I sit there, thinking about him. His smiling face, his beautiful body, and his wonderful cock. I hadn't met him yet, he lived in Texas, and I lived in North Carolina. We talked over the internet, and had phone sex a time or two, but never had actual contact. How I wish we did though. His name was A.J.. He was black, and about 5'10' with a 9'cut cock. He was well built, and very cute. He was 23 years old.

My name is Corey. I am 19 years old and am mixed. I am 5'6' and very built. I can bench around 250lbs. I have an 8' uncut dick, and it is very thick. I am a bottom with a nice tight ass hole, perfect for fucking.

We met in a gay chat room called www.menchats.com. We had been talking for a while, and he asked me for my number after we exchanged pictures. He was the first guy that I had ever talked to that didn't want phone sex right away. In fact, we didn't even have it that night, we talked about things from music to our favorite TV shows. We didn't have phone sex until the following Wednesday, and we had started talking since Friday! The first night, we talked from 2:00 am to about 6:30 am.

When we had phone sex, it was amazing. We would tell each other what we would do to one another, and played it out that way. I came so hard that night, that I shot all the way to my face. It was one volley of cum after another, just splashing against my face. His voice was so wonderful. It was passionate, rough and just damn right sexy!

We talked for several months like this. We would text one another as well. I would attempt to give him a boner while he was working, and of course it worked. He would tell me to stop because people were staring at his bulge. It would make me laugh so much. We had always talked about getting together. But I was busy with college, and he was busy with work. I studied to become a chef and when I finished my schooling, I would open up a restaurant. I always wanted to live in Texas, and I thought that I would start my business there.

Well we continued our conversations for another year or so, and I finished my schooling and graduated. Well my business partner and I brought our money together and bought a lot and building in Amarillo, Texas. Not too incredibly far from where A.J. lived. We set up shop, and settled in. I had previously told A.J. about where I was setting up my restaurant. He was super excited about me living down there. He wanted to meet me, but I simply couldn't take time out of my busy schedule. I told him the name of my restaurant and where it was located. I told him that I was going to meet him on a later date because I was simply too busy to have a love life at the moment.

It was a bummer, but I had to get my eating establishment actually established before I could start my life here in Texas. My business partner and I had been doing good with our restaurant, running strong for a month. Until that one special day. I was taking my five minute break when I took a gander into the dining area. We had a full house that night. I walked through, heading towards the door. I went out and lit up a cigarette. I was facing the building when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood this gorgeous hunk. He looked quite familiar. His voice was like the voice of an angel, and very familiar. He asked me 'Do you know a Corey that works here?' 'I am Corey, who are you?' He then wrapped his arms around me, and from that moment, I knew who it was. It was A.J.. I had only dreamt of this moment. All of my fantasies and wishes came true. I had waited for this day ever since I first talked to him so long ago.

'Oh baby, I'm so glad you are here. How did you get here?' I asked. 'I couldn't wait any longer, I had to come see my baby boy.' we hugged tighter. 'Where are you staying at?' I asked. 'No where, I just came here.' he replied. 'Well you know that I live with Tyrell and Amy, you know the married couple?' 'Yea, I know. But I suppose we could rent a hotel room for the night.' 'Yea, but I'm working, and I don't get off until 12:00.' I replied. 'But, I could just have Tyrell cover for me.' I said with a smile. He shot a grin back and I went inside. I told Tyrell to cover for me, that something had came up, well two things would come up in a little bit, but I had to leave. I absolutely couldn't pass this opportunity up. I went back outside and we left. I followed him and we went to this really nice hotel. We went in and asked for a room. 'I'm sorry, but there aren't any available right now.' said the little clerk behind the desk. 'You must!' barked A.J.. I could tell that he wanted this bad, but I did too. 'Well, we have the honeymoon suite available, but-' he was cut off. 'We will take it' said A.J.. The clerk gave us a key and we went to the elevator to go to our room. 'This must be a sign.' I said. 'What do you mean?' he asked. 'Well, we are going to the honeymoon suite. That is usually for couples in love.' 'Hmm, it must be a sing then.' he said back.

The room was wonderful. It was extremely large and just beautiful. There was a big hot tub, nice sized shower, and most importantly, a huge bed, perfect for fucking. 'I'm about to hit the shower, I've been working and I'm ready to get clean.' I said, while taking off my shirt and shoes. 'Care to join me?' I asked. 'Of course, I would love to!' so we stripped, and went off to the shower. I turned the water on and letting it warm up. While it got hot in the shower, it was getting hot in the bathroom. We were kissing passionately. Rubbing all over each other, exploring one another's body. We walked to the shower, both of our hard cocks bouncing as we walked to the shower. 'I've been waiting for this baby' I said and I got down on my knees and engulfed his cock. He moaned and pushed his hips forward holding my head as he did this. 'Damn Corey, you are so fucking good!' I sucked him hard and good, pulling him to his first climax. After I was done sucking out each last drop, I stood up and he got to his knees. He started to give me the best damn blow job I ad ever had in my life. He spit on his fingers and went back to sucking my longing cock. He slipped a finger into my ass hole as he sucked my meat. then popped in two. 'Oh God baby, yes!' He kept on like this for a little while longer. 'Oh baby, I'm Cumming!' I screamed , and blasted my load down his throat. We washed each other off and got into the hot tub. We sat there talking about the usual things. Telling each other how much we have dreamed for this moment to come.

After sitting in the hot tub for about fifteen minutes, we got out and went to the master bedroom. I laid him down and started to kiss on his neck. Nibbling and sucking. I moved down to his beautiful nipples, and started to chew on them. I kissed down his stomach and licked every crevice of his body. Then I moved down to his groin. I started to lick his balls, massing them in my mouth and with my tongue. Then I lapped at his cock head. I was kissing and licking up and down his shaft. I looked him in the eye, and shoved his cock down my throat, all nine inches of it. I sucked him for a little while, and then he said, 'This is fucking great, but now it is your turn baby.' with that he got up and turned me on my stomach. He raised my ass in the air and start to lick my rose bud. He tongue fucked me deep. He had a huge tongue and it felt great. He fingered my ass hole while he sucked me and did this back forth, switching between the tongue fucking, and the blow job. 'Oh baby, please fuck me!' I said. He obliged and grabbed some lube out of the night stand beside the bed. He lubed me up really well, and got his cock nice and slick. 'Are you ready baby?' 'Yes, fuck me now!' and he plunged deep in my hole. I let out with a loud scream. 'Ah yes, oh god yes!' He started to move his cock in and out of hole, doing it slowly. He started to pick up the pace, and he started to get wild with it. Slamming into me as hard as he could. His balls slapping mine. He pulled out and flipped me on my back, throwing my legs over his shoulders, and he went back to fucking me. As he fucked me good, he bent down and gave a me a hard kiss, and I kissed back. We were tongue wrestling. 'Oh yes baby, fuck me harder!' I said, and he started to go wild. He picked up the pace and pulled me into his thrusts, making his cock go deeper into my rectum. 'Oh yes Corey, your fucking hole is so fucking great.' I kept moaning, and screaming in pure ecstasy. 'Oh A.J., I'm going to cum soon baby!' 'I am too baby' he replied. He fucked me for a while longer, and I exploded all over us, our chest's, and our faces. Watching this, he came and shook as he did so. His hot cum filled my belly, and it felt great. When he finished, he collapsed. We laid there, and fell asleep in each others arms and he cock still buried in my hole as it grew soft. We stayed in that position all night long.

When morning came, we woke up together. He pulled his cock out of my ass and as I stood up, I felt his cum run down my leg. He cooked me breakfast and we spent the ret of the day together. I called in sick and that was the best day of my life. That night we fucked again, renting the room for an extra night. We met up quite often, and fucked every time. I loved A.J., and he was the best fuck that I had ever had.



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