So Last night I had the best dream ever. I was fucking the hottest kid in school. I mean this guy is captain of the football basketball and tennis teams. He is in the band which is cool because I am in the band and all during band I cant keep my eyes off of him. I just hope that he has never noticed me staring. Anyway so he is really muscular and he is just so hot. Sad part about the dream is he is straight in real life and has a girlfriend.

So the dream all started at the beginning of the day with my alarm waking me up. So I rolled out of bed but was not happy that I had to go to school. I took a shower and had a huge rock hard cock. That was normal I woke up most morning at least a little hard and by the time I get to the shower I am usually rock hard. So I just ignored my dick and took my shower. The water for some reason was not very warm and like 5 minutes into my shower it went ice cold. I tried to rinse out my hair but it was to cold so I got out of the shower covered in soap. I rinsed my hair off in the sink and just dried the rest of the soap of my body.

I was a little early getting to school so I decided to go to the band room and practice because we had a big concert coming up in a week. When I got in there Rick(the kid I was talking about earlier) was in there practicing his instrument so I asked if he wanted to practice together. He said sure! So I went to get my instrument and we played. This was really cool because I had had a crush on him since like we were in the 9th grade. So i just played and he had played my instrument before and was really good so when I made a mistake he noticed. He said here let me help you and leaned over and rested his hand on my thigh like only and inch from where my dick was. I noticed this right away of course and though oh my gosh what if he slips and touches my dick.

Well his hand did not slip but I began to get a little bit of a boner and that grew and made my dick move in my pants. Then it hit his hand and I was so freaked out. I was not very hard but just hard enough that I left a little mark on my jeans for where it was. He quickly pulled his hand back but did not say anything. Just then the bell rang and I jumped up so fast and ran out of the room that I forgot to put my Instrument away I just left it right there in the middle of the room. I figured that it would still be there when I went back to put it away at the end of first period but it was put back in its case with my music on top of it. I just assumed that the band teacher put my music away so I went to thank him. When I did he said that Rick had out it away he said you had to be to class and asked him to help.

I just thought ok thats was really sweet and now I am even more attracted to him just what I need. So I went to my next class and could not pay attention to the teacher all I could think about was Rick and what I was going to say to him. Nothing really came to my mind. I thought maybe I can tell him that I was thinking about a girl but that would sound weird and why would I be thinking about a girl when I am playing music and if there was not even one in the room. Ugh this is so frustrating.

The next two periods were just a daze and I was dreading 5th period because that was band and I would have to face Rick and tell what happened. Well the dreaded time finally came and the bell rang for the end of 4th period. I was in no rush to get to band and got there just before the bell rang hoping that for some reason Rick had come up with some explanation of his own so I would not have to make up something right there on the spot.

When I walked into class I saw that he was al ready seated so I just grabbed my instrument and sat down we were on total opposite sides of the band room so I just tried to not look at him. At the end of class I tried to rush and put my instrument away before he could come talk to me. I went over to talk to some of my friends and one of them sits right next to Rick and said that he seemed really distracted today and that he kept looking off over toward my section of the band. I just said ohh really that does not sound like Rick he is usually always paying attention. Maybe he was just having a bad day who knows. We all decided that must be what it was just an off day. Now I only had two more classes for the day but my 7th period class was with Rick and there were only 9 of us in the class so it would be hard to avoid him.

Period 6 was fine I could focus because I had calmed down somewhat from earlier that day. By not talking to him in band I was calmer. I just did not think about period 7. We had a test on period 6 and 7. That would be bad on a normal day but Like I said now I could not think about Rick or talk to him. At the end of period 7 I went to track and he went to tennis and we did not talk. I was happy to get to track it was a needed relaxation period. I was practicing for the 400m and the 600m. Track was great and I was happy to forget about all my problems from the day.

I went home and had to text my cousin in Indiana at school. He was the only one who I had told that I had feelings about other guys. I still have no idea why I told him but he was the one I told. So I went to my room and called him when he text back and said that he was not in class. When I called he asked the usual how are your classes and how is the family and everything else. Well because I did not want to just start in on my problems about Rick I told him about school. Now I am a straight A student I had only once gotten a B+, but right now I had a C in my calculus class. My cousin who was a major in Accounting said he could help me with my math homework if I wanted help so I said great. I called him on skype and showed him what I had and he was a great teacher I had it all done in like 45 minuets when I would have taken me 2 hours alone.

So now I asked him what was up with him and he said nothing much just some friend trouble. I thought well it can't be worse than my problem so I asked and said that I would be happy to help if he wanted me to. He said are you sure it is really crazy. I said sure I would be happy to. Well I should have taken his advice as soon as I said sure he just started to spill his whole life and trust me it was way worse than mine.

His girlfriend since 11th grade in high school had slept with another guy. My cousin Bobby went to go visit her in Ohio where she was going to school and when he got there he walked in on her having sex with not just one guy but she was having sex with two guys. Of course she tried to tell him the next day that she was drunk and it was a mistake but Bobby called some of her friends down there and they said that she had been hooking up with half the guys on campus. I told him that if she did that it is for the better that you two break up. He knew I was right but he thought she was the one.

Also that same week his best friend had decided that he was all pissed off at Bobby for no reason. That sucked because now Bobby had no one to tell this to. He jokingly said maybe I should try out guys like you.:) I said I don't know right now everything is not so great in my world. He said ohh whats wrong and I went on to tell him the whole story. When I was done he just sat there and did not say a thing. Then I said he buddy you still there! He said ya, I have no idea what you should do. The only time that ever happened to me was with my old girlfriend when we were studying alone in my room. Not to a guy I had never really talked to before. Especially not to a guy who thought I was straight. Man I can't tell you anything but just try to forget about it and maybe he will too.

So the next week went by and I may have not forgotten but I talked to Rick in class about the subject we were learning and it was fine he did not say a thing. So when he asked if I wanted to do a research project with him for our history class I thought sure why not. Then one day we were doing the project in school and Rick asked if he could come over tonight so we could work on the project together. I saw nothing wrong and now I was convinced that he had forgotten about what happened. So I said ya sure I will wait for you by the locker room after track. He said cool I will be there when tennis is over.

Track ended like half an hour before tennis so I just got out my laptop and did some homework so I could spend all my time tonight on the History project. When Rick came out of the locker room he said hey r u ready to go and I jumped like a foot because I was so into my math homework that I did not notice anyone else that was around me. He said sorry man I did not mean to scare you. I said its cool.

He drove me to my house because I walk in the morning for I only live around the corner. When we got home my mom had gotten home from school(She is an elementary school teacher). She talked to Rick for a few minutes while I got something to eat. I asked him if he wanted anything and he said yes please so I asked him what he wanted and we both just ended up eating an apple. My mom talked with us while we ate the apples and then when we finished we went up to my room to start working on the project.

We worked for a couple hours. Only once did I think WOW look at him he is such a hunk and he is so amazing. But right then my mom called up to ask if Rick was staying for dinner. I said that he was welcome to if he wanted to keep working on the project so he called his parents and told them he was working on a project and that he would not be home until late. So we worked for a little while longer then mom came up and said dinner was ready. We went down to eat and my mom low and behold had made up my favorite meal. It was lasagna with homemade garlic bread and it was the best. I ate up and my dad was not home because he was on a business trip.

When dinner was over i said that I would do the dishes because I knew how hard mom worked to get this meal ready I helped once and it took forever.I told Rick that he could just go back up to my room and work on the project and I would be right up. He said that he would help with the dishes and he grabbed a dish towel so I was happy because I hated to do the dishes and company would be nice. so we did the dishes and then went up to work on the project for like another couple of hours. Then it was 9 and he said he should head home he had other home work and so did I. So he left but we agreed to get together to work on it again tomorrow night.

After he left I went to go talk to mom and she said that he was a nice young man and that she liked him very much. I said great. Is it okay if we work in the project again tomorrow night as well we are almost done. She said that is fine. Then just as I was about to get up she surprised me by saying you know he kept looking at you during dinner with dreamy eyes. Maybe he likes you. I turned around and said what why would u say that. I had not told here that I liked boys and this was weird for my mom to tell me. She said that Bobby had told her when I said that I might like boys because he was worried that if kids found out I would be teased.

I did not really know what to say. I just thought to say that he had a girl friend and that he would never like a guy let alone me. After that I went back to my room and fell asleep doing math homework.

Then next day at school Rick said that we could go to his house tonight his parents would not be home. Just then I thought oh my gosh what did my mom say last night that he would not want to go back to the house with her. I kind of just blurted out that I was sorry for my mom she always asks so many questions. He just laughed and said that it was fine and that he really liked her he just would feel bad imposing on her two nights in a row. I said oh okay thats fine we can go to your house.

So after practice we went to his house and it was beautiful. I knew his parents were both doctors but this was a huge house. I asked when his parents would be home and he said that they were both going to be away all night his dad was gone and his mom was on call all night. So we got something to eat and went up to his room. When we had worked for about and hour he said that he was hungry and asked if I was to. Well i was starving because I had not really had a lunch that day. So we ordered a pizza and I said that I would go get it. He said that was cool and I went to get the pizza.

When I got back I came in and thought that he would just be right down stairs waiting watching TV or something but then I thought he must be upstairs working on the project. Well he must have not heard me come in because when I went up stairs and walked into his room he was jerking off.

I walked right in not expecting that and when I saw I just turned around. Then I was pissed at my self that i had not gotten a good look. I said sorry I will go home now. He said no no don't go. I can stop unless you want to join me. When he said that I thought it would be really weird but all that came out of my mouth was this will be fun. I jumped on the bed with him and gave his the best kiss I could. Then he ripped off my shirt and I did the same. I kissed his rock hard abs and his beautiful chest. This was the guy of my dreams and he was now stripping right in front of me. I could not mess this up.

I stopped when I was thinking and said the dumbest thing I could have. I said "don't you have a girl friend?" He said no we broke up a few weeks ago when I found that I had a thing for another person. I said ohh really who I bet she would love to go out with you. He said it is not a she and he is kissing my abs right now. I felt my whole face go red. I said really you like me. He said ya I was never sure but I always thought that I might have a little thing for guys and that day in the Band room when I touched you dick even through your pants I knew that I was really into guys. I figured that I should just stop asking questions and go with it.

Well he ripped off my pants and gave me my first blow job and it was amazing. I just pushed his head up and down on my dick until he swung around so we were in a 69 position and were both giving each other blow jobs. Then he stopped and looked at me and I said what? He said do you want to take it in the ass? I said fuck ya I would love to. I thought that it was going to hurt because for one his dick must have been 10 inches long and it was about 6 around. I know that it sure was hard to fit it in my mouth. But I wanted to do anything I could get while I was in this moment.

He put on a condom and stuck his monster dick in my ass. I hurt at first but then it felt amazing. After a little while he asked if I would fuck him and I said sure. I told him that I did not have a condom and he gave me one of his but my dick being only 8 long and about 5 around was too small. He said just ride be bareback and I said are you sure. He said he had never had sex with anyone else then asked what about me? I had not ever had sex either so he said just go for it. It felt so good to stick my dick into his tight firm ass. I did not fuck him for very long because he said that he could not take it anymore. So I went back to giving him a blow job and stroking his abs. He just pushed my head up and down while he got his blow job. Then when I least expected it he shot his load. It was huge. He looked so happy and I was too. I spit some of the cum onto his abs and played with it with my tongue then I ate it. He started to give me a blow job and it was not long before I blew my load. It was also a big load since I had not jacked off in like 3 weeks.We both came agin that night and it was amazing every time.

We did finally finish the project and we turned it in to get a 100. Then all of a sudden I felt something shaking and I came to. It was my mother shacking me and telling me to get out of bed because I was going to be late for school. It had all been a dream but it had been a hell of a dream. I did however become good friends with Rick in real life. He is a great guy and now he and Bobby are the only two people that know I am interested in guys. I just hope Rick never finds out I interested in him! :P



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