.'

The Cowboy laughed 'Sure all right.' They climbed unerneath the covers, arms around each other. 'What happens if i disobey?'

'I'll tie you up' Snake snorted.

'The promise of things to coe, And If 'm good?'

'I'll rife you next time'



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