My best friend in high school, Jake Landrum, wasn't able to afford college. His dad owned a small pharmacy in a semi-seedy part of town and was barely getting by. Oh, he owned the building and property, with it's large parking lot, outright, but over the years business has dropped to where they were barely getting by.

Jake graduated high school and went to work as a construction helper, saving every penny he could. When he was old enough and had the money, he enrolled in bartender school. After graduating, he went to work for a prestigious club and was doing fairly well.

Then, without warning, Jake's dad had a massive heart attack and passed away. Jake inherited everything from his dad. Unknown to Jake, his dad had a very substantial life insurance policy with Jake as the sole beneficiary.

Of course, Jake closed the pharmacy and sold all the fixtures. Jake now had the opportunity and he funds to open his own bar. Not just any bar, but a 'special' bar, but it had to be discreet.

The building was gutted out to the bare walls and interior construction began. Jake did the interior design himself. In the back left corner by the loading door he put in a large stockroom. Then, about three quarters of the way back from the front wall he put in a second wall, creating a large 'back room'. The entrance to the back room was a hidden door in the hallway leading to the restrooms. If you didn't know where the door was you wouldn't see it. It looked like part of the wall.

Shortly before he opened, I stopped by to visit and he showed me around. As we headed down he hallway toward the restrooms he said, 'Here's my favorite part of the bar.'

'What? The restrooms?' I asked.

'No, this,' he replied as he touched a spot on a picture hanging in the hallway. Suddenly, a section of the wall opened slightly in. He led me in and I was amazed. The walls were black and there were two pool tables off to one side, barely lit. In the rest of the room were flat backless benches at seat height, the foam padding covered with faux leather.

'Fucking nice, but what's it for? Private parties?'

'Well sorta,' he said. 'Only special customers will know about this room and it's use.'

'Okay, Jake, enough of the mystery. Fill me in,' I said.

'As you know his is going to be a gay bar catering to the blue collar crowds, like bikers, construction workers, leather guys, truckers and the like. Only after they have been here several times and I get to know them and trust them will they be told about this room. In here, anything goes. Guys can get totally naked, suck, fuck, have orgies, or whatever they choose.'

'Holy shit, man, you serious? What about the law?'

'That's why the entrance is so hidden. If the come in, they wont be able to see anyone going in and out with it down the dim hall. And, if I it comes to it, I'll pay them off to look the other way.'

'Man, you're playing with fire,' I said.

'I know, but I'll take my chances,' he said. Then hugging me he said, 'Would you like to be the first to try out one of the benches?'

'You know I'm always ready for sex with you. Let's do it.'

With our pants around our ankles, we lay on one of the large benches and had a hot sixty-nine.

As we came out, he showed me exactly where the hidden button was. Once back out in the main room I looked around and seeing a hot young worker. Looking at Jake, I said, 'man, I'd love to get him on one of the benches.'

'So would I, but he's married,' Jake said.

'Ummm, that makes him even hotter.'

Jake placed ads in the local gay friendly newspaper announcing the opening of the bar and the clientele it would cater to.

I was there the night he opened and it was packed. Casual fondling and kissing was going on throughout the bar as was hand holding.

As I stood at the end of the bar with Jake, two uniformed police officers entered the bar.

'Damn, they didn't even let you get open good,' I said.

They stopped at the bar and talked to the bartender who them pointed towards Jake. After looking our way they headed toward us.

As they stepped up to us, one asked, 'Who's Jake Landrum?'

'I am. How can I help you gentlemen?

They introduced themselves then one said, 'We just wanted to stop in and check things out. This is our patrol area at night and we'll be keeping an eye on things.'

'I appreciate that officers. I assure you that if anyone even thinks of getting out of hand they will be kicked out permanently.'

'That's good to hear. Just watch your occupancy levels.'

'Will do officers,'Jake said.

As Jake talked with the officers, I was checking them out. Their names were Brad Walker and Josh Taylor. Both appeared to be in their late twenties and were built, good looking, and were both showing nice bulges in their pants. I wondered if he action of the crowd was getting them turned on.

They looked around, seeing guys kiss and caress, and made their way toward the door.

When they were gone, Jake led me to his office where we could talk. Once inside, he sat at his desk and said, 'There is just something about them that makes me think that they would like to be customers here.'

'I got the same vibes from them also. Did you notice the bulges in their pants?'

'No. I didn't want to be to obvious while talking to them but they were damn hot.'

'That they were, but I got a good look at them. I swear both of them had partial boners,or it sure looked like it.'

'Well, we'll just have to see what happens,' he said. 'In the meantime, lets see what's going on in the back room.'

He pressed a few buttons on his computer and on a large TV screen there suddenly appeared the action in the back room.

'These are friends like you that I already trust and have given permission to be there.'

There were six guys there all in one group some sucking, some fucking and some getting fucked. All were totally naked.

'I hate to be rude, but I think I need to visit the room.'

'Be my guest and have fun,' he said.

I left his office and headed for the room. Upon entering, no one hesitated in what they were doing. They knew that whoever was entering would soon be joining in. I stripped and joined the group and soon had a cock in both my ass and my mouth.

After almost two hours, I dressed and returned to the main bar, finding Jake behind the bar making change.

'How was it?'

'Awesome. And what makes it hot is the fact that I have no idea who any of them are.'

'And after the bar closes it stays open although no alcohol can be sold.'

'Nice,' I said.

I went to the bar a couple nights during the week and always on Friday and Saturday nights when it was more active.

Business was good and Jake was making a nice profit after all expenses.

The number of guys that had access to the back room slowly grew and after about six months on Friday and Saturday nights you would find fifteen to twenty guys back there most nude but some wearing leather.

Then, one Saturday night I headed for the room and after stripping I soon had a nice hard young cock in my mouth. I got him off and moved on. With another cock in my mouth and one in my ass, I heard the buzzer admit another patron.

With a second load in my stomach and one in my ass, I began to move on. Loving hairy guys, my eyes saw the back of an exceptionally hairy guy. I headed for him. He was hungrily sucking the cock of a guy standing on one of the benches.

I walked toward him and as he sucked the guy I squatted down and after spreading his ass cheeks I began to eat his hairy ass. I was in heaven when I heard the guy on the bench say he was cumming. As the hairy guy took his load and swallowed, I stood up. The hairy guy turned to face me and we both froze where we stood.

I was looking straight into the face of my boss.

'Oh fuck! Luke?' he asked.

'Mr. Collins?' I said softly.

'This is unreal. Let's go off into a corner where we can talk.'

I followed him away from the crowd. We both said we had no idea the other was into men. His wife was out of town on business and he started coming here when she was gone. We assured each other that nothing would be said at work.

After or talk he leaned in to kiss me. I eagerly returned the kiss and soon we were in a sixty-nine, soon bringing each other to a climax. After another kiss, he said, 'I hope to see you again later tonight.'

'Sure, I'd like that very much. Hairy guys turn me on.'

Laughing, he said, 'Well, hairy I am. My wife hates it.'

We returned to the crowd and to sucking other guys. I soon saw Mr. Collins with one in his ass and another in his mouth.

I later saw him unoccupied and said that I'd be out in the bar for a while. He said he'd find me shortly and maybe we could go to his place to continue our fun. I said I'd like that.

I dressed and returned to the bar telling Jake what had happened.

'Holy fucking shit! Your boss?'


Jake asked me to describe him and I did.

'He was recommended by another good friend of mine. They were in a couple of weeks ago and my friend assured me he was cool.'

'He is. We had a sixty-nine and just before I left he had one in his ass and another in his mouth.'

'Damn,' was his reply.

A few minutes later Mr. Collins came out asking if I'd like to follow him home. I said definitely.

'By the way Luke, away from the job call me John.'

'Will do.'

We went to his house and had a wild night of sucking and fucking. It was really hot having my good looking built boss on his back legs raised and my cock up his ass and him telling me how great it felt.

Before I left the next morning he kissed me passionately and said, 'Luke, I might need you to work late some evenings. Is that a problem?'

Smiling, I said, 'No problem at all. Anytime.'

On the following pay check, I found a nice raise in pay. A note inside simply said 'For a job well done'.

John and I had sex a couple of times a week in his office after hours. It was awesome.

A few weeks after I first saw John at the bar, I was there at closing when Jake asked if I was going to stay and go to the room.

'Luke, it will be my first time back there with the customers. I'd like you to be there also. Your my closest friend.'

'Sure, let's go.'

As we headed for the room, we suddenly heard pounding on the front door.

'Who the fuck can that be?' Jake said.

Going to the door and asking who was there, he heard, 'Officers Walker and Taylor. Open up.'

Jake unlocked the door and let them in. After entering, they looked around.

'Mr. Landrum, who doll the cars in the parking lot belong to if no one is in here?'

'I really don't know officer. They may have left with someone else and left their cars here.'

'Get real, Mr. Landrum. Not that many. We've heard that you have after hours activity here. Where is it?'

'Sir, I don't know what your taking about,' Jake insisted.

'Okay, no more games. If we have to we'll shut this place down and do a complete search. Now show us where the after hours party is or suffer he consequences.'

Reluctantly, not knowing what might happen, Jake led them to the back room. The door slid in slightly and the officers said, 'Excellent hiding.'

Stepping into the room, the officers looked around. When the guys began to see the officers, everyone scrambled for their clothes.

'Everyone freeze!' Officer Taylor yelled. 'I have just one question for all of you. I want to know if all of you are here voluntarily.'

Everyone said that they were. Turning to Jake, Officer Taylor said, 'Let's go to your office.'

'I'd like Luke with me,' Jake said. He's a minor partner in the bar.'

'I can't see where that would hurt,' they said.

Inside the office, Officer Taylor said, 'Gentlemen, since we're going to be working together, why don't we get on a first name basis. I'm Josh and he's Brad and you two are Jake and Luke.'

'What did you mean by working together, Josh?'

'Here's the deal,' he answered smiling. 'We found out that our shift is changing in two weeks. We'll be working noon to nine. For a hundred a week each, we'll keep you informed of any planned activity concerning the bar. As of now, only Brad and I know of the after hours events and what we saw back there.'

'May I interrupt and ask how you found out?' Jake asked.

'We're good friends with one of the customers that goes back there,' josh said. Jake and I looked at each other then at them.

'We know what your thinking and the answer is yes. We're gay lovers and if it gets out, we'll know where it came from.'

'Guys, it won't come from us I assure you,' Jake said. 'But we will admit we had our suspicions the first night you two came in.'

'Oh, really? What made you suspicious?'

I spoke up and said, 'You both had semi-boners when you left.'

Laughing, Brad said, 'Semi my ass. I was fully boned.'

Josh spoke up saying, 'Is there any way to get in the back without coming through the front door?The reason we ask is because we'd like to join the activities back there but can't chance anyone seeing us enter the bar when off duty.'

'Yea, there are two emergency exits back there. I'll have an extra key made for you to use. You'll be able to enter from the alley.'

'Great,' Josh said, then added 'Hell, if you're willing to do that, forget the two hundred a week. We'll still keep you informed.'

'Sounds good,' Jake said.

'Well, since we still have about forty minutes left on our dinner break, would you two care to have some fun?' Josh asked, catching us off guard.

'By all means,' we both said.

We began kissing and groping each other and soon all four of us were naked. Brad and Josh were on their knees sucking us and rimming our asses. After they got us off, we kissed and made out for a while before they both bent over Jake's desk and asked us to fuck them. We gladly obliged.

Afterward, they left and Jake and I sat and looked at each other, both still naked.

'Man, when they came in and started asking questions, I just knew I we were all going to jail. I damn sure didn't expect it to turn out this way.'

'Neither did I,' I said.

Jake got Brad and Josh their key to the back door and they became regulars in the back room, and frequently invited Jake and I to their lace for dinner and sex.

Jake and I got closer and closer and one Friday night he took me o his office. after shutting the door he grabbed me and kissed me passionately.

After the kiss ended, I asked, 'Fuck that was awesome but what was it all about?'

'Luke, I've fallen deeply in love with you and was wondering if you would do me the honor of being my lover for life?'

'Oh fuck Jake yes! I love you too more than you will ever know.'

'Well,I have another surprise for you. Please give me a dollar.'

'A dollar? Why?'

'Just do it.'

I handed him a dollar and he put it in his pocket. Pulling some papers from his desk he said, 'Now sign on the bottom line.'

'What am I signing?'

'Don't you trust me? Just sign them please.'

I did and after I had he grabbed them and quickly put them in the safe and locked it.

'Now, you are not only my lover but you own fifty percent of the 'Blue Collar Lounge'.

'Jake, no. This is your bar.'

'No it's not. It's our bar.'

He kissed me again and led me out to the front. After getting everyone's attention and getting it quiet he said, 'Guys, most of you know or have seen Luke here. It's ten minutes to last call and in honor of him accepting me as his lover and as an equal partner in the bar, drinks are on the house.'

Everyone cheered and came up to us kissing us and congratulating us. Buck, the head bartender also congratulated us saying, 'Jake, it's about time. I've seen the way your face lights up whenever he comes in. And now we all have two bosses.'

After everyone was gone and the bar locked up, Buck joined Jake and I in the back room. Once we were naked, Jake asked Buck to get every one's attention.

In his booming deep voice he did just that, then Jake took over.

'Guys, you were all here enjoying yourselves when an announcement was made out in the front bar. Luke here is now half owner of the bar, and has also accepted me as his lover. You all get the honor of watching us consummate our union.'

A bench was cleared and Jake and I began a sixty-nine for a while with everyone else standing around us watching. after a few minutes we ended he sucking and Jake lay on his back and I fucked his hot ass. After filling him with my load, he then fucked me. After he climaxed in me, everyone cheered. Brad and Josh were there and came up and offered their congratulations.

Afterward, I told Jake that there was something I wanted to do. Smiling he said, 'Buck's over there sucking cock.' He had known for a while that I wanted to suck Buck's cock.

I walked over and after Buck finished, I told him, 'Now I want your cock.'

Smiling, he said, 'It's all yours, boss.'

Jake and I have been together for thirty years now. We still own the 'Blue Collar Lounge', however our adopted twin sons now run it for us. They are gay also and each have lovers. We're so proud of them. And they love us dearly. Life has been so good to us.

THE END......



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