It was friday afternoon, Jimmy a 22 year old, worked for Permanent Bank's local Johannesburg branch. He had a slim athletic body, beautiful hands, an english nose, coconut glowing coffe coloured skin, beautiful lips,wore glasses, almost looking geekish like a science technician, he had a beard, which made most people not notice the hunk behind the beard. It was his first year at the bank, he minded his own business amoungst collegues, unless it was work related, never shared anything personal either than client experiences of the day and was the best consultant.

On a monday afternoon, while servicing a client, opening a new savings account for him, Mr.Mazibuko. A tall elongated man, so thin like a ruler, coffe coloured, but slightly a shade lighter in complexion than Jimmy. The man wore an over sized top, had not bathed, heaven knows if he brushed his teeth or not, but he looked dirty, his hair was not neat, clearly looking as if he had just walked out of bed, put on formal trousers, a long t-shirt that covered his ass, wore slops which exposed his dry unmoisturised feet, with warts on his toes.

Jimmy printed out documents that the client needed to sign, passing a pen and the papers to Mr.Mazibuko. After turning his face to look at the computer screen and finish opening the account, he noticed Mr.Mazibuko licking his lips while staring at him, a lustful stare, a lick which is not of moisturising his lips, but of seeing a sexual victim, young blood. Jimmy didnt turn an inch, he just swallowed his saliva, shocked, feeling uneasy and thinking what to do next, as this was his first encounter with a man flirting or rather lusting for him.

The desks at the bank, where clusters, cubicle like, where a client and a consultant wont be seen openly by clients seated by the que waiting to be assisted, but Jim's client his back was parallel 3 meters from the back of the next sales consultant, who Jim can see, but only the consultant's back.

He quickly turned his head to face Mr.Mazibuko, asking him to sign the documents, not looking in his eyes, but focusing on the document and handing him his new atm card.

Mr.Mazibuko started asking Jim questions:"where do you stay? Who stays with you? You must come visit me over the weekend, we will have a great time, you have my number so whats yours?"

Jim kept calm as always, being the best consultant ment good ettiquete towards clients and to always be professional. He looked at Mr.Mazibuko directly in the eyes, answering all his questions and telling him that he is not allowed to give his personal numbers to clients, as the bank itself has a land line number should he have queries.

Mr.Mazibuko was charmed, keeping his sleezy smile, continuosly licking his filthy lips, undressing Jimmy in his mind speaking slowly:"ok, you have my number, I stay on 13th avenue in the Township(squalor) 3km from here, so please do come join me for drinks".

Jimmy agreed just to get Mr.Mazibuko off his back in order for him to leave so that he can get cracking with his targets for the day and assist the next customer. Mr.Mazibuko stretched his arm out, forcing to get a hand shake, which annoyed Jim as he knew that Mr.Mazibuko was playing dirty, wanting to feel his tourch.

While shaking him, Jim called the next client to have a seat. Mr.Mazibuko left, Jim quickly excused himself from the client to run to the kitchen to consume what just took place. He had a glass of water to calm his nerves, asking himself over and over:"What was that? Who is that freak show"

Jim had always lusted after men behind closed doors in his fantacies, but was in denial about his sexuality.

A few weeks later while calling the next client over to his desk, not noticing the client by his desk, he greeted him while taking out an application form and asking the client what can he assist him with. The client spoke with such a deep Northen Sotho accent, Jim's mother tongue, so manly like, deep village accent, but sounding like a hunk.Jim busy thinking"nice voice, but am sure he is ugly as hell" while filling out the application form and entertaining the client with humour to break the ice. After 5 minutes, when turning away from the computer screen, Jim was in shock.This man dressed in a fireman's navy blue uniform, with hot big lips, a bold nut, coffe coloured clean skin, had perfect shoulders, am sure lifted weights at gym with a sexy mascular body,possibly a waist 32 and roughly 1.7m tall making him15cm shorter than Jim, smiled at him, as Jim looked at him after humouring the man with jokes and the man complimenting his humour and customer service. Jim was In ore, he felt weak, goose bumps everywhere, his lips all of a sudden were dry asking the man for a Zambak (lip moisturiser) seeing that they were so casual from the beginning. 

The man took out the Zambak, both of them moisturised their lips, while Jim told him that the que is long, he is hungry and wont have time to take lunch and didnt bring a lunch box since he planned to buy food. They clicked when talking, you would swear the way their conversation flowed, you would think they knew each other for years and the constant giggle from both, one would clearly see that both men enjoyed being together.

When they looked at eachother you could tell there was chemistry, hunger for one another, even when he had finished processing the client's personal loan, the client didnt wana leave, both starting a new toping to spend more time talking.

The fireman eventualy left after they exchanged numbers agreeing to meet in the evening for à drink.

The rest of the day for Jim, was depressing as all he could think about was the fireman. He kept looking at the time over and over after assisting each client.

Finaly the day was over, he quickly rushed home to freshen up before heading to the fireman. They both agreed to meet at a park near the fireman's house as Jim feared his poor eye site in the evenings for him to find the fireman's house alone. At the bank they both realised that they only lived 2km apart. They met, went to his house, had soft drinks and set on his bed. The fireman complained that he had a sore back and a pimple on his hip. Jim suggested to pop it, telling the fireman to take his shirt of, as he held his skin tight to squeze the pas out the pimple. He did so and the fireman lyed down on the bed, as Jim got on top of him, sitting his butt on the firemans and began to pore lotion on his back.

The fireman complained that the lotion was too cold, but Jim told him to relax. He rubbed his back all over with lotion, massaging his head, his sholders, neck, back and hips, his dick getting rock hard as he did all this. Finaly telling the fireman to lye on his back so that he masages his tummy and chest. He put a towel on his face, licking his lips while saying that the masage is so good that he is falling asleep. Jim pored lotion all over his tummy, gently masaging it, his neck then shoulders while sitting on the fireman's croutch. Feeling the man's dick get hard. He gently moved towards his arm pits, tickling him, the fire man giggling and quickly grabbing Jim's butt to brace himself, as Jim told him to sit still. They were both hard, him wearing tracksuit pants and Jim in shorts, both wearing no underwear. Jim leaned towards his face masaging his chin, looking at his lips, gently kissed the fireman. The man didnt push Jim back, he participated, moving his hands to hold Jim's butt, as they kissed over and over slowly with passion. Jim wrapt his arms around the man's neck. After 10 minutes of kissing, Jim took off the man's pants, revealing an uncut, 6 centimeter by width, 15cm long black dick, slowly licking it, unfolding the foreskin with his lips, tasting the fireman's precum at the tip, a load full in the foreskin, as if drinking from the fountain of youth.

The fire man, moaned over and over, holding Jim's head like a basket ball. Jim inserted his dick deeper in his mouth, tasting all that cream, licking it, sucking it, teasing it, tears in his eyes as he was so hungry to pleasure his new found toy, to explore this thing that he has always fantasized about for years. The fireman, pulled Jim up, whispering while gently biting Jim's ear lobe telling him that he was gona cum, Jim shutting his lips with a wild kiss, the fireman took off Jim's shorts, placed his hands on his ass.Jim lyed on his chest as they kissed over and over, wild like two spitting Cobras on a dual. Both oozing precum, the fireman's finger gently rubbing Jim's man hole, not entering but rubbing the outside, teasing it by sticking the tip of his thumb in and out. Without hesitation and quick reflex, the man, pushed his dick fast in Jim's whole, Jim jumped up, but the man pulled him down with a deep kiss, slowly inserting the rest of it bit by bit, Jim's arms wrapt tight around him as he sensed a piercing go through his hole, but the fire man's joyful kiss kept him away from thinking too much about the pain.

The mans dick went all in after a few minutes. Jim felt a slight itch as his hole was unlubed, he quickly grabbed body lotion, marinated the edges of his stretched hole and what ever space he could reach of the fireman's hidden penis.

He leaned towards the fireman, gently kissing him, the fireman responding. They both were hungry to pleasure eachother, didnt mater that it was both their first time, they wanted this, it felt right, it felt perfect.

The bed was by the window, wich had burglar bars. Jim grabbed the bars to brace himself. As much as he wanted a dick driiling him silly, he wanted to be the one feeding the fireman's dick, just wanted to be in control.

He had always imagined what it was like to be a Brooke Logan, have men lust after you, want you,  them thinking they wil fuck him silly, he wanted to conquer a dick, master it with a phd, the first time and be the one fucking it, to earn the title PERMANENT BANK'S WHORE. 

The fireman had his hands on Jim's ass, while Jim gently fucked the man's dick slowly, hearing him moan. He still felt itching, would stop every 5minutes to apply more lotion as the itching and pain slowly faded, letting go of the bars to gently kiss the fireman and brace himself again on the bars.

He felt this perfect unexplainable sensation in his tummy as he kept fucking that dick, he used gentle strokes, slowly. He held the bars tight, placing his feet on the wall as if to rock climb up the wall, leaving his ass cheeks to not tourch the man's tummy, but only his hole to take in and out the man's dick. He picked up pace,holding the bars, fucking that dick as if riding a black stallion at the Durban July to score the Jackpot, while his precum oozed out on the man's face, both of them moaning. He held on to those bars like a kuala bear hanging on for dear life to a tree branch, going up and down, drilling his bitch hole with that dick, the man couldnt take the pressure, shivering and slowly sweating, he pulled Jim down, grabbed him with force wrapping his right arm around Jim's back for Jim's chest to lean on his and his face to be exposed to the fireman's right armpit. Jim's legs wrapt around the man's hips, the man, grabbing Jim's ass cheeks, as his eyes were full of rage, sexual rage wanting to take it out all on Jim's ass. He grabbed that ass, fucked it hard, cursing as he tore it, u could hear his big balls slapping loudly against Jims. Jim feeling pain, trying to free himself quick, but the man held him prisoner so tight with his right arm. He kept fucking hard, in and out, swearing, calling Jim a whore saying he is his bank bitch and wants to own that hole. This drove Jim over the edge, tears of lust and a deep hunger to give it all to the man, no matter how much the pain was, but it was worth the sacrifice. He kept moaning out loud, feeling a tare in his ass , slowly crying, shouting:" baby please slow down, you hurting me." Driving the fireman crazy to pound him harder while saying:"fuck u bitch, u seduced me at the bank, what did you expect, no slutt back chats me, this hole is mine, you are a whore and and whores need dick so shut up and take it" moaning out load, as he pounded harder, moaning:"aaaaaaaaahhh ffffffflllllllllliiiiiipppppp,sssssssshhhhitttt fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkk",grabbing Jim's face, as he spermed deep in his hole, not breaking speed, fucking him with every sperm, making sure every drip stays in that hole. Jim quickly pushed the fireman down so that he goes on top, grabbed the burglar bars, the feeling of sperm in his ass, made him go nuts, he didnt want this sexual sensation to stop, he wanted more, he braced his feet on the wall, fucking the man, fucking him so hard that the man was shivering, both sweating, Jim's hole feeling numb while shaking as this sensation rushed threw his penis, as he kept fucking while moaning out loud, sperm oozing out like a mad fire dragon spitting fire every where, sperm spilling on the man's face, lips, curtains, the man pulling him down once again fucking Jim hard,this time over a kiss, while he moaned out for the second time, feeling his sperms ooze into his new bitch's hole, shaking, while grabbing Jim to share a passionate kiss while the last of his sperms leaked completely into Jim, telling Jim that he is inlove with him, saying:"baby wow"**swallowing**"where on earth you learned all that?You sure as hell fuck me better than my girl, am dumping her for you".They kiss and cudle, sperm all over, his dick still in Jim's ass, while slowly getting hard again



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