I have this friend that I used to visit alot while I was still living in my old town.

I met him through friends and we bacame very good friends. The first time we met we just chatted about what we do for fun and all that shit. The one day we went with friends and when we got back home, we had a braai. We were all chatting and having a good time. My friend and I went inside to get another drink(we were drinking heavily that day). I had alot to drink and then I said to my friend, ' I have to tell something'. He said' What is it?'. I said that I have to tell him before he found out from somebody else. He said 'Okay?'.

I told him that I hope he doesn't hate me but I'm bisexual. He looked at me, a bit shocked and I thought to myself 'Fuck I just blew it and now he's gona hate me!!!'. He looked at me, saying nothing. My heart beated and I stressed. He told me to go come with him, we can't talk here. So I followed and we went outside the back of the house. He looked at me and told me 'It's okay, I don't hate you, I like girls and you like both guys and girls'. I just stood there, relieved that he was okay with it.

Later that night he went home and we all went to sleep bacause we had way to much to drink that day. I mean it was hot as hell and we were drinking the strong stuff! The next day I went to his house and we just sat there, watching tv and chatting. Everytime he looked away, I looked at him and wandered what he looks like when he is naked. He was a very hot guy, long blond hair, blue eyes, swimmers body but skinny and the bulge in his pants told me that it's nice and big. Everything went well and his parents were so cool. We sat there with his parents and they wanted to konw everything about them. I told them everything exept for the bi part ofcourse.

A couple of weeks later we went to play tempin bowling, we were drinking once again and after the game we went to his house. We got into the house and his parents laughed at us because we were loud and just walking sideways and holding eachother upright. His mom was in the kitchen and then she called me, I went into the kitchen and got the shock af my life. She looked at me and said 'I hear you are bisexual?!', I almost an heartattack right there and then. I looked at her, my face almost white and dead sober. She asked me again ' Are you bi?'. I looked at her and said 'Yes, how did you know that?!'. She laughed at me and told me that my friend told her. I almost killed him for that, I didn't want his parents to know. She looked at me again and said 'It's okay you know, being bi', then I said ' Fuck, can't all the parents be like you, because my parents would kill me if they found out!!!'. She laughed again ' You know what, parents aren't that bad, they will understand. I don't have anything against it, if it makes you happy then why the hell not. Hell if my son was gay I would be happy for him, as long he is happy, I'm happy'.

We talked a bit about it and then I went back into the living room and sat next to my friend. I asked him why did he tell his parents and then he said that they didn't have a problem with crap like that. Then I saw the bulge in his pants. I joked and said that he must seriously get a girlfriend or something so that he can get some. He laughed and looked at me, then he said 'Why must I get a girlfriend when I have you to help me out???'. I was shocked, I looked at him and said 'What did you just say??!!!'. He said ' You heard me'.

I didn't know what to do. By this time his parents went to bed and they were fast asleep. So I asked him what he meant, then told me 'I'm also bi'. I almost fell off the chair. We went outside because I needed a smoke, he made us some coffee and joined me outside. He stood infront of me, taking my hand and putting it on his crotch!!! I loved the feeling of his hard thick cock in my hand, I rubbed his cock through his pants and he moaned soflty. He looked me in the eyes and asked 'Do want to do it with me or not?', I looked back at him and said 'I've wanted this from the first time I saw you!'. He put his hand on my crotch which was now really hard and said 'Well now you have me, day or night'. He took his hand in my pants and started playing with my cock.

I moaned softly and then I put my hand in his pants and did the same. He was also moaning softly, then I pulled him closer and our lips met. I kissed him softly and then he went wild. He pushed against me and kissed me hard. I took my hands and put them in his pants at the back, feeling his nice, hairless bubble but. It felt great. We then went inside to his room, he pushed me onto the bed and he started stripping. He stood there naked, I looked at him and said 'Holy shit you have a nice body and an amazing cock!!!'. It must have been about 9inches long and was thick as hell. He then started taking my clothes untill I was naked too. He layed on top of me, grinding his cock against mine. We kissed passionatly and I was in heaven. We both moaned softly. He pulled away and went to my cock, taking it in his hand and slowly stroking me. Then he took my cock and pushed it in his mouth, all the way down his throat. He took my whole 8 and a half inches with no problem at all. I moaned softly and told him that we must do a 69. He got up, came around the bed. We got into the position and at first I stroked his cock slowly as he was sucking my hard cock. Then after a while I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him hard. I loved the feeling of that big cock in my mouth. We sucked for a while, then he asked me if I wanted to fuck him.

I said 'Ofcourse I want to fuck you, I want to fuck your tight ass so badly!!!'. He got off the bed and went to his closet, got a condom and a bottle of lube. He gave me the condom and I put it on my cock, now really hard. The hardest it have ever been. He took the lube and put some on my cock, then he bent over and lubed up his ass. He got up, layed down on his back, put his legs up in the air and said 'I want you to fuck me hard!!!'. Not waiting another second, I stood between his legs, throwing them over my shoulders. I pushed cock against his asshole, then I started pushing it in. He moaned as I pushed my whole cock inside him with one thrust. I started pumping him slowly, moanig softly. He begged to fuck him harder and I couldn't let this opportunity go by. I started fucking him hard, he's moans started getting louder and louder. I loved the feeling of his tight ass around my cock, I fucked with all the strenght I had in me.

After about 30 minutes I started wanking with him while I was fucking his brains out. He loved the feeling of this and started moaning now even louder. After another 5 minutes he started tensing up and I knew he was close to cumming. I pushed my cock the whole way in his ass and stopped, wanking him furiously. He then started shooting his cum, the first string landed on his mouth, the 2nd fell on his chest and his stomach, the rest dropped onto my hand and all over his cock and balls. I licked my hand clean and started fucking him again. After about 10 minutes I felt my own load building up, I knew I was going to shoot my load soon. He then said that I must cum in his mouth.

I took my cock out of his ass, pulled off the condom and moved up to his mouth. I pushed my cock in his mouth, he sucking the shit out of my cock. I told him that I'm gona cum, he sucked me harder. I felt my load shoot deep down his throat, he was almost gagging, but sucked me dry. Afterwards we just layed there, kissing. Then we got up, took a shower. When we got out of the skower, we heard something in the kitchen. We looked and it was his mom!!! She just looked at us and smiled. Turned around and went back to bed.

I looked at him, he just said 'Oh well, she knows that I do it with guys so it's cool'. I was relieved at this and we went to bed, just holding eachother. The next morning, we woke up. Both horny again. We slept naked, so we started jacking eachothers cocks and after a while, I went down under the sheets and started sucking him. He moaned loud this time, luckily his parents already left for work. I took the sheets and threw them off the bed. He was just lying there with his raging hard-on. He said ' Please fuck me again, like last night. That was fantastic'. So I took antoher condom, put it over my cock and shoved my cock in his tight ass. He moaned 'Oh fuck yeah...oh...oooohhhh... oh fuck thats good....oh yeah..... harder harder!!!!! I fucked him harder than I did the night before. After about an hour he shot his load all over me as he was on top, I took his cum off my stomach and put it in my mouth. I told him that I'm about to cum, he got off my cock and took off the condom, sat back down, my cock going up his ass. I moaned really loud and shot my cum up his ass. I loved the feeling of this, he looked at me and said 'Oh my god, that was amazing. We should do this more often!'. I looked up and said ' I could do this every night and every morning!'. He smiled and said 'deal!'>

Well we had a great sex life and lots of fun after that day!

I hope you enjoyed the story, I'm not used to write these stories so hope it was okay.




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