A very sexy young man wearing a skimpy swimsuit was leaning against the wall of the bathhouse I was looking for. His feet were crossed at the ankles in a pose that seemed to exaggerate his bulging crotch. He struck me as a living advertisement of the quick sex for which this bathhouse was noted. I had read about it in my gay guide, which highly recommended going out of one's way to visit the place, so I wasn't going to let the chance pass me by during my business trip to the area. I grinned at him as I walked past. He winked back! I paid the small fee, and when I entered the old building, he followed me! This was going to be an exceptional experience, I was certain.

Inside, there was a group of men milling around, giving me the immediate impression of open cruising. Most were young - in the eighteen- to twenty-five-year-old age range - in various stages of undress, some naked, some wrapped in short towels, some in jockstraps, and some in swimsuits. A few of the men were about my age - late twenties to early thirties. Even fewer were older. Most seemed to know one another, from the easy, playful, open banter that gave the place an air of both relaxed cordiality and heightened sexuality.

I stripped down, feeling a little nervous from being in a new place and a little self-conscious from all the bold stares I was getting, yet rightfully proud of my well-developed body. I put my clothes in one of the lockers lining the walls, wrapped my naked frame in a towel, and planned to take a shower before putting on my swimsuit. But, as I entered the bathroom, I saw that sexy young man, again, standing in front of an open toilet booth. He grinned at me and entered the booth, motioning me with a tilt of his head to take the empty booth next his, and grabbing his crotch in an obvious invitation as he slowly closed the door. I am not one to turn down this kind of invitation!

The booth I entered was exactly what I had come to expect in a busy, erotic place like this. Immediately, I was struck by the quality of the graphic sexual art on the walls. My gut churned when I spotted a large glory hole in each sidewall. I flipped my towel onto a hook on the back of the door, fluffed my cockhair, skinned back my growing erection, turned slowly so anyone watching could get a good look, and then sat down on the commode. As I did, I saw his eye pulling back from his glory hole. I looked through. He was standing there, almost leaning against the far wall, so I got a good look at him. He ran a palm over his chest, pressing the large hard nipples, and then slid the hand down to his swimsuit. He very slowly slipped his fingers inside the flimsy garment. I could see that he was touching himself.

"Wow!" I whispered into the glory hole.

He grinned. Then, with both hands he slowly slid the suit down, first exposing a thick bush of dark cockhair, then the base of a wide cock, and then slowly exposing that cock, which was surprisingly long! Big balls bulged behind the large cock. Finally, he let the suit drop to the floor. He stepped out of it, lifted it with his foot, grabbed it and flipped it onto the hook. It was a stimulating maneuver. He was putting on a private show for my benefit. I loved it!

He grabbed his cock as it grew and he shook it at me. "Want some?" he asked in a low, tense voice. The cock quickly rose to full attention.

"Oh, man! I really do!" I confirmed. As he slowly moved towards the hole, I added, "Feed it to me!"

"Yeah! Take it!" he sighed as he slipped the stiff tool into the hole.

I've always loved watching cocks come through walls at me, and this one was especially thrilling. Its size, coloration and odors were perfection. His big balls, which were up tight at the base, came through the large hole too. I knew he'd be a great partner.

I only leaned in to take the pulsating cock into my mouth once it was fully through the hole and he was pressed against the wall. "Take it!" he repeated in a husky whisper. The plea was music to my ears. The helmet-shaped glans slipped easily between my eager lips and I sucked it in. It filled my mouth! This was a big cock! I loved it! I began giving it my very best effort and technique. His pre-cum tasted rich and salty. This guy knew what he was doing and what he wanted as we very quickly fell into a rhythm of thrusting and parrying. He slowly forced the entire weapon down my throat! I love sucking cock!

"Fuck! You suck a mean dick, man!" he suddenly blurted out. "I feel your lips at my balls, I'm in so deep. You really know how to suck cock!" His husky voice was unrestrained in his enthusiasm. Anyone in the room could hear him. They could also hear him start to pound into the wooden partition with his whole body as he pumped cock into me, slamming again and again and again against the wood in an effort to get every bit of his meat into me. "Oh! Man! This is great!" he began to repeat over and over.

I was delighted with him. He had a wonderfully large cock, a strong body to drive it home with, an enthusiastic attitude, and a nice loud voice to advertise his pleasure and my talent. As he joyously fucked my face, I came to the realization that he was not one of those innocent boys who rarely meets a cocksucker and comes quickly. No, in this place, I'm sure he came often. He seemed to know how to get the most out of his pleasures. This was a blowjob that would last!

But I'm too good to allow it to last all afternoon. I brought him to near orgasm several times, only to ease off and let him regroup his assault. Finally, though, I was unrelenting and there was nothing he could do about it - except ejaculate! And he exploded both orgasmicly and vocally, spurting strong volleys into me as he called out loudly the fact that "I'm cumming! Here's my load, man! Take it! Take it deep! Take it all!" I swallowed a very big spurting load, spurt after spurt after spurt!

When he was finished he sat down. I looked in and he grinned at me, saying, "Man, that was the best blowjob I've ever had! I figured you might be fun when I saw you, but I never expected you'd be so good! Thanks." After I said, "Any time!" he pulled on his swimsuit and left. I turned and a big, stiff cock was standing through the other glory hole!

The second cock slipped in easily - cum is such a good lubricant - and I worked with the guy until he shot a great load. When he had noisily sighed, "God, enough! Man! That was great!" and had pumped out every bit of his juice, I released him. But he kept his cock planted in the hole, throbbing and shiny. I moved away. I knew he was showing off his cock to the guy already looking in through the other glory hole. Then, just as he began to withdraw, the other guy starts to shove his cock through to me. That's how the entire afternoon went. One cock after another. Suck. Turn. Suck. Turn. Suck... And, you know, I never tired of it. It was one of the most exciting afternoons of my life. A few came quickly. Most did not. And none came quietly! They liked to publicize their orgasms.

The first was followed by 62 cocks that afternoon! I had seen maybe 20 or 25 men when I had entered but I sucked 63 cocks before I left! I'm sure some of them came back for seconds, or thirds, or maybe even fourths, but the total was 63! I credit the first young man for helping me attain such a success because he alerted the rest of them to the fact that here was a cocksucker who did it right! Quality, in any field of endeavor, brings 'em in!

In all, it took almost six hours of practically constant cocksucking. I entered the booth at 1:30 PM and was finished at close to 7:30 PM. I say "finished" because I was satisfied I had done a good job and I wanted to go for a swim before it got dark. I had announced that this was "the last one" so no one else was waiting.

When I left the booth, wrapping myself in the towel, the first guy, who I found extremely attractive, was waiting for me, leaning against the entrance to the showers, looking like he'd been waiting there all afternoon, for all I could tell. He grinned at me in greeting.

I grinned back.

"I'm Pete," he said, offering his hand.

"Jack," I said, returning his firm grip as we shook hands. He was very friendly.

"I'm gonna shower," I told him.

"Me, too," he said with a leer.

"Have you been waiting here all this time?" I asked.

"Mostly," he answered, as we both stripped and put our things on hooks, then moving together into the shower room. "I'm fascinated by your ability to handle so much cock, man. I wanted to talk to you. Get to know you, some."

I nodded, starting a shower. He started one right next to me. There were about four other bathers in the room, which could hold forty.

"Did you come?" he wanted to know.

"Sure, a couple of times; this whole experience was really thrilling," I explained with a grin.

"It doesn't LOOK like you came," he said pointedly, looking boldly at my crotch.

"It doesn't look like you came, either," I rejoined, "and I know you did!"

"Yeah, three times!" he admitted.

"I thought that was your cock I was sucking a couple more times," I said with a smile. He nodded, grinning with pride. "You're a sexy guy," I told him.

"You, too!" he responded.

"Do you come here often?" I asked.

"Yeah, in the summer, like this, pretty often," he admitted.

"And 'cum' I take it," I said with a grin, emphasizing the word "cum" with a sexy twist.

"Yeah, this is a place where you can have a lot of fun!" He gave me a big smile, clearly indicating that he was one hot, sexy dude who loved sex.

We were facing each other as we lathered up and went through the motions of bathing, spending lots of time and effort on our crotches, enjoying the talk and the intimacy of being naked, close, and partially aroused.

"What do you like to do best?" I asked holding my breath,

He turned to profile his body for me, shifting his hips and clearly calling my attention to his fine, muscular ass. "Being fucked, man," he hissed erotically while running a hand over his incredible asscheek invitingly.

"Whoa! Look at you stiffen up! I think you like the idea of fucking my ass," he sighed, adding, "and I know I do, too!" He could not have sounded more sincere.

He took some frothy soap from the wall dispenser, turned his ass towards me while looking me in the eye and spread the soap deeply in between those muscular globes.

"Ya wanna do it here? Right here?" I asked in surprise.

"It's a great place to do it," he said calmly, "and some of the guys will probably want to watch. You're not shy, now, are you, Jack?" he asked with an innocent expression on his face. It made him seem particularly lewd and attractive!

My hard cock led the way as I moved toward him. He backed up into me and poked his ass onto my erection in a breathtakingly erotic connection. As my amazingly stiff cock slid right into him, I realized that this kid had been fucked before! But with obvious experience, he began well-practiced fucking motions, pulling me in, shifting, rotating, and riding my big pole like a fuck artist. His physical enjoyment was evident, but his vocal expressions of that enjoyment drew a crowd of very horny guys.

At first I was concerned that things might get out of hand, but it quickly became obvious that these sexually excited fellows had been involved in these games before. There was a friendly attitude amongst them and a gentlemanly manner as they formed a circle around Pete and me, drawing us away from the showers and into the center of the large room.

I watched as a blond, muscular surfer-type leaned over and sucked Pete's hard cock into his mouth, and then was surprised as he wiggled his ass in an offer quickly taken up by a redheaded guy with a large erection, which was quickly inserted into the blond guy's ass.

The redhead looked over Pete's shoulder to grin at me, eyes flashing his enjoyment. I gave him a big smile and then looked around. A surprisingly large number of men had formed a big circle jerk around us and most were jacking eagerly, while some were leaning over or squatting to suck the cocks of those who let them do it. Apparently no one wanted to kneel on the wet cement floor.

Men kept joining in. Now I've been in a few circle jerks but this was the largest circle jerk I've ever seen and it was rather quickly formed.

"This is a huge circle jerk," I sighed excitedly to the guy fucking Pete's blond cocksucker. He laughed and said it happens every day, adding "about this time, too." When I shot him a questioning look, he explained, "It usually starts when someone lets himself get fucked publicly in these showers."

"Yeah," one of the jackers agreed, "but I wanna slip it to you, man. Your bubble-ass looks like it's starving for some hot cock, too!" So he stepped behind me and slipped a lube-leaking cock in between my cheeks. Well, getting fucked while fucking ass is one of my life's most intensively memorable pleasures. This guy knew what he was doing and did it right! He whispered, "Man, you are tight and hot. You can give a fuck, but you really know how to take a fuck! This is great!" He was pumping diligently. I loved it.

The lusty, lengthy levels of power driven sex lifted me to orgasmic heights. "I'm gonna cum," I warned Pete. He immediately announced, "Me, too, Dude, but after a spurt or two, pull out and show the group your cum shots so they know you're not faking it."

"Yeah," several of the jackers agreed, with one adding, "take it out and show me, Fucker, and I'll cum with you! I'm right there!" There was an urgent note in his voice.

My orgasm raced throughout my body, sending a flood of cum into Pete. I could actually feel Pete's initial spurts burst out. We both pulled out. I turned to my right spurting sperm into the crown as Pete turned left and spurted out to that side of the circle. After a spurt or to into my ass, the guy pulled out and added his semen to the group of jackers, who were now coming all over the place. The redhead pulled out of Pete's cocksucker, who stood up, and both added their man-juice to the sperm flying everywhere. Every jacker seemed to be shooting sperm back at us - we got drenched in the flood of heavily scented, hot cum! It was phenomenal!

We all seemed to be slathering jizz all over ourselves, but I was scooping up what I could and slurping it off my hands. You know that I love sucking cock, but I adore drinking hot cum!

Finally, Pete and I went together to a showerhead and cleaned up as the other guys did the same, sharing showers to handle the crowd. It was almost ritualistic in its effect. Men showering together, washing each other's back and ass, balls and cocks, with complete pleasure.

Afterwards, Pete and I dressed and went out to eat at a nearby restaurant. Then he invited me to stay at his apartment for the weekend. It turned out that he had a large group of sexy friends who loved lots of sex. We ended up on Sunday afternoon back in the bathhouse until well after dark! It was an extremely memorable weekend!


Jack Sofelot


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