I live outside of town on two hundred very wooded acres. Only about three acres toward the right side of the property where my house located, is cleared as is a small area next to a small lake on my property. I have my own business and do all my work from home. My computer is tied in with the ones in the office in town.

One Saturday, I got up and showered and decided to just stay nude. I was in my home office doing some work when I heard what I thought was thunder. I glanced out the window next to my desk to check the weather when I saw three motorcycles coming up my long drive.

I hurried to my bedroom and quickly slipped on just a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. As I returned to the front of the house, I heard a knock on my door.

"May I help you?" I asked as I opened the door.

"Yes, Sir. Are you Mike Rivers?"

"Yes, I am and who's asking?"

"Mr. Rivers, I'm Buck Taylor," the man began, "President of the Exec Bikers." Indicating the other two gentlemen he continued, "This is Josh Davis, Vice President and Cal Smith, our treasurer. We'd like to talk to you for a few minutes."

"Sure, come on in."

After pouring coffee for all of us, we sat in the living room and I asked, "What can I do for you?"

"Our club is not your normal motorcycle club. All our members are upstanding members of the community but like to ride and get away from time to time. No one knows that they are members of a club. Our members are lawyers, doctors, company executives, firemen and EMT's, and law enforcement officers."

"Just how does that concern me?" I asked.

"We get together one weekend a month to camp out, have a few beers and play some cards and in general, just 'let out hair down' as the saying goes. We've been using part of the property that belonged to an older gentleman on the other side of town. He recently passed away and the executor of his estate won't let us use the property any longer. We'd like to know if we might rent the portion of your property by the lake."

"How did you know I had a lake on the property," I asked.

"Josh has his own plane and spotted it from the air."

"I see."

"Mr. Rivers, we're not destructive. We promise that your property will be left in cleaner condition when we leave than when we arrived. We'll pay you five hundred dollars per weekend and, if your willing, we'd like a one year agreement to use it."

I sat quiet for a moment, before asking, "May I ask why your members don't want their affiliation with the club known?"

"When most people hear that you are in a mototcycle club, they immediately think of clubs like the Hell's Angles. We are no where close to that. We just like to ride and get away once in a while. It's all very innocent."

After a few moments of thought I said, "I'll agree to let you use it for three months. If there are no problems, I'll consider the one year agreement. All payments will be in cash."

"Deal," Buck said. "May we start this weekend?" he asked.

"Sure. If you will let me know what weekends you will be here, I'll make sure the gate to the other road is unlocked."

"We will be arriving around six on Fridays and be out by six on Sunday evenings," he said as Cal counted out the first payment.

After recounting the money, I said, "I'll have the gate unlocked by five Friday afternoon."

"That is all well and good, but what if we lock it behind us, how can we get out if one of us needs to leave?"

"Mr. Taylor, what is your profession?"

Looking at the others for a moment then back at me, he said, "I'm a state police officer." He showed me his identification.

"I guess you can be trusted with a key as long as no one else has possession of it."

"You have my word."

"And you have mine about keeping things to myself," I replied before retrieving a spare key to the lock and handing it to him.

He offered his hand as a gentleman's agreement and I accepted it. Smiling, he said, "We don't know how to thank you."

The bid me a great day and left and as they did, I wondered why they really wanted to use my place. All three of them were hot as hell. I would have loved to grope all three of them but with Buck being a state cop, I'd probably have ended up in jail. I wondered what so many different professions could have in common other than riding their bikes.

The following Friday afternoon just after six, I was on my back patio enjoying a beer when I heard the faint roar of many motorcycles off toward the lake.

I had cleared a narrow path from the house to the lake and started to ease down it and check things out and see if I knew any of them. I resisted, knowing that they had paid for their privacy.

To my surprise, they were fairly quiet, with only an occasional loud yell.

On Sunday, after hearing them leave, I strolled down the path to check out the site. It was spotless. Not one beer can or piece of paper could be found.

Buck called me and thanked me again saying that they had thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and added that they would be back the last weekend of each month. I complimented him of the condition of the grounds and he said that they would always be like that when they left.

The following month was a repeat of the previous one. Again the grounds were spotless and a large brick barbecue pit had been built. When I called Buck about it he said, "It's for us to use when we're there, but in actuality, it's our gift to you. It's yours." I didn't know what to say to him other than "Thanks."

On the third month, the smell of their cooking was awesome and my curiosity was gating the best of me.

I didn't want them to have any idea that i was spying on them so iI dressed in all black. Just before dark, I eased down the path toward the lake. There voices became clearer and i heard laughing and joking. However when i got close enough to see them. I froze in my tracks for a moment before easing closer.

I counted right at twenty men, all appeared to be in their mid-forties or younger. Some were totally nude while some wore only leather chaps and some in leather jocks. Buck was totally nude, Josh wore chaps and Cal wore a leather jock with a front that unsnapped and would drop down.

I eased over to a log and sat down, peering through the brush. Suddenly, I saw Josh tongue kiss one of the other men and grope his cock. seconds later, he knelt and began sucking the other man who was nude. I realized then that the 'club' was really an excuse to go out and have an orgy.

I watched for almost an hour as the sucked, kissed and after securing two slings between trees, they began taking turns fucking the guys in the slings. Cal was one of the men in a sling that was getting fucked by different men one after the other.

As I watched, I extracted my cock and before I eased out and returned to my house, I had jerked off two huge loads.

On Wednesday of the next week just at dusk, Buck and Cal returned in Buck's car with the agreement for use of the property for one year.

After inviting them in, and getting us each a beer, I asked Cal-what type of work he did. He said he was a firemen.

"Mike, you said you would consider signing a year agreement if there were no problems. Does that still apply?" Buck asked.

"I'm not sure at this point," I said.

"What do you mean?" Cal asked.

"I didn't know I'd be supplying a place for an orgy."

With a strange look on his face, Buck asked, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Last month, I could smell your barbecue. It smelled fantastic, so i decided to walkover and tell you how good it smelled." I continued on, telling them exactly what I had observed.

"Mike, I'm sorry you had to see all that. I guess I need to be totally honest with you now."

"I think I deserve the truth," I replied.

"You do," he replied. "We are all gay men that love motorcycles, but we also love getting out into the outdoors and having uninhibited sex. I think that lets you know why we keep things as private as we do."

"Did the other man know what you were doing on his property?"

"Not that we know of. If he did, he never said anything."

"As for the agreement, come back tomorrow and I'll give you my decision."

"We will," Buck said, "but I hope you won't hold it against us."

"I'll let you know tomorrow."

The left but I already knew my answer.

The following afternoon they arrived at about the same time. I invited them in but didn't invite them to sit down.

As they stood side by side, I stood in front of them. "I've made my decision."

They looked in my eyes, wondering.

"I'll sign it under one condition," I said.

"What's that?" Buck asked.

"That I be invited to join in occasionally," I said, quickly reaching out and gropping them,one in each hand.

The each got a startled look on their faces as I began unzipping their pants. They stood in shock as I extracted their cocks and knelt and began sucking one then the other.

"Holy shit!" Cal exclaimed.

I was only wearing shorts with an elastic waist and after a few moments of sucking them, I stood up and dropped my shorts.

"Shall we all get comfortable or should I just continue the way you are?"

Finally a smile broke on each of their faces, and they both began to hurriedly strip. Soon, we were all three nude, our cocks all rock hard.

I returned to sucking Buck as Cal dropped and began sucking me. After a moment, we changed and Buck began sucking me as I sucked Cal. After a few minutes, we separated and as Cal lay on his back with me fucking him I sucked Buck to his climax. Then I sucked Cal dry.

Afterward we all kissed passionately.

"Mike, please join us this coming weekend," Buck said. "I'm not saying anything to the others. I want to see their reaction when you walk up."

That weekend I heard them arrive. I gave them plenty of time to get into their gear or out of their clothes. Nude, except for my hiking boots, I eased over to their campsite.

I caught Bucks attention and as I eased into the clearing, guys began trying to cover themselves or reach for clothes.

"Gentlemen, relax. This is Mike Rivers, our host. He's one of us. Make him feel welcome."

One by one,the guys came up to me welcoming me and thanking me for letting them use my property.

In the crowd were two men that I knew and had no idea that they were gay. One was my own lawyer, John Sims, and he other was Rocky Baker, the contractor that built my house.

Before long, I was sucking John as Rocky devoured my cock. Before the night was over, I had sucked ten of the guys there; a doctor, two other lawyers, two firemen, two city cops, a bank president and two EMT's,and been sucked by four guys.

As I prepared to return to my home, buck asked me to step to the side while they had a meeting. I did and they gathered off by the lake. After a short quiet discussion, I heard them all say "Aye."

They broke up and Buck motioned me over.

I stepped up to the group of twenty men, and Buck spoke.

"Mike, by unanimous vote, and even though you don't ride a bike, you are now a member of our club. And in recognition of your generosity, your membership fees are waived for a life, in consideration of your letting us use this piece of your property. We will continue to pay for it's use of course."

"I gladly accept membership but your fee for the property is reduced to one hundred dollars a month."

I returned the next morning and spent the entire day with my new friends having almost continual sex. I have no idea how many I sucked or fucked during the day or how many sucked and fucked me.

I do know that Rocky was a repeat during the day and was hot sex.

After that weekend, Rocky began stopping by my house a couple of times a week after work. The first visit, he confessed how much he wanted to suck me or have me fuck him the entire time he worked on the house.

I told him that if he had given me any indication at all it would have happened because I wanted him also.

Over the past yer, Rocky has become special to me. Now he is here not only two to three times a week but spends every weekend with me. On weekends when the 'club' doesn't meet, he takes me riding on his bike. I love to sit behind him and rub his cock as he drives.

Maybe I'll ask him to move in permanently.




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