The big surprise

It was my sophomore year in college, second semester break.  I found myself with not a whole lot to do.  I go out to parties and drink with friends like every other normal person but it starts to get boring after a while.  My girlfriend Lindsay was even starting to bore me.

One saturday i was surfing the net and decided to look at some porn.  I went to my normal site and starting perusing.   i clicked on a video and got a random pop up.  I went to exit out of it but something caught my eye.  It was a gay porn.  I don't know why but i couldn't turn it off.  I watched the whole thing and my cock was rock hard the entire time.  I exited out and went to the kitchen to grab a beer.  Why was this turning me on?  When i was in high school i jacked off with my buddy once and we kissed but i never took it any farther.  I liked it and wanted to do more but i thought it was just a phase.  My friend told me about how he once meet up with a chick using craigslist.  I thought i would give it a try.

I got on and went to the men looking for men section.  I started scrolling thru reading the dirty headers that were matched with a ton of cock pics.  on the second page though i found one that caught my eye.  It was another college guy my age who also didn't have a whole lot of experience.  I liked the idea of that.  i guess it made me feel more comfortable.  I emailed him and then turned on a movie to wait for a response.  after 20 minutes he responded.

we emailed back and forth a couple times, exchanged names and our previous experience.  I gave him my number so we could text.  We started texting, we agreed that we wanted to take it kinda slow, get a drink then head back to his place, kiss a little, jerk each other off, and if it felt right maybe some oral.  We agreed on a bar to meet at. 

I took a shower, shaved everything smooth and i put on some nice jeans and a clean t-shirt.  I got to the bar about 15 minutes early.  I ordered a gin and tonic and waited.  I decided that if i didn't like the way he looked then i would make a quick departure.  I turned and saw someone walk in.  The guy matched the description.  About 5'10, muscular build, blonde hair, and a blue shirt.  we made eye contact and he smiled.  this must be him.

he walked over and introduced himself.  i offered him the stool next to me and he ordered his drink.  we talked for a little having a few more drinks.  he seemed cool and a fun guy, maybe even someone i would hang out with again.  then he asked if i wanted to leave with him.  I took a deep breath and said yes.

we payed our tabs and started walking towards his place.  His house wasn't far from where we were, he said he rented a house on campus with a few other guys.  He told me they were all at some party so it would just be us.  We got there, and it was your typical college campus house.  We walked in and he poured us each another drink.  We stood kind of awkwardly at the bar drinking and talking.  I put my glass down and then he leaned in and kissed me.  He was a pretty good kisser and i liked it.  He stopped and we walked over to the couch.  we made out for a little while, he got my shirt off and i his.  He was well built, obviously worked out.  His body felt good next to mine.  We took our pants off and started rubbing each others cocks.  His was pretty big and was getting harder as i touched it.  He then asked me if i wanted to try sucking it.  I said sure and got down on my knees.  I helped him take off his underwear to reveal his cock ready for my mouth.  i got my face closer to it and started to lick it, it tasted good and i was enjoying doing it.  I then started sucking it, taking it deeper and deeper trying to see how far i could get down on it.  Then he looked down at me smiled and said, "It's time to share you now, come on out guys, he's ready."

I stood up confused as guys started coming out of the rooms.  My heart was beating out of my chest as i looked around me and 6 guys were surrounding me.  they were all in nothing but there underwear.  I turned and tried to dart for the door but they grabbed and stopped me.  pushed me back into the middle of them.  I asked what the fuck this was, and the first guy replied.  "This is going to be a rough night for you buddy, didn't anyone ever tell you not to meet up with people on craigslist.  We are going to make you our little bitch tonight.  If you try and resist we are going to release this video of you sucking my cock to the whole campus."  

I was so nervous, i don't want to do this, but the idea was kind of exciting and i noticed i was still hard, and i really don't want everyone knowing i sucked a dick.  I agreed.  One grabbed me  and ripped my jeans open, then one pushed me on the ground as another took my pants off.  I stood back up and one grabbed my underwear and ripped them off me. Now i was standing naked in the middle of six guys.  they all took off there underwear off.  they grabbed me and pushed me to my knees.  They were all putting there cocks near me, rubbing them and slapping them against my face, until one grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.  he forced my head up and down on his cock shoving it deep into my throat.  then another grabbed me and did the same.  they passed me around the circle each taking there turn with my mouth.  there was one that had a huge cock that could only get half way in my mouth.  when each did it the others would cheer him on telling them to make me suck his dick like a good little bitch boy.  then one suggested that they fuck me.

I looked up in fear.  i'v never been fucked.; but before i could do anything they grabbed me and put me on my back.  two grabbed my arms and two grabbed my legs as the first guy lubed his cock.  he took his lubed fingers and shoved two in my ass, i squirmed and flinched.  it hurt but also kind of felt good.  Then he shoved his cock in my ass.  it hurt really bad but as he kept fucking me it started feeling good.  They switched out and as the second guy was fucking me i started to moan.  One said "i think he likes it".  they let go of my arms and legs and started taking turns on me again.  in the back of my mind i was really nervous for the guy with the huge cock.  the stood me up and one one guy laid on the floor.  another came up behind me and zip tied my hands behind my back.  then they put me on my knees straddling his cock.  they forced me down on it and started making me ride him.  as i was riding, starting to moan in pleasure they started making me suck them at the same time.  they took turns every once and while pulling me up so another guy could enjoy my tight hole.  I hate to admit it but i was really starting to enjoy it.  My ass was sore but it still felt amazing.  I found myself wanting to be the bitch boy they were calling me.  Then one asked if i wanted to be DP'ed.  I didn't know what it meant but in the heat of the moment i said "yes please".  they all laughed a little as i saw another come up behind me.  it then occurred to me what i had just asked politely for.  He came up closer and poked his cock against my hole.  I didn't think it was possible, but he started pushing harder and it started to go in.  i yelled in pain and pleasure as it stretched my hole wide.  he managed to get it all the way and they both started fucking me.  Then another grabbed my head and made me suck him.  I had three cocks in me and i had never had even one before.  then one said enough lets get this finished.  

they picked me up and bent me over the coffee table still zip tied.  They started fucking me from behind and taking my mouth from the front.  I loved it and wanted more.  One then said "it's finally my turn".  I looked back and it was the guy with the huge cock.  It was massive, probably 9 inches.  He started rubbing my hole with it and put the tip in.  He was fucking me with only half for a minute, it felt good because he was going slower and not as hard.  Then out of nowhere he grabbed my throat, slapped my ass and shoved it all the way in. I tried to lurch forward and yell in pain but my attempt was stopped by another cock.  he was fucking me hard and deeper then anyone else, slapping my ass and calling me his bitch while he did it.  I couldn't even moan with my mouth constantly full of cock.  

then the one who was face fucking me let out a long moan and grabbed my head with both hands and held it all the way down on his cock.  i felt it pulsate and his cum go down my throat as he came in my mouth.  One said lets all cum on his face.  they flipped me back over onto my back on the coffee table and stood around me.  some jacking there cocks and others taking turns on my mouth again.  then one said move and came on my face, then they all took turns cuming on my face until they were all finished.  

they all got dressed and left, except for the original guy.  he came over to me, cut me loose and threw me a towel.  i wiped off all the cum and started collecting my torn clothing.  he came over, grabbed my jaw and said, "you liked that didn't you bitch?  Don't worry we have your number and the video."  I reluctantly replied yes and left.


My secret passion


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