Brandon and I sat in the hotub. We had just had the most amazing sex I've ever had. We were so engrossed with eachother that we didn't even notice the guy standing there watching us until he spoke. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Brandon's eyes grow wide with fear. "Dad!" he exclaimed. I knew our goose was cooked. Here I was sitting in a hotub locked in a passionate embrace with this mans son.

"Come on, out of there you two." I got out and covered myself with a towel in a effort to cover my nakedness. "Dad, we can explain...." Brandon began but was cut short when his dad held up his hand. "No explanation needed son." He walked over to me. He wasn't smiling. I knew he was either going to kick me out or kick my ass. What he did next shocked both Brandon and I. His dad offered me his hand. "I'm Bill." I took his hand, which covered most of mine. "Michael." Bill nodded. "Why dont you two get dressed and then we can talk." Brandon and I headed inside. When we had dressed we came back to find Bill sitting in one of the deck chairs smoking a cigar.

"Sit down son" Bill said smiling at me. I sat across from him and Brandon sat on the arm of the chair. "It's obvious you and my boy are in love." I nodded. "We are indeed sir." Bill laughed. "Call me Bill, please." He puffed on his cigar. "I want you to know you are always welcome here." I nodded, too stunned to say anything except "Thank you." Bill stood and stretched. "I think I'll head up to bed." He kissed Brandon on the head and smiled at me. "Mike, you're welcome to spend the night if you'd like." I nodded. I watched as he walked inside before turning to Brandon. "What the hell happened?" I asked. Brandon shrugged. "I think he just gave us his blessing."

We slept in the same bed but did nothing more than cuddling and occasionally kiss. We didn't want Bill to hear anything. The next morning I left early while Brandon was still asleep. I sent him a text telling him to meet me for coffee later. I looked back at my sleeping lover. The morning sun shown through the window and made Brandon's blond hair glow. His smooth, chisled chest rose and fell with each breath.

Brandon showed up at the cafe later, clearly excited. He kissed me and then sat across from me. "You'll never guess what just happened!" I smiled. "Tell me." Brandon's smile widdened. "My dad just admitted to me he's gay!" My jaw hit the floor. "What?" Brandon nodded. "We sat down and had a long talk this morning and then he told me." I laughed. "How do you feel about it?" Brandon shrugged. "I'm ok with it. I mean he's my dad and I love him." I nodded. "He wanted me to ask you if you'd be open to having sex with him."

I was glad I hadn't drunk anything just then. "Pardon?" Brandon giggled. "He said when he saw us together he got a huge boner." I didn't know how to repsond to that. I knew I loved Brandon but part of me wondered what it would be like to have sex with Bill. "Can I think about it and call you later?" Brandon nodded. Later I walked along the beach. I loved Brandon and knew that I would never want to do anything to hurt him. On the other hand it seemed like this was something he wanted me to do. I decided to do it. I called Brandon and told him I'd be there.

I arrived at Brandon's house and knocked on the door. Brandon answered the door. He was all smiles. "Hey! Glad you decided to come." he said closing the door behind him. "I almost didn't." I followed him into the kitchen where Bill was busy making a salad. "Mike!" he exclaimed when he saw me. "Glad you could make it." I nodded. "Thanks for having me." Bill nodded. "I hope you like steak?" I nodded. "Who doesn't?" We ate and then Bill asked the question I had been waiting for all night. "Wanna take a dip in the hotub?" he asked looking at me hopefully. I smiled. "I dont have and swim trunks." Brandon shrugged. "We dont need any."

I followed them out onto the deck and Bill turned on the hotub. When it was hot and frothy bubbles came up. I watched as they both began to strip. When Brandon was naked he slid into the hot water. "Ooh! Hot!" he exclaimed. I was looking at Bill. His chest was smooth and his abs were rock hard. He was built like a tank. I watched as he unzipped his pants and giving me a sly smile pulled them down.

I gasped when I saw the size of Bills cock. It was almost 11 inches! It was thick and veiny. A tuft of black curly pubic hair above and a pair of heavy, low hanging balls below. He slid into the hotube beside Brandon. "Well, arent you going to join us?" Brandon asked. I nervously stripped. When I was naked Bill nodded. "You were right son, Mike is hot!" I laughed. "Thanks." I slid into the hot foamy water between Brandon and his dad.

Brandon kissed me, his tongue slipping into my mouth to mingle with my own. I moaned when I felt Bill's hand caress my thigh and grab my flaccid cock. He began stroking it. "Sit up on the edge of the hotub." Bill said as he kissed my neck. When I did Bill engulfed my cock with his hot mouth. I cried out in pleasure. "Oh yeah!" Brandon moved underneath Bill and took his dad's monster cock into his mouth. I was shocked and turned on as I watched his work on his dads's cock. Bill took my cock out of his mouth long enough to say "That's it son! Suck my dick!" Before latching back onto my slippery rod.

Soon all three of us were panting and moaning. Bill moaned louder. "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!!" He thrust his hips, fucking his sons face. Brandon reached up and massaged his huge balls. Suddenly I felt Bill tense. "Fuck! Here it comes!" His eyes closed tightly and I could tell by the way Brandon's adams apple bobbed up and down he was taking his dad's load. "UUUHHHHH!!" Bill grunted. Seeing Brandon swallow his dad's macho gazpacho put me over the edge. I grabbed my throbbing cock and began jerking off frantically as rope after rope of my hot, sticky cum shot out all over Bills balls and cock. "FFFUUUUCCCKKK!! I whimpered.

When I was empty we sat there in the hot water and caught our breath. "Wow!" Bill exclaimed looking at me. I nodded. "I know". Brandon nodded. "Ditto!" Bill climbed out of the hotub and helped us out. "Let's continue this in the bedroom!" Brandon and I smiled at eachother and nodded.

Will Brandon and Mike fuck Bill? Will Bill fuck his own son and Mike? Tune in next time to find out!!



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