Driving home from work last Friday, Barbara and I heard a trivia question on the radio. They were giving away tickets to some concert. We laughingly argued about our different answers, both of us claiming to be correct. Barbara was certain she was right and so was I. So this idea hit me.

I reached and turned the radio off. Barbara yelled, "Were gonna miss the answer."

I told her, "Then how about a bet? Winner gets total 100% sexual control for 24hrs? Let's make it fun." I challenged her with, "You think your right? Prove me wrong. But do it fast so we can hear the answer. Make me your slave."

Barbara smiled, "OK. Done. You're gonna be my bitch. Now turn the radio back on."

So I did. There was a song playing and as it played we joked about the things we would have our 'slave' do. She threatened me with "I'm gonna make you lick my feet and wash the dishes naked," and things like that.

I laughed at her threat. "That's it. I don't think you understand. I mean really if you lose, I'm gonna make you a sex slave. If I want to watch you suck some guy's dick, you're gonna. That's the bet. I'm serious."

She gave me this look like I was crazy before responding, "OK then. You got it. But when you lose, I don't want to hear a fucking word when I'm making you do things."

I agreed. We waited as callers called in to guess the answer and try to win the tickets. Our cynical looks passed back and forth at each other, wondering what the other was planning. Then finally, another caller and another guess and I was right. The banter in the car was bad. I had no class in making fun of my win. And she had no problem begging me to tell her what I was going to make her do. We laughed at each other hard and made fun of our bet together for a few minutes.

"So I'm thinking about two more guys and maybe another girl using you for our pleasure tonight," I mused teasing her. She looked at me with that look. "Yeah right," she's thinking, "Uhh uhhhhh."

"Get over hear and suck my dick, slave. You're mine remember. I own you for 24 hrs."

She sarcastically said, "Yes sir," and slid down on the seat. She pulled my half hard cock out and started teasing me. Her soft lips wrapped around my hard cock and she was off. Once a cock is in her mouth, she can't stop. She has to have the taste of cum. She's addicted to it. She drools at the thought of sucking my dick. And I drool at the thought of her sucking my dick. .

"Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm," I moan as I watched her work her magic lips up and down my cock. "That a girl. Suck that cock, slave." I pushed her down and choked her with my dick. She gagged and swallowed but kept sucking that dick. It didn't take me long to feed her a load of cum. She played with it in her mouth, spitting it back out onto my cock and sucking it off again. She licked my balls clean where she allowed the cum to run down my cock and looked up at me with her lips full of cum. "Anything else master? Was I a good little slave?"

I smiled and patted her on the head. "That's a good girl. I'll give you more later."

She smiled and sat back up, licking her lips and fingers clean of my cum before lighting a cigarette. We finished the drive home.

Once home, I toyed with my new slave, making her get me a drink and just some trivial other stuff to enjoy my newly acquired power. I made her walk around topless so I could play with her breasts whenever I felt like it. I made her answer everything, "Yes sir," and, "Thank you for spanking me sir," as I taught her lessons when she didn't respond when I told her to do something. I made her suck my cock again and tease her until I told her to turn around and lower that pussy down onto my cock as I sat on the couch. I watched her fuck me until she was about to cum, then made her stop short, not letting her.

"Go fill my drink, bitch."

She was pissed at me not letting her cum but she was bound and determined to actually live up to losing the bet. With a stern look on her face and a huff she went and got my drink.

"If there's nothing else Sir, may I go to the grocery store and to my nail appointment sir?"

I patted her ass. "You did good. I guess I'll allow it."

She got dressed and as she left, asked. "Need anything sir?" sarcastically.

I smiled. "Nope, but you're gonna need some knee pads when the guys get here later."

She threw her head in the air with another remark. "Well be sure they can make me cum," and walked out.

I grabbed the computer the minute she was out the door. I was determined she was going to pay her debt. I'd been looking at this website called SLS, a swinger's site. It wasn't planned but, the things on the site had my imagination running wild and I'm naturally dominate also. I was excited and figured that the worst that could happen was she really said no and backed out. I even expected it but I was gonna play out the fantasy and take my chances. It was 6:30 now and I had 22 ½ more hours.

Once on the site, I sent a few emails to some men I thought she'd actually be attracted to and to a few woman I liked, even a couple. I was working fast. I knew she'd be gone only about two hours. I wanted everything ready when she got here and didn't even know what everything was.

I made contact with a couple guys. We talked and texted a few times. I explained what was going on and laughingly asked if they wanted to take the chance of having something thrown at them. To my surprise, they said they'd come and were close enough to be here before Barbara got home. One guy even said he'd try to bring another girl with him.

I was really nervous now, but not about to back out. They were on their way. I straightened the house some and jumped in the shower.

I was barely dressed when the doorbell rang. It was Austin and he had brought a woman with him. We introduced ourselves quickly. "This is Debbie"

I fixed them a drink and we talked some small talk until the doorbell rung again. I let Frank in and made him a drink too. Austin explained to me that he'd told Debbie what was going on and after a little planning, we were all on the same page. I told them to wait in the hot tub and climbed in with them. We were all naked and I knew it would be the first thing Barbara saw when she pulled in.

We barely made it into the tub in time.

Barbara pulled in and got out of her car, staring over at us. I knew she didn't recognize anybody. Her face was an expression I couldn't read. She opened her back door and grabbed two bags of groceries and came towards us, stopping at the edge of the hot tub. I saw her notice that we were all naked. She looked at me. Through me I should say. "Really...alright SIR! I'll be right out to service you."

I think she was calling my bluff but it wasn't a bluff.

A few moments passed that felt like an hour before Barbara came out and she was naked. And naked she was a sight to see. She was 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighed about 100 lbs, soft-as-satin skin, natural honey blonde shoulder-length hair, almost perfect facial features with wide-apart pale blue eyes, small, yet pert breasts and a very tight round ass and extraordinarily long legs.

She walked right up to the edge of the hot tub and with a stern sarcastic voice asked, "I'm here Sir, what would you like?" as if to dare me.

I took her dare. "Get on your knees and pay the toll to get in. Suck his cock until it's hard." She responded without pause, dropping to her knees and opening her mouth. I really don't think she knew I was serious. "Feed her Austin."

The look on her face as Austin stood up and she watched his cock get closer, I can't explain. I was moving closer to watch as Austin got closer. His cock was now close enough she could reach and she froze. I softly took her forehead with one hand and her chin with my other. I pulled down on her chin and opening her mouth, whispered in her ear, "Suck that cock slave."

Her eyes were fixed on mine, searching for whether I was serious or not. She found her answer in my face as I eased her head forward and watched Austin's dick disappear between her lips. She watched me until his cock was hard in her mouth. That's all it took for her submissive side to kick in. She pulled his dripping wet dick from her mouth and looked up at me. "I paid my toll. Can I get in now, Sir?"

"You better. You have work to do slut."

"Thank you sir."

She climbed in and sank into the center of the hot tub facing me. Her expression waiting for her next order.

I couldn't believe she actually sucked his cock to get in. But I was excited that she was playing along. Maybe there was a side of her I hadn't seen and tonight. I was bound to see how far I could take it.

"Our guests need attention. You sucked Austin's cock some but what about Frank and Debbie?"

Frank stood up and his cock was already hard as she turned towards him. Debbie grabbed his cock and pointed it at Barbara and told her, "Come suck this cock now." Debbie's lips wrapped around his cock and took one suck before holding it and feeding it to Barbara. Debbie's hand found the back of her head and pushed her forward gently as she told her, "That's a good little slut."

Apparently Debbie was also a little dominate. And I felt like my cock was about to explode as I watched Debbie play with Barbara's breasts while she sucked Frank's dick.

Austin was now behind Debbie, fucking her as she toyed with Barbara.

I was on the side playing with the girl's breasts and pussies. Watching Barbara suck a cock was mesmerizing. I've never seen blowjobs as good as hers. Even in porn.

For Barbara's ears, I looked up at Frank. "You ready to bend my whore over and fuck her now?" making sure Barbara heard me. Her eyes opened and she looked at me with the suggestion like, "Really?"

I just let it go.

Frank said, "Hell yeah."

So I told Barbara, "Bend over and give him some pussy." She stopped sucking his dick and changed position to get fucked. Franks wet cock slid right in with a gasp from Barbara.

I pulled her over to my dick and rubbed it across her lips. "Suck my dick while he's fucking you." To my surprise, Debbie grabbed my dick first and started sucking it. Barbara watched my cock being sucked as she was getting banged from behind. Both women were getting fucked, bent over facing each other with me in the middle and them sucking my cock together now.

Debbie started kissing Barbara as they shared me. Barbara was so receptive to it, it seemed natural. Debbie must have sensed it too. She pulled off Austin's cock and climbed onto mine, putting her pussy right in front of Barbara as she was sucking my cock.

Barbara never missed a beat. I think she was in whore mode now and had decided to throw caution to the wind. She went from sucking my cock to licking Debbie's clit with my cock inside her, without a beat.

Austin moved over for Debbie to suck his dick while she was fucking me. I never expected anything like this to happen to me. It was like a fantasy that I'm still not sure really happened but I know it did.

Barbara started sucking my balls as Debbie pounded down on my cock. Austin would feed them both his dick, going back and forth while Frank banged Barbara from behind. The moans and groans in the hot tub were so loud, at one point I was worried the neighbors might hear.

I couldn't take the excitement. I was the first to cum. I pumped my load hard into Debbie's pussy, thrusting up into her and growling, "Uugggghhhhhhh," from somewhere deep inside me. I could feel it was a heavy cum as I shot into her. Watching Barbara licking and sucking her clit at the same time was electrifying. My hot gooey cum poured from around my cock and squeezed out onto Debbie's pussy. Barbara wasted no time in licking the hot juice off her lips and my cock as it still slid in and out of Debbie. My cum ran down my cock and onto my balls where Barbara licked it up and her tongue followed its way up my shaft, over my head that was still inside Debbie and up to Debbie's clit. Oh My God...Barbara was fucking hot.

A second later, I watched Austin's cum run down Debbie's chin as he fill her mouth and it leaked out. Debbie knew how to suck cock sensual too, not just swallow. She played with Austin's cum, showing off her technique and excitement. Then it happened. She turned to Barbara and kissed her with a mouthful of Austin's cum. As she pulled away, she fed his cum to Barbara.

At the same time, Frank was filling her pussy full of his cum.

Austin moved his cock to Barbara's cum filled mouth now. She sucked him for a few minutes as both men calmed some and then Austin moaned, "Ugh, ugh, ugh," as he finished.

Oh my fucking god, Barbara had cum in both ends. I watched as she orgasmed loud and hard. Debbie smiled, watching her with me. We shared a look of mutual excitement for her.

Within minutes, we were all sitting back down, catching our breath and taking a drink.

Barbara was the first to speak. "Was I a good enough whore for you sir?" We all chuckled a little with our comments that we couldn't hold back. "Ooohhhh Yeahh," was my response. Everyone was surprised at how good Barbara actually was. Damn she good...but I wasn't done yet.

I waited through the small talk and the relaxing moments from our playing. I knew us guys needed a rest to recharge before round two. I used my slave to fetch our drinks and kept the bet going. About a half hour passed before I looked to Barbara. "Ok. Now go inside...Get on your knees in the middle of the living room floor... open your mouth and wait. We'll be in, in a moment."

Barbara started to climb out of the hot tub to follow her orders when Debbie stopped her. 'Ugh ugh. You gotta pay the toll to get out of the hot tub." Barbara smiled as she watched Debbie open her legs to collect her toll payment.

The end..



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