Is it possible to be turned on by the circumstances and the scenario rather than the person?

A question I still ask myself when I recall the events of that weekend when I was 20.
 His name was Maurice and he was my mate Paul’s stepdad, and I must say I had never looked at him in a sexual way before. It had never even crossed my mind that he might swing that way.

 He was a soccer loving, beer swilling, masculine, red blooded male. And I assumed 100% straight...
 I mean he was forever talking about boobs and checking out female arse. And when he was not checking out the women he was checking out cars and motorbikes and swearing like a trooper.

And then I found myself in circumstances that felt highly charged and arousing and from there things just happened.

So let me state that Maurice was certainly not handsome in the traditional sense, and not athletic or muscled. In fact he was a rather ordinary looking bloke who had a big stocky build, (less kind men might say fat) and a large beer gut, yet something switched in my head that Saturday morning as I soaped myself in the shower.

I had stayed over Friday night after having a few too many pints at the Pub with my mate Paul, and early Saturday morning Paul had left for work leaving me and his stepdad in the house alone.

I woke up as the bright morning sunlight pierced through the curtains and I dragged my tired arse and hangover out of bed and to the bathroom to have a shower to help me wake up. I had not bothered to lock or even close the bathroom door because I never felt the need to when I was at Paul’s place, there had always been an open door policy, after all the house was just blokes so what was the big deal.

The first moment I realised Maurice was even in the bathroom was when he said good morning and I just happened to be in the process of soaping up my knob and nuts. As I say it was no big deal really. I mean he had seen me naked more times over the years than I care to remember. Yet as he stood in just his unflattering baggy boxer shorts with his large hairy belly hanging over the elastic waistband and talking to me it all felt very different.

There was like a static electric energy in the air and a sensation rushed through my body. I continued to lather up my genitals as I faced him, the thick white frothy bubbles from the soap dripping down my thighs to the shower basin. I felt a feeling of excitement as I continued rubbing the soap into that most intimate of areas and could not help but notice his eyes glance down.

I tried to dismiss it at first as my imagination, after all he had seen it all before, but then I watched his gaze drop to my groin two more times, all the while he tried to engage in a conversation that was getting rather muddled.

My eyes went down to his crutch and to the fabric that was beginning to bulge and stretch against the movement beneath. I looked up quickly and caught his eyes looking at mine and for a brief moment he fell silent as if he had rumbled me looking.

He began to chat again and I found myself getting aroused as I began to soap my thighs. I glanced down at my feet and captured the sight of my cock jutting out at an angle as it began to grow and expand.

I felt a rush of exhilaration at my state of growing arousal, a feeling of doing something forbidden yet exciting. It was weird in a way as he had seen me with a semi and morning wood before and yet it had never registered, but that morning it felt somehow erotic. I clenched my muscles and felt my cock throb as it bounced a little and then my attention went back to Maurice’s bulge that also moved beneath the thin cotton.

Maurice kept on talking yet I was not really listening, just nodding my head and trying to say yes in the right places as I began to soap my chest which I had already soaped earlier before I realised he was in the bathroom.

I felt my cock begin to pulsate again and as it did I watched his attention go down to my bouncing member as it become fully engorged and erect. I felt my breathing become shallow and my chest tighten with a mix of anxiety and excitement.

There was something that felt good about knowing my mate’s step Dad was looking at my erect cock but neither of us commented on it. There was no denying he had noticed and was looking as his eyes kept flitting downwards, which was only making my cock throb even more.

Maurice’s hand reached down capturing my own attention as he slowly rubbed the palm of his hand over his own expanding bulge in his boxers.

“Do you want me to soap your back?” Maurice suddenly asked.

 The question caught me by surprise and I replied yeah as I held out the soap and watched his gaze once again fall to my groin.

 I turned around and felt his large soapy hands sculpt to my upper back and begin to rub up and down and up over my shoulders. His hands gradually moved down until he soape my lower back and over my hips. Then I felt his hands move lower still, his palms moving over the rounded contours of my arse cheeks and hesitantly between my inner thighs.

I spread my legs a little allowing Maurice greater access and felt his finger tips nudge the back of my ball sack
 “Let me know when I have done enough soaping” Maurice said
 “OK” I replied feeling one of his hands once again slip between my thighs and linger before he rotated his palm and began to soap my nuts.

I froze as I let out a gasp, feeling his hands soaping and pulling gently on my scrotum as my cock bobbed up and down.

“I remember when I used to soap Paul when he was in the bath or shower” Maurice commented as I remained perfectly still, apart from the bouncing movement of my aching prick.

I could not help but wonder if Paul had ever responded in the same manner and found himself with an impromptu erection jutting out like mine currently did.

I felt Maurice’s hands move to the back of my thighs before he said
 “Just turn around for me”
 I felt my heart beating fast as I turned to face him and watched as he began to soap my stomach
 “Make sure we do a proper job right” Maurice added as my cock pulsated rapidly catching his attention yet again.

The mass of soap suds he used dripped down and his hands got closer and closer to my erection. I felt his hands back on my bollocks, pulling them down with alternate hand strokes as he lathered them, and then he done it, his hands grabbed my fully engorged cock and began to soap up and down the length. He looked up at me and I closed my eyes feeling ashamed to return his gaze but not too ashamed to groan my approval at his intimate contact.

“How does that feel?” Maurice asked as his large soapy hands continued to stroke and my thighs quivered
 “Oh yeah good” was all I could say with a whimper, my eyes shut tight as I felt his hands grasp and begin to twist and rotate around my shaft and cock head.

I never even would have considered or planned this with my friends step Dad but now I was caught up in the moment of bliss, highly aroused by his magic soapy hands as they performed a number of different strokes upon my hard throbbing member.

The unfortunate thing was I quickly become overly aroused by his stimulation. Or maybe I was equally stimulated by the taboo aspect of what we was doing, but either was I knew I was close as my knees began to buckle and give way and I began to gasp for air.

He could feel it and he spoke words of encouragement as he continued to pull each hand up my shaft, one after the other in a quick repetitive motion
 “Yeah go on, it feels good doesn’t it”
 “Yeah” I gasped loudly feeling close as each gripped palm travelled up the length of my shaft until pulling off the end only to be replaced by the other palm at the base of my cock.

“Daddy soaping your big erect penis, go on son, shoot for Daddy! Daddy wants to see your impressive load, let Daddy see your spunk shoot out son” Maurice cajoled

The words added to my arousal and within seconds my pent up load was erupting over his chest and large round stomach, several thick white loads of spunk exploding with force and splattering over his torso
 “Yeah that is my son!” Maurice added as he looked down eyes wide and clearly impressed by the volume.

His hands fell away as the last juices dribbled free and he looked me in the eyes and smiled
 “You better rinse off and then I guess I better have a shower and get all this off. Wow that was sure a lot of jizz, you must have needed that”.

And with that Maurice turned and began to walk away leaving me to wash away the evidence of our actions and wash away the guilt that now consumed me.

I wondered how I could be so turned on by what we had done and equally as turned on by his words that now filled my head and haunted me. Maurice referring to himself as my Daddy sounded fucked up, yet it had been enough to tip me over the edge and increase the sensation of my orgasm.

I quickly dried off and got dressed all the while feeling like I had done something terribly wrong, and then I heard Maurice calling my name and asking

“Hey, you want to come and wash Daddies back!”...

I am sure you can guess my reply...

 There was an overwhelming curiosity built up within me now that wanted to explore this further. I thought maybe if I done this one more act I would understand what the trigger was that gave me so much excitement.



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