"I am definitely not used to this heat" -- I muttered scattering the sweat around my brow. Josh was likely up to his usual ways; still he had insisted he really needed the barbeque tongs. Oh well, I had nothing better to do today anyway I thought. Still, it was a bit of a drive to his friend's house.

I parked the car and started up the steps. It was a newer place out in the west end suburbs, one of those cookie cutter homes. New crisp house with the usual smattering of weeds that one would expect. Still, over all it was a nice place. I rang the doorbell and rapped lightly. Fidgeting, I squeegee the sweat off my brow while I waited for a response. No answer, so I tried again, still no luck. Strange he promised he would be here and it was not like Josh to break a promise.

Maybe around back I thought. Oh well, it won't hurt me to at least take a quick look. I rustled my shirt with a sigh trying to circulate some air with little luck, way too warm. Lifting the latch I strolled around the back. A welcome breeze had sprung up and I thought I heard something rustling in the backyard. Sounded like a muffled yawn; a good sign I thought maybe he is here after all. I rounded the corner hoping Josh was there.

Oh definitely he was there! Always one for a shock, Josh, was lying in the middle of the backyard sunbathing in the nude. I shook my head drinking in the gorgeous sight, the soft sensual curves, his full round ass. That man had such a manly and sexy body. As I leered at him admiring the view, Josh reached slowly over to the right side of his muscular chest. He began circling the nipple slowly tweaking, ever so often it between his thumb and finger. Even from a distance I could see the nipple begin to pucker. Ah those sensitive tits of his, such an absolute delight.

Laughing, Josh opened one eye and winked provocatively at me. "Well make yourself useful Thom, come over and oil me up", tapping the sun-tan lotion. He did not have to ask twice. The bottle had been gently heated by the sun's rays and I squeezed out a dollop of liquid on to his chest. Rhythmically I began to work in the warm fragrant oil; running my hands over his, kneading caressing and stroking his sun kissed body.

Ever so often I would give Josh a playful nip bringing forth a squeal of delight. There is a lot to be said for being able to slide well oiled fingers over a man's' chest and ass, all of it good. Each stroke of my hands was rewarded by Josh with a contented cooing sigh. My hands slid down his side pressing firmly against the warm curves of his body. With fingers extended my oil-slicked hands slipped back upwards to curl around Josh's sun warmed ass. I squeezed his ass lightly girdling them with out-stretched fingers. My fingers slipped up the twin mounds to his capped peaks.

Josh's ass gleamed in the sunlight like burnish copper as my silky slippery fingers scaled the slopes. I tenderly bend over him kissing the warm puckered folds of his ass, savoring the sweet heady mixture of the oil and his sweat. I could feel the soft pleated buds of Josh's aureole swell beneath my touch. I lowered my head to encompass him within my mouth massaging and teasing him with my lips. Josh felt soft and warm as my hands caressed fondled and teased while my lips and tongue danced about the other. With a small giggle his hands gently pushed my head down.

A broad grin spread over my lips as I eagerly left a trail of nibbling kisses down to Josh's inviting buttocks. My tongue made a slow circle of him exploring the soft folds teasing him with gentle sucking on his piercing. The contrast of hard metal with his silken softness was a tactile delight. My lips nibbled and playful nipped rewarding me with small pearl, beads of him. The fragrant wetness was earthy and intoxicating fragrance. As my lips lapped at the slit of him, Josh's hands wrapped themselves in my hair guiding my efforts.

His soft cooing had a throatier huskily tone now. My tongue could feel the wet warmth of him as I slipped my finger into his honeyed sweetness. I spread the fleshy petals to expose the nestled pink bud of his ass. My tongue traced languid wet circles over his hole while my finger slithered in the velvet softness of his ass. Each lap of my tongue brought forth impassioned moans as Josh's hands pressed me into his face. I could feel him swell and firm now, Josh moaning in harmony with the motion of my finger. Beads of my sweat dripped off my forehead to mix with his nectars.

I propped myself up and tugged at my shirt tearing and ripping it away. I had only one thought now; to be inside Josh. Fumbling in my haste I kicked away my pants and freed my cock. With a look of pure lust I mounted him feeling my hard throbbing cock slide in his slick sultry hole. I panted animalistic with my desire to take him, to have him. My hips rocked faster driven by the flames of my lust. Our hips moved as one as I buried my face into his chest. My hips rocked faster driven with my needs and our desire. Our hips moved as one as I buried my face into his chest. With each thrust I longed to be deeper into him, straining and gasping. Quicker and quicker I thrust; his hole devouring my cock.

Ours was a frantic passionate need. All the world melted away there was only Josh; the feel of his body beneath mine, the taste of his lips, the liquid grip of him around my cock. It was a frenzied merging of bodies, a sensual dance of desire. My cock was a lance fire plunging into Josh. Our cries of passion merged as one as my throbbing cock drew taut, my body arching as the heat of my orgasm flooded out. Each quiver sent echoes of the orgasm cascading through me. As the last of my cum trickled away I leant down and tenderly kissed Josh's lips.

It was a gentle kiss like the rain that follows after the thunderstorms tumult. A perfect moment.




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