I had come to Rome on a paid vacation. My uncle was filthy rich and to get me out of his way for awhile, agreed to finance the trip. I had always wanted to visit Italy. I am 33. Tall with short black hair, brown eyes, ruggedly good looking with a lean, swimmers build. I had hoped while I was in Rome that I would meet a hot young twink to take to bed. I like younger guys. I find they have more stamina and can last longer than guys my age or older. There's nothing like sinking your rock hard cock into a smooth, firm twink's ass and hearing him moan.

I believe that are is just a number and that there is nothing wrong with an older man showing a younger man some love and affection. I checked into my hotel and the guy at the front desk called a bellboy over. When I turned and looked at the young man standing before me, my breath caught in my chest. He was beautiful! 5ft 3 with sandy brown hair, brown eyes, boyish face and a lean, athletic build. Boy was he ever my type!

"Would you like me to help you with your luggage Signore?" he asked in a deep husky voice.

I nodded. We loaded my luggage onto a trolly and pushed it onto the elevator.

"Will you be staying in Rome long Signore?" the twink asked.

I looked at his leath frame and wondered what he'd look like naked, spread out under me while I fucked him. I was brought back to reality by the ding of the elevator bell.

"Hmmm?... Um I'll be here a few days."

The bellboy nodded. "Bene!" I knew that ment "good". He helped me wheel the trolly to my door. "If there is anything else you need Signore, just ask for me, Marco."

I gave him a tip and watched as he walked into the elevator. He smiled and waved as the doors closed. Later that night I decided to clean up and go to a local gay bar I had heard about. The night was beautful with a soft breeze blowing over me. I walked down the street until I came to a place called The Cave.

"This must be the place" I thought. I paid the entrance fee and went in. The club was filled with older and younger men. Some were seated at a bar. Others were out on the dance floor. A few younger guys looked me over and smiled at they passed. I went to the bar where the bar tender, a middle aged guy with a bald head and a nipple ring asked me what I wanted to drink. "Beer per favore." I sat at the bar taking in the scene. I saw a older man who we would call a "bear" in america talking to a young man who we would call a "cub".

I had decided this really wasn't the place I wanted to be and was just getting up to leave when I saw someone walking twords me. It was Marco. He looked sexy in a tight muscle shirt and faded jeans.

"Signore!" he exclaimed. "I didn't think I'd find you here."

I nodded. "I was just about to leave."

Marco nodded. "Would you like some company?" I nodded.

We walked out of the club and slowly down the street back to my hotel.

"How are you enjoying your stay in Rome?" Marco asked.

"Molto Spledido."

Marco laughed. "You speak Italian."

I nodded. " a little."

We walked into my hotel and up to my room.

"Would you like to go somewhere with me tomarrow?" Marco asked. I nodded. "Where?"

He smiled. "There is the ruins of the Roman baths I have wanted to see." I nodded. "Sounds like fun." He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

"Bona note!" he said which I knew ment "good night."


The next day I was just finishing getting dressed when I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it there stood Marco. "Ciao!" he exclaimed.

"Bona Mattina!" Macrco laughed. "Good morning to you."

We got into his car and he drove to the ruins of the Roman baths. They looked like big chunks of rubble. We walked around and Marco told me some of the history of the baths.

"Young men and older me would come here to bathe and sometimes to um.... Como sediche?" he asked not knowing what the word he was looking for was.

"Fuck?" I offered. He laughed. "Yes, exactemente!!"

We walked to a part of the baths that looked like stalls. "These were the private stalls used by the men for privacy" March explained.

I smiled. "Are the baths still in use today?" Marco nodded. "Come with me."

We went to a secluded spot where no one was around. I looked at Marco and he stared back at me. I felt my cock growing hard. Before I knew what I was doing or even cared I was pressing my lips to Marco's thin, red lips.

"I've been waiting for you to do that" he exclaimed. I kissed him again and parted his lips with my tongue before sticking it in. We frenched for a few moments.

"Bella regazzo!" I exclaimed which ment "beautiful boy." "Let's go back to my hotel."

Marco smiled. "Why?" I shrugged. "I want to make love to you." He laughed. "Why not right here?"

I looked around and saw no one around. "What if someone sees us?" Marco laughed. "No one is here. Besides, I have a freind who works here and asked him to tell anyone that wants to come in that the site is closed."

I nodded. "Come here." Marco came into my arms and we kissed. I lifted his shirt over his head. His chest and abs were smooth and cut. "You are so beautiful!" I exclaimed. "Gracci!" he said which ment "thank you."

I kissed his neck, moving down to his nipples. Marco moaned as I licked and gently nibbled on both sensative bud. I moved lower, licking a trail to his crotch. I knelt down and unzipped his pants. He was wearing a pair of tight blue breifs. I could see the tent he was pitching. I licked and nudged the fabric with my tongue. Marco's eyes were closed.

I put two fingers in the elastic waistband of his breifs and slowly pulled them down. His 9 inch cock popped out like a coil. "Wow!" was all I could say. I stood and took off my shirt. Marco stood there stroking his monster cock and smiling. When I was completely naked we laid down on the soft grass. We kissed and I took Marco's cock in my hand and stroked it.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. "That feels so good!" I smiled. "I know something that will feel even better!"

I licked a bead of precum that had seeped out of his slit. He moaned. "Yeah! Suck me!" I looked into his eyes and smiled before swollowing his cock whole. I heard him cry out.


I moved so my cock was infront of him and we 69'd. Marco's mouth on my rock hard prick felt amazing. Soon we were both moaning and panting. I could tell he was getting close. I slipped a finger between his smooth ass cheeks and started fingering his hole.

"Yeah! I love that!" he moaned before latching back onto my cock like a leech. I felt his cock start twitching and I knew he was about to cum I thrust two fingers into his hole and hit his prostate. He cried out around my cock as he exploaded, squirting rope after rope of hot, salty boycream over my tastebuds and down my throat. A few moments later I came. Marco lapped it up like a dog thirsty for water.

We laid there for a few moments trying to catch our breath before Marco looked at me and smiled. "I want you to fuck me." I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was laying naked in the ruins of the Roman baths with the hottest twink I have ever seen and here he's asking me to fuck him.

"I dont have any lube or condoms." He went into his pants pocket and retrieved a tube of lube and a condom packet. "I thought we might need these." I nodded. "Can we do without the condom?" Marco nodded. "I am clean and I trust you."

I layed down on my back and Marco slathered some lube on my cock and on his asshole. He straddled me and I held my cock steady while he lowered himself onto it. He moaned softly when he was all the way in. He began moving his hips up and down. The feeling of his anal muscles contracting and releasing on my cock was out of this world.

"Yeah! ride my cock!" I moaned. Marco moved faster. The Roman sun looked so good against his smooth, hairless body. He closed his eyes and his mouth formed a perfect O.

I put a hand on either cheek and pulled them further open. I proceeded to ram my cock into his tight hole.

"OH YEAH!! FUCK ME SIGNORE!!!" Marco moaned a little too loudly. I laughed. "SSHH! not so loud." We were panting and moaning. The hot sun was making us sweat. I felt my balls begin to twitch. "I'mm gonna cum!" moaned. In one fluid motion Marco was on his hands and knees and I was ramming into him like a jack hammer, my balls slapping against his smooth ass.

"Gonna.....cum!" I moaned. I thrust one final time and felt fireworks as I exploaded inside Marco's ass filling it with my hot, sticky seed.

"UUHHHH!!!!" I grunted.

I lay against his back, gasping for breath. When my cock went soft I pulled out, leaving a trail of cum on the ground.

"Damn! That was the best fuck I have ever had!" I exclaimed. Marco smiled. "I know." I smiled and looked into his beautiful brown eyes. "Now it's your turn."

I had him kneel infront of me while I rubbed my cum soaked cock on his ass. I grabbed his cock with one hand and started jerking him off while I held him tightly against me.

"Oh yeah!" Marco moaned. "Make me cum!"

After a few moments I could tell by Marco's breathing, he was close to cumming.

"Do you wanna cum?" I whispered in his ear. He nodded. "Cum for me, come for daddy!"

Marco's back arched and I felt his cock twitch in my hand as he shot one huge load after another.

"ARRRRRGGG!!!" He whimpered. When his cock stopped twitching we kissed for a few moments before getting dressed.

We spent the rest of my time in Rome together, having hot sex every night. I introduced him to rimming and he fucked my ass like a expert. When the day came for me to leave, Marco cried. "I love you!" he said, his voice thick with emotion. I felt tears well up in my eyes. "I love you too my Piccolo Angelo" which ment "little angel." "I'll come back, I promise." I kissed him and walked down the gangway to my plane. I looked back before turning the corner. There he stood, a hot little twink who I had come to love very much. I knew we would see eachother again. we just had too.

To Be Continued.......



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