Hey There Guys, Darian here. This is a real live story. It was the best day of my life. Sorry I didn't post earlier but Jacob and I have been very busy. LOL. Damn I don't think my ass will ever be the same. It has been spoiled, it practically begs for more of Jacob every day.

The Best New Year Ever

Well My New Year started off with a bang.

A Fuck buddy of mine had a big surprise for me.

His cock is 11 inches and thick as a beer bottle.

He has fucked me with it many times.

Well last night on New Year's Eve. He invited me over to his house. Little did I know what he was going to give me? The best fuck session of my life.

He lived in an out of the way Farm House, about 5 miles from my house.

When I got to his house there was a note on his door.

"Darian, The door is open, come on in and lock it behind you. I am in the basement in my Playroom. I hope you douched yourself and are ready for a good hard fucking, because I am damn horny and I need to satisfy my sexual urge. And your ass is one of the best, Dude. I want to fuck you into the New Year. Start the year off right."

I kind of guessed that he was going to fuck me so before I left from my home I made sure I douched and was clean as a whistle.

I had even used my Ken Ryker twelve inch dildo on my ass so that I would be broken in for him.

I also had gotten some Magic Mushrooms from another friend for a Christmas present.

I wanted to be really high and have a lot of fun so I took them before I left my house so that I would be flying when I got to Jacobs house. When I got there my head was spinning and I was ready for anything.

My ass was pulsating in anticipation of it being used by my hung Friend.

I entered his house and locked the door behind me. Over on the couch in his living room were some various leather gears and another note.

"Darian put on this leather, like a good little boy and then come on down stairs. I am eagerly waiting."

There was a pair of distressed brown leather chaps, distressed means that they are well worn and faded out, there was also a harness to go over my chest, arm bands, and a pair of gladiator gauntlets. Jet black leather boots, and a leather cap.

I quickly ripped off my clothes, I was anxious to get started.

I already had on my leather cock ring and ball spreader. Although I was not really hung, I have an eight inch cock and a pair of balls that are the size of golf balls.

Ya they were big and I am proud of them.

I am also in pretty good shape. I have a six Pac and a nice set of pecs. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I am in my Fifties, as was Jacob. But as I say you are only as old as you feel and I feel young. And I look young. I still got all my hair. Anyways I digress.

I finished putting on the leather gear. I love the feel and the smell of leather; it always makes my cock rock hard. I turned and looked in the mirror on the wall.

Damn I was turning myself on. Maybe it was because I was high as a kite from the mushrooms. And I was really feeling Kinky, I wanted to do something different, what, I didn't know at the time, but I was ready for anything.

I gave my butt a nice firm slap and made my cheeks ripple.

I really was feeling kinky.

I went through the kitchen to the cellar door. I could hear music coming from the other side of it. I opened the door and stepped through and went down the stairs.

Then I went across the cellar floor to the room at the back of it, and entered the playroom.

Then I stood still and let out a gasp.

There before me was my friend Jacob, he had on his leather Master gear. Tight leather chaps and vest. Armbands and he also had on gauntlets. A Master leather cap, and heavy black leather boots. He was magnificent.

My heart was beating so loudly and I was so excited. I had always dreamed of going further in our relationship with Jacob. I turned around seductively and displayed my firm tight ass to him. I also gave myself a firm slap on my butt cheeks making them ripple.

Then Jacob started to Oooo and Awwe me in his hot horny lustful voice.

Then I turned to him and spoke out, "You want a piece of this, you think you can satisfy my urges. I want you to own me, make me your property. I want you to fuck me hard and deep, over and over, all night long and into the New Year. Use my butt; it is yours for the taking."

I stood before him and spread my arms showing him I was giving myself to him.

I smiled and bowed my head subserviently. I was not afraid, I knew Jacob would never hurt me or let anyone else do so. I felt secure with him.

Jacob looked at me with his dreamy eyes and pointed to the sling in the corner. I didn't hesitate. I walked over to it. Then he came to me and he lifted me up and put me into the sling. My ass was displayed to him.

I used my butt muscles and pushed and puckered opened my ass, I could do this as I had worked it over good with my dildo and it was all nice and loose and dripping with the lube that I had used.

Jacob reached forward with his hand and felt my hole, then he gasped, "Holy fuck, your ass is like a furnace. You are going to be one hot fuck."

Then he pushed his index finger into my fuck chute. I let out a moan of pure pleasure, opening my ass to accept him.

He pulled out his finger, he then looked me deep in the eyes and inserted a second finger, then a third and finally the fourth.

I told him, "Jacob, you know my ass is yours, take me, I am ready. Please I am begging you, you know what I like."

Jacob then grabbed a tube of KY and squeezed it liberally all over his fingers, I pushed out to him and his fingers slipped in. It felt so fucking good. I let out a lustful moan of pure joy.

He slowly but surely moved his fingers around in my ass spreading wide and working it. His fingers were in up to the knuckles. My body was quivering with such a wonderful sensation. My ass just took him as if it was made for him.

He then started to spread his finger and massaged the lining of my ass interior.

I was so fucking high and loved his treatment of me.

Like I said before I was really feeling quite kinky.

I snickered and called out in my new found subservient voice, "Take me my Master, May I call you Master, please Sir?" I snickered again.

Jacob took my cue and looked down at me sternly and said in a Masterful voice. "So Darian, it's going to be that way is it. You feel like you want to serve me. Then so be it. Tonight and into the New Year you are going to be my little fuck Slave."

Then he gave my ass a firm slap with his other hand. I loved it. The mushrooms were making me a docile little fuck toy. I was ready to be used by this fine stallion Master.

I looked at Jacob and said, "I am your willing Slave, MASTER Jacob."

The truth was that I was in Love with Jacob. I had often fantasized about being his partner and completely adoring him. Now I finally realized, yes I wanted to be his property. That was how much I loved him. I would do anything for him, anything.

Jacobs cock had grown to its full eleven inch length and girth. He pulled out his fingers with a loud slurping noise. And without even a pause he placed the tip against my ass, put his hands on the chains suspending the sling and then with all his strength he pulled me towards him and his cock plunged deep into my ass all the way to his balls which made a loud slapping noise as they struck my butt cheeks.

I let out a howling scream of pure pleasure. He himself, howled like a Wolf in heat and started to piston fuck me. Pulling all the way out and then plunging back in. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Then he changed tactics. He pulled all the way out of my ass. My hole stayed wide open. You could see right inside of it. Then he rammed forward and his cock found my hole and we became joined. Jacob continued to fuck me pulling all the way out and going all the way back in.

I screamed out in bliss, "Oh God MASTER Jacob, make me your Slave, I need you so badly."

Then I blurted out in the heat of passion, "I LOVE YOU. You are my Master. God I love you so much."

Jacob stopped suddenly and a lustful look came over his face. He held his pulsating hard cock deep inside of me.

Then he spoke out to me, "I know Darian, I know. I have seen how you look at me, the way you adore me. And now, you have admitted it to me. I Love you too. I have been thinking for a while now, I want you to move in with me so that we can be together forever. I am going to make you mine."

Then he smiled his wonderful smile down at me and started to piston fuck me again.

As he fucked me he pulled all the way out and then yelled out in a passionate voice, "I (Plunge) LOVE (Plunge) YOU (Plunge). He fucked me as he rammed in with each word he said.

I loved it. This was all new to me. Then he spoke again. "YOU (Plunge) ARE (Plunge) MY (Plunge) SLAVE(Plunge) BOY (Plunge) I (Plunge)NOW (Plunge) OWN (Plunge) YOU (Plunge) YOUR (Plunge) ASS (Plunge) IS (Plunge) MINE!!!!!(Plunge)

"Oh, yes my Master, I am yours, I always have been." I cried out.

As a matter of fact tears began to stream down my cheeks and onto my chest. My heart was beating rapidly. I was in so much rapture and glory as I watched my man take me.

Jacob was looking down into my eyes with his radiant blue ones. Then he also began to weep. The tears were pouring out of his eyes and landing on my chest with warm splashes. It felt so good. It was like ambrosia. As he continued to plunge into me, I could feel his love pouring into me. He was fucking me like a mad demon. We were both grunting and moaning in pure ecstasy.

We were joined, we had become one. I couldn't stop sobbing. God I was truly and utterly in LOVE.

I was where I was supposed to be, with my man, my Master.

As we looked into each other's eyes, it was like sparks were passing between us.

Our auras had joined. We were a part of each other. We were made for each other.

We would never be the same again. A new life had begun for us.

Jacob started to pick up speed as he fucked me.

Then from deep down inside of him a animalistic roar began to develop. He plunged as hard as he could and then he screamed out, "Oh Fuck, Darian. I am going to cum. Then with a final hard plunge he began to erupt his load into my ass.

As he came his body shook violently and his building passion flowed into me. A sensation started in my gut and reached out to my rock hard cock. Without even touching it, it began to pulsate and I shot my load high into the air. It came flowing down onto our chests. I just kept Cumming and Cumming. I had never cum like this before, there were buckets of it.

Jacob was quivering as he filled my ass with his hot cum and it was so much that it was running out and down my butt cheeks. At last the rapture of our orgasm began to subside. Jacob leaned forward and leaving his cock buried inside of me he lifted me out of the sling with his strong powerful arms.

He carried me over to the bed in the corner and fell on it with me under him.

His cock slipped out as he lay on top of me. He put his arms around me and started to smother me with his kisses.

There was so much passion, so much Love.

I felt so warm and content in his arms. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. After a bit Jacob rolled off of me and lay beside me. We were both panting and breathing heavy. My head was spinning. God I was so happy. Jacob turned his head towards me and raised his hand to my face. He stroked it and wiped the tears from my eyes. And then he licked his fingers.

A huge smile broke out on his face. And he said passionately. "I Love you my Darian, I truly Love you."

I opened my mouth and spoke back to him, "And I Love you my Jacob, you are my everything. My hope, my dream, my passion."

The clock in the other room began to chime. Twelve chimes. It was the New Year. Our New Year, a new life together.

Then we lay there and we were exhausted. We drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

Tomorrow would be ours to spend eternity together......



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