After the wrestler left, I lay back and thought about what happened. Finding sex was so easy here. I decided to hit the showers to clean up before going to the night room.

I entered the showers and was amazed to see sucking and fucking going on out in the open for all to see and watch. There were one-on-ones and three-ways and one four-way. I showered slowly as I watched the activity then walked to the night room.

As I entered I noticed that there were two sets of doors about five feet apart and a set of floor to ceiling curtains hanging midway between the two sets of doors. It was to keep all the outside light from entering the room.

I entered and waited a few minutes to try and let my eyes adjust. There was a row of small very dim lights around the high ceiling; just enough to let you see that there were others in the room but not enough to see any faces or tell who was there. I was groped by several and did some groping of my own. As I paused for a second I suddenly felt a hot mouth swallow my cock and another begin licking my ass. I chose to move on and as I did I heard the one sucking my cock whisper 'Damn.'

A few seconds later I saw the shape of a guy close to me. I reached out and as I felt his chest I could tell that he was extremely well built and had a nice coating of hair on his chest. I reached up and felt his face and found what felt like a nicely trimmed beard and moustach. As I felt it, I let out with a 'Hummm.'

The guy leaned close and whispered, 'You like beards?'

'Oh, yes and hairy chest and bodies,' I replied softly as I reached for his cock. As i groped his cock he grabbed mine. 'Nice,' he whispered.

'So is yours,' I answered. It was hard as stone, close to nine to ten inches as best as I could tell and slim. I'd have no problem taking him in either hole. We leaned toward each other in the dark for a kiss but we missed by a few inches. We recovered and were soon passionately kissing with our arms around each other. I loved the feel of his hairy chest against mine. When we broke the kiss I leaned to his ear and whispered, 'I'm in room 9 if you care to join me.'

'I'd love to but I need to let a friend know that I'll be busy a while. Go ahead. I'll be right there.'

We kissed again and and I turned and left and returned to my room. My hard cock was sticking straight out and swinging from side to side as I walked. I had several offers but politely declined saying that I already had a date.

I entered the room and turned out the light, leaving only a very dim red light coming from one corner. It gave off just a hair more light that was in the night room. I wanted it that way because it had been so erotic making out in the dark.

A momemt later, the door opened and he quickly slipped in, closed and locked the door. He made his way to the bed and lay beside me and after another kiss, I began exploring his hairy body with my tongue. He moaned softly as i licked and sucked his pits, then his nips. I moved to his navel and he moaned again. Then lower to his pubs and cock. I licked the tip of his cock, collecting the precum oozing from it then licked down the shaft. Next came his balls, then raising his legs i began devouring his hot tight ass. Lower I went until i was soon licking his feet and sucking his toes. He moaned louder this time. I went back up and began sucking his cock, swallowing the entire shaft with no problem. 'Oh, fuck baby, not many can do that so easily. Damn you're good.'

He pulled me off and began working on me, copying my movements. Before long we were in a sixty-nine and hungrily sucked each other to a climax. We exploded seconds apart, sending huge, thick ropes of hot cum down the other's throat and into their mouth. we both eagerly swallowed what was fed to us.

After we had milked each other's cock totally dry, we kissed, tasting our own cum in the other's mouth. Afterward I held him and said, 'As soon as you build it back up I want you to fuck me.'

'I'd love to but damn I have to see that muscular body of yours. You are so fucking hot,' he said as he walked to the light switch. Flipping it on the room filled with light and after a split second he exclaimed loudly, 'Mother Fucking son-of-a-bitch.'

I was starting at him as I said 'Holy fucking shit!'

I was looking into the face of one of my dad's assistant foremans, Clay Burns. I hd always thought Clay was hot especially when I'd see him out on a job without his shirt.

'I can't believe I just sucked my boss's son and was planning on fucking his ass.'

'Was planning?' I said. 'I hope like hell you still are. We've gone this far so we might as well go all the way. Get over here. You said you wanted to check out my body.'

Clay returned to the bed and sat beside me. As he caressed my chest with his hand he asked, 'Does your dad know about you and your being here?'

'Fuck no, and I hope you're not planning on telling him.'

'Fuck no. If I did that I'd be telling on myself also.'

'This is my first time here but I've been gay for a little over two years. I've had the hots for you for so long it's unreal,' I told him.

'You really want me to fuck you?'

'Oh, hell yes. I want it balls deep.'

He reached for the lube which was still on the small table. He greased himself up then my ass. I lay back and raised my legs and Clay got into position. He placed the head of his cock against my hole and began applying pressure. My ass muscle began to give and the head of his cock popped in. I winced but not from pain, because there was very little, but from the pleasure I was feeling. 'All the way, baby,' I said.

Clay slowly worked his ten incher completely into my hole. When I felt his balls against my ass, I smiled up at him and asked, 'How's it feel?'

'Fucking fantastic. I can't believe that I have my cock buried in my boss's son's ass.'

'Well you do so start fucking that ass.'

Clay began pumping in and out, working the head of his cock over my love button. After a while he began to fuck faster and i knew he was getting close. I certaqinly knew that he was getting me close and I wanted so desperately to cum at the same time. Closr and closer we got. He looked at me and told me to get ready. I told him that I was ready when he was. Suddenly his cock exploded sending huge rivers on hot thick cum flowing through my love tunnel. At the same time, my own cock erupted out into my face and on my chest and stomach. when his convulsions ended, he slowly pulled out and began licking me clean,swallowing it as he licked it up. 'Feed me some,' I said. He did and we shared my load. He smiled at me and said, 'Man, your ass is fucking awesome.'

'Thanks,' I answered 'and so is your cock. You know it's going to be rough on us when we see each other on a jobsite.'

'Fuck, don't I know it, but we'll manage.'

He lay beside me and asked, 'Chase, how old are you? I know you're at least eighteen or you wouldn't be here.'

'I turned eighteen yesterday. Dad is taking me out for my birthday saturday. He said he had a special birthday gift. I think it might be that sporty convertable I've been looking at, but what I'd really like is to suck his cock and have him fuck me.'

'Chase! He's your dad.'

'So? I've heard of sons sucking their dads before. He's got a beautiful cock and I'd love to eat it. If he would just give me the slightest hint, I'd drop to my knees in an instant.' Clay looked at me funny.

'You said you had a friend here with you. Is it someone else from the company?'

'No,' he answered. 'It's a guy I've known for several years. We come here together and see who can get what. Occasionally we have sex together.'

'When will you be back?' I asked.

He looked at me and smiled, 'When will you be here again?'

'Next thursday when dad has his weekly meeting.'

He smiled and said, 'Well, that's when I'll be here and you get to fuck me then.'

'It's a date,' I told him.

He smiled and kissed me saying that he hated to leave but his friend needed to go and that they were riding together.

Clay left and I lay back on the bed and began laughing. Clay Burns, the guy I was hot for and just had was as gay as I was. I couldn't believe it.

I got up and headed back to the shower room. Now I was in a cock sucking mood. I saw a stud showering and walked over in front of him and dropped to my knees. Without either of us saying a word, he stepped closer and shoved his cock into my mouth. It was at least eight and a half inches and fat. Others watched as I worked it completely into my mouth and throat. I sucked him off. As he pulled out and stepped away, another took his place. Before I stopped and went to my room to dress and leave, I had fourteen loads of cum in my stomach, not counting the wrestler and Clay.

As I walked out, the attendant at the desk looked at me and smiled. 'Man, you must be something else,' he said.

'What makes you say that?

'Man, I've had guys coming out and discribing you and paying me big tips to call them the next time you come in. That's never happened before.'

I just smiled and thanked him and left totally satisfied.

I got home about an hour before dad. His meeting had ended early tonight and when he came in he asked if I had had anything to eat. I almost started laughing. We went and grabbed a burger and when we returned home, I looked at him and said, 'Dad, we've always been open and relaxed with each other, right?'

'Yea, why?'

'Well, I really enjoy running around in the nude and was wondering if you had any objections if I started living that way at home?'

He looked startled but said, 'Not at all if that's what makes you happy.'

'You know you could do it too if you feel like it.' I was laying the ground work to molest my own dad.

'Yea, I know that. We'll see.'

I went to my room and stripped and was soon back downstairs with dad letting my cock swing as I walked, watching him to see his reaction. After looking at my cock for a couple of seconds, all he said was, 'Well, I see you've got my genes.'

Shortly after that, he got up and went to bed.

I walked out to the pool and called Duke and filled him in on my first trip to the bathhouse.

'Fuck man, it sunds like you had a great first time. You really sucked fourteen cocks in the showers?'

'Yea, I was in heaven.'

'Hell, the most I've had was twelve.'

'And I nearly shit when Clay turned on the light and I realized it was one of dad's employees.'

'I guess so. Was he good?'

'Well, let me just say we have a date for next thursday.'

'Nice. I just might have to go and see what he looks like.'

'Come on , but hands off or I'll bite your nuts off.'

'Ouch,' he said with a laugh.

I asked him why he hadn't been over much in the last week or so and he just said that he'd had some things he needed to take care of. I told him I wanted to see him and that I really missed being in bed with him. 'Me, too,' he answered.

That saturday Dad woke me and took me outside. There in the driveway sat the sporty new convertable I had been looking at. Being the son of the largest contractor in the state and one of the wealthiest does have it's advantages.

We walked back inside for me to get my license and without thinking I gave dad a thank you hug and kissed him square on the lips. He looked surprised but didn't pull back.

Thursday finally arrived and i returned to the bathhouse. When I went in I handed the attendent the fee for the private room and he again handed me the key to room 9.

I went in, stripped , and went looking for Clay. I found him in the showers sucking one of the guys that works on his crew. I walked over. Clay looked up at me and said, 'You want to take over?'

'Sure, why not. At this rate, I might end up sucking the whole fucking company.' They both laughed and as I swallowed the cock and the guy moaned, Clay said, 'Remember, the boss has no idea.' 'Gotcha,' the guy replied.

I wondered what was going on. Why would the say anything to dad?

I got the stud off and drank his sweet nectar and Clay and I returned to my room. We immediately made love as we had before and went straight into a sixty-nine. After a brief rest I fucked Clay and he again fucked me. We showered and each sucked a few cocks in the shower then returned for another sixty nine. Then Clay looked at me and said, 'Hey stud, that's about all I can take for one day. I'm not as young as you. 'Next week?'

'You got it. And if you want to you can see if the other guy wants to make it a three way.'

'Jerry? Hell, he'd love that. See you then.'

After Clay left, I went to the showers again and saw Duke bent over with a cock in his ass and one in his mouth. Assoon as the guy he was sucking blew his wad he turned and swallowed my cock. After the guy came up his ass and Duke had swallowed my load we returned to my room and did it all with each other. He said that he had seen Clay and totally understood why I had said hands off. 'We're meeting again next week if you'd like to join. Next thursday same time.'

'You better believe I'll fucking be here,' he said.

That weekend, dad decided to join me in going nude at home. It was fucking awesome to see him nude. I got a boner at one point and we both laughed about it. Then I made fun of him when he popped one.

Monday night Dad said that he had a meeting out of town Tuesday afternoon and wouldn't be hom until very late. 'From about noon on, you won't be able to reach me, just so you know.'

Got it and you be careful,' I told him. If he was going to be gone that long, I could go to the bathhouse and see if it was a different crowd. Man was i in for a shock.




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