I picked up my tuxedo from Men's Warehouse in Arlington, Virginia, and then headed back to Washington, DC to get my haircut. Please don't let there be any delays on the metro this evening, I thought to myself. Prom started in three hours, and I was way behind schedule. The train pulled into the Minnesota Ave metro station at six o'clock, which gave me enough time to make it to the barbershop before it closed at seven this evening. Thank God the barbershop was right across the street from the metro station.

My usual barber Chauncey had one person in his chair, and there was another guy waiting for him in the sitting area. I damn sure wasn't going to the prom without a tight cut. I told Chauncey that I would catch him next week, and I walked over to another barber who was just sitting in his chair playing with his phone.

"Yo, are you cutting?" I asked.

He quickly jumped out of the barber chair and said, "Jump in the seat my dude. I got you."

He must have been a new barber, because I've never seen him at the shop before. I faithfully came to the barbershop at nine o'clock on Saturday mornings, but I today I was running way behind schedule.

"I'm Shaun, what's your name?" he asked.

"I'm Cory," I replied. I told him how I wanted my cut. It just needed to be cut down low with a nice shape up.

Shaun appeared to be around twenty-five years old, which would make him the youngest dude who worked in the barbershop. He was about six feet tall, weighed about two hundred pounds, had smooth dark brown skin, and he rocked a short fade. He had tattoos on almost every part of his body, including his neck and face. Upon first look, he really reminded me of Mechad Brooks from Tru Blood.

"You must be going to prom. I saw the tuxedo you hung up," he said.

"Well I hope to be going to prom, if I make it on time. I'm supposed to be at my girl's house by eight thirty tonight, because the limo is picking us up from there at nine," I shared.

He told me that he was going to make sure that I looked good for tonight.

"What school do you go to my nigga? I forgot it was prom season," he said. His face lit up when I told him that I went to Ballou High School.

"Yo. That's where I graduated. Well, I didn't graduate, but that it where I use to go. I use to get mad pussy from the bitches at that school. I remember fucking this girl behind the gym bleachers a few times. Hell, I even fucked two teachers in the school," he boasted.

I told him that he had to be kidding. He said that he was dead ass serious.

"Is Ms. White still there? That bitch use to have me come to her house and fuck her old ass on the regular. It started when she use to sit at her desk without wearing any underwear. She would open those legs at an angle where only I could see. She clearly saw that I was staring and asked me to stay after school one day. I was young and would fuck anything at that time, so I didn't give two fucks that she was in her late forties. That bitch let me hit it in her classroom after school and then had me come to her house so we would have privacy. But check this. I was dicking this bitch so good, she went and told one of the other female teachers in the school. When I went to Ms. White's house one day, I walked in and saw Ms. Smith butt as naked on the couch, playing with her pussy. She was like, "I heard about that big black dick of yours". I fucked both of those bitches that day. Bitches were always asking about my dick, because girls ran they mouth talking about how big it was. I mean, I do have a big ass dick, no homo. I use to be wild as fuck back then," he said smiling from ear to ear.

Reliving his high school escapades must have made him horny, because I could feel his dick getting hard. Shaun had on a pair of thin gray sweatpants, so they weren't much defense against his hardening dick. My arms were lying on the armrest, with my hands hanging slightly off of the chair. "Are the girls still wild at the school?" he asked. I started telling him the story about when a few of the players on the football team had an orgy with a couple cheerleaders right in the locker room.

"Yeah man, we returned to school late one Saturday from a game, and some of us snuck into the school. Everyone else was outside, waiting for their rides, or they had already driven home. We just had one of the cheerleaders look out while four of the dudes on the team took turns fucking two of the cheerleaders," I shared.

There was definitely no mistaken about whether his dick was getting hard. He was now fully erect and his dick was brushing against my hand. I've never fucked around with a dude before, and never felt the urge to do so. I didn't want to move my hand, because I didn't want him to think that I was rubbing against it. I'm sure he didn't even know that his dick was brushing against me; probably thought that it was hitting against the chair. Our conversation changed to sports at Ballou, and his dick finally went down.

When he finished cutting my hair, I stood up and looked in the mirror. Damn I look good, I thought to myself.

"I didn't realize how damn tall you were until just now," Sean said.

Shaun and I were actually the same height. I was just thinner than him. I had more of a basketball player's build, where he was built more like a football player. He was attractive, no homo, but I was more attractive. People always told me I looked like Will Smith's son Trey.

"Thanks for the cut man. I like it," I told him.

"I am about to get out of here for the night, so if you like, I can drop you off at home so you can make it to your girls house on time," he offered.

I was in a hurry and definitely could use a ride, so I took him up on his offer. "I'm on sixth and G Street Northeast. You know where that is?" I asked.

"Man, I've been all through this city. I know how to get anywhere in DC," he replied.

He packed up his station and we headed out together. Chauncey dapped me up and told me that he'll check me out next week. After walking about three blocks away from the shop, we finally reached Shaun's car. He had a nice black 2012 S-Class Mercedes.

"Damn, I have to become a barber. You got a fly ass car my dude," I told Shaun.

He told me that he has a couple jobs, not just cutting hair. As soon as we hopped in the car, he pulled out a blunt and was about to light up.

"Yo, let me put my tuxedo in your trunk. I don't want it to smell like weed," I said.

After I placed the tux in the trunk I hopped back in the car and we pulled off. Shaun lit that blunt and passed it to me. He told me that I needed to turn up on my prom night, so I puffed and passed it back to him.

"You going to fuck your bitch tonight after the prom. You know they say prom pussy is the best pussy," Shaun said as serious as a whip.

He grabbed his dick through his sweatpants and said, "I wish I had some of that prom pussy tonight."

That was one of the biggest dick prints I've ever seen in my life, no homo.

Shaun pulled his car over about three minutes after we pulled off from the barbershop.

"Yo, I live right here. Let me run in and change my clothes real quick. I just need like five minutes. I'm gonna be out your way for a while, so I might as well just change now," he said.

I was a little annoyed, but I still would make it home faster with him driving, than I would if I hopped on the metro.

"You gonna come in real quick or you gonna stay out here," he asked.

I told him that I was going to just stay in the car.

"Nigga I don't know you like that. You might try to hot-wire my car or some shit. Come on in the house with me," said Shaun.

I followed Shaun into his apartment. Damn, his place was just as nice as his car. The place was clean, had nice furniture, and was very spacious. I sat on the couch while he went to his bedroom to change. After a couple min, he came out to the living room just wearing those same gray sweatpants. His chest and abs were well sculpted, and his skin was smooth all over.

"I gotta iron this shirt real quick my nigga," he said.

I told him that I would iron the shirt if he just finished getting ready. He went to the back and came back out with a pair of black jeans. When I finished ironing the shirt, he put it on, and then asked me to iron his jeans. After a quick iron job, I handed him the jeans.

Right in front of me, he dropped his sweatpants. To my surprise, he was not wearing any underwear. This nigga's dick must have been about eight inches soft, and it had some girth to it. "You ain't never see a dick this big, have you nigga," Shaun joked. "Whatever man, my dick is bigger than your small ass dick," I lied. My dick was eight inches hard, with medium thickness, so I knew that his dick had to be way bigger than mine. I still wasn't going to let him know that and stroke his ego.

"If your dick is bigger than mine, I will give you a hundred dollars. My dick is probably bigger than yours and I ain't even hard nigga, Shaun boasted. Just then, he grabbed his dick and started stroking it. Once it was fully erect, his dick had to have been all of eleven inches and thick as hell.

"Where's your shit nigga? I know it ain't bigger than mine," he taunted.

I don't know why I was starting to get aroused, but my dick started to jump. I wasn't about to be punked. Even though his dick was bigger, I still pulled my dick out.

"I told you my dick was bigger than yours nigga. Your dick is not small though, no homo. I sure you still get mad bitches with that," he said.

I could not believe that we were standing around with our dicks out having a conversation.

"You trying to bust a nut, before you go to the prom. I can hit up this bitch that lives next door real quick," Shaun propositioned.

I knew that I was cutting it close, but I just told myself that I could bust a quick nut and still make it home at the same time that I would have arrived had I taken the metro. He called up some chick name Tanya and asked her if she wanted some dick. She was talking so loud I could hear the entire conversation.

"What up nigga. You know you can get this pussy whenever you want it," she said.

"Is that right? I miss that good pussy," Shaun replied.

Shaun was hard as a brick. He moved over to the couch where I was sitting, and started stroking his dick while continuing his conversation with Tanya.

"When do you want it babe."

"I need that shit right now. My homeboy and I are here and we are ready."

"Okay. Give me like five to ten minutes."

"See that's why I fucks with you. You a down ass bitch. I'll see you in a bit."

Shaun continued to stroke his dick after he hung the phone up.

"Man this bitch got some bomb ass pussy. My dick is brick just thinking about it," he said.

About fifteen minutes passed and Tanya hadn't shown up yet. I told Shaun that I was gonna have to roll, because I was really cutting it close now. He called Tanya back, but she didn't pick the phone up.

"Man this bitch got me horny as fuck. I'm gonna have to bust a nut before I roll out," Shaun said.

He spit in his hand and lubed his dick. Shaun used his right hand to stroke his dick, and his left hand to play with his balls.

"Bust a nut with me nigga," he said.

My dick was already out, and I was already hard, so I started stroking too. His leg brushed against mine as we sat on the couch beating our dicks. All I could hear was a slapping sound, caused by his big balls flapping back and forth on his leg.

"Nigga, I'm about to bust," he yelled.

In that moment, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. Without skipping a beat, I jacked that big ass dick until he shot all over his chest and leaked that nut all over my hand. He jumped straight up from the couch, cleaned off, and then got dressed. I didn't even get to bust my nut.

He drove me to my house, without saying a word during the entire ride. I was able to get dressed and make it to my girl's house on time, so the night ended well. I see that nigga every time I get my haircut at the shop. He can't even look at me, and finds every excuse to leave the shop when I get there. I'm not going to lie; I wouldn't mind jacking with dude again.




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