I had been going to Dave's Barber Shop with my dad since I was eight. Dave ran the shop with his business partner, Bob, and dad would only let Dave cut my unruly hair.

We always went on Saturday mornings, and I'd see Dave junior sweeping up the hair trimmings. He was about fourteen then. When I was 11 Bob passed away and when asked if he was going to get another barber, Dave always answered, 'That chair is for Junior when he graduates barber college.'

After entering my teens, I realized I was gay and now Junior, as everyone called him, looked extremely appealing to me. I had began my sexual adventures with my best friend and loved sucking cock, taking the cum, and getting fucked. I wanted Junior but he wasn't at the shop very often.

Then just after my seventeenth birthday, I passed the shop and saw a sign in the window announcing that Junior would join Dave in two weeks. I was excited and planned to switch to Junior as my barber.

I needed a haircut but waited until Junior arrived. When I arrived at the shop, there was a sign on the door asking patrons to not call him Junior any longer and he prefered to be called by his middle name, Luke.

As I walked in, Dave looked up and said, 'Hey, Mark. I'll be with you shortly.'

'Thanks, Dave, but if you don't mind, I think I'll give Luke a try.'

'Sure,' Dave replied.

Luke finished his customer and called me over.

'You can't be Mark Jacobs, that skinny little kid that used to come in here with his dad,' Luke said, shaking my hand.

'One in the same,' I replied.

'Damn, look at you now. You've undoubtedly been working out.'

'Yea,'I said, sitting down in the chair. 'I go to the gym three times a week and play football at school.'

'How old are you now?'

'I turned seventeen about a month ago. I'll be a senior in school this coming year.'

'I still can't believe that you're that same kid,' he said as he began cutting my hair.

He was standing right next to the arm of the chair and with my hand hidden under the cover, I let it drop down and brush against the front of his trousers. He casually stepped back and into another position. However, I did notice a slight smile cross his handsome face.

Luke was extremely well built also, with medium bown hair and emerald green eyes. He also wore a neatly trimmed short moustache and goatee.

I began going in for haircuts more regularly, always waiting for Luke, and each time trying my best to get my hand near his cock. I started going in just before closing time and was usually his last customer.

He always greeted me by name and with a big wide smile. He would take his time cutting my hair while we talked baseball, football, or camping.

If I happened to run into him at one of the local burger joints, if he was alone, he always asked me to join him, which I did.

Then, about a month before my eighteenth birthday, things changed.

On one Saturday when I wen in there was a customer just getting into his chair.

'Hey, Mark, have a seat. It will be a few minutes.'

'No problem. I'm in no hurry.'

Turning to his dad, he said, 'Dan, you can lock up and go on home if you want to. After I finish with Mark, I'll clean everything up.'

'You sure, son? I am kind of tired today.'

'Yea. Get out of here.'

Luke is what is called a late life child. Luke was born when his dad was in his late forties and an now getting up in age.

Dave left and and locked the door as he did, turning around he 'Closed' sign and partially closed the blinds on he front window.

Luke finished his customer and let him out and as he relocked the door he said, 'Your turn.'

I stepped up to the chair and sat down. It was the first time Luke and I had been alone. My heart raced with excitement.

'You got a birthday coming up don't you?' he asked as he draped the cover over me.

'Yea, in three and a half weeks.'

'You got any plans for the big day you turn eighteen?'

'Nah. It's on a Thursday and mom and dad boh have to work on Friday. As far as I know we're just going out to dinner.'

'That will be nice,' he said as he began cutting my hair. As I had done many times before I let my hand slide off the arm of the chair and approach his crotch. I was shocked when he didn't change positions as he had always done in the past.

Instead, he stood still. I let my hand move closer and actually felt a bulge in his pants. As my hand rested against it, I could feel it getting much harder. He acted as if nothing was happening.

He casually moved around to the other side where I already had my hand in place. He stepped up and pressed his crotch against my hand. I rubbed it gently with the back of my fingers and felt it stiffen.

As he finished up, he asked, 'So, any plans for the weekend after your birthday?'

'Nothing so far,' I replied.

'Hummmm,' he said. I as curious as to what he was thinking, but didn't ask.

I was so turned on, I needed sex from someone. I went to he smaller truckstop on the edge of town. There was a glory hole in the restroom and I knew I could find sex there.

I had been there about twenty minutes when I heard the door open and a guy come in going straight to the stall next to me. He dropped his jeans and went right to work playing with his cock, making sure I could see him.

I motioned him to put it through the hole and as he did, I swallowed it. He moaned softly and after a minute or so pulled back and said, 'Follow me out to my rig.'

I did and up in his sleeper we both stripped and had hot sex. He was thirty, married and loved all male sex. We kissed, cuddled, and had a hot sixty-nine. All the while though, I was thinking of Luke.

On the Wednesday before my birhday, he came by my house and asked to speak with my dad, privately. I couldn't help but wonder if he was going to tell my dad about me feeling him up but if he was, why did he wait so long to do it.

After about thirty minutes or so, he and dad emerged. Luke was smiling broadly as he looked at me.

'You still have no plans for this weekend?' he asked.

'No, why?' I asked cautiously.

'Well, I've been talking with your dad. We have all known each other for years and although I'm twenty-four, I almost look at you like the little brother I never had. I asked ahd he said it was up to you if you wanted to do it but I thought for your birthday, I'd take you camping up on the lake for your birthday. We own some property up there we can camp on.'

'Hey man, are you serious?'

'I sure am. It will be my birthday present to you.'

'Man, I'd love it.'

'Great. I'm taking Saturday off and since were closed on Mondays, we can leave Friday after we close the shop unless I leave early. Be ready and I'll call you and let you know what time I'll pick you up.'

'Damn, this is awesome,' I said. 'Oops, sorry dad.'

Dad was laughing and said,'Forget it, son. Luke has also asked my permission to let you have a few beers while your there. I've given him my approval as long as you are not in public or driving.'

'Oh, man, thanks.'

'You've had a beer with me before so I don't see why you can't have a few there.'

Smiling, Luke said, 'See you Friday afternoon, bro.'

'I'll be ready,' I said.

I couldn't believe that I was going to get to spend the entire weekend with Luke. I wondered if I'd get to see him nude if we showered or bathed in the lake.

Friday morning I packed my hings and waited anxiously for Luke's call. The phone rang about four and it was him.

'You ready?' he asked.

'Fuck yea,' I said since I was home alone.

'I'll be there in fifteen minutes. I just came home to change.'

'I'll be waiting,' I replied.

I called dad and told him that Luke was on his way and he said to have fun but whatch how much I drank. I said I would.

I locked he door and was waiting by the curb when Luke pulled up in his truck, the back loaded with camping gear and two large ice chest filled with food and beer.

Luke was wearing shorts and a tank top, revealing that his chest was hairy. If he only knew how hairy chest turned me on.

'When we get there, we need to set up camp before it gets too late,' he said.

'You just tell me what to do,' I replied.

We talked as he drove to their private property on the lake.

'When we get things set up, make yourself comfortable. There won't be anyone around but you and me. If you want, you can go skinny dipping in the lake.'

'Really?' I asked. 'You ever do it?'

'Nearly every time I go up there although I'm usually alone when I'm there.'

'I bet that's fun.'

'It is but it's also nice to have someone else there to talk to.'

When we arrived he handed me a key to the gate and said to lock it back after he pulled through. I did and after following a winding path throught he woods we arrived at the lake where there was a large grassy area.

We immediately unloaded the truck and set up camp. As we did, Luke removed his tank top and I got to see his muscular hairy chest.

'You must work ou also,' I said.

'Yea, when I can,' he replied. 'Whay don't yu take off your tee shirt and let me see how you're built.'

I did and once it was off he said, 'Nice. Very nice.'

We went out and collected fire wood and just before dark we prepared some sandwichs for dinner.

After eating, we built a fire and talked about what I was going to major in at college, while enjoying a few cold beers.

About nne we put out the remains of the fire and went to bed. He had brought two sleeping bags for the tent. We stripped to our briefs and after slipping into our respective sleeping bags he said, 'Get some rest. for some reason out here you tend to wake up early, or at least I do.'

I lay there while before finaly drifting off to sleep. Luke was right. I was awake when he began to stir. Thinking I was still asleep, he got up and eased out of the tent still in his briefs. I got up and followed and found him off at the edge of the clearing, taking his morning piss. I stepped up next to him and did the same, noticing him glance over at my cock.

Remaining in his briefs, he began making coffee, and getting things ready to prepare breakfast.

Soon the coffee was ready and we each poured a cup. As I drank mine, I said I'd cook breakfast. He agreed and went to one of the chairs we had brought.

Soon we were enjoying a hot reakfast and together we cleaned things up. I poured another cup of coffee and went and sat down, watching he morning sun glisten on the mirror smooth lake.

After pouring himself another cup he walked over to the other chair and after setting his cup on the ground, he slid his briefs down and off, tossing them aside.

Seeing the surprise in my face, he said, 'Mark, when I'm here I always go nude.' Then grasping his cock he added, 'And besides, you've been after his thing for a year now.'

I could feel my face turning red, not knowing what to say.

Still looking at me he said, 'Well, now's your chance. It's all yours.'

'Are you serious?' I asked nervously.

'Yes, I am. You won't be the first guy to have it and probably not the last. I enjoy having it worked on. Do whatever you want.'

I looked at the steadily rising cock and slowly got out of my chair. Stepping up to him, I slowly grasped his beautiful eight inch cut cock then dropped o my knees, swallowing the hard tool.

He moaned softly then said 'Happy birthday, Mark.'

I sucked slowly and lovingly and after a while brought him to a roaring climax.

While I had been sucking him, my own cock became rock hard and was halfway out of my briefs. As I pulled off of his cock he said, 'Man, that was the best fucking blow job I've ever had. You can do it again anytime you want.'

I stood and he looked down at my half exposed cock. 'Now, it's my turn.'

I was stunned when he dropped to his knees and pulled down my briefs. As he pulled them down he swallowed my hard tool. I moaned in pleasure and surprise. I knew immediately that it wasn't his first time sucking cock.

Soon, he had me on the edge of my climax and he knew it. He began sucking more eagerly and when I climaxed, he hungriy swallowed my offering.

When he stood up, he looked at me, smiled and said, 'Fuck, that was better than I could have ever dreamed.'

'Luke, if you're into guys also, why didn't you do something earlier?'

'Mark, I wanted to but I have one rule I never break. Even though seventeen is legal, I never go with a guy until he's eighteen.'

'I've wanted you since before you started in the shop,' I told him.

'Well, when you came in that first time after I started, I wanted you but didn't know if anything woud develop. Then when you tied to feel me, I knew it would happen. That's why I asked your age.'

He asked when I started and how and after I filled him in, I asked him about his beginning.

'I was in my junior year of high school. I was working out after school in the gym one afternoon. Coach Roberts and another guy came in and ent into coach's office. I heard strange sounds and went to investigate. I eased up to the window and peeked in. They were both naked and coach was on his knees sucking the other guy. I coninued watching and saw the ther guy start sucking coach.'

'Fuck, you mean Coach Roberts is gay?'

'Oh, yea. As I was watching, I got rock hard and slid my shorts and jock down and started jerking. Coach saw me and screamed for me to get my ass in his office. I was scared so I went in. Coach said it was obvious that watching them turned me on so he told me to strip and come closer so I could get a better look. I did and he told the other guy to keep sucking. He did and coach reached out and started stroking me. He had the guy stop and then he knelt and started sucking me. I loved it and then he let the other guys suck me. Coach then took over again and got me off and kissed the other guy, and shared my cum. Then coach had me suck both of them off. Said he wanted to have some insurance so I wouldn't tell anyone. I sucked them both and swallowed both. I knew right then I loved cock.'

'Did you ever get with coach again?'

'Oh yea, regularly. He is the one that introduced me to fucking.'

'Did you ever find out who the other guy was?'

'Oh, I knew. I recognized him but pretended I didn't. It was Max Sims dad.'

'No shit!! The police chief?'


'Mother Fuck!' I replied.

He leaned over and we kissed passionately. After the kiss he smiled and said, 'We can stay nude all weekend and have all the sex we want. And I promise, there will be a lot more of these campouts.'

'Fuck, I sure hope so.'

The rest of the day we kissed frequently and fondled each other which usually ended up in a sixty-nine. That evening after dinner by the light of the campfire, we fucked each other.

We had several campouts over that summer. When I started at the local college, Luke asked me if I would like to move in with him. He had his own two bedroom apartment near the college.

I began working on mom and dad, saying I wanted to be on my own and that Luke had offered to 'rent' me his spare bedroom which was closer to the campus.

After they talked to Luke and he assured them that he'd make sure that I studied, they finally gave in. I lived with Luke for the four years I was in college, sharing his bed every night.

On some weekends, we'd go to the lake camping and he ould invite one or two of his buds to join us or I would invite a couple of my gay classmates.

I graduated and after graduation, Luke asked me to be his lover. I readily accepted.

His parents had passed away by them and the shop was his. He brought in a guy he'd been to barber college with who was also gay and had a lover. the four of us became close friends, frequently going to dinner together.

I came out to mom and dad and i was a shock to them but they accepted it once they saw how happy I was with Luke. They loved Luke like a son, and totally accepted him into the family. It took a while but the got used to seeing us kiss casually in front of them.

We've been together six years and couldn't be happier. My parents have passed away and Luke and I moved into their house, now mine.

It's strange how life works between our youth and aduot years.






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