I started my family unexpectedly at the age of eighteen. When my girlfriend announced that she was expecting, we married but it wasn't a happy time. She wanted to party and when our son was nine months old she walked out on us and I filed for divorce. I got full custody of him and thus began our life.

Mike and I were very close. We were more like brothers since I was only eighteen years older than he.

We made it through good times and bad, but remained close, but I later found out that we both had secrets.

Mike entered the local college and things were going great. We were closer than ever.

One Wednesday afternoon he came in and said, "Hey Dad. Clay wants Greg and I to go up to their camp with him this weekend. Do you mind? We have Monday off from school so we'd leave Friday after class and come back Monday afternoon."

"I don't mind at all, son. Go and have fun," I said.

I had an ulterior motive. I would be able to spend the weekend with Brad, my friend with benefits from work. Brad and I had been having sex for the last three years, mostly at local motels since he lived at home and took care of his aging mother. We seldom had more that just a couple of hours together.

The next day at work, I told Brad of the plans and he made arrangements for a professional sitter to stay with his mom for the weekend.

Friday arrived and shortly after lunch, Mike called and said that they were on their way to the camp. I told him to have fun and be careful.

Brad and I both left work early and headed straight to my place for some hot sex. Upon arriving, we quickly stripped and headed for the bed for a hot sixty-nine.

Brad was my age, thirty-six, and extremely well built. I loved his muscles and he loved my hairy chest.

We completed our sixty-nine and later fucked each other, lovingly filling each others holes with our loads.

Since Mike was out of town, we decided to go to a local gay bar. To be extra safe, we used Brad's car.

We had been at the bar for just over a half hour, when I glanced toward the door and froze. There near the door, wearing a tight tank top and skin tight jeans stood Mike, holding a beer and kissing another hot guy.

"Brad, you've got to hide me some how," I said.

"Why baby? What's up?"

"You see that guy over by the door in the white tank?"

"Yea," he replied, then said, "Fuck, he looks like the picture of Mike that you have on your desk."

"Baby, it is Mike. What am I going to do?"

"Mike doesn't know me. I've got a light jacket in the car with a hood. I'll go get it for you to put on."

He left and quickly returned, handing me the jacket. I hurriedly put it on and pulled the hood over my head.

We continued to watch Mike for a while as he kissed several guys and groped their crotches.

After a while, We saw him work his way to a table over in a corner and a few moments after sitting down, the guy next to him opened his fly and extracted his hard cock. I watched as my own son leaned over and began sucking it.

I didn't mine that Mike was gay. Hell, I was, but it was strange seeing my own son suck another guys cock.

As Mike sucked the guy, I turned to Brad and said, "Now's our chance to leave unnoticed."

As I headed for the door, Brad paid our tab and we returned home.

As we drove home, I told Brad that I wasn't upset that he lied about where he was going to be. I said that I understood that he wanted to maintain his secret. What did bother me was that he was in a bar and drinking beer, undoubtedly with a fake ID.

During the weekend the vision of Mike sucking cock kept returning to me and was a huge turn on.

I discussed with Brad several ideas about how to come out to Mike and let him know I was gay and that I knew about him.

We finally devised a plan.

Brad began working on the plan and once everything was in place, I took a two week vacation. But instead of leaving town, I got a motel room.

Mike thought I was going to the mountains for a while and seemed thrilled that he would have the house to himself. I knew what would be going on.

That Friday afternoon, I sat in the room waiting for Brad to arrive. When he did, he had his brother with him.

Jim was the make-up and costume director for the local theater productions. He had brought everything he needed to transform me into another man.

He started with a shoulder length wig, that could be styled. The glue used would keep it in place for at least a week. Once it was in place, he used the glue to apply a thick long moustache and beard, one small section at a time. Once both were in place, he gave them a trim to even them up. I looked into the mirror and didn't even recognize myself.

I slipped on a sleeveless shirt which was left unbuttoned except the last few at the bottom. Then, using an air brush and dyes, he applied a tattoo to each upper shoulder and the Marine emblem on my left upper chest.

Looking at me, Brad smiled and said, "He'll never recognize you. Fuck man, you're hot as hell."

Jim smiled, proud of his work, and said, "Here is my number. Call me anytime you need a touch-up."

I thanked him and after he left, Brad asked, "You ready to hit the bar?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," I replied.

We headed out and I had Brad drive by the house. Just as we passed, we saw Mike and Clay exit the house. We went straight to the bar and about an hour later Mike and Clay walked in.

I left Brad at the table and began to circulate. Before long, I eased up to Mike and nervously said "Hello."

Turning to me he looked me over then said "Well, hello yourself. You new around here?"

"Yea. I'm on vacation and here for a week, maybe more if I find something like you to keep me here longer."

"Well, I've never been with an older man before but you're fucking hot," and as he slipped his hand inside my shirt and began to run his fingers through the mat of hair, he added, "and this really turns me on."

MY cock began to stiffen and as it did I suddenly felt his other hand began rubbing it through my pants.

"Fuck man, I love what I'm feeling."

To keep up the act, I reached over and groped him, finding his cock as hard as mine.

"Ummm,"I said, "Nice."

"So is yours. I love to have it."

Nervous as hell, I said, "I'll be around for a while. Let me know."

he leaned over and pressed his lips to mine. Electrical shocks ran through my body as I tongue kissed my son for the first time.

I watched him from a distance and after a couple of hours, he came to me and said, "I'm available and if you want to ditch this place."

"Sure, but I don't have a car."

"I do," he answered.

"Great. Lets go. I'm at the Magnolia Towers."

Brad was watching and he knew that when I ran my fingers through my hair that I would be leaving with Mike. I glanced his way and as I ran my fingers through my hair he smiled and nodded.

We drove to the hotel and as we did, he introduced himself ad Mike and I said I was 'Buck'. I asked his age and he said eighteen. I asked how he got into the bar.

"My ID says I'm twenty-one," he said with a smile.

"Well, you look it," I told him.

After asking if his family knew he was gay he said it was just him and his dad at home and he was afraid it would destroy his dad and their relationship if he came out to him.

"Maybe not," I said.

"I might someday," he replied.

We arrived at the hotel and went directly to my room. Anything that might give away my identity was out of sight and soon we were both nude and in bed. I was seeing my son naked and boned for the first time since he was a young boy.

We began kissing and making out and after sucking on my nipples and licking my chest he moved to my cock and began sucking me. it was obvious that he was experienced and before long I reached my climax.

I warned him and he continued sucking and once he ad me drained he pulled off and I watched him swallow the seed that had created him.

In return I made love to him, kissing him, sucking his nipples, and as I rimmed his ass, he said, "Before I leave I want your beautiful cock up there."

I smiled and returned to his cock and sucked him dry. After swallowing his sweet load, we kissed again.

After the kiss, he said, "This is the first time I've ever kissed a guy with a moustache or beard. I love it. It's so fucking hot."

"I'm glad you like it."

We kissed and cuddled and talked and after a while he began sucking me again and once I was hard, he retrieved some lube from his jeans and lubed us both up. He lay on his back and raised his legs saying, "Fuck me, please."

I got into position and eased my cock into my son's ass. I had to work mentally to keep from climaxing prematurely, but when I did it was beyond belief.

As I pulled out, I looked into his eyes and said, "I'd really love it if you would now fuck me."

"Gladly," he replied.

Soon he was fucking my hole, and I loved feeling my own son up in me. Even better was feeling him fire his huge load deep inside me.

After more making out, he said he needed to leave and asked if he could visit me again. I said he could and gave him the number cheap cell phone I had purchased.

He left and I called Brad, telling him the coast was clear.

"I'm just leaving the motel where we always meet. I'll fill you in when I get there."

I knew it must be good.

He arrived and I filled him in on what had transpired and that Mike wanted to see me again.

It was awesome," I told him. "So, I assume you scored," I added.

"Oh yea. I managed to get Mike's buddy."



"Fuck, fill me in."

He proceeded to tell me about him putting the make on Clay and them getting the room.

"Man, that kid is wild in bed. He had me on my back when I fucked him and he rode me like it was a rodeo."

Brad spent the night with me and the next morning we had sex. Brad said it was wild kissing a guy with a moustache and beard.

Shortly after we completed our sixty-nine, my new phone rang. I knew it was Mike because he was the only person that had the number except Brad and he was with me.

I answered and Mike wanted to meet at the bar that night. I agreed and Mike said he wanted me to meet his buddy and maybe have a three way.

I rented a car and met them at the bar. After Mike introduced me to Clay we had a few beers and did some groping of each other and others before heading for my room, with them following in Clay's car.

Once in the room we stripped and the fun started. I soon ha them taking turns sucking my hard cock. when I climaxed, they let it shoot out onto my stomach and chest and I watched as they both licked me clean. Afterward, I sucked both of them, devouring each load.

Before they left, each one fucked me and I fucked them. As I fucked Clay, I watched Mike suck his cock. It was awesome and a real turn on.

During the next week, Mike came to my room at the hotel almost every evening instead of meeting at the bar.

Saturday, before he left my room, he said that he and Clay were meeting others to watch the game then go out for a while. I told him to go ahead and enjoy his friends and I'd see him on Monday.

He agreed but little did he know that I would be waiting on him when he got home Sunday night.

Sunday evening I checked out of the hotel and drove to my place. After letting myself in, I went to my room and unpacked my bags. I did some touch up with the adhesive for the beard and moustache.

MY phone rang and it was Mike. "Buck, I got through early and wondered if I could stop by?"

"Sorry bud. I wasn't expecting you and I have a guest here." He said he understood ad hung up.

Shortly after ten, Mike returned home. I was waiting in my room.

He went to his room and undressed and returned o the den nude and turned on the TV. As he settled down, I entered the room nude and asked if I could join him.

Startled, he turned to face me and said, "Buck, how the fuck did you get in here? How did you know where I lived?"

"Oh, I know a lot about you," I said. "I know it's just been you and your dad alone since you were little. And I know that your dad doesn't care that you're gay."

"What? How?"

I began removing the wig since I had already loosened the adhesive.

Once the wig was off, he looked at me in total shock. "Dad?"

"Yes son, it's me."

"What the fuck is going on?" he asked.

I told him about the first time I had seen him in the bar and him sucking the guy in the booth. I confessed that I had been gay since before he was born. I also told him that I wanted to find a way to come out to him and this was what I came up with.

"You mean, all this past week, I've been having sex with my own father?"

"Yes, you have and I nearly shit that first night when you said you wanted me to fuck you. You don't know how hard I had to work to prevent climaxing too soon."

He began laughing and came up to me and kissed me. After the kiss he said, "I assume the moustache and beard are false."


"Well, do me a favor. Grow them out for real. I love them."

"For you I will," I replied.

He hugged me an told me how much he loved me then quickly dropped to is knees and began sucking my stiffening cock. I quickly stopped him and led him to my bedroom where we got into a hot sixty-nine.

After we both climaxed and ate each others load, I looked at him and said, "This is our bed now if you want it."

"Hell yea."

"Well, when I have guest you will be kicked out and have to sleep in your room. And if you bring guest home, you can use your room for privacy."

"Sounds good," he said, " but when we each bring home a guest, can we possibly three way at times?"

"Of course," I replied. "In fact, you have heard me talk about Brad from work. He and I have been meeting at motel regularly for several years. I'd like him to meet you and if you want have a three way."

"Sure, but not tonight. Tonight I want to have sex with my dad, not 'Buck'.

"You got it, son."

We headed for the bedroom and had the wildest sex we had ever had.

The next night we had Brad over and it was awesome. Brad and Clay both visit and we have some hot three ways.

Brad and I have taken Mike to some out of town parties that we've been invited to and it's fucking wild watching my own son go from stud to stud having sex. Only Brad and I know he's my son.

Brad's mother passed away and he soon moved in with us. He and I soon announced to Mike that we were lovers. Mike was thrilled and about a month later, after dinner one night Brad announced to me that he and Mike were also lovers.

"I've got the two best lovers in the world," he announced.

I looked at Mike and he looked at me.

"Dad, you know I love you as a dad, but I also love you as a man and sex partner. Will you also be my lover?"

"I would love nothing better," I replied.

So began our life as mutual lovers. I grew out my moustache and beard for Mike and Brad also loved it.

We look back and laugh realizing that it all started with just a visit to the bar.

THE END.................



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